Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Magic 2015 Common
2011 Core Set Uncommon
2010 Core Set Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Ninth Edition Uncommon
Mirrodin Uncommon
Classic Sixth Edition Uncommon
Fifth Edition Uncommon
Fourth Edition Uncommon
Revised Edition Uncommon
Antiquities Common

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Artifact Creature — Thopter

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach)

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Ornithopter Discussion

vbfabled on orni squad

11 hours ago

Finally! Someone else who appreciates the wonder that is Ornithopter! First of all, I really like a lot of this. Ensoul Artifact/Shrapnel Blast is already a tried-and-true deck that we know works and hits for big damage early on. I really like the inclusions of Metallic Mimic and Obelisk of Urd for some solid tribal synergy while also adding a couple extra artifacts.

A few suggestions, though: I don't see a lot of need for Spire of Industry in a 2-color deck, and you'd probably be better off with some Shivan Reefs so you don't have to meet the extra condition, or even just a few Swiftwater Cliffs as a budget option, which is totally viable, if a bit slow, or even a few more basic mountains and islands.

Also, I'm afraid you're going to end up dropping your hand too fast and having to top-deck your way through games, so I recommend Reverse Engineer to keep some gas in your hand with some artifact synergy. A 3 or even 4 cost draw 3 is great value.

I might also replace Clash of Wills with a different counterspell. For example, as long as fetch lands (i.e. Windswept Heath) are in the format, Disallow will be excellent, since they lose their land and life, and don't get the fetch. It also does great things against planeswalkers: They go to ult their Liliana, the Last Hope and kill it, you Disallow, they're down a planeswalker with no zombies to show for it. It's a very cool, very versatile card.

I might also include more than one Thopter Spy Network. It's a very powerful card, and I love its inclusion here. It really puts the pressure on your opponent, and I'd like to see that show up more reliably in this build.

One last suggestion, since it's in the colors, I may throw in Ravenous Intruder. It's effectively a reprint of Atog which is widely played in pauper affinity for good reason: If you produce a lot of thopters, swing in with them and this, your opponent has to block it or you can pump it before damage and completely flatten them.

I love this deck, and I love Ornithopter! Be sure to let me know how this deck plays. Good luck and happy brewing!

oshen on Mono Red Aggro.

16 hours ago

Also, Shock can target players for that last 2 damage if necessary.

On Bushwhacker note that you have to cast another spell that turn to pay the surge cost. That means it won't be a turn 2 drop unless you drop Ornithopter or Bone Saw or the like.

SlippinJimmy on Mechanized Production + Tezzeret's Touch

21 hours ago

If you placed Mechanized Production on, for instance, an Ornithopter that has already been enchanted by Tezzeret's Touch, would the copy be a 5/5 or a 0/2?

My first thought is it will just be an exact copy of ornithopter, but since Tezzerets touch doesn't give counters or effects, it changes the power/toughness/type of the card im not 100% on how it would work.

SlippinJimmy on blue/black improvise ver 1.0

23 hours ago

Potential turn 2 Herald of Anguish or Barricade Breaker, turn 3 5/5 Ornithopter via Tezzeret's Touch, me likey.

Orion93 on Aetherflux Storm

1 day ago

So Ornithopter instead of Cathar's Shield and if you can instantly bounce a permanent then you stop the Saheeli infinite. So something like AEther Tradewinds but it needs to be faster than tradewinds

muppination on Arti-sac

1 day ago

Oh boy do I got some suggestions your going to love. okay bear with me here. Remove 2x Ornithopter it doesnt really do much in the deck anyway, and remove 3x Implement of Combustion and remove 2x Ravenous Intruder to add 2x Defiant Salvager to add 1x Inventor's Apprentice the lifeblood of your early game which is almost always active, and add 4x Servo Schematic which when combo with Ravenous Intruder make him a 5/5 the turn he comes out. Just my thoughts on what I think would help the deck. Also sideboard Fatal Push for sideboard if you can amazing card

Geo67 on Aether Improv

2 days ago

Why stop at Herald of Anguish? Drop Chief of the Foundry, put in Inspiring Statuary, and drop Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger in as well, don't have or like Ullamog, Kozilek, the Great Distortion is just as fun, and about 1/3 of the cost...plus he refills your hand when he is cast.

I think the Ornithopters and Tezzeret's Touch are genius in here. I may revamp my U/W Eldrazi Statuary Ramping deck to be U/B or esper. I like where you're going.

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