Skirk Prospector


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Common
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Common
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Common
Onslaught Common

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Skirk Prospector

Creature — Goblin

Sacrifice a Goblin: Add R to your mana pool.

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Skirk Prospector Discussion

hosshughes on Red Right Hand - Zada Budget Aggro

1 week ago

@Omeros: So I have playtested quite a bit and think I came up with a pretty good balance with some of the cards you suggested. Fire Diamond, Treasonous Ogre, Seething Song, Soul's Fire and Mogg Alarm all found there way in. Skirk Prospector usually ended up being "win more". For it to be effective in not depleting my army too much, Krenko, Mob Boss usually had to be out and if that happens it's usually game over regardless. You know my issue with Iron Myr which is meta specific but I don't think will fare well in mine. I don't have a ton of 3 drops that would be super great to have a turn early but I do have a large number of 4/5 drops that would benefit from being out a turn or two earlier so that's why Seething Song is in but Pyretic Ritual is not. Thanks for the suggestions and let me know if you have more. They don't even have to be uber-budget (this is a real life deck not one of my $40 budget series decks), so I'll take a look at anything $20 and under.

hosshughes on Red Right Hand - Zada Budget Aggro

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the responses!

@hubatish: I think you're right, I need at least one more land and wouldn't mind some draw that isn't based on my number of creatures (perhaps a wheel for when my hand gets empty?). What I meant by consistency was balancing the linear aspect of the deck (ramp, draw, tokens and buff). The cards you mentioned are goodstuff cards in monored but don't really keep in line with the theme of the deck and would probably lead to more inconsistency/slower speed in getting a buffed army through for the win.

@Omeros: Great list of suggestions! Soul's Fire seems like an auto include since I play multiplayer and Fire Diamond, Treasonous Ogre, Skirk Prospector and Mogg Alarm will all get playtested. I'm not so much a fan of Iron Myr due to easy removal and not crazy about Pyretic Ritual or Seething Song due to their one time use.

sonofamertesacker on Goblins

2 weeks ago

How about Skirk Prospector or Goblin Lackey .These will speed you up. Maybe have a look at other goblin lists for an idea of what their curves look like.

Scribeaki on krenko, aggro boss

1 month ago


It all depends how you want to play your deck - straight up goblin horde, combo-focused, a mixture of both, or something else entirely.

Suggestions -

Moggcatcher, Goblin Recruiter and Goblin Matron are excellent for tutoring up handy goblins, and there is a traditional combo between the Recruiter and Goblin Ringleader which lets you draw a number of goblins at once.

Stingscourger can be useful, especially if your local meta includes things like Platinum Angel or other things you need to remove before you can win.

Thornbite Staff - this equipped to Krenko, with a sac outlet in play = infinite untaps & goblins.

Thermopod may be worth considering - fairly high mana cost, and not a goblin, but it fills the same role as Skirk Prospector and is handy as backup.

Ways of removing permanents can also be handy - Spine of Ish Sah and Scour from Existence are both high mana costs, but sometimes you just need to destroy something rather than deal damage to it - very useful for dealing with things like Propaganda and Crawlspace.

Tuktuk Scrapper is handy for artefact removal.

I'm also fond of Sol Ring and Sandstone Needle - I've used this combination several times to get Krenko down on turn 2.

Suggesting cards you might consider for removal is always trickier, as it always comes down to personal preference and knowing your local meta, but I would suggest cutting -

Coalition Relic - too slow for what it does.

Alhammarret's Archive - there isn't much card draw or life gain in your deck, so it could be a dead draw much of the time.

Furnace of Rath - risky, because it can also hurt you, and if you're playing Krenko you'll be going so wide and with so many goblins that double damage seems redundant.

Rage Reflection - if you're playing Krenko you'll be going so wide and with so many goblins that double strike might be redundant.

Mana Geyser - getting enough mana to cast this can take a while, and by then it is usually redundant if your board state contains as many goblins as it should!

Temple of the False God - it always seems like a good idea, but the number of times I've had this in my opening hand and been unable to activate it for another 4-6 turns is ridiculous.

Anyway, hope there might be some things in here you find useful, but please ignore anything that isn't.

Have fun, and I wish you many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many goblins.

AKI on Krenko

2 months ago

I would definitely recommend Goblin Recruiter, as it combos perfectly with the Goblin Ringleader you already have.

I would also strongly recommend Goblin Chirurgeon, as he lets you sac half your goblins to save the other half from most board sweeps.

You already have Skirk Prospector, who I find to be one of the most vital cards in my own Krenko deck. The sooner you can generate lots of mana, the less likely your commander is to get killed so many times you can't affrd to cast him. With that in mind, I might suggest other mana accelerators such as Treasonous Ogre and Thermopod for red, and Ashnod's Altar and Sol Ring for colourless.

As far as suggestions for things to remove - that's much harder, and depends on how you want to play your deck. But... I would be tempted to replace Forgotten Cave and Smoldering Crater with Sandstone Needle for pseudo ramp (this on turn 1 can = 3 mana on turn 2) and Buried Ruin because there are lots of sweet artifacts in your deck that WILL get blown up - Thornbite Staff is a prime target!

I would also remove the Goblin Rabblemaster because it can really suck to have no control over whether you attack or not, and I feel that his upside is outweighed by the downside.

I could ramble on for ages, but I'll leave it there for now and simply wish you good luck and many, many, many goblins.

Osbert on Purphoros Token Fiesta EDH

2 months ago

No Fervor , Mass Hysteria , Flamekin Village , Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots , or Ogre Battledriver ? Haste is the best thing mono red does. I have a Krenko, Mob Boss EDh deck so here are a few more suggestions, ultimately these will be better the more goblins you run:

Note my Krenko, Mob Boss EDH deck is designed to take out several players at once before turn 7, depending on how spikey you want to make the deck, customize it accordingly.

Skirk Fire Marshal : Chances are you will have highest life at the table.. this finishes it. Also can just be a board clear as most things die to 10 damage. He also keeps himself alive xD

Vandalblast :Red sucks at getting rid of things, except artifacts. Man do they hate artifacts.

Goblin Shenanigans: It's a goblin, so Goblin Matron can go find it. If you have a big field of goblins and this, no one will board wipe until it's gone because of fear of getting one shot by the damage. So a win win for you (only viable if you vut more of the non-goblins really, but still an all-star in my deck).

Outpost Siege : Both modes are great; Dragons for when you're ahead, Khans when you're behind.

Goblin Sledder : When you swing wih 20 1/1's and 5 are blocked.. yeah those 5 go to feeding the ones that got through. Can act lke a combat trick or making sure all the damage does through. Also activaters Goblin Shenanigans and Outpost Siege

Mizzium Mortars : one of reds best board wipes as it doesn't kill all your stuff...

Sensation Gorger : Red sucks at drawing cards and usually relies on cards like Staff of Nin to keep their hand from disapearing. This mini-wheel in a goblin focused deck really allows for some explosive plays.

Spitting Earth/Seismic Strike : Spot removal is good, and with these you do a lot more damage then the mana you put in, worth considering.

Sulfuric Vortex : If 40 points of damage is your goal, make sure it's never more than 40..

Zo-Zu the Punisher : My favoutie goblin of all time. you know all those pesky green decks with their big dumb creatures that squash goblins? Yeah, lets make sure they pay extra for all the mana required to cast those.

Five-Alarm Fire : More damage, can go right to their face or snipe off creatures. With a small army you can easily rack up 5 counters on it.

Goblin Piledriver : The more goblins, the nastier it gets; I've smoked a Talrand, The Sky Summoner player for 30 with it once xD

Skirk Prospector : Simply the best goblin ever printed. What do you want to do with all those goblins that you puked out for Purpheros to hurt others? Why turn them into mana to pump out even more goblins!

Goblin War Strike : It's quite satisfying to kill an unsuspecting player with a 1 mana Sorcery... :3

Voracious Dragon : Once again, the more goblins, the more hurt. I've killed several player by just dropping him without swinging, and then if he has haste, he can usually take out another player at the same time.

Eldrazi Monument : Keep all your dudes alive, give 'em a small boost and evasion and you're having a party.

Possible Cutys:

Empty the Warrens : personally I've never liked the card unless you're running ALL of the ritual spells to make it poop out game on the spot, in my opinion it's winmore. That and I'm not a fan of combo kills.

Goblin Rally : Too high CMC in my opinion, you can win before needing to waste a turn casting it.

Goblin Scouts : It's worse than the above...

Molten Birth : Good mana sink if you win the flip, if you loose the flip on the first try it's useless.

Dragon Mantle : Not sure what this is doing in the deck... I'd rather draw a land than this..

Prophetic Prism : Just a bad cantrip that doesn't produce any mana, I'd cut it.

Embermaw Hellion : It's good when you're ahead, but when you're behind it sits there and doesn't do much. It does act like a lightning rod for removal but there are cheaper lightning rods that can get you back into the game if you're behind, or help you close out a game just as fast.

Warping Wail : I don't think you have enough colourless sources to warrant the use of the card, although countering all those sorcery speed board wipes is tantalizing.

Sorry for the book.

Scribeaki on

2 months ago

I have a few suggestions for other cards, but please ignore if they don't fit your play-style or local meta:

Thornbite Staff - this + any sac outlet can create infinite goblins once equipped to Krenko. (But paints a big target on your head as soon as you cast it!)Puppet Strings - similar to Magewright's Stone, but costs a little bit more mana.

My own Krenko deck is designed to go off as soon as possible (or else he gets blown up many, many times), so I include a lot of mana ramp:

Thermopod - very high mana cost, and it isn't a goblin, but really helps when they blow up your Skirk Prospector. And it's a slug.

Treasonous Ogre - another non-goblin, but if you're willing to risk the life then he can give you up to 13 mana early in the game.

Sol Ring - effectively makes Krenko cost RR.

Sandstone Needle - it enters tapped, but can help get Krenko out on turn 3 when combined with Sol Ring.

Simian Spirit Guide - An extra red mana as early as turn 1. Nice. (Forms part of a god-hand combo in my deck that could end the game on turn 2, but it's verrrry unlikely to ever happen!).

Ashnod's Altar - Okay, it's only colourless mana, but lots of colourless mana can still be really useful.

It is purely my own personal preference, but I would suggest that there is no such thing as too many haste enablers in a Krenko deck. Hammer of Purphoros, Ogre Battledriver and Fervor have all done sterling work for me over the years.

And lastly - Krenko is one of those commanders who can be built either casually, semi-casually, or really seriously nastily. It is all down to personal choice and your local meta, so please do ignore anything/everything I've just mentioned if it doesn't work for you. Have fun killing everybody with goblins!

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