Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Nemesis Rare

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Creature — Human Mercenary

(3), Tap: Search your library for a Goblin permanent card and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Moggcatcher Discussion

Alkadron on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

1 week ago

I almost prefer the Pyromancer over the Shared Animosity, for my deck at any rate. I mean, I definitely run both, but I get more use out of the Pyromancer. It can get Moggcatchered, Goblin Matroned, and Goblin Recruitered, and it can get sacrificed. Animosity can't.

Even when I can't sacrifice the Pyromancer, I usually just let all my goblins die. Stalking Vengeance is silly. Again, though, my version of the deck is much more suicide-y; I'm in it strictly for catastrophic explosions and chuckles, not to have a board presence or win games or anything. I agree with you that the Pyromancer doesn't really have a place in a good deck.

ay.lobo on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

4 weeks ago

Hey sabba5600. I've seen Mana Echoes a lot lately. It definitely could be fun, seeing as there's a lot of mana to be gain.

I don't run enough goblins for Skirk Prospector to work his magic with. Same with Moggcatcher, I ended up replacing him for Gamble.

Myr Battlesphere was a great card, but a fellow commenter got me to thinking to change him with Knollspine Dragon for more draw power. Since the deck already has about 25% cards making tokens, it wouldn't hurt to think about the problem which is draw power. It's still a great card, though.

Hmm, I'm not too interested in infinite combos in this deck, but I might have to put that in the "infinite combo section". Thanks for the ideas!

sabba5600 on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

1 month ago

I built a very similar list a month or so back and here is some of my favorite cards for the deck.

Mana Echoes <-- absolutely stupid amounts of mana can come off of this card
Skirk Prospector more mana, Moggcatcher goblin tutor, Myr Battlesphere 10 damage please, Flameshadow Conjuring copy any of your token producing creatures for one red.........

ArchyEDH on Black Metal Auntie

1 month ago

Ruby Medallion would be pretty nice since most of your deck is red and Moggcatcher just puts any goblin from you deck to the board.

vonclifton00 on 99 Problems But a Goblin Ain't One

1 month ago


Thank you very much for your suggestions. I did like the idea of trading Obliterate for Blasphemous Act. Its more in line with what I want to do.

The reason I put Wake of Destruction in the deck is because in my play group thier is a really strong mono-green deck that plays a lot of basic forests and Wake will really slow him down.

The non-basic hate is for the players in my group and I can't wait to see their faces when I cast it.

The only reason I have not added Moggcatcher and Purphoros, God of the Forge to the desk is due to the price. I know they are not that expensive but I am trying to keep the initial build price a little low. Over time, I might add those cards. I put them in my maybeboard so I don't forget.

I do like Chaos Warp, but I just don't know what to remove.

I did add Outpost Siege instead of Vicious Shadows do to the card draw ability.

Thanks again for your ideas. Let me know if you have anymore. See Ya!

Panas on 99 Problems But a Goblin Ain't One

1 month ago

Hello :)

Purphoros, God of the Forge has a lot of synergy with Krenko and would be one of the cards I'd include in the build. I would put him in, instead of Wake of Destruction which will do less than expected. Although I find using cards like Obliterate with no real reason (other than being mean) tasteless, another card that could replace Wake is Jokulhaups.

Vicious Shadows is another monster of an enchantment in red that would promote your game plan much further than MLD.

I do like the non-basic hate though! That's sweet and beautiful and will do lots of work, without it being a big red reset button!

A non-goblin suggestion for you would be: Moggcatcher

Some more suggestions for red in general:

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

1 month ago


Dropped two basic lands in favor of a few more answers. I am getting close to finding the perfect land count, and since I have a lot of fetch mechanics, it is just as consistent as before.

Explorer's Scope out for Wayfarer's Bauble - This is for consistency's sake, after quite a few playtests where the Scope did nothing but cost me mana. Having to swing didn't help either.

Sensation Gorger out for Wheel of Fortune - With so few castable Goblins, opportunities to use the mini-wheel effect were few and far between.

Gemstone Array out - Got some feedback that brought up a good point. If I am making a ton of mana between turns and I have literally no other places to put it, it is more of an indication of an underlying deck problem than it is a missing mana bank.

Gravity Sphere out - Going to be sideboarded for use with my regular playgroup, which is heavy on flyers with Angels, Dragons, Slivers, etc..

Mana Vault in. Gimme dem rocks! These really help to minimize the impact of saccing Mountains.

Urabrask the Hidden out for Goblin Chieftain - This is the original setup, and I think it's the better one. I prefer the lower CMC, and the change only hurts Moggcatcher and Chancellor of the Forge. I lose a mini-Stax effect, but it would be better to add a more potent one in anyway. In most situations I want to be blocked, the way this deck is built.

Strip Mine in because Strip Mine.

Gamble in so I can tutor for a boardwipe or Crucible of Worlds. I would really like another one or two tutors if possible.

Chaos Warp in mostly for the enchantment removal, and a little for indestructible creature options.

Goblin King in to abuse Blood Moon being out. Mostly likely only used as a finisher, or when Coat of Arms is out and I don't want token damage to be downgraded to 4.

Seismic Assault out - while great when Crucible of Worlds is out, when it isn't it is just a little too risky. It is rare to have more than one basic in hand, because all my extra land mechanics go directly to battlefield.

Vandalblast in - Needed a few more answers to artifacts. Now that I'm not running Mycosynth Lattice and Nevinyrral's Disk, I need more one-sided wipes.

Still slowly adding more mana rocks, board wipes, and Stax effects to clean up the curve and make the deck more consistent. As it stands when the deck lines up it really, really goes off, but when it doesn't I tread water for quite a while.

ay.lobo on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

2 months ago

Haha, true. Still a good card to have in. I have been changing this deck slowly to focus with more control/protection and all. I just took out Moggcatcher for Magus of the Moon, so I'm sure that will add more unhappy players out there. Also added in Defense Grid to try to protect my spells.

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