Sanguine Bond


Whenever you gain life, target opponent loses that much life.

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Sanguine Bond Discussion

Rez09 on Bontu

8 hours ago

MRDOOM3, thanks for the suggestions! :D Let's take a look at these suggestions with mah nub eyes. >: D

Plunge into Darkness seems like it will let me sac a ton of creatures in one sweep and will trigger Defiant Bloodlord and Sanguine Bond when doing so, which could be a surprise blowout when done at the right time, being six damage per sac with both on the field, and its other effect works well with Bontu's constant scrying. It can be copied with Isochron Scepter and reused as well. Excellent suggestion, I probably would have passed this over without a second thought! :D

Urborg Justice I had on my list of cards earlier, but I ended up cutting it for Dictate of Erebos, as that has a better multiplayer version of the effect and lasts for more than one turn, although Urborg Justice does imprint on Isochron Scepter for multiple uses. Is there another unique interaction I'm missing here that could push it ahead?

Eliminate the Competition seems like a combination of Urborg Justice and Plunge into Darkness, with the former's effect and the latter's ability to let me mass sac creatures. :o It is a bit pricey and I can't imprint it, but it might work as a mini-boardwipe and has excellent synergy with Overseer of the Damned, making a token to replace each spent one! :D Not sure what I'd replace, though. Hrmmmm : '

Bitter Ordeal looks like another card I'd have passed right over at first glance, but it looks awesome now! :D I was having problems dealing with an indestructible artifact deck last night, but if I can just exile key pieces from a deck before they come into play that gets around the problem completely! Guaranteed for, at the very least, my sideboard. :D Thank you again! \ O /

Out of curiosity, is there a monoblack card I could combo this with that would somehow allow me to play the cards I pull from my opponents library before they exile? :o

Reprocess is another multi-sac outlet for card draw that would let me bounce Spine of Ish Sah, which could be super useful as I only recall one other way I have to return that at the moment. I have been looking at other options for card draw to replace Sign in Blood and Cemetery Recruitment (though I might still keep the latter for recursion purposes) as well, and this could fit here, though I'll have to analyze it a bit further against Graveborn Muse, Necropotence, and Yawgmoth's Bargain, which were three of my recent additions into the category.

Thanks again for the additions (and making trimming this even harder!) ;p

jitterbeans on Life Sucks

9 hours ago

Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond means you win the game next time you gain life or deal damage. Not modern, but really cool.

sonnet666 on Rain of Gore

1 day ago

Epochalyptik, players can gain life with Rain of Gore out, they just lose life if a spell or ability they control would cause them to gain life.

In this scenario your opponent controls both Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond, so it goes like this:

  1. Your opponent's spell or ability would cause them to gain 3 life: They lose 3 life instead. Sanguine Bond does not trigger.

  2. Your spell or ability would cause your opponent to gain 3 life: They gain 3 life. Sanguine Bond triggers and causes you to lose 3 life. Exquisite Blood blood triggers and tries to have them gain 3 more life, but they lose 3 life instead. Your opponent life total is back to what it was, and you've lost 3 life. (Don't do this.)

  3. Exquisite Blood triggers if you lose 3 life no matter who controlled the source of your life loss. You opponent will lose 3 life when it resolves. (Any life you lose causes your opponent to lose the same amount of life. Good for you.)

  4. Rain of Gore's only gatherer ruling states: "4/15/2013: This does not apply to life gain caused by combat damage from a creature with lifelink." If your opponent hits you with a 3/3 lifelink, they will gain 3 life, and it will play out like #2. (Effectively this means lifelink creatures deal double damage to you without hurting your opponent, which is very good in their position.)

  5. Like Neotrup said, paying costs are not covered by Rain of Gore no matter who controlls the spell or ability. If your opponent somehow pays a cost that involves them gaining 3 life (I can't think of an example either) then they will still gain the 3 life. See #2.

Basically, Sanguine Bond triggers some of the time but not usually, and Exquisite Blood always triggers but has the opposite effect, therefore shutting down the combo.

Neotrup on Rain of Gore

1 day ago

Sanguine Bond will still trigger off of spells or abilities that cause another player to gain life (like Hunters' Feast targeting a teammate), of off of a cost causing a player to gain life (like Invigorate), though I can't think of any cost that involves the payer gaining life.

lagotripha on Welcome To The Aristocracy

2 days ago

I mean, it'll probably push the curve a little high honestly. I'd consider a second sac outlet other than the single use Plunge into Darkness (as much as I am in love with the card with Sanguine Bond/Vizkopa Guildmage ftw), as bloodghast/crawler is super strong- Blade of the Bloodchief/Indulgent Aristocrat works, as does Yahenni, Undying Partisan. I'd run Dark Prophecy over tesya for advantage, but thats personal preference. Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my big list of useful black cards if you want to look through.

akuma104 on Ayli, Clerical Errors

2 days ago

Hey there! First off, props on making a somewhat tribal cleric deck. I love this creature type for some reason, and one of my first good decks was a b/w cleric deck (legacy purely for the cardpool, not for competitiveness) so I can definitely give some guidance. You already have Battletide Alchemist, so you need more clerics to pump up her ability to prevent all damage! Doubtless One gets bigger as you cast more clerics and has life link. Vile Deacon gets pumped up when you attack. I like to attack with him, and then sac him to starlit sanctum for double damage. Also Order of Whiteclay and Oversold Cemetery for more recursion. Also, Rotlung Reanimator could be a beast in this deck and pump out a ton of tokens.

Also, I know somebody mentioned Sanguine Bond already, and that paired with Exquisite Blood will trigger an instant win if they are both on the board and you manage to gain 1 life or ping an opponent for 1. I run those in an Oloro deck and it is great. You may also want to consider Sensei's Divining Top, Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, Plea for Guidance, Demonic Tutor, to get some of your engines online since you don't have much card draw. That is all I can think up right now. Cool deck!

Epochalyptik on Rain of Gore

2 days ago

Sanguine Bond would be useless because players can't gain life.

If you lose life, Exquisite Blood triggers and makes your opponent lose that much life (because of Rain of Gore.

Riv329 on Rain of Gore

2 days ago

If I play Rain of Gore and my opponent has Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond which card would take precedence.

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