Auntie's Snitch


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Uncommon
Morningtide (MOR) Rare

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Auntie's Snitch

Creature — Goblin Rogue

Auntie's Snitch can't block.

Prowl 1B (You may play this for its prowl cost if you dealt combat damage to a player this turn with a Goblin or Rogue.)

Whenever a Goblin or Rogue you control deals combat damage to a player, if Auntie's Snitch is in your graveyard, you may return Auntie's Snitch to your hand.

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Auntie's Snitch Discussion

YellowFlassh23 on Blue/Black Faerie Rogue

1 year ago

Your deck is indeed lacking focus lemme see what I can do. Also these suggestions are assuming you're going for a low to the ground evasive agro build of faeries. Your deck is also extremely budget and if any of suggestions are too out of your price range it's fine let me know and I'll see if I can some up with a better alternative. Also your land base really needed some changes made to it so I made them I'm not sure if with the changes it equals 60 cards still let me know it not. I really hope these help

Changes to enchantments (+)

  • +4 Bitterblossom This card does everything you need in your deck; low cmc and makes rouges/faeries. By itself bitterblossom can take over and win most games if left unchecked long enough.

Changes to enchantments (-)

  • -1 Protective Bubble your cards almost all already have flying which makes them hard to block + scion already gives shroud no need to have this semi-expensive protection in here

Changes to instants/sorceries (+)

  • +2 Counterspell one of the best counters in legacy and since you're only playing a two color deck it should not be too hard to cast being UU

Changes to instants/sorceries (-)

  • -1 Hideous Visage again no need to make your creatures hard to block they already are.

  • -2 Notorious Throng this card is good if you have the mana as it can straight up end games if cast for its prowl cost but most of the time it's over kill. its insanely good as a 1 of that can steal games if you cast it when your opponent's tapped out (say by mistbind clique) also I've added quite a bit of draw power so you can see it rather often even though its just a 1 of.

  • -1 Recall you play so many creatures and they are either A. easy to protect or B. expendable you don't need to wasting mana to get them back when you could just cast another in the place of one that was lost.

  • -1 Smallpox kinda lack luster as a 1 of and hurts you as well slowing you down, you're trying to win quickly and overwhelm your opponent before they have answers to your army.

  • -1 Sorin's Vengeance another card that is way to expensive for what it does by the time you are able to cast this either you or your opponent already won.

  • -1 Nameless Inversion two mana for a pseudo removal/buff isn't really as worth it as straight up removal

  • -1 Sorin's Thirst see nameless inversion

  • -1 Wring Flesh see nameless inversion

  • -2 Violet Pall this card is just straight up bad sorry to say its way to expensive and the value of a single 1/1 faerie rogue for it is not worth in any way.

Changes to creatures (+)

  • +4 Faerie Miscreant This is another low to the ground faeries rogue that draws you cards.

  • +1 Latchkey Faerie This card if your bring it in for its prowl cost can be very effeceint but you don't want to be paying the 4 mana ever so have 2 means you see if enough where it can cantrip and give you a 3/1 body while digging deeper into your deck but also you won't always see it.

  • +3 Mistbind Clique This card is insane its a 4/4 for 4, protects a faeries (if they target for removal just flash in and exile target protecting it), semi-time walks your opponent (cast on upkeep and taps them out so they can only play instant in response). They only reason I'm not recommending 4 is that it is kind of expensive and you want to keep this decks cmc pretty low.

  • +1 Oona's Blackguard this is the main card in your deck and you want to see it every game as soon as possible it makes all your rogues when they etb bigger speeding up your opponent's clock as well makes your opponent discard when they take dmg (which is going to be often) keeping them from stopping your army of creatures.

  • +1 Scion of Oona this card protects all your faeries(flash it in in response to removal) and makes them bigger and you can bring it in on your opponent's end-step to save mana on your turn. the only disadvantage is that since it grants shroud not hexproof you can not target your own faeries(which is why I'm not recommending 4). Also having 2 means they can't be target as well.

Changes to creatures (-)

  • -1 Stinkdrinker Bandit while this card is excellent at making your rogues bigger(since all of them having flying they will usually be unblocked) and its prowl cost makes it very efficient to cast you already have quite a few other lords in the deck and to many buffs may be overkill. (this card is still amazing in theory and if you want to keep 3 that is fine I just feel you might need to start adding more removal/control)

  • -1 Auntie's Snitch I feel the goblins are unnecessary and they are easily blocked bc they don't have flying

  • -2 Ghostly Changeling 3 cmc is a lot in your deck + an additional 2 to make it into a 3/3 temporarily is not worth it.

  • -1 Marsh Flitter too expensive for a lack luster effect

  • -1 Mothdust Changeling it is cheap but doesn't do much except slow you down to make it flying? not worth it

  • -1 Nightshade Stinger again doesn't do much can't even chump block big creatures

  • -2 Prickly Boggart low cmc and has fear but other than that doesn't do anything and fear is worse than flying no point in really having it

  • -1 Sower of Temptation while this card can steal big creatures from your opponent your opponent won't always have big creature to steal its cmc is also high. this card is better in the side board where you can bring it in when you know it will be an effective choice.

Changes to artifacts (-)

Changes to lands (+)

Changes to lands (-)

lagotripha on

1 year ago

I guess the plan would be to boost power and run fling, so something like Shared Animosity and a black splash for Auntie's Snitch + Rite of Consumption, perhaps a Soulblast but the mana ramp is tricky. Battle Hymn/Shared Animosity/Soulblast with some more token creation perhaps? Flesh Allergy might even work with Tragic Slip backup. Arms Dealer might find a place, and running snow lands into Skred would give a bit more removal for a pseudo control shell I guess. Siege-Gang Commander could be useful in that case, and a green splash to abuse Cryptolith Rite for more mana? Its a little tricky to hit hard in midrange with goblins. Some haste enabling from Ashling's Prerogative and Mass Hysteria could help. I'd find it tricky to get enough out of that big t4-5 punch to take someone out. Its doable, but would need some tinkering.

T_schlike on Goblins

1 year ago

First of all, cut the Chancellor of the Forge. Occasionally getting a 1/1 for free is nice, but it doesn't really help you all that much considering you should NEVER get to 7 mana in a Goblins deck.

I would also cut the Burn at the Stake and Voracious Dragon. You are playing Gobbos, you need to be as low to the ground as possible, so this means keeping your mana curve low. Both of these cards help you with burning out your opponent after your goblin swarm has beaten them down a bit, but some combination of Goblin Grenade (possibly Reverberated!), Shared Animosity and Impact Tremors would help you. Besides, if you still have a decent enough number of creatures left in play by the time you have 5 mana for those two cards to help, you're likely already going to be winning. Cards that only really help you win when you are already winning are called "win-more" cards, and should be avoided if possible.

Since we are trimming your mana curve, you want to cut down on mountains as well. I would recommend going to 20 or maybe 21 Mountains, unless you can find some good non-basic lands to help your Gobbo army out. Teetering Peaks comes to mind, but take a look at Gatherer. (

Consider adding some Cavern of Souls or AEther Vial, although you seem to be going with token swarm which makes this strategy less helpful.

Goblin Guide is obviously a great include, if you have the coin. Goblin Piledriver is an amazing card as well, and you may want to go up to 4 copies of him.

Spikeshot Elder should be cut, as it is really not all that helpful if you can't pump his power.

The dash creatures are cute - test out if Impact Tremors or Shared Animosity does more work for you. If so, consider adding one more dash card and increasing the number of Impact Tremors in your deck.

Krenko, Mob Boss is really fucking cool, but he is just too slow. But do consider putting him in the sideboard.

Expedite just doesn't do enough, and you want to be using all your mana each turn to churn out more and more gobbos.

Have you considered adding black to your deck? There are some pretty sick goblins in black/rakdos (Black/Red) colors. Mad Auntie, Auntie's Snitch and Shambling Goblin come to mind. (link to gatherer here:[%22Modern%22]&color=+[B]&subtype=+[%22Goblin%22] )


Consider going to Red/Black, but if you stay mono-red I would consider doing the following changes:

-8 Mountain

-4 Chancellor of the Forge

-3 Expedite

-2 Spikeshot Elder

-2 Voracious Dragon

-2 Burn at the Stake

-2 Krenko, Mob Boss

-1 Reverberate

+3 Teetering Peaks

+2 Goblin Piledriver

And either +1 Legion Loyalist so you have more 1 drops OR -3 Legion Loyalist and +4 Goblin Guide

Dennis14 on U/B Dimir Rogues

2 years ago

Should I replace Victim of Night with Vapor Snag for improved tempo and the extra damage ?

Also is it a good idea to use pump spells like: Wings of Velis Vel, Virulent Swipe or Vampire's Bite ?
(or maybe Distortion Strike ?)

Should I add card draw to the deck ?
If so than: Mask of Memory, Military Intelligence, Sygg, River Cutthroat or Cold-Eyed Selkie ?

Are Quickling, Latchkey Faerie or Auntie's Snitch worth including in the deck ?

Dennis14 on Purist Rogue Tribal

2 years ago

You can use Triton Shorestalker instead of Prickly Boggart.

Cloak and Dagger, Noggin Whack and Frogtosser Banneret can be good here as well.
Latchkey Faerie and Auntie's Snitch are pretty good Prowl Rogues.

Hidden Strings fits well with evasive creatures to take advantage of Cypher.

Possible sideboard cards can be:
Mask of Memory, Quickling, Agony Warp and Countersquall.

ThomFoolery on

2 years ago

Thanks Minelia5! Ya know I was thinking about Auntie's Snitch, and I only shyed away because I wanted to incorporate more human rogues. But I think she's gotta go in hah Also I'll TOTALLY be adding Alpha Status that'd be maniacle! Thanks so much man!

Minelia5 on

2 years ago

Ok, For starters. I. SUCK. AT. EDH.

Just wanted to get that out of the way, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt :P (I'm just gonna list em off. If you want to ask about a suggestion, I'll talk about them in depth if you want.)

  1. I love this deck. I've always loved rogues. This deck is awesome :D

  2. No Auntie's Snitch?

  3. I feel basic tribal support is epic in here. Drop an Alpha Status onto a Blighted Agent and it's like... GG BRUH. Same with Cover of Darkness. Also Shared Animosity. You know what? I'm gonna stop doing this and just give you the decklist I found these on :P

    Good Tribal Support Cards

    Unknown* Ecirtakcoc

    SCORE: 12 | 3 COMMENTS | 8014 VIEWS

I can't think of anything else for now, so +1 and good luck :D