Mogg Infestation


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Mogg Infestation


Destroy all creatures target player controls. For each creature put into a graveyard this way, put two 1/1 red Goblin creature tokens into play under that player's control.

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Mogg Infestation Discussion

LilGuy on Norin, Prince of Chaos

2 months ago

Grip of Chaos would fit really well in this deck as would Warp World and Panharmonicon.

Also have you considered Conjurer's Closet or Cloudstone Curio to help with recurring the ETB effects? Mogg Infestation is also really good for making Impact Tremors or something else trigger a ton of times. Feldon of the Third Path is another good card for this.

And lesser so, but also an idea would be Mox Amber since Norin will be in play from turn 1.

Hope these helped!

carpecanum on Rith, the Awakener

2 months ago

Strionic Resonator works with a lot of your creatures including Rith and Mycoloth. Double your tokens.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh and Kyren Negotiations maybe.

Mogg Infestation can wipe an opponent or double your creatures if you have the right infrastructure set up. Just Impact Tremors or something like that could end a game.

You could probably stand to lose Legion's Landing  Flip, Utopia Mycon and a couple more of your minor fungi.

ShreddedByCrows on Mathas EDH - A Real Pain in the Neck (Get it?)

2 months ago

SenseiRamen Mathas, Fiend Seeker has the ability to be a fabulous political commander, I love your idea there and would definitely give it a try!

Your curve is generally correct, but I feel there are a few things you can change to optimize your deck (and I'll avoid expensive suggestions, in order to keep it affordable, suiting your budget). First of all, you could consider running two more lands (Mathas surely is a cheap commander but it better suits a more controlish game plan. I would prefer to run 36 lands in this purpose. I recommend you to give a look at the Rocky Tar Pit (it's basically a budget fetchland) and Myriad Landscape. The new Field of Ruin might interest you as it's a great political tool. Forbidden Orchard also is nice and affordable. Smoldering Marshand Canyon Slough are not that expensive and can help you stabilize your mana pool. And, only if it fits your budget issues, both Blood Crypt and Godless Shrine are good investments.

The Planar Bridge, even if it's a great card on its own, doesn't really match with your objectives. It's slow and will take too much time to be effective. If the ''tutor'' effect was what you were searching when you put this one into your deck, I suggest you some cards as Increasing Ambition or (a slow but more versatile card) Ring of Three Wishes.

An idea I find interesting with Mathas will concern the addition of a sacrifice outlet. With cards like a Skullclamp and a Bloodghast (I know, it's not a budget card actually, but you can find it for something like 10 euros now that it has been reprinted - if you're looking for a budget version, you can run the Reassembling Skeleton / Endless Cockroaches), it provides you an excellent card advantage, with cards like Ashnod's Altar / Phyrexian Altar it gives you the necessary resources for the late game. Not to say that the red colour also gives you access to tons of cards which allows you to take the control of your opponents' creatures for one turn (Captivating Crew for example)! Alongside the altars, those cards could enable you to kill the creatures you put a bounty counter onto and so you will gain the reward and gets nice value while slowing your opponents. It may require some testing time but it seems pretty decent.In control options, you have Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos and Attrition that could get the job done.

Tetzimoc, Primal Death seems really good here, and I'm glad someone finally decided to give it a try! With a Cloudstone Curio, you can bounce it back to your hand and restart clearing the board as much as you want, but you will have to think about adding other valuable etb effects and recursion's cards like Phyrexian Reclamation.

For more ''prison'' effects, there is the Windborn Muse and the brand new Baird, Steward of Argive.

Sheoldred, Whispering One is not a cheap card, but feels like a staple for your strategy and your deckbuilding.

You may give a try to Revel in Riches, but it's a greedy card. It has proved to be better than Black Market for me. In a tricolourous deck like yours, I will definetly play it.

You need more control tools. Hero's Downfall, Phyrexian Purge, Dreadbore, Orzhov Charm, etc. are great ones.

There is a lot of cards in your actual deck build that don't feel like a good idea since they just don't match with any strategy. Let's start with the Hoarding Dragon. It's a slow tutor and I can understand why you choose to play it, but it doesn't feel like a good idea. Jaya Ballard, Task Mage : the hate cards are bad because they often feel too situational and becomes dead cards. Even if Jaya provides you other options than the hate the blue guy one, she stays bad in comparison with other cards you could play (not saying that about expensive cards - even for a budget deck, she's just bad - cut it). Kulrath Knight doesn't do much in your deck... I mean... it's not such a bad card but come on, you want to pay 5 mana on something else than just a flying lil' body with wither. Kozilek, the Great Distortion is a great card, but it feels too slow here as you don't play anything to ramp, and, more important for your deck, it doesn't match with anything. If you absolutely want some eldrazi there, so add in some ramp cards and play Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, it will be much more efficient and synergize better with what you want to accomplish. Only 10 enchantments is not enough to get value from your Mesa Enchantress. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls is slow and doesn't do much. Shunt feels too situational. Righteous War is far from being interesting here, you will always prefer having Swiftfoot Boots over them... and I don't even know if you need those boots... no, I'm pretty sure you're fine without. Celestial Dawn doesn't do much and you will most of the time pay 3 to do nothing...which is bad.

A few suggestions :

  • Endless Whispers could be funny and fits very well the political theme!

  • Afterlife is a control tool which also left your opponent with a creature, it's nice not to make enemies.

  • Descent of the Dragons another control tool leaving your opponents with creatures. If your prison theme is strong enough, this card could be a staple as it puts 4-4 flying. Your opponents will slowly kill each other.

  • Disrupt Decorum mad flavorful card for a mad Mathas dude.

  • Besmirch not the best card ever, but could be interesting there.

  • Mogg Infestation lul

  • Chaos Warp doesn't kill your target, but it's still a really good and versatile answer.

  • Sarkhan the Mad look at the -2! (you will need a lot more protections if you go for it though, and chose to go for a lower curve (which is not such a bad idea btw))

  • Painful Quandary just a powerful and annoying control card - beware, it often attracts a lot of hate.

  • Solemn Simulacrum helps you to stabilize your mana base and gives you card draw.

I hope it would help you! Good luck with the deckbuilding and keep up the good work. :)

carpecanum on Devour ALL Your Friends and Enemies

2 months ago

Hostility would sync with your boss and the Devour mechanic. So would Mogg Infestation, Tempt with Vengeance or Sylvan Offering.

arice1289 on Rith's R.U.S.T.E.E. Trombone

2 months ago

I really like the idea of Mogg Infestation! Sadly I traded mine away, but I may look into getting another one.

Confusion in the Ranks is another favorite card of mine, but the risk of losing any of the enchantresses makes it too risky for me.

carpecanum on Rith's R.U.S.T.E.E. Trombone

2 months ago

If i have Purphoros and 10 creatures out my favorite kill spell is Mogg Infestation. Works with your Path of Discovery or Cathars' Crusade etc.

Confusion in the Ranks is also fun if your tokens aren't getting buffed.

This is more expensive than any deck i'll ever have =)

ButterMyBiscuit on Little Bois, Big Damage

4 months ago

Mogg Infestation your own board after a Krenko, Mob Boss tap (or before if you have the mana and haste) for insta-win!

Goblin Bombardment can also act as a finisher and it's pretty cheap.

Great pull I'd say :p Enjoy!

RedPlaneswalker on The Fire Burns Forever | Mono Red Goblins

5 months ago

Gotreck Aloha, thanks for commenting. I prefer not to run many sorceries and/or instants because that's less targets for my tutors like Goblin Matron, Goblin Recruiter, Moggcatcher, and Imperial Recruiter. I also get to recur them again with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Feldon of the Third Path, and Mimic Vat. Plus I have many goblin token producing creatures like Beetleback Chief, Krenko, Mob Boss, Mogg War Marshal, Siege-Gang Commander. And they are targetable with the majority of the tutors and also recurable since they're creatures. I do believe in the value of being able to tutor things and Red really isn't strong with it so we have to make do with what we have.

For your Ogre Battledriver, Door of Destinies and Herald’s Horn suggestions I do already have a set of lords like Goblin Chieftain, Goblin Warchief, Goblin King, and the artifact Coat of Arms. I also have Ruby Medallion, Hazoret's Monument, and Goblin Warchief for cost reduction. I'm not too worried really about bolstering my goblins with +1/+1 effects since I barely need to attack.

I used to run Mogg Infestation. It really is a great finisher. But with my meta I needed to have more reliable board wipes, hence Blasphemous Act. Sometimes I'll have this sitting in my hand when I need to wipe the board and it'll be useless. If I can find room I'll run it again but the deck runs fine without it; at least in my meta.

I kind of looks like we have the same priorities but just different methods of execution. It's always nice to meet a fellow Purphoros, God of the Forge player. Thanks to you I may to a write-up for this deck.

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