Squee, the Immortal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Rare

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Squee, the Immortal

Legendary Creature — Goblin

You may cast Squee, the Immortal from your graveyard or from exile.

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Squee, the Immortal Discussion

TheKamikazeBagel on Gyrus Hydra Tribal

5 days ago

I would suggest Winding Constrictor , as its a favorite of mine.

If you want some janky cards to return from exile (from Gyrus' ability) Eternal Scourge , Squee, the Immortal , Riftsweeper .

Viridian Joiner / Marwyn, the Nurturer / Gyre Sage + Sword of the Paruns / Umbral Mantle = Infinite mana.

TheGeneralAdvisor on Kalemne is the Best RW Voltron General.

1 week ago

Squee, the Immortal is pretty bad here. Is there a reason you’re running him over any other creature with value?

KayneMarco on Right and left hand of Prossh

1 week ago

Couple of possible additions to give prossh unlimited power for you to mull over

  • Squee, the Immortal to be able to sac to Prossh and cast from anywhere to sac again.
  • Aluren to be able to cast Squee for free from anywhere to give Prossh unlimited power.

TheRedGoat on Relentless Rakdos | Judith EDH

1 week ago

You might have a slight misconception with Garna and showstopper, Garna doesn't put them back on the field, and showstopper doesn't hit opponents directly, only their creatures.

To that end, Twilight's Call, Patriarch's Bidding, and Wake the Dead (don't ask me how I missed them myself) are 3 other amazing sources of mass recursion in black you could use. However, if you're willing to play it out, you could still use Garna and similar "back to hand" style mass recursion by abusing Pawn of Ulamog and Phyrexian Altar (or also see Pitiless Plunderer and Thermopod). Assuming just a basic 7 rats in hand, you can cast the first one, sack it to the altar for black and the eldrazi spawn token that is created at the same time provides the colorless (if needed) to cast the next rat line. Thus dumping every single one from hand back into the yard for (hopefully) massive damage and if nothing else a high storm count (if you wanna abuse that for anything). Bonus round: use the latter two I mentioned to keep casting Squee, the Immortal

As far as Showstopper goes, I think I'll be dropping it myself unless I decide to slot in a Stuffy Doll or something similar. The best use for it is when an opponent tries to decide when you kill your own board state, so you would use it to take out their board as well. Except in commander they are probably doing so via a board wipe of their own so it might be a moot point. Idk. I'll have to do some testing.

Lastly, kudos for finding yet another line of play for Judith. Since your rats will be boosting their own power most of the time, you may not need to use Ogre Battledriver for the power boost or the haste, and may want to play around Anger or slot in another form of evasion for your team.

shbones on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER v2]

3 weeks ago

Hey! Great deck! I'm looking to build a similar Ib deck, and was surprised that you have almost no goblin token generators (excluding Krenko, Mob Boss/Beetleback Chief/Goblin Goliath). Are you creating tokens by tutoring for Krenko most of the time? I was thinking this would need a bit of a token swarm to be threatening. Any thoughts there? Thanks!

Also, I've added Squee, the Immortal, Squee, Goblin Nabob, and Goblin Grappler for good wannabe bombers :)

Rafifian on Goblins

1 month ago

This looks good so far. Aggro creature decks are some of my favorites (looking at you, elves), and this looks like fun. However, there are still some tweaks I would recommend.

DISCLAIMER: I play modern mostly, not standard, but I still keep up with and watch the standard meta. Some of these choices may not be optimal, and they are all my opinion, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Firstly, the cards I really like:

  • Goblin Chainwhirler: Very good choice. Almost never bad, no matter the match-up, I really like the four-of here.

  • Siege-Gang Commander: I like this as well. Self-propelled burn, pressure, mentor targets: this just fits very well in this deck.

  • Legion Warboss: I think this card in underrated. Especially in this deck that has creatures to be pumped, this fits well. It's just good, immediate, self-propelled pressure. I like the four of.

Next, the choices I think you should modify:

  • Manabase: You do not need 24 lands in a deck with this low of a curve. I think 22 or even 21 would be sufficient, especially with the Skirk Prospector.

  • Goblin Cratermaker: While this is a good card in its own right, I think it's much better suited for the sideboard. Maybe a couple in the mainboard would be fine, but it is a very flexible sideboard card that is good to board in in many situations.

  • Volley Veteran: This card is definitely good enough to mainboard. If you drop Skirk Prospector on one, Goblin Instigator on two, Legion Warboss or another Goblin Instigator on three, and then Volley Veteran on four, that's six damage to face and a 4/2 body for a meager four mana! The thing about goblins is that it's fast enough to avoid most of the early removal other decks may have, and Volley Veteran can likely come down before a sweeper, if they're even running a sweeper game one. That being said, if they do get a sweeper or keep your minions under control, this does close to nothing. Very good when ahead, kind of bad when behind. Consider a couple in the mainboard, just don't get too crazy.

Next, the cards I think you should cut:

  • Squee, the Immortal: This one stands out immediately to me. I think it's just too slow to get by in such an otherwise fast deck. It just makes the deck more unfocused in my opinion, unless I'm missing something (Skirk Prospector combo I think is too slow, if that's what you were thinking.)

  • Goblin Barrage: Put simply, I just don't think this has enough of an effect. One body on the board is worth a lot, and because you have to use this pre-combat for it to be good, that means one less attacking body. Minions are recurring damage, while this is a one-shot four to the face and a creature. Also, it is a little high on the curve and there are cards that do effectively the same thing for a lower cost. Consider running Lava Spikes or other burn instead (I talk more about it below).

  • Rummaging Goblin: Too slow. The goal of this deck doesn't include card filtering, it's just jamming a ton of creatures and swinging face. While I appreciate that this could be good in control or other grindy match-ups, I don't think you need it. There are other, more impactful cards for this, like Experimental Frenzy (see below).

  • Rigging Runner: I don't think this is quite impactful enough to mainboard, and I don't think it's quite flexible enough to sideboard.

Finally, the cards I think you should consider:

  • Experimental Frenzy: One problem fast creature decks have is running out of gas too quickly. One of the reasons I love modern Elves is that you get to run cards like Collected Company, Lead the Stampede, and Chord of Calling so you have less of a chance of not getting in those last few points of damage. I don't know if this is good mainboard, but it could be a really fun (and useful) sideboard card. In games you know are going to go long, you can slap this down and just pop off, given the right opportunity.

  • Some burn/removal: Cards like Lightning Strike, Shock, and Lava Spike could be good additions to the sideboard. All are good in creature match-ups to clear the way for the alpha strike, and the Lightning Strikes and Shocks are good for pressuring planeswalkers or getting that last 5 or so damage.

  • Risk Factor: This card is good in decks that have a lot of early pressure. It offers both burn and gas, depending on the situation, and in a fast deck like goblins, both are almost always useful. While maybe too unfocused for the mainboard, this would be a good choice for sideboard, I think. It is good into control or grindy-er games.

  • Anthems: While slower, anthem effects like Vanquisher's Banner can be very powerful. Vanquisher's Banner is especially powerful because of the card draw effect. Like I said above about running out of gas, incidental card draw is great for keeping this from happening. Also, this very good for dropping on turn five and alpha striking for the win. I would consider maindecking up to four of these.

  • Fanatical Firebrand: It's almost necessary to run four of these in the mainboard. It's early damage and a ping if you need it. Also, one drops are very good for fast decks (every point of damage matters!).

  • Banefire: Good as maybe a one or two of in the sideboard, this will win you games against control. If you rush them down early but they have a sweeper, this will get you your last few points of uncounterable damage.

I hope what I've said is useful for you. All in all, I think you're doing fine with your deck. Just tweak a little (biggest thing is adding removal to the sideboard) and you're well on your way to winning an FNM!

BMHKain on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

1 month ago

Hmm... Well, as Charlie Nash of STREET FIGHTER Fame would probably say; "I've learned a thing or two..." (Or is it Fighting Game Culture in this case?) Alright. I guess I could remove the Sunforger Package then. Sorry that I have quite the inexperience here; I just have a cause to fulfill, though it seems misguided. That said; I'm taking the advice to mind... Sorry if I am still being a nuisance;

Things or 2 learned:

  1. Rocks can be used w/ Stax Pieces...
  2. The Yard is pointless; use as much of such things against your oponents.
  3. I need to cut a wincon; but is unsure if Grand Abolisher can stay (Most likely, given his cost...)
  4. I need to ditch the hammer (Sunforger) for a good build; though the fate of the Instants 4 or less is unknown...
  5. Hmm... No better combo, huh... Alright. Ditching both Possibility Storm & Knowledge Pool then...
  6. Oh. Didn't think about that in terms of Value... Sorry. At least that means I ditch Panharmonicon (& potentially Strionic Resonator as well. Same possibly goes for Rings of Brighthearth & Basalt Monolith as I don't want to run infinite Mana in a deck not needing it... :/)
  7. Extra Turns is useless in Stax. Must retire Ugin's Nexus, Prototype Portal, Lotus Petal among other things...
  8. Cut the Engine, & don't add Squee, the Immortal & Grinning Ignus in either.

Thanks for the help thus far, hkhssweiss. I think I might know what to cut now... :)

hkhssweiss on Soldier of Fortune, Boros' Final Stand

1 month ago


I'm sorry to say, you won't be able to make the deck competitive with the mindset you have currently. I understand that you don't have much experience in the terms of playing cEDH as those questions are easily answered if you play a couple games of them. I'll answer them in the same order so at least you understand.

  1. Rocks are your main ramp, but in a stax deck slowing down your opponents is more important than slowing yourself down. You are meant to drag the game out. Almost 95%of all cEDH run fast mana rocks, we use fast mana rocks as well to bring our stax piece on the table first.
  2. We have our own in the form of Pull from Eternity. However that doesn't matter, as stax decks don't generally rely on our grave. You have to get into thinking how can you hurt or impede your opponent the most cutthroat way possible.
  3. Too slow. Not worth running unless you want a mid level deck with that combo.
  4. If you want to run Sunforger than your not going to be running an optimal build. It's a great mid range deck play but not good enough to bring to the competitive table, you can optimize a deck around it like what my friend did with his Aurelia, but you have to build your deck around it.
  5. As I said before Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo is the most efficient way. There might be others but that is by far the most reliable one in the Boros colors with the access to the tutors we have.
  6. Your value is going to come through the synergy of all your cards combined, if your using Akiri, you will accumulate more value for each artifact you play. She is easily T1 accessible and with all the rocks out you can play through the stax detrimental effects and gain attrition. Most cEDH decks don't run big clunky creatures, plus Akiri has two important everclear abilities **Vigilance and First Strike** no one will trade with you and your Akiri will generally be at 5+ power. Bruse is there to help you end games and making the clock on Akiri tick faster to 21. All the other cards is to stax down your opponents and fill your board with hatebears so they won't be able to do a thing. Containment Priest has flash you can shoose when you want to have it on the battlefield.
  7. Why are you thinking of taking extra turns? Not worth it unless you want to be a combo deck which I don't think your going for.
  8. Paradox Engine is good. I don't think it's viable in Boros colors for competitive use, there are cards like Squee, the Immortal and Grinning Ignus that can cause infinite untaps. That is a complete different build.

I think you don't know what you want, sorry that may sound rude, but you have to understand that a lot of these questions your asking is something that could be understood from playing cEDH or watching enough game videos to see how good some cards are. I'm not an expert at cEDH but I'm fairly comfortable in the mindset of a cEDH player and played a plethora of cEDH games. In my opinion I think you can optimized a great deck using Akiri/Bruse in a Stax shell with either value beat down as a way to break parity and win or outright moving to a combo route with Kiki-Jiki.

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