Mogg Fanatic


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Common
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Common
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning (PD2) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins (EVG) Uncommon
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Anthologies (ATH) Common
Tempest (TMP) Common
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Mogg Fanatic

Creature — Goblin

Sacrifice Mogg Fanatic: Mogg Fanatic deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Mogg Fanatic Discussion

Chopwood on Red Goblins

4 days ago

Fun deck! I too have a Goblin deck, so I know how fun they are to play! I have some tips regarding your cards if you're interested. You seem to have 62 cards in the deck, it's never a good idea to have more than 60 card - consistency is king! In general you want a curve that is as low as possible, since you need to keep a pressure all the time. If you don't win turn 4 or 5, you will probably loose the game.

The lands look good, what you need is red mana and you've got it. A tapped land can be dangerous since you need to keep a pressure! I'm trying to run Contested War Zone in my goblin deck, it's risky since it only produce colorless mana, but it's +1/0 ability can be game winning.

Card you can consider adding, price tag in (parenthesis):

Goblin Guide - (Expensive), but really good!

Foundry Street Denizen - Can get really big really quick, (cheap).

Legion Loyalist - Devastating against token heavy decks, first strike can be really good if your goblins are buffed. (Kind of expensive).

Goblin Piledriver - Get really big, game winner with Legion Loyalist's trample, (average price), well worth the cost!

Goblin Rabblemaster - Creates you a massive goblin army, constant pressure, one of these can totally dominate the battlefield, two of them wins you the game. Recently reprinted, so it's (cheap) for what it does. Great if Quest for the Goblin Lord.

Lightning Bolt - 4x.

Goblin Bushwhacker - One of the best one/two drops for goblins, (cheap).

Warren Instigator - Haven't tried myself but he can be really powerful. (Average).

Mogg War Marshal - I like it more than cards like Krenko's Command, since it gives you a bit more resistance against sweepers. It's also a great gobling to sacrifice for Goblin Grenade.

Goblin Wardriver

Additional card to consider, mainly for sideboard:

Smash to Smithereens or Vandalblast

Goblin King


Cards I'd cut:

Obelisk of Urd - In my experience, Obelisk of Urd is rarely a good card aggro or modern in general. Too expensive, or forces you to not attack a turn if you want it early.

Boggart Shenanigans - Too expensive for what it does. If you want a similar effect I'd recommend Impact Tremors.

Arms Dealer - Too slow, isn't a threat in it's own.

Goblin Kaboomist - Too unreliable.

Bloodmark Mentor - Maybe worth it, but Legion Loyalist is strictly better.

Frenzied Goblin - There are better 1-drops.

Mogg Fanatic & Goblin Arsonist - Cut if you find better one drops to replace the with.

Fury Charm - Not really a good card.

Hope you appreciate the tips and make sure to ask if you have any questions!

IlGuale on Goblin Assault [Budget Tribal Aggro]

3 weeks ago

Yes, thanks. To be fair, i would play it over Goblin Arsonist which i don't like as much as Mogg Fanatic. But i understand its different utility, so i won't say that the Arsonist is an inferior or wrong choice. :)

shrapnel_ on Mono Red Goblins Aggro/Burn

4 weeks ago

Goblin Bushwhacker definitely fits with your scheme here, consider replacing wardrivers or a chieftain for some since it is either cheaper or gives haste. Mogg Fanatic used to be a staple until they changed the rules for combat damage/activated ability stacking, but still worth considering since you can sac at will unlike arsonist if you don't draw a goblin grenade.

Quest for the Goblin Lord might be a great 1 drop for you since you will stack it up quickly. Alternatively, you could build Raid Bombardment and make sure not to kick your goblins above 2 damage, then blocking a ton of tokens won't really matter.

If you plan on keeping chieftains in, perhaps consider replacing some with Goblin Rabblemaster. It gets a less powerful piledriver style buff while pumping tokens which will help feed your overwhelm.

Searing Blaze?

Dezibell on Monored Goblins

1 month ago

Your average converted mana cost is below 2, your most expensive card is 4 mana which only have one of, you also don't have activated abilites to sink mana into, so I don't think you need Rite of Flame at all. I feel like that card would only make you draw less goblins. Changing out two of them for Mountains and the other two for creatures would be better I think.

Krenko, Mob Boss might be a legendary, but I would definitely add more copies of him, since he is a great token machine. If you take a look at the "card odds" page, there is only a 16% chance to have him by turn 4. I'd say put 3 Krenkos in your deck. Also since a single tap on Krenko finishes Quest for the Goblin Lord, you can put in up to 4 of that card if you add more Krenkos.

Another card that has strong synergy with that is Foundry Street Denizen. It might be a contender with Mogg Fanatic in the 1-slot

Funkydiscogod on Goblin Fast'n Furious[ULTRA BUDGET] Final Version

1 month ago

I know it's incredibly bad by today's standards, but Mogg Fanatic might be a suitable replacement for Spark Elemental to stay on theme.

I figure with a Goblin Piledriver in play, you're breaking even compared to the elemental.

enpc on Machinations of the Draconian

2 months ago

Why are you running Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Mogg Fanatic? They feel clunky and outside of combo, Mogg Fanatic offers almost no value. And while Kiki is ok, his reach is limited. I think you might be better off running Walking Ballista as a backup which frees up a slot and provides redundancy on Niv.

ellie-is on Atarka 16-Whack

2 months ago

Fair enough! Mogg Fanatic is definitely a lot better when it comes to defending yourself from those threats as opposed to dealing raw damage to the opponent. Either way, let me know how the testing goes, I'd like to hear it.

Weltbild on Atarka 16-Whack

2 months ago

I see your points, ellie-is! And using Goblin Arsonist definitely makes sense! On the other hand, Mogg Fanatic kills of mana dorks (e.g. Birds, Hierarch), certain elves, Steel Overseer and Signal Pest, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Aven Mindcensor, Inkmoth Nexus and Blinkmoth Nexus all before they may get out of hand.

If I can't either pump Arsonist big enough to threaten the opposition's life total or have a Grenade at hand, I will not be able to freely shoot with Arsonist. Fanatic on the other hand grants me that. So although Arsonist looks better on paper, Fanatic has more utility.

I'll however do some testing and completely replace Fanatics with Arsonists for a while.

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