Arms Dealer


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 (M13) Uncommon
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Uncommon

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Arms Dealer

Creature — Goblin Rogue

(1)(Red), Sacrifice a Goblin: Arms Dealer deals 4 damage to target creature.

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Arms Dealer Discussion

GoblinsBeatElves on Goblin Recruiter

1 month ago

Tuktuk Scrapper doesnt work here. In an ally deck, maybe. In this deck, with no other allies, no. I would replace that with Arms Dealer, who can be a powerful card with a lot of goblins. He does more damage than Siege-Gang Commander, too. Krenko, Mob Boss might be good here too, doubling your goblins.

Chopwood on Red Goblins

6 months ago

If you like Goblin Kaboomist, Arms Dealer and Frenzied Goblin then you should play with them! The most important thing is that you enjoy playing your deck! Ultimately magic is about building the deck one likes and having fun with friends. A hilarious card I played earlier was Sensation Gorger, it can be great when you actually get to draw those extra cards, and can be good against control. Ultimately I found it too slow for local meta, but it's really funny! If you want to invest some money then Blood Moon can be great for goblins, especially with Goblin King.

Some SB tips: A fun card I'm trying out in my SB right now is Everlasting Torment. It's not the best card there is, but it's thematically fitting. I SB it in against midrange decks with big creatures, since it means that even a blocked goblin can be a good trade for you. It completely shuts down any decks that build on life gain as well. Regarding GY-hate in SB I personally prefer Tormod's Crypt for goblins, since it doesn't cost any mana to cast you won't loose any of your momentum.

ThomTurf on Red Goblins

6 months ago

Thanks for this! Impact Tremors is great. I did find Goblin Kaboomist works really well with chieftain, also Arms Dealer and Frenzied Goblin have proven their worth many times. You have given me lot to work with many thanks!!

Chopwood on Red Goblins

6 months ago

Fun deck! I too have a Goblin deck, so I know how fun they are to play! I have some tips regarding your cards if you're interested. You seem to have 62 cards in the deck, it's never a good idea to have more than 60 card - consistency is king! In general you want a curve that is as low as possible, since you need to keep a pressure all the time. If you don't win turn 4 or 5, you will probably loose the game.

The lands look good, what you need is red mana and you've got it. A tapped land can be dangerous since you need to keep a pressure! I'm trying to run Contested War Zone in my goblin deck, it's risky since it only produce colorless mana, but it's +1/0 ability can be game winning.

Card you can consider adding, price tag in (parenthesis):

Goblin Guide - (Expensive), but really good!

Foundry Street Denizen - Can get really big really quick, (cheap).

Legion Loyalist - Devastating against token heavy decks, first strike can be really good if your goblins are buffed. (Kind of expensive).

Goblin Piledriver - Get really big, game winner with Legion Loyalist's trample, (average price), well worth the cost!

Goblin Rabblemaster - Creates you a massive goblin army, constant pressure, one of these can totally dominate the battlefield, two of them wins you the game. Recently reprinted, so it's (cheap) for what it does. Great if Quest for the Goblin Lord.

Lightning Bolt - 4x.

Goblin Bushwhacker - One of the best one/two drops for goblins, (cheap).

Warren Instigator - Haven't tried myself but he can be really powerful. (Average).

Mogg War Marshal - I like it more than cards like Krenko's Command, since it gives you a bit more resistance against sweepers. It's also a great gobling to sacrifice for Goblin Grenade.

Goblin Wardriver

Additional card to consider, mainly for sideboard:

Smash to Smithereens or Vandalblast

Goblin King


Cards I'd cut:

Obelisk of Urd - In my experience, Obelisk of Urd is rarely a good card aggro or modern in general. Too expensive, or forces you to not attack a turn if you want it early.

Boggart Shenanigans - Too expensive for what it does. If you want a similar effect I'd recommend Impact Tremors.

Arms Dealer - Too slow, isn't a threat in it's own.

Goblin Kaboomist - Too unreliable.

Bloodmark Mentor - Maybe worth it, but Legion Loyalist is strictly better.

Frenzied Goblin - There are better 1-drops.

Mogg Fanatic & Goblin Arsonist - Cut if you find better one drops to replace the with.

Fury Charm - Not really a good card.

Hope you appreciate the tips and make sure to ask if you have any questions!

GoodLuckGuy on CP#5 Krenko is Kranky

11 months ago

A buddy of mine directed me to your imgur post and suggested that the two of us give you some help improving your decks. I figured I'd start with your Krenko list because I have one myself. I'll start by suggesting some additions and follow-up with what I think you should cut.

Your deck has none. Well, it has Sensation Gorger... and I suppose Grenzo lets you draw your opponents' cards, in a way; but those two are not enough if you want to recover after a board wipe, or even stay relevant in a longer running game. Mono-Red can be a real bitch when it comes to card advantage, but there are some great artifacts that will draw you cards that don't care what color your in, but for other sources of card draw, red has wheels.

Mind's Eye is probably the most applicable draw engine in EDH. It's a must add for any EDH deck missing Green, Blue, or Black. Skullclamp and Slate of Ancestry are extremely potent when Krenko is doing his job, taking great advantage of the amount of tokens he generates.

Wheel of Fortune is your best option for a wheel effect, but it's pricey; Reforge the Soul is the best substitute if you don't wanna break the bank. You could also throw in Magus of the Wheel if you find yourself wanting another one of these.

There are lots of ways to generate damage purely by virtue of having creatures. You are already running Outpost Siege and Boggart Shenanigans, but there are even better options. Purphoros, God of the Forge is the most popular of these options, offering high damage volume and extra utility on an indestructible beat stick. Impact Tremors is the cheapest card (mana-wise), you can put this out on turn two to reap the benefits of it for the whole game.

Other stuff can let you use the many goblins you make as resources to deal damage. Goblin Bombardment is an absolute classic; not only can you use it to finish off opponents, but you can also take care of problematic threats. In a similar vane, I can't believe you're not running Arms Dealer! I've won games by resolving it; the amount of damage it generates is borderline oppressive. In my own deck, I recently removed Voracious Dragon for Burn at the Stake; it costs the same amount of mana, deals more damage, and doesn't require you remove your own goblins.

Lastly, there are plenty of cards that will reward you for each creature you attack with. Hellrider is a personal favortie of mine, a very seat-of-your-pants sort of card. Throne of the God-Pharaoh is pretty new, but I see this becoming an EDH staple in the future. Probably the most powerful card I'll mention here is Five-Alarm Fire, once you have a good amount of counters on this bad boy, nobody is gonna want to mess with you; even if they wipe the board of all creatures, you'll be able to suppress whatever field they have left or try to recuperate.

These are two cards I run in my Krenko deck, they're not necessarily optimal picks, but they are both good options for faster play.

Mass Hysteria can be a risky add, but on turn one, you can be guaranteed that your opponents will not be able to prepare for what's in your hand for the whole game.

Here's a hypothetical for you: turn one goblin, turn two goblin, turn three Thousand-Year Elixir, on turn four you cast Krenko and immediately make 3 goblins, then on turn five you pay one mana to make 18 goblins before you even play anything, then every turn after that that you control Krenko, you multiply your goblins by a factor of four. And having Thousand-Year Elixir in play means that no one can stop you from activating Krenko at least twice after casting him.

TappedOut only allows me to make 16 suggestions before cutting me off so I'll have another list for you later, then I'll finish with cuts.

freakingShane on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

11 months ago

Thanks for the comment, rkjunior! And a lot of these cards have been in and out or have been considered, haha. Great minds think alike, right? I (not too long ago) took out Goblin Offensive and Goblin Rally because of their costs and because ETB generation has more synergy with Panharmonicon.

Goblin Wizard was another sad one I had to give much as I loved that goofy sucker, he just wasn't efficient enough for me. Skirk Fire Marshal and Arms Dealer being similar cases in the sense that they were too self-destructive.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Forgotten Cave were both here at one point, but I could not afford any lands to enter tapped, so they got kicked.

The remaining cards were all considered on and off as well, but just didn't fit as tightly as I would like. Trust me though, I have considered them all at one point! Always good to hear from another Purph player, and thanks again for your comment, friend. Praise be to Purphoros! ;D

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