Sanguine Bond


Whenever you gain life, target opponent loses that much life.

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Sanguine Bond Discussion

Lord_Olga on Orzhov Lifelink

50 minutes ago

I'd look into the keyword Extort.

Some random card suggestions:

Rhox Faithmender

Sanguine Bond

Exquisite Blood

Ajani's Mantra


Crypt Ghast

DRmagic2017 on Painfully Extorting An Infinite Combo

1 hour ago

Hi! I like the idea. Did you think to replace Basilica Screecher with Drana's Emissary and Exquisite Blood with Sanguine Bond?

DerpingSniper on First Custom Deck

1 day ago

Your gamewinners are going to be things like Archangel of Thune. Sunbond + Sanguine Bond isn't really that great of a combo...mostly because it's a 9-mana combo that doesn't immediately win you the game.

PookandPie on Animar, The OP of Elements

1 day ago

I just want to point out: You can't actually run Dryad Arbor in this deck (it has white in its color identity, and Animar is RUG, so you can't play any white or black cards). You can easily replace it with just about any other green one drop though, so that's no big deal.

Ancestral Statue + 4 counters on Animar = infinitely big Animar. Very cheap card, so it's not like it'd hurt to include it.

Lightning Strike is pretty terrible in Commander (40 life, multiple opponents), so its best use is as removal, but Beast Within is the premiere removal in your colors. I strongly recommend running Beast Within, and since it just had a reprint recently it's at its lowest price in some time. It hits anything, so you can hit the tryhard's Gaea's Cradle, the combo player's Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood or any other random combo card from Mycosynth Lattice and Ashnod's Altar to Grave Pact and Laboratory Maniac. It's a very good card, I recommend it highly.

Creatures with X in their casting cost get absurd with Animar since any counters he has = automatically contributing that amount to X costs. Altered Ego isn't bad as you copy any creature for the same price as Clone, but you get +1/+1 counters = to Animar's counters lol.

Vorel of the Hull Clade seems like it could be decent here. Just a tap to put Animar in lethal range? Not bad. Fathom Mage can be a pretty handy draw engine as well, and with Vorel it gets even better.

dactorwatson on First Custom Deck

4 days ago

I'm thinking Sunbound+Sanguine Bond are gonna be my gamewinners.

Lord_Olga on First Custom Deck

4 days ago

This is cool! Sanguine Bond and/or Exquisite Blood?

Also cutting down to 60 cards would be beneficial. I'd start with your enchantments as they all do basically the same thing, and you have more of them than creatures you can use them on.

You could also bring your lands down to maybe 21-24 since none of your cards drop for more than 5 mana.

DeadBoyInDrag on W/B Enchantments

4 days ago

I love it I would recommend maybe Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond combo and maybe Eidolon of Countless Battles +1

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