Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guildpact (GPT) Common

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Replicate (Blue) (When you play this spell, copy it for each time you paid its replicate cost. You may choose new targets for the copies.)

Tap target permanent.

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Gigadrowse Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Gideon of Destiny

1 week ago

Match Reports One:

So as I mentioned earlier I tested your deck against some of the better decks in modern as well as some personal and fringe decks. I will preface each matchup with a brief description of the deck you were facing as well as my own experience facing and piloting them, that will be followed by a match report and general comments, if you have any questions about any of these matchups just let me know.

vs. U/B Turns 1-2

List: Taking All the Turns

My personal modern deck, U/B Turns aims to take as many turns as possible before awakening a Card: Part the Waterveil for the game. Whilst setting up the combo turns will deny its opponent mana and stability in the wake of comboing off.

This is a matchup where instant speed means a lot. As a turns player, any manner of burn decks are really my worst matchup as they can Bolt, Helix, etc all at instant speed in response to Gigadrowse, it's like starting at 10 life. This is what happened in game one, your deck drew into burn spells that stole you the game as I was a turn from comboing off. Game two and three highlighted the need for a sideboard, both games turns was able to play both Thing in the Ice  Flip and have it flip, and Chalice of the Void on one (game 2) or two (game 3). Like most matches with turns it was close but your deck just wasn't fast enough (I also take into account my experience with turns as a contributing factor).

vs. 4-Color Allies 0-2

Allies is a list I have been tinkering with to see what can be done but really my point in testing your deck against a very fringe deck like allies was to see how you hold up against agro. Game one you stood no chance in the wake of a Kabira Evangel pro-red, and 3 Akoum Battlesinger giving two unblockable (because of Evangel) 5/5 Oran-Rief Survivalist all their triggers, it was certain death. Game two you got out-tempoed with the aforementioned Aether Vial. Overall, in the agro mirror it seemed to me like your deck just can't keep up consistently but remember to take that with a grain of salt as the decks I was testing against are largely tuned for competitive play.

vs. U/B Faeries 1-2

A personal favorite deck of mine and one of my favorite tribes, faeries is a deck that was once one of the most dominant decks in magic, however it has lacked a sufficient upgrade for many years now.

Game one got incredibly lucky topdecking Lightning Bolt the turn before losing putting opponent at one and dead to their Bitterblossom. Game two lost to Bitterblossom beats and interaction. Game three got locked out by Spellstutter Sprite basically.

This was also the match where Boros Elite really shined alongside Legion Loyalist, just couldn't beat the interaction.

vs. Titan Shift 0-2

Titan Shift is an interesting deck operating in the upper tiers of the modern format, essentially it aims to kill it's opponent with a multitude of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle triggers enabled by the card Scapeshift, once it happens you are dead no two ways about it so it's important to move fast in this matchup.

Really not much to say here, game one wasn't fast enough lost to a Scapeshift; game two same story and was slowed down by a Courser of Kruphix gaining opponent a ton of life.

vs. Grixis Shadow 1-2

Personally I consider Death's Shadow to be a midrange deck. Against your deck it's susceptibility against burn shone through as game one constant beats followed by a flurry of burn spells was easily good enough. Game two and three was marked by bad luck on your part with having to mull aggressively both times; sometimes the heart of the cards just isn't there.


Going to try and test against G/R Vengevine a deck that has been popping up around my meta recently, my friends Seismic Swans deck, and Polymorph combo.

Mandalorian on Turn After Turn

3 weeks ago

I think Part the Waterveil is the best win condition in Taking Turns decks and would play it over Savor, especially because you can abuse it the way As Foretold decks can. In conjunction with Gigadrowse you can tap your opponent out and make sure the coast is clear to keep attacking. you can even Part on something like Inkmoth Nexus and kill in just 2 attacks, even through infinite life. BTW I think I like Gigadrowse over Kami when you already have 8 cards that draw you extra cards. Otherwise you have next to 0 interaction with your opponent.

Oloro_Magic on Stopping attacks

1 month ago

Coming from taking turns here which is also a slow deck Exhaustion and Gigadrowse are great options, as is Cryptic Command

hyperhazard on Taking Turns

2 months ago

A turn three Gigadrowse tapping an opponent's lands down is devistating to most decks, and can slow an opponent enough to go pseudo-infinite.

Oloro_Magic on Taking Turns

2 months ago

You need 4 Gigadrowse it is one of the most important cards in the deck as it provides early disruption. I would also cut on the turns spells, you have too many and in turns you don't want a hand of all turn spells until you combo off. Cut Elixir of Immortality and go up a Howling Mine, with Card: Part the Waterveil decking out is not a huge concern anymore.

Additionally, as opposed to a playset of Inkmoth Nexus, run one copy as a way to kill with infect, in your mana base you also want Mikokoro, Center of the Sea and Oboro, Palace in the Clouds as one-of's. Move the Spreading Seas to the side and play Remand instead.

Oloro_Magic on Turns like Wildfire

2 months ago

The reason I would say play three Temporal Mastery is to make room for the mine effects seeing how you are more relying on turn advantage created by Wildfire Eternal, meaning you need Gigadrowse in hand. Also, in place of bolts, Exhaustion can function as an almost take an extra turn spell.

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

2 months ago

I never sided in Angel of Jubilation so you know but sure I'll run through the other decks to give you an idea of what you faced.

  • U/B Turns

I really have to chalk this one up to experience, I just play turns a lot and know how to play it. Grand Abolisher would slow me down but wouldn't hurt me, I could Fatal Push it or just Gigadrowse and Exhaustion main phase. The Eerie Interlude plan would work but resolving Thing in the Ice  Flip isn't a huge deal as you blink and then can't attack and I combo off next turn. Your deck is definitely fast enough to beat turns but I just have a good understanding of how I want that deck to run against agro.

  • G/W Death & Taxes

List --> G/W Ramunap Death & Taxes

Death & Taxes, also known as Hatebears, is at its heart a white control deck that aims to "tax" it's opponent by making it difficult for them to play magic with cards like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Flickerwisp, Ramunap Excavator, Qasali Pridemage, and Leonin Arbiter. I play Collected Company for extra value in the deck. It is a versatile deck that mixes land destruction with all out agro and control.

  • Titan Shift

List -->

Titan shift is a peculiar deck that aims to win through Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle triggers, basically they ramp to play Primeval Titan and fetch the lands they need and then Scapeshift to sac those lands and play mountains or additional Valakut's for a whole bunch of triggers killing their opponent in one turn. Seeing how Lightning Bolt can't kill Primeval Titan no it wouldn't be better, in fact removal is generally pretty bad against this deck until it tries to combo off and when it does that you are probably dead anyway.

  • Grixis Shadow

Shadow isn't going to care about Grand Abolisher, it will just play less risky and not go down to a life total where Boros Charm is lethal. Honestly this was just a case of Shadow being faster.

  • Oath of Nissa Bant Superfriends

As someone who plays Superfriends I can say that your list is one of the lists I dread seing on the other end of the table, it generally means I have to move quickly which can be difficult, this was a good matchup for you, side out most removal and play more agro.

  • 4-color Aikido

So my list is not on here but this list on the site has a similar idea --> Salt Sisters

That list goes very light on protection but uses the lifegain/drain engine that I find effective (though I feel it plays too many of those effects), I have more pillow fort stuff like Luminarch Ascension and Sphere of Safety as well as Selfless Spirit's in my list but if you want the engine that list does a better job explaining it than I ever could.

  • Mono White Flicker

Torpor Orb would kill this deck as Lone Missionary, Wall of Omens, Thought-Knot Seer, and Genesis Chamber are needed for the many combos.

  • Eldrazi Tron

Though very different from my test list this is a sample list -->

"Tron" refers to the Urza lands, Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, and Urza's Power Plant, which tap for a ton of mana together. Basically tron decks get these lands and then play big things that kill you quickly. Blood Moon is great against this deck, and to answer your question, Eldrazi Tron is a variant of the tron decks that have been around for a while, and it is the best of the bunch.

  • U/B Faeries

Here it kinda came down to a lack of interaction on Faeries part game 2 or else you likely would have lost. Once you have a big creature though like Champion of the Parish with a ton of buffs, Hanweir Garrison, or Student of Warfare this matchup is a bit easier as Faeries can't really afford to lose life all that much.

  • Merfolk

I agree with everything but the Authority of the Consuls, Merfolk moved quicker and I didn't have much removal in hand before it was too late.

Other Questions and Comments

I wouldn't add more land just redesign the mana base, really I never had mana trouble as one mana with a Student of Warfare is a keepable hand which is kinda scary.

Cards that performed very well: Student of Warfare, Champion of the Parish, Metallic Mimic, Hanweir Garrison, and Always Watching .

Whenever I had Always Watching , Metallic Mimic, and Hanweir Garrison I rested easy as the got big and so did the tokens without one having to be sacrificed in the attack, sometimes I wanted the tokens to be buffed by Always Watching but you can't have everything, the Mimic did it's job.

Cards that under performed: Eerie Interlude, good against removal but when I play agro unless its a board wipe I don't really care (when I test against control this may change). Battlefield Forge it was just painful, not bad, but painful.

Cavern of Souls

Honestly it is a great card, I had no cause in these matchups for it but against control it is great so if you have room for it play it.

Cards that didn't over performed but I was grateful to have: Boros Charm, not having to level up Student of Warfare to level 7 was nice as was the burn and protection. Path to Exile, solid removal. Lightning Bolt, same thing. Aurelia, the Warleader, flexible option in the side. Disenchant, never played it but was glad it was there.

Further Testing

I still want to do more testing against some other matchups, I'm working on testing my turns against a G/R Vengevine deck as that seems to be getting some hype, I'll test yours out to if that happens!

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

2 months ago

Okay so I just finished my first round of matches (there are a couple matchups I have yet to test against for various reasons but I'll try to get to those as well) and so far this is how the deck has performed.

  • vs. U/B Turns 0-2

(Preface: this is a personal deck of mine and one I have been fine-tuning for quite some time for competitive play, so experience was likely a factor) First game turns had a nut draw where it was able to combo off and take 7 consecutive turns starting turn 5, well timed Gigadrowse and Cryptic Command before that ensured your deck couldn't do much. Game 2 was equally not close, turns was able to flip a Thing in the Ice  Flip and combo off the next turn. (Also I have been really testing my turns deck against shadow so you know, and you ran into the hate I have in place for that deck.)

  • vs. G/W Death & Taxes 0-2

(Another one of my personal decks and a deck I have tons of experience with) Game one D&T had two operating Aether Vial, simply got out ran. Game two was long and grinding going 20 turns. Eventually lost to Ramunap Excavator and Ghost Quarter lock and simply didn't have enough blockers to withstand a full swing.

  • vs. Titan Shift 2-1

This result surprised me. I expected that Titan Shift would set up its combo quick enough to beat the agro but I was wrong. Game one a Scapeshift with three active Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle killed your deck easily. Sided in some removal and Aurelia, the Warleader and was able to kill quickly both times before Titan Shift had a chance to combo.

  • vs. Grixis Shadow 0-2

(Preface: Though I hate the Death's Shadow deck I have play tested it a lot and I am pretty experienced with it due to its place in the meta and me having to know my matchups) Not much to say here, simply wasn't able to out agro the best agro deck in the format. Shadow held onto its counters for burn spells and won with Snapcaster Mage and Death's Shadow beats.

  • vs. Oath of Nissa Bant Superfriends 2-0

This is another one of my personal decks but from the moment the match started it felt a turn behind. Game one Superfriends started out mana screwed but just as the Superfriends deck was setting up its lock and stabilizing a well timed Always Watching was able to pump some tokens and get in for exact damage (if this didn't happen the deck would have lost so you know). Game two Superfriends was mana flooded, won without difficulty.

  • vs. 4-color Aikido 0-2

Another personal deck of mine. Aikido is a lifegain deck that punishes you for having creatures, both games simply couldn't keep up with the lifegain.

  • vs. Mono-White Flicker 2-1

Mono-white flicker is a comb deck that aims to go infinite in a number of ways using Felidar Guardian and Panharmonicon. Game one was quick enough and won before Flicker was able to set up its combo. Game two lost to infinite life combo, conceded on the spot as the flicker deck would have created infinite tokens next turn. Game three well timed removal on combo pieces was able to outpace the flicker deck.

  • vs. Infect 2-1

Not much to say here, game one got caught without removal in hand Path to Exile, that didn't happen again.

  • vs. Eldrazi Tron 1-2

Won game one by the virtue of bad topdecks from the Tron deck, it had assembled tron but had no threats to play with its mana. Game two lost to turn two Thought-Knot Seer, followed on curve by Reality Smasher and Endbringer. Game three lost to a Karn Liberated in combination with Reality Smasher, All Is Dust, and Walking Ballista.

  • vs. U/B Faeries 2-1

A personal favorite deck of mine but a deck that has gone years without a serious upgrade. Game one a very large Champion of the Parish was able to beat down. Game two lost to double Bitterblossom followed with a Scion of Oona, and Cryptic Command's aimed at tapping down attackers. Game three was able to land a Hanweir Garrison on the play (if I hadn't been on the play Spellstutter Sprite would have countered it). The tokens generated this way were able to win the game with Always Watching , even when faeries had Bitterblossom (this match was close the final game final life total was 5).

  • vs. Merfolk Aggro 0-2

Arguably the third or even second best agro deck in the format (Shadow and Affinity are genrally considered the best), the islandwalk and Merrow Reejerey really hurt both games as did a flashed in Harbinger of the Tides returning a large Student of Warfare to my hand before swinging for game. This matchup felt winnable just got unlucky with Merfolk's draws.

  • Conlusion

So that is what I have tested so far, I still want to test the deck against Knightfall, Burn, Affinity, and Control, hopefully Friday some of the players I know who play those decks will be there and I can test for you. Overall though the deck did well, the mana base was honestly a little painful, I really think you want Inspiring Vantage in the deck, it is just a great land and Mikokoro, Center of the Sea was completely a dead card; it was never needed. I would replace it with something like Needle Spires as creatures are always nice, or Ghost Quarter (sometimes I just wished I had it in the deck but that is just me).

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