Goblin Outlander

Goblin Outlander

Creature — Goblin Scout

Protection from white

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Set Rarity
Conflux (CON) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Goblin Outlander Discussion

ticked-off-squirrel on Breaking Down the Walls! (Anti-Donald Trump Deck)

2 years ago

I am guessing Goblin Digging Team is a no go then huh? btw walls come in all six colors. Wall of Fire, Wall of Frost, Angelic Wall, Wall of Mulch, Wall of Bone, and Steel Wall so Goblin Outlander wont protect you from everything and your other cards wont always help you.

ironcore on Draw until you drop

3 years ago

Well one option is to toss Kederekt Parasite and replace it, which binds you less to take red colored stuff, but i think you like to keep it.

As such i you can go 2 ways i think either go for some nice red beaters for a bit of early game aggro to weaken up your opponent or get some red enchantments/planeswalker for control or a late game wincon.

Suggestions for the red beater idea:

First i'd toss Young Pyromancer and Frostburn Weird. Pyromancer won't do you much good since most of your spells cost 2 or more and the 1/1's aren't going to do much and the weird is just a bad creature.

I'd suggest taking maybe taking 1 extra copy of Grim Lavamancer and for the rest,

Early aggro:

Mid to late beaters:(you do already have Master of the Feast but since he's not red you might want to cut him back to 2)

Suggestions for the control enchantment/planeswalker idea:

I'd go for this since your deck is in time's favor, as the game progreeses your deck will automatically do damage (because of Kederekt Parasite and Underworld Dreams)

As such i'd toss all your creatures except for 4xKederekt Parasite, 2xGrim Lavamancer and 2-3xMaster of the Feast. I would also toss Toil, Runeflare Trap and maybe 1 copy of Underworld Dreams.

I know that Runeflare Trap can do a lot of damage and is probably used as a finisher but i you go this route you need control over a lot of damage, with this variant you'll kill your opponent piece by piece.

If you do this you should have 8-10 slots for cards. With these, you'll have to put in a few late game wincon's (outside of Underworld Dreams) and removal/

My suggestions:

  • Molten Vortex: Once you hace established your manabase you can start discarding those unwanted lands for a bit of extra damage or removal. Although Seismic Assault is better in my opinion, i still suggest this card since it will proc Kederekt Parasite's ability turn 2 and is less mana Reliant.

  • Seismic Assault: as mentioned above only doesn't have a mana cost for ability.

  • Seal of Fire: Removal when you need it, cast it turn one (you can sac it immediatly after casting) and let it sit there until you can use it on a prime target.

  • Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded: I'm not sure of this guy but you might want to test him out. His first ability lets you sift out your library. his second ability will be the most relevant in this deck since it essentially is a Runeflare Trap. His last ability i don't think you will be using.

  • Chandra Ablaze: Her first ability is nice since you have a good amount of red cards. Her second ability may be useful to you although i'd safe up for her third ability which will most likely win you the game.

As for control, take 4 copies of Terminate also check Dreadbore or cards like;

You can go one of these two routes or do a combination of the two. Either way i would still suggest that you toss Toil and go up to 4xTerminate

Hope this helps. GLHF!

Scytec on Rakdos' Sadistic Society

4 years ago

@ironcore - Seriously, thanks, allow me to address each of the cards you mentioned most recently, and previously that I couldn't get to. Before I do this, if you have a deck you'd like me to look at, just post it here or on my wall, I'll gladly do so.

Here goes:

Rakdos Cackler is a great card that I absolutely love, he was in this deck for a long time, but I just recently replace him for Bloodsoaked champion, recursion for days and he buffs my aristocrat.

Tymaret, the Murder King was in a much older version of this deck as a 2-of. I really just don't like how mana intensive he is, the damage rarely helped, and he was a little slow.

Fists of the Demigod seems great, but at 2 mana, that is a little more than I want to pay for a combat trick, even though it is a great one.

Phyrexian Obliterator is an absolutely amazing card, but he is expensive, I don't own any, and his mana would be hard to hit consistently without a mana base makeover.

Goblin Deathraiders is interesting, but slow. Not a fan of more than a one drop not having some form of haste unless the other abilities are just sick. Trample unfortunately isn't worth it.

Goblin Outlander same issue as deatbraiders. Proc white just isn't that powerful for me.

Jund Hackblade This guy on the other hand, could be EXACTLY what I am looking for, multicolored is not an issue in my build, and he seems nasty. Definitely gonna have to pick up a set of this guy and really dive into the multicolor theme.

Spark Elemental is a good creature, but with very few ways to recur him...seems like an extra boost that may not even get through.

Slitherhead is really a meh creature, the counter is cool, and I may do something with him and Exava later...but he doesn't fit here.

Kolaghan's Command is already in the build, I just forgot to update it. There are 2 of those in for 2 Victim of Nights.

Sootstoke Kindler is interesting...I may playtest it with Master if I end up including him...

Break Through the Line not necessary with my creature base.

Gurmag Swiftwing is a card I REALLY want to be good...but it just isn't. Sadly...

Valley Dasher is annoying in that it has to swing. So no thanks their either.

Seriously thanks for the suggestions again. I truly appreciate it. I think I covered everything...if I missed anything you have a question about just let me know!

ironcore on Rakdos' Sadistic Society

4 years ago

Hi again,