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Goblin Resource List

Commander / EDH* Goblins


Pingers (67)

Destruction (29)

Unsets (21)

Buff Other (11)

Search (7)

Protection (4)

Misc. (60)

Go Wide (37)

Quickies (15)

Resources (15)

Boring Bodies (7)

Cost Reduction (6)

Commander (1)

Cheap Dates (41)

Generators (38)

Ability Bodies (25)

Evasion (13)

Potential Commanders (11)

Extra Damage (2)

List of all/most resources for Goblin decks, with a focus on EDH because that's what I play. Meant to be a quick glance resource for deck building. Make sure to check legalities while using this, as my play group is usually pretty lax outside of Unsets. However, I added them because I know some groups don't mind certain cards from the Unsets, or make full commander decks with their inclusion.

If I have missed any major cards, please let me know.

Will include some non-goblin cards with exceptional synergies, let me know if you enjoy them in the main list or would prefer them in the sideboard/maybeboard.

Avoiding any War for the Spark cards until the entire set is spoiled.


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