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Arms Dealer

Creature — Goblin Rogue

(1)(Red), Sacrifice a Goblin: Arms Dealer deals 4 damage to target creature.

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Arms Dealer Discussion

paytongamer on Where do you run when

1 week ago

Thanks again to all of you for the comments. I broke down and bought a Purphoros card. I got a pretty good deal on it and I will add it when it shows up.

A big Shout out to shaistyone for all of the suggestions and also the reasoning behind many of them.

I do want to keep this deck fun and playable in a casual environment so I am trying to shy away from too many nasty combos. I did put Arms Dealer back in the build. It is more versatile than Ib. Also, now that I know the star game will prohibit color hosers I was able to remove some of the Artifact creatures I had in the deck.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - This is a great card. I would love to have one as I play a lot of red and I could probably find multiple homes for it but I don't have one and I am not going to seek one out for this deck right now.

Lightning Crafter - My playgroup frowns on infinite combos but I may consider this as a sideboard card for more competitive games. Taurean Mauler I don't think I had seen this card before. It does seem like something I'll have to consider.

Goblin Assassin is nasty. I need to get one.

I love Brightstone Ritual because of the Goblin flavor I will definitely add this to my acquire list.

Mana Geyser looks good too. I should get one if it isn't expensive. I don't know how my playgroup would feel about Warp World but it would be fun to get them with it at least once.

Skullclamp is a card I'd really like to have for many decks. I'll get it sooner or later.

Thousand-Year Elixir I is one I have from a pre-con deck. I definitely need another one for Krenko.

Gauntlet of Power is another card I would like to have. I'll get it one of these days. It could run in any mono or color heavy deck.

Eldrazi Monument , Vicious Shadows , Mana Echoes , Umbral Mantle and Thornbite Staff all look like great cards. I will put them on my wish list and buy them depending on price and priority.

There are so many great cards. I love all of these suggestions. It is figuring out what to cut that becomes the hard part.

Also, I do plan to get the Voracious Dragon . Somehow I missed the second ability is Goblin dependent. Since I don't have to worry about color hosers at this point a synergistic flyer is perfect.

Thanks again to everyone for the comments.

paytongamer on Where do you run when

2 weeks ago

Thanks all for the feedback. I have to run but will leave more comments later but I'll handle a couple of quickies now.

Purphoros is in the Maybeboard. If I had one it would be in the deck (no question) but I don't really feel like paying the current price for this Standard legal card right now.

Arms Dealer was my most recent cut from the deck. It was between that and Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician . I kept Ib for now.

Voracious Dragon I already discussed. I am running Clickslither instead. He lacks the evasion and the ETB but fills much of the same role. Plus, the Dragon eats any old creature. I like the flavor of a creature that favors the flavor of the goblin.

I need to look at the other suggestions more closely later. Now I'm off for my weekly game.

shaistyone on Where do you run when

2 weeks ago

I have a ton of suggestions, but some may push this deck too far into 'combo' territory so use with care.

Arms Dealer - solid repeatable removal with all the tokens
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - expensive, but shenanigans
Lightning Crafter - with above and Skirk Prospector or Goblin Bombardment you go infinite
Taurean Mauler - one of the best goblins around
Goblin Assassin - no one else may have creatures ever with this and Krenko

Brightstone Ritual - mega mana
Mana Geyser - ditto
Warp World - if you don't have more permanents than everyone else, something is wrong

Skullclamp - lots of draw
Thousand-Year Elixir - faster goblins
Gauntlet of Power - extra mana
Eldrazi Monument - win condition
Vicious Shadows - win condition
Mana Echoes / Umbral Mantle - infinite
Thornbite Staff - infinite with any sac outlet

derKochXXL on Watching Ravnica Burn

3 weeks ago

No Goblin Arsonist , or Mudbutton Torchrunner ? I love those and they are extra fun with the Arms Dealer , or an potential Goblin Grenade . Also Dragon Fodder might be considered as just another copy of Krenko's Command . Maybe a Seething Song to speed things up a little? Also Voracious Dragon is a funny one if you have lot's of goblins.

Alixen on Hey, hey... the gangs all here!

3 weeks ago

Burn at the Stake instead of Mob Justice (can be a kill con on it's own), Arms Dealer , Goblin Fireslinger for dealing with pesky planeswalkers, Goblin Chirurgeon will keep anything alive you need it to, Boggart Harbinger more search, Goblin Lackey for more free gobs (note it doesn't say combat damage), Goblin Pyromancer as a kill con (sac it after the attack to the brothers so you don't have lose anything else), Siege-Gang Commander , Warbreak Trumpeter for more tokens, Wort, the Raidmother again more tokens and double your fun (especially with Empty the Warrens ), Fortitude , Aspect of Mongoose augment the recursion that Rancor gives.

Given your low cost instants are likely to give you more than 2 mana, Isochron Scepter ?

almerican on Krenko's Anal Goblin factory

4 weeks ago

i would recommend Goblin Grenade as a 4 of if possible, but if hard pressed to find room just a 2 of over the Arms Dealer

corythackston on The GoblinFather

1 month ago

AEther Vial , Goblin Guide , Flame Slash . Cut all of the cards that are in Standard currently and replace them with those. Run less Krenko, Mob Boss since it is a legendary 4-drop, you never want to draw a lot of them. 3x Goblin Wardriver , 3x Warren Instigator for 2 Krenkos and the Spikeshot Elder s. Then replace the 2 Arms Dealer with Siege-Gang Commander to go with the Warren Instigator . You could also run things like Krenko's Command to make Krenko and stuff better.

PriestessKikyo1 on Bad News Boss

2 months ago

Also, if you sacrifice Mudbutton Torchrunner to an Arms Dealer , that's 7 damage. Not bad. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.15 $0.75 $0.37
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) R
Cost 2R
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 5.25
Avg. cube pick 9.03


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Uncommon
Mercadian Masques Uncommon