Benefactor's Draught

Benefactor's Draught


Untap all creatures. Until end of turn, whenever a creature an opponent controls blocks, draw a card.

Draw a card

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Benefactor's Draught Discussion

Nayru_Incarnate on Yisan, my first commander deck

1 day ago

Seems like a solid deck… except for the use of your commander. A lot of commander is about playing off your commander’s strengths and for Yisan, that’s about getting counters onto him and having them stay there. For example, cards like Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider will double the number of verse counters (proliferate will help with that as well,) cards like Benefactor's Draught will untap Yisan so you can use his ability again. Cards like Snakeskin Veil will also help with keeping Yisan on the board.

Mightyhulk1 on Ezuri Combo Elves *Primer*

1 month ago

also, I definitely recommend Benefactor's Draught. this card is definitely a key piece to going off, and can combo pretty good with e-wit/sabertooth.

Peoni on Catrunner

1 year ago

The once a turn clause is definitely a drawback for sure, but I the way I figured it is if you have enough consistent card draw happening every turn then you're still getting to use the ability and you're finding other cards that will trigger it. More card draw never hurts, especially when your commander's activated ability can be a wincon depending on how many cards you have in hand. That reminds me, Library of Leng and Reliquary Tower both serve as pretty good budget options for holding onto all of the cards you'll be drawing, with Thought Vessel being a good but less budget option.

As far as drawing on everyone else's turns, the previously mentioned Runic Armasaur is a really nice choice. Some decent green instant draw you might like are Aggressive Urge, Benefactor's Draught, Bind, Feral Instinct, Inspiring Call, Lace with Moonglove, Lammastide Weave (lol), Momentous Fall (lots of tokens makes the sacrifice no big deal, especially if you get some big ones out there), Provoke, Skyshroud Blessing, Viridescent Wisps, and Vivify could be considered. Also the previously mentioned Verdant Rebirth. I'd say replacing the more situational cards that you'd usually be cycling anyway with cards that net you draw and share the same cost as the cycle should serve as replacements. For example Stinging Shot and Thornado are probably better off being replaced by some of the 2 cmc cards I just listed like Aggressive Urge, purely because in that case you're getting an effect and a card instead of just paying 2 to draw a card.

Gnarlback Rhino and Veil of Summer also have the potential to net you a card on another player's turn, with Veil being a good card all around and giving you some much needed stack interaction to get around enemy counters.

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