Resourceful Return


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Resourceful Return


Return target creature card from you graveyard to your hand. If you control an artifact, draw a card.

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Resourceful Return Discussion

Panzerforge on Azorius Blink

16 hours ago

Cards to consider for your sideboard:

Revoke Privileges, for decks with good graveyard recursion (Fortuitous Find and Resourceful Return.)

Select for Inspection, as it can give you dual uses. Snag an attacking creature from your opponent, or grab and recast a tapped crew member from your side, and who can complain about a free scry?

Chaplain's Blessing for the inevitable "red-deck-wins" burn style strategies.

Looks like a fun (if a little frustrating) deck!


Occultist on Comfortably Numb

1 day ago

You already have tons of hand disruption/removal. Why not protect your few creatures and gain some early damage compensation by using some Rush of Vitality? Mind Rot could be in the SB instead of Tree of Perdition which doesn't synergise with the rest of this deck. I'd rather use Implement of Malice which is better for delirium and it's a combo opponent discard/you draw for cheap.Also, Herald of Anguish feels completely out of place here, because you can't use his main ability to cheat him in early. I'd rather run another copy of Mindwrack Demon.Also, 4x Flaying Tendrils AND 4x Yahenni's Expertise in SB, is just TOO much of mass removal. You could keep 3x Yahenni's Expertise because of the Metallic Mimic Tribals and/or token decks and 2x Flaying Tendrils against the occasional gy recursion deck. This leaves place for 3x Resourceful Return to bring back your select threats that died OR got self-milled, and it also works well with the occasional Filigree Familiar or Implement of Malice.There's also a prominent lack of any card draw here, which will usually hurt you more than you give it credit for. I'd run some Implement of Malice MB or SB (depends) and some Morbid Curiosity to use mostly on Filigree Familiar or Implement of Malice.

My 2 cents :P

Shad0wRaz0r on GB Revolt

5 days ago

Rishkar's Expertise, in my opinion, is too high in mana cost. I play Yahenni's Expertise because it not only provides a board wipe, but it can also trigger revolt on the creatures I control that I do not need anymore, and I am also able to play another revolt creature and reap its benefits, all for only 4 mana, compared to 6 from Rishkar's.

I think that Monstrous Onslaught might be good, as well as Aid from the Cowl, but the only problem I have with them is that they don't necessarily keep up with the pace of this deck. The deck only has 4 5 mana cards and 3 4 mana cards, and the rest are 3 or below.

My only concern with Pulse of Murasa is that its going to rotate out soon. My first choice for graveyard retrieval was Cemetery Recruitment, but I decided to use Resourceful Return because of my two Metalspinner's Puzzleknots.

viperfang4 on GB Revolt

5 days ago

You also don't have any artifacts for Resourceful Return, maybe Pulse of Murasa instead.

greyninja on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

6 days ago

Took second at the midnight prerelease at my lgs. Went 4-0-1 with a fun deck. First round I won game one; then game two we each had massive boardstates but neither could get ahead (went to time for the draw). Then 2-0; four in a row

2 Augmenting Automaton
2x Thriving Turtle
1x Metallic Mimic
1x Workshop Assistant
1x Alley Strangler
2x Watchful Automaton
1x Vedalken Blademaster
1x Iron League Steed
1x Noxious Gearhulk
1x Torrential Gearhulk
1x Gearseeker Serpent

1x Negate
1x Ice Over
1x Resourceful Return
2x Mind Rot
3x Leave in the Dust
1x Yahenni's Expertise
1x Reverse Engineer

8x Island 8x Swamp

Somehow I completely neglected pretty much all of the major components that make up kaladesh. Energy, vehicles, revolt, servos/thopters... shit I didn't even have flying

is good. Hidden Stockpile does work, I was scared. Dawnfeather Eagle can turn the tides in a stalemate

is crazy strong. I think won first.

21 people total. No masterpieces were opened during the event. Still, 10/10 would recommend.

Murphy77 on You got Servoed (Revolt Edition)

1 week ago

You can't sacrifice clues with Hidden Stockpile, nor do you sac a clue and gain from Zulaport Cutthroat. Clues are not creatures. I would rather stick with revolt cards, or add in some improvise.

Cards that I would consider include Barricade Breaker, Call for Unity, Vengeful Rebel and (Yehenni, Undying Partisan)?

Cards that I would definitely make space for include Solemn Recruit, Inspiring Statuary, Resourceful Return and Eerie Interlude