Sovereign's Bite


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common

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Sovereign's Bite


Target player loses 3 life and you gain 3 life.

Sovereign's Bite Discussion

FuzzySupreme on Cruel Ultimatum

2 days ago

maybe drop Sovereign's Bite and try Dead Man's Chest ? Could add a fun twist.

hungry000 on Combustion

1 week ago

Looks good so far, but there are a few questionable card choices. I'd go with all 4 Eidolon and 2 less Vexing Devil to combat all the phoenix and storm decks out there. You don't need Sovereign's Bite in the sideboard; those spots are better used on more gy hate (namely Rest in Peace , which you really want) since Phoenix, Dredge, and Storm are a large part of the meta rn and Path to Exile to deal with big creatures like Goyf and, again, Phoenix/Dredge. You could also play a couple Grim Lavamancer or Searing Blaze , but the first two take priority.

PeeBee on Mono-Black Burn

2 weeks ago

I've been playing this deck on arena for the last few weeks and here is what my findings are:

Spawn of Mayhem is the best 3 drop this deck can play and is better than Skymarch Bloodletter . The spectacle is enabled easily by attacking with Vicious Conquistador .

Vraska's Contempt isnt needed and its better to go with early game interaction. I've picked Walk the Plank , but Moment of Craving and Cast Down are both acceptable options.

Arterial Flow is probably best as a x3 of, I felt that x4 was too much for the deck, and having 1 well timed flow is a big play for this deck.

Sovereign's Bite is spicy, but not really that good, you benefit more from cards that stick around and I have been using Ill-Gotten Inheritance for this.

Abnormal Endurance is a good x2 of in this deck, acting as protection for our creatures, a combat trick and allows us to double up on some of our enter the battlefield triggers like Vampire Sovereign .

1x mainboard Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip has worked very well and is a big play in the matches you have it as you run out of cards quickly and the lifeloss from activation is mitigated by our lifegain cards.

bunzillah on rakdos burn

3 weeks ago

side is not complete yet. i only got 2 Ensnaring Bridge there atm. (and 2 Cindervines ) im not sure about Sovereign's Bite going to put Skullcrack in side aswell.

the idea right now is to play as much 1 drops as possible to be able to use light up the stage to full potential

Dorotheus on rakdos burn

3 weeks ago

I think Sovereign's Bite is just where Lightning Helix would be in BR Burn deck, but missing out on Skullcrack or ways to combat lifegain is a mistake. I still like Gonti's Machinations but it can end up a dead card too often, so I would still probably stay away from it. What is your sideboard? (you also have the list marked as standard)

Darth_Savage on Karma

3 weeks ago

One way to look at this is; assuming you have made your land drop each turn, then on turn 3 you could have 3 mana available. On turn 3-4 there is around a 50% chance you draw Karma anyway, assuming it wasn't in your opening hand. if you cast Night's Whisper then you still have 1 mana, so there are other things you can do that turn, like play a creature. If you cast Idyllic Tutor you have 0 mana available. Just looking for a card in either scenario doesn't change anything other than your hand, the tutor isn't even card advantage, just replacement, you want to be able to cast something that same turn, which effects the board state, or you have done what amounts to nothing. Let me try and illustrate:

You play Weathered Wayfarer / Your opponent Striking Sliver

You play Marsh Threader / Your opponent Predatory Sliver

You play Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Idyllic Tutor / Your opponent Sinew Sliver

You play Karma / Your opponent Two-Headed Sliver

Your opponent on turn 4 can swing with 3x 3/3 first strike, menace creatures, you can block one of them. Now it isn't just Slivers that can build that sort of presence; Humans, Elves, Spirits, Zombies, Merfolk and others can all do it. You will take 6 damage, next turn your opponent takes 8 damage, but so do you on your next turn. Unless you draw Wrath of God you will lose. Modern is loaded with aggro decks which kill on turn 4 or 5, heck I play one Power 4 is Ferocious a Hollow One offshoot.

You need either life gain Sovereign's Bite , damage prevention Intervention Pact , removable lands (already mentioned) or a way of avoiding losing the game. You also need to realise that the only life that matters is the one from 1 to 0... So avoiding losing the game, Phyrexian Unlife + Solemnity essentially with these both in play, you can't lose the game for having 0 life and you can't get poison counters. The thing is the best enabler for a deck so heavily in need of enchantments is probably Commune with the Gods , oddly green also has swampwalkers and ways to search up lands.

I'm going to finish off here, as I've written more than I intended...

Boza on Arena Creatureless Punisher Burn

4 weeks ago

Currently, I have played 10 games with the deck with 70% win rate, losing to 2 aggro decks where I did not draw any Sovereign's Bite and one deck that deployed two Fountain of Renewal s on the first two turns.

Any deck that aims to be a slower midrange build like golgari or even slower jeskai/bant control, falls prey to this deck. Aggro decks like burn will fall, as long as I draw 2 or more copies of Sovereign's Bite (there are 6 total copies with the 2 Expansion / Explosion ).

Overall, I am satisfied with the list, but will test the 8 wizards version later down the line, as suggested by Flooremoji. The only card that has underperformed has been Flame of Keld as the punisher aspect of the deck is filling up our hand.

Flame will become 1 copy of Angrath, the Flame-Chained as per the suggestion of multimedia.

The deck is incredibly fun to play - one game I resolved 3 Theater of Horrors , the amount of CA was insane.

APPLE01DOJ on Grey's Devotion

1 month ago

I'd cut 2x Sovereign's Bite and 2x Blackmail for 4 more lands. Preferably swamps.

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Sovereign's Bite occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.01%


All decks: 0.13%

Rakdos: 2.6%