Sanguine Bond


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare

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Sanguine Bond


Whenever you gain life, target opponent loses that much life.

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Sanguine Bond Discussion

superhuman21 on Kambal, Consul of Allocation EDH Deck

10 hours ago

you're running Dark Depths without Hex Parasite or Vampire Hexmage? I'd at least have them on the sideboard. Also the mire, windswept heath, and polluted delta don't really belong in the deck. Even if you can use fetches that don't contain non-cmdr mana symbols, I wouldn't. Switch these out for Orzhov Basilica, Ruins of Trokair, and Ebon Stronghold.

suggested cards

EminentRogue on Obzedat, the life gain deck.

4 days ago

Gray Merchant of Asphodel as a wincon with Sanguine Bond or just as a devotion life chunk

Metaldad on Orzhov Infinite Extort

6 days ago

thanks for this! It helped me with my edh extort deck a ton, just purchased Exquisite Blood, Vampiric Tutor, and Enlightened Tutor to help get the infinite combo as i'm already running Sanguine Bond and Vizkopa Guildmage

DukeSteele on Shadowkeep (Enchantment/Tokens)

6 days ago

This incarnation of the deck is having fairly regular FNM wins against fairly competitive opponents!

This week I won a three-man pod by casting Plea for Guidance to grab Debtors' Knell and True Conviction to make my Doomwake Giant and Thoughtrender Lamia more formidable, and while hitting one opponent, draining the other as I had Sanguine Bond in play.

goblinguiderevealpls on Special Lil Guy's First Commander Deck

1 week ago

Welcome to edh!

Looks decent so far, as far as multiplayer black lifegain, Exsanguinate is unbeatable as both a wincon and getting you back in the game,even more so than debt to the deathless

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is pretty much a black staple land, especially when ran alongside Cabal Coffers

Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are absolute powerhouses for multiplayer lifegain, and they arent hard on the wallet to boot!

Fumigate is like a wrath of god with surprisingly high lifegain potential, and Toxic Deluge is the best edh creature wipe in black and is much safer to cast with tons of lifegain

There are several lifegain enchantments worth including, 2 of which form an infinite lifesteal combo as a game finisher

Exquisite Blood and Bloodchief Ascension are the main ones, and Sanguine Bond is also not half bad, bond truly shines in that it goes infinite with the previous 2 (you deal damage with ascension or exquisite blood out, gain that much, then sanguine bond deals what you gained, in an infinite lifesteal cycle triggered by damage)

Also, Merciless Eviction and Austere Command are INSANELY powerful board wipes that athreos usually scoffs at

Lastly, signets are near-staple in any edh deck with 2+ colors, especially those without rituals or mana dorks, so i would strongly recommend picking up and adding an Orzhov Signet for mana fixing and ramp

Cheers, and once again, welcome to edh!

NickyBolas on Precon League - Selesnya Cats

1 week ago

Week 1 Results

Game 1

The cats deck came out strong with a Sol Ring + Sword of the Animist start. In short order, I was attacking with ~10 power while the dragon player was still assembling 5-color, and the two Vampire players were building up chump blockers as fast as they could. The game ended up coming down to Blood Tribute + Sanguine Bond to potentially kill me, but I talked my way out of it due to the fact that the other targets had openly allied against myself and the Vampire deck deciding. Negotiates got heated and I had to offer up a 2nd place concession (to match the other target's offer) in order to not be immediately one-shotted.

Game 2

Sitting down in a triple vampire pod with a voltron deck, I already knew I wasn't going to win. Too many free 1/1 blockers that would completely negate my deck unless I could find some trample. A painfully slow start ended up with me sitting on a single cat for the majority of the game: Stalking Leonin which I used to great affect negotiating my way out of getting hit by giant scary vampires. I drew into a Rout late game and when it game down to "who can I kill this turn", I assured the dominant vampire that it was not me. After the vampire blood feud ended with a single vampire deck standing victorious, I knew the writing was on the wall. Casually spot removing my only

T1Glistener on Commanders, Anyone?

1 week ago

Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood combo with Razaketh would be effective.

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