Stoneforge Masterwork


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Stoneforge Masterwork

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature you control that shares a creature type with it.


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Stoneforge Masterwork Discussion

Firebones675 on White Soldiers

1 day ago

I'm personally not a huge fan of inspiring charge. I'd rather play Glorious Anthem, Spear of Heliod or Stoneforge Masterwork

Also Field Marshal & Preeminent Captain are good in soldier decks

kamarupa on Ensoul Aggro

2 days ago

Tormod's Crypt in the sideboard? I'm thinking pump equipment could be quite good in limited quantities on the mainboard - Stoneforge Masterwork and Ghostfire Blade, for example, seem to fill the low CMC/early potential target for Ensoul Artifact while also adding to threats on the board in the absence of Ensoul Artifact. Maybe some draw card options? Smuggler's Copter, Slip Through Space, Take Inventory, Rogue's Gloves, and Read the Bones are all Frontier-legal options. Removal maybe? Murder, Ruinous Path, Ultimate Price, or Bone Splinters?

Orion93 on Sram's Forge (boros aggro)

2 days ago

You can trick an opponent into attacking.Sigarda's Aid on boardThey swing with a 5/4 trampleYou cast Stoneforge Masterwork and block.

Stuff like that. Or flash in an equipment that gives your creature vigilance for combat. Or first strike. Or whatever.

You get to play a PERMANENT buff like it's an instant, and if the creature dies then you keep the buff.

Trtl on Elves of the Frontier

3 days ago

(Wow, i'm just spamming now, aren't I?) since you're having trouble finding a win condition might I recommend Stoneforge Masterwork and Might of the Masses?

HotRodScott on Rats

4 days ago

A little expensive on paper, but cheap online: Swarmyard is amazing in rat decks! I've never actually used it in my Pack Rat Madness but Stoneforge Masterwork can be fun in a tribal deck like this. (love it in my r/w ally deck!)

Brunen on Spiders got serious.

4 days ago

Memphismaymagic5 I actually have Utopia Sprawl so ishkana is a great idea,ty! Rancor is also good, but Stoneforge Masterwork seems good too.

multimedia on Energy Elves

4 days ago

HairyManBack, If you're interested in continuing to play Elves with Stoneforge Masterwork I've updated Budget Energy Elves.

It's using both Masterwork and Metallic Mimic as the tribal theme. I've kept it Temur for Harnessed Lightning. It's not using Winding Constrictor because he's not an Elf. The entire creature base are Elves. Some other changes are Rishkar, Peema Renegade replaces Sage of Shaila's Claim. Armorcraft Judge replaces Rashmi, Eternities Crafter. Narnam Renegade replaces Sylvan Advocate.

WhisperingBlade on Path of the Champion

1 week ago

Thanks! Yeah, when Mayor of Avabruck  Flip flips, my dudes don't get the buff. It may seem that it is a downside at first glance to have him flip, but he becomes a 3/3 for my 2 mana, and then starts pumping out wolves. I've had some absolutely crazy games where I get locked out of the early game through a lot of removal on my opponent's part, only to have Mayor flip and take over the game (I think I won an extremely long attrition match with 20 wolves before, sucked for my opponent he couldn't draw removal). Stoneforge Masterwork is certainly an interesting card, but with no real equipment package built into the deck, I don't think it's what I'm looking for. Thanks for the upvote!

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