Stoneforge Masterwork


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Stoneforge Masterwork

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature you control that shares a creature type with it.


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Stoneforge Masterwork Discussion

Team_KLK on Odric Shares and Drana Cares

5 hours ago

I would add 2 more Captain's Claws or 2 Stoneforge Masterwork. Each go along with the Ally theme and can make swings very big and scary.

NicholsGT on Grixis Improvise

1 week ago

Its funny you mention your Bastion Inventor problem, I'm having the same issue with Tezzeret's Touch in my deck. Would you consider running both Inventor's Goggles and Stoneforge Masterwork?

RumAndCoke on Grixis Improvise

1 week ago

@NicholsGT: Inventor's Goggles is a card I ran prior to Stoneforge Masterwork. I love the card but it didn't pump up my Artificers enough.

I love Bastion Inventor my issue has been finding a place to put him in. At the very least I'll sideboard him to run against control decks.

Thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate the feedback and I'll definetly check out your deck.

NicholsGT on Grixis Improvise

1 week ago

I like the concept and to have considered a artificer deck. If I had to make a general suggestion(s) it would be to look at some artificers higher up the curve maybe with improvise (ex:Maverick Thopterist, Bastion Inventor) and some more supporting artifacts/equipment (ex: Inventor's Goggles, Stitcher's Graft) to help your creatures outclass/outnumber other creatures out there. But as far as the Stoneforge Masterwork that is very cleaver and is something I plan on keeping in mind for myself. Other than that I think this deck might have potential! Happy hunting and may you draw mana in the appropriate proportions.

Check out my Improvise deck(U/B Improvise) I would love some feedback!

Pernicious_Dude on The good old beeble bomb! (^_^)

1 week ago

You could consider Puca's Mischief as an additional donate effect, with the bonus of swiping whatever cheap permanents might disrupt your opponents plan. It seems like it's on theme too.

My only criticism of your deck would be the Stoneforge Masterwork... I don't think you have enough beebles to make the Masterwork any better than any other minor power boosting equipment. For one mana, Leonin Scimitar will probably work just as well most of the time, and it doesn't encourage you to overcommit to the board.

Otherwise, fun looking deck! Pester people with beebles and then donk them for 10 life... they won't know what's going on!

TemplarAssassin on Warriors of the Shifting Wastes

1 week ago

I'm thinking of replacing the Stoneforge Masterworks with more Metallic Mimic.

djnewellmit on AER Aether Elves

2 weeks ago

Shoutout to multimedia and his awesome elf build, Energy Elves. I can attest to the fact that he was working on his elf combo with Winding Constrictor before it was cool.

My list here is inbetween multimedia's high-end Energy Elves and the Budget Energy Elves. Check out his list if you like anything you see here. The main concept of these decks is the ridiculuous synergy between Winding Constrictor+Rishkar, Peema Renegade+Metallic Mimic.

A few thoughts from several rounds of playtesting this weekend against the likes of UR Eldrazi, UR Saheeli, RB Aggro, RG energy, and even a couple wolf tribals:

  1. Strongest cards:
    In one of my first rounds with this deck, I elicted a response of 'oh, i completely forgot that guy existed' when i resolved a Skyrider Elf with both a Winding Constrictor and Metallic Mimic in play. The opponents are always forced to answer the flying elf.
    I'm always happy to see a Gearhulk in my hand. My build goes heavy on the Verdurous Gearhulks in lieu of a full playset of Walking Ballista, partly from the perspective that I only have 3 Ballistae IRL, and also from a unique combo with Gearhulk and the oft overlooked Ajani's Comrade.

  2. Cards on the cusp: these are usually the first cards I find myself sideboarding out in games 2 and 3
    2x Ajani's Comrade may go in favor of Sylvan Advocate. The trample is great in the instances where I resolve a Rishkar or Gearhulk, and suddenly my opponent has to deal with a mid-size trampler coming at them unexpectedly. However, I find myself in more instances wishing for the slightly bigger butt, and the ability to remain untapped either for defense or Rishkar's mana ability.
    Cultivator of Blades is only a one-of, just in case I ever get it resolved. But I usually sideboard it out in favor of lowering my average mana cost to speed the deck up just a little more.
    I kept Stoneforge Masterwork in to keep a little more of that tribal feeling. About half the time I get it on the battlefield, it's nasty. But the other half (typically against control), I find myself with no creatures to equip. It does help fill the one-drop slot when I'm not fortunate to have an Attune with Aether in my opening hand
    Similarly, Lifecrafter's Bestiary may wind up in the sideboard against more grindy matches. If I'm in a race with another GB counters, I don't really have the mana to spend play the Bestiary, or use the draw ability effectively. But it is great against non-interactive decks to speed up our hand.

  3. Lands:
    I'm running the lands I currently own, so I'm lacking a few of the faster Green/Black lands. The Foul Orchard would be the first to go, but they're so inexpensive compared to the other options. I would run a full playset of Hissing Quagmire, but alas I only have the two.
    I use the Attune with Aether in lieu of Evolving Wilds for mana fixing. The energy works great with Winding Constrictor adding +1, and it helps ensure I have energy in the bank when I go to converge the Skyrider Elf.

    Feel free to leave any inputs you may have on my deck. The sideboard will probably be driven more by your local meta, although the current list has been pretty flexible.
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