Sanguine Bond

Sanguine Bond


Whenever you gain life, target opponent loses that much life.

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pioneer Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Sanguine Bond Discussion

KuzcosPoison on Orah Aristocrats Combo

1 week ago

Looks like a cool deck, Orah seems like the commander clerics has been looking for for a long time. Combos are interesting, would suggest leaning into a couple of the more concise ones while cutting out any cards that would be dead outside of them like Shuriken. Also your lifegain combos become much more deadly with a Sanguine Bond or Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose so would recommend those along with a Blood Artist type effect or two. Celestial Gatekeeper seems like an odd choice, not sure if it's worth. If you want the body then Butcher is very good but I find that Martyr's Bond does a lot of work for aristocrats. Also Burnt Offering is fun ramp but Culling the Weak might be better value since there's not a ton of creatures above 5 mana in there. This is definitely a meta call too but with undying combos and Mikeaus in there, a Solemnity might be worth along with some light lifegain tax like Kambal, Consul of Allocation. Anyway, hope that helps

Gofralighto on Licia, First Sword of the Mardu {Primer}

2 weeks ago

qwikster I tried out Eternity Vessel for a few months in an older build a year and a half ago and in practice, it's too expensive to want to cast on your turn and there is always a better option in hand anyway. If you DO cast it, then that's basically your whole turn using your mana on an artifact that isn't going to do much when it comes out for another turn. It's just not worth it IMO and we have plenty of ways to gain life.

And yes, Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose replaces Sanguine Bond here as its cheaper to cast. I don't mind that it's more removeable.

Zolt I know of the synergy Angel's Grace has with Ad Nauseam, but we honestly don't need it. Most cards are cmc 3 or under which means we can keep the ad nauseam train going pretty deep as is while being able to sac Children of Korlis or have an Ivory Tower ready to recoup life right after. If I were to turn this into a CEDH deck, I would include it to halt game winning combos early on, but I want to maintain this just under CEDH as much as possible. I'd rather have it's slot open for another card.

Peoni on vamps

2 weeks ago

Vito wasn't the first card to go infinite with Exquisite Blood. ;^) Consider adding in Sanguine Bond for yet another piece of a very dirty wincon. I, too, would also recommend some board wipes and some additional ramp. Damnation, Wrath of God, and Toxic Deluge are all good wipe options. Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, Arcane Signet, and Fellwar Stone should serve as nice ramp pieces. Nice deck! Hope this helps. :^)

Scallywallwest on Get Danny DeVITOed (Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose)

1 month ago

If you want to really pump the power of your deck with a combo, Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond is a pretty common combo that is really good. Since you're also gaining a ton of life, you could toss in a Peer into the Abyss just for fun. And, of course, tutors do WONDERS with improving the consistency of a deck, so you should look into those. A pretty decent one that is usually pretty good is Mausoleum Secrets, but you could always run a Liliana Vess or such.

Good luck deckbuilding, and I hope you get fantastic results from your deck!

Peoni on Yahenni’s Death Brigade

1 month ago

I'm wondering what your budget is and how casual/competitive you're wanting this deck to be. We could make a few big additions with Exquisite Blood for general utility and it's infinite loop when coupled with Sanguine Bond. There's also of course Demonic Tutor as a strict upgrade to Diabolic Tutor. There's also the more budget (but still kinda pricey) alternative Grim Tutor whose downside doesn't really matter in your deck and has the tiniest bit synergy with exactly 1 card in your deck lol. Jet Medallion and Wayfarer's Bauble offer good sources of ramp that you could use to replace cards like Palladium Myr and Nyx Lotus(I know, I know, but hear me out. It costs 4 mana to cast AND comes in tapped AND you aren't even guaranteed to get value out of it. It all depends on whether or not you're having a good game. You could play this turn 4, not get to use it til turn 5 since it's tapped, AND still maybe only get 1 or 2 mana out of it. Oh, and because of its high cost it's going to be a juicy target for removal. If it gets blown up you basically just skipped a turn). Also, this is by no means a budget option but if you can swing it Extraplanar Lens with Snow Lands is killer in mono decks assuming others aren't also running snows. Once I know your budget and how competitive you want this to be I can definitely try to help you out some more. :^)

Epicurus on I hope he didn't die of anything catching, eh?

1 month ago

Hello there! You were very kind to me in your comment on my Pyrohemia deck, so I figured that I should return the favor.

As a disclaimer, though, I am about to suggest a good number of changes, so bear with me. I'm definitely not aiming to completely deconstruct and rebuild your deck.

To begin, there are some cards in here that I find superfluous. For instance, I know that Crypt Rats is appealing, fits the theme, and acts kind of like a 5th Pestilence, but it requires assistance to stay alive. It isn't as good for the deck as it might seem. I feel like you'd be better off replacing it with something to tutor out the Pestilence, like Idyllic Tutor or Enlightened Tutor.

Similarly, High Priest of Penance is a one-shot ability that you're only running one of, and really would require Shielded by Faith in order to really floop the pig, which you're also only running one of. I would cut both of them.

Next, Sanguine Bond and Night Dealings are both good synergies with Pestilence, but they're also pulling up your mana curve. You want to make sure that you have mana to pump into Pestilence as often as possible. I would keep one or the other, or maybe even cut them both.

Then there's the 3 Lifelink I get it why you'd want them, but feel like you'd be better served with something like Sun Droplet that's not dependent on creatures dealing damage. You don't need to gain a ton of life, just enough to keep your life total higher than your opponent. By that same token, I think 3x Drain Life is too many.

Next, I would update your creature base. Remember that you need to have at least one creature in play to keep the Pestilence on the battlefield, and right now you only have 11 in the deck (and I just suggested cutting 2 of them). While I'm all about White Knight and Order A Lite Beer, I think you'd benefit from replacing a lot of that with creatures with less symbols in the mana cost, like Disciple of Grace, Death Speakers and/or Apostle of Purifying Light. And/or another Cemetery Gate. And then maybe a one-of Blood Baron of Vizkopa to round it out. In total, I'd suggest having north of 15 creatures.

Additionally, I would cut Ephara's Radiance, and either bring Disenchant down to 2x or cut it entirely and instead run 2x Vindicate.

And finally, consider changing your land base to include less lands that only produce white mana (i.e. less Plains). Since it's a casual deck, you could include Tainted Field, but also Isolated Chapel. 4x of each could replace all 8 Plains. Then, I'd replace the Caves of Koilos, one of the Swamp and the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth with 4x Godless Shrine. If you made all of those changes, all of your lands would produce black mana, and 15 of them would produce white.

Again, that's a lot of changes. Please take them all as simply suggestions. I really love Pestilence decks, if you haven't noticed, haha...


Bobomb36X on Vito Sucks You Dry

1 month ago

Exquisite Blood my dude. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose and Sanguine Bond both go infinite with it. Unless you're avoiding infinite combos, which I totally get.

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