Chronic Flooding

Chronic Flooding

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant landWhenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Chronic Flooding Discussion

Araganor on Reanimating for Reanimation

2 months ago

Don't use Chronic Flooding it's really quite terrible in EDH. Try Memory Erosion for a similar effect.

Here are some ideas


Buried Alive

Merfolk Looter Actually just looters in general are great in this kind of deck.

Consuming Aberration

Grave Titan because value

Vulturous Zombie

Rise of the Dark Realms because who needs low cmc spells, amiright?

Lhurgoyf because Tarmogoyf is too fucking expensive

The new Souls would be pretty bitchin in this as well, specifically Soul of Innistrad and possibly Soul of Zendikar .

Probably gonna want some board clearing spells, best bet is something like Plague Wind or maybe Black Sun's Zenith .

Terastodon can deal with annoying shit or turn your lands into more annoying shit.

chivul on Feel the Mil

2 months ago

bigguy99 this deck still unfinished. I did this with the cards I have here, but thanks for your help.

Buckminsterfullerene its a fun deck, your suggestions was really good. I'll check what I could do with it. Glimpse the Unthinkable isnt there because its cost, but in a future of course it will.

plusmental I forgot about Jace's Phantasm . but Fog Bank is the same as Guard Gomazoa so I dont see why change it. Maybe I put 1x Jace's Erasure and take 1x Chronic Flooding

plusmental on Feel the Mil

2 months ago

You have a LOT of 3 drops in here, replace with Fog Bank or even Jace's Phantasm .

Jace's Erasure over Chronic Flooding imo, but that's personal preference.

I like this, +1

alphaalec on Frustrate

2 months ago

Probably drop the mana by one or two. Focus more on mill. Maybe drop one or two of the Negate/Essence Scatter to max out Psychic Strikes.

Have more: Paranoid Delusions , Mind Sculpt , Chronic Flooding , Deathcult Rogue

Have less: Void Snare , Aspect of Gorgon , Stab Wound , Encrust

Need a couple of heavier hitters. Maybe Benthic Giant ; hexproof is handy and it's got decent power/toughness.

Buckminsterfullerene on Modern Mill

2 months ago

Any thoughts on Nemesis of Reason ? It not only mills like Jace's 0 but also is a great 7-mill outlet with Phenax for when opponents are using deathtouch. Also, since you don't have a lot of draw options, things like Curse of the Bloody Tome , Hedron Crab , and Paranoid Delusions could keep opponents milling even when your hand is sparse. Cipher cards work really well with Dimir Infiltrator , which can combo with phenax when you don't have delusions to produce the same effect, hassel-free. If you don't want to eat up a lot of slots, Creeping Tar Pit is also unblockable and the enchants don't go away when it turns back into a land. Chronic Flooding is a great, mill-themed way to dissuade your opponents from tapping all their mana.

scooter36 on Monoblue Mill

3 months ago

Also Chronic Flooding is a must in any mil deck

uiuiho12 on You can't play if you don't have a deck! (Mill)

3 months ago

Curse of the Bloody Tome and Chronic Flooding are both very slow versions of milling. one of the reasons Hedron Crab works is because it's only 1 mana.

Buckminsterfullerene on You can't play if you don't have a deck! (Mill)

3 months ago

Curse of the Bloody Tome can auto-mill for you like a Hedron Crab , every turn but doesn't rely on landfall, and Chronic Flooding can make casting that spell they can only just afford a much harder decision for your opponent.

Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 12.78
Avg. cube pick 11.02


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Common

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