Desert of the Mindful


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common
Amonkhet (AKH) None

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Desert of the Mindful

Land — Desert

Desert of the Mindful enters the battlefield tapped.

T: Add U to your mana pool.

Cycling 1U (1U, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Desert of the Mindful Discussion

Cragon18 on COMPETITIVE Mono Blue Control (Dominaria Updated!)

1 day ago

Looks really good! So many counters! I agree that the one issue for the deck is Carnage Tyrant and I think you have explored most of those options already. The on area the deck is lacking is in many of the utility lands. Ipnu Rivulet seems good as a way to potentially mill a spell you Committed. Field of Ruin to get rid of the pesky flip lands. Scavenger Grounds for some main deck graveyard hate. You could also run a few Desert of the Mindful for late game when you need action and not lands. I am sure you are aware of these cards, but in a mono colored deck there is little reason to not run some utility in your land spots.

It's nice to see real 'Draw, go' magic in standard again.

Best of luck!

Argy on Blue/White Control

2 weeks ago

Sorry it's taken me so long to give you feedback for this.

I understand what you're trying to do with all the Cycling interactions, but they have weakened the Control you can get with this deck.

They are also VERY easy to interfere with. All your Opponent has to do is get rid of, or Counter, any of your win cons, and your deck can't go anywhere.

The first thing I would do is put more win cons in, like this.

3x Approach of the Second Sun
4x Drake Haven

I'd take out 2x Unsummon in the Sideboard for 2x Ixalan's Binding. Put that thing on The Scarab God, and you really hurt your Opponent.

I'm really not sure what your plan is with Ipnu Rivulet. I think you I'd be better off with another Shefet Dunes instead. Or an Arch of Orazca. Or both.

Three more copies of Glacial Fortress should really be in this deck, if you can afford them.

This is one of the few decks where Desert of the True, and Desert of the Mindful might be worth running. Maybe one copy of each.

Your lands could look something like this:

1x Arch of Orazca
1x Desert of the Mindful
1x Desert of the True
4x Glacial Fortress
3x Irrigated Farmland
9x Island
4x Plains
2x Shefet Dunes

You need more hard Counters to stop people from just destroying or Countering your win cons.

3x Negate in the Mainboard should help.

You could consider taking out 1x Censor, 1x Countervailing Winds, and 1x Renewed Faith.

I would also remove Demystify for another copy of Forsake the Worldly. It's more versatile, and fits your Cycling theme better.

I hope that helps.

If you make any changes, and want me to take another look at your deck, tag me in these Comments.

Good luck.

Thebiggalactus on Izzet Hollow One?

1 month ago

If I were you I would take out a lot of the cycling. Its a good way to draw cards but your gonna want multiple cards drawn and cards discarded if your trying to make Hollow One work in standard. heres my list of what I think you should change and my reasonings.

I would take out Abandoned Sarcophagus and add 3 Tormenting Voice.Your drawing 2 both drawing cards to dig up the Hollow One and discarding a card which helps you cast it when you get it.

Then the 2 Drake Haven for 2 Fatal Push. Just more removal for small quick threats which could hurt you cause your gonna be durdling a lot.

I would take out the Archfiend of Ifnir and add another Champion of Wits. It just does everything the deck needs to do. Even though you wont be able to play the Hollow One on turn 3 if you cast it, it still gets better as the game progresses.Even if you didn't want to do my other 2 suggestions, this one I would highly recommend as It only helps you.

Last but not least I would take out the Desert of the Mindful and add Spirebluff Canal. Your gonna want the versatility of having blue and red turn 1,2,or 3 without it coming into play tapped.It will really help your mana better as the chart shows you having not enough red mana but too much blue mana.

All in all you have a cool deck, that I think really has potential to run people over.I hope it does well!

Gim on Favorable Pirates ($25 Budget Tempo)

1 month ago

Hans49163 If youre getting mana flooded I would highly recommend replacing a couple of islands with Desert of the Mindful. I wouldnt recommend just taking them out since youll start missing land drops but the deserts will give you the option of cycling them if you run into them.

Snivy__ I originally didnt include a sideboard due to my local meta being extremely weird. I kept catching myself adding cards that would not benefit anyone else playing the deck so I gave up and just forgot about it. Youve got a good ideas for the sideboard. Ill defnintely consider some of them. Though I dont see any reason for more than a couple of copies negate since this deck runs a playset of dispersal.

As for Warkite, Ive left him in the maybeboard until his price drops enough. Definitely replace Siren Lookout with it. Its purely an upgrade to do so.

babushkasara on The Deep Ones

1 month ago

At a glance, you'll probably want more mana. ~34 is what most decks run. If you don't want more plain islands, consider Temple of the False God, Halimar Depths, Moonring Island, Desert of the Mindful, Remote Isle, Faerie Conclave, Skyline Cascade, or Soaring Seacliff.

There's also Shifting Sky for color changing. Caged Sun might be too expensive, but if not, it'd be great.

Agusdakilla on U/R Drake Control

2 months ago

Aether Hub looks very good, and the price seems pretty reasonable, at least compared with Spirebluff Canal. I'll try to get my hands on it as soon as I can. I switched out an Island for a second Desert of the Mindful, to help with those late-game dead land draws, and a Cancel (and I'm thinking about adding one more). I'll probably have to get a fourth Essence Scatter too. If Censor were a bit cheaper I'd run a playset, but I'll have to settle with Revolutionary Rebuff for now.Yeah, I thought they were pretty hardcore too. The Grixis and Esper players ran the dual cycle lands almost exclusively, and they also had fast lands. They were all pretty friendly though, and they all gave me advice and tips.

Grubbernaut on Budget Mono Blue Tempo

2 months ago

Running a couple of cycle lands like Desert of the Mindful seems doable -- maybe not necessary, but I'm a big nerd about having do-stuff lands in my decks.

Any plans for a SB? Relic of Progenitus, Unsubstantiate, Marrow Shards, Flashfreeze, might be worth looking at!

Looks like a fun, fast, budget brew! Cheers

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