Reckless Bushwhacker


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Reckless Bushwhacker

Creature — Goblin Warrior Ally

Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)


When Reckless Bushwhacker enters the battlefield, if its surge cost was paid, other creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn.

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Reckless Bushwhacker Discussion

amicdeep on Venging Devils

1 day ago

I considered it but it was a really big nobo with Reckless Bushwhacker. I then added i claims and that made superion a card to discard and then Claim back. BTE is also an excellent claim target as it provides sudo ramp meaning even without a discard outlet a superion in hand can still be played.

sylvannos on Please give your opinion about ...

1 week ago

I'd just play more goblins, to be honest. You're looking to get the surge online as soon as possible with Reckless Bushwhacker. You can't really do that if Apostle's Blessing is your only other spell and you have no targets.

You really need 4 Goblin Guides. That's the first order of business. Not only is it one of the best 1-drops in the format, it helps you recover after a Wrath of God if you cast it and surge into Reckless Bushwhacker.

So before you do anything, work on getting 4 Goblin Guides in your list, play some games/tournaments, and only then start thinking about non-creature spells.

sylvannos on I need a counter deck ...

1 week ago

Do you have any existing decks you can work from?

Regardless, I'd strongly recommend looking through Saffron Olive's Building on a Budget column over at MtG Goldfish. Most of the ones featured have a "ultra-budget" version listed down towards the bottom of the article that can be built for under $30.

At the very bottom of that link I posted is the full list of budget decks for Modern you can check out. Look through those for something that piques your interest.

Other suggestions I have are:

Sniper2306 on Naya Bushwhacker Zoo

1 week ago

majin_shinsa Thanks. Also the deck doesn't really even have 3 drops since two of them are Simian Spirit Guide and the other four are Reckless Bushwhacker which I am hoping to surge most of the time.

zertsdfg on No Lords Goblins

1 week ago

I feel Reckless Bushwhacker and Burning-Tree Emissary are too good not to be used in this kind of deck. And I think just like you that no lords is the way to go.

Rosvojaska on All you need are allies

2 weeks ago

Ondu Cleric seems awfully out of place in a deck with Reckless Bushwhacker. You might want to start with cutting the Clerics. Also,Beastcaller Savant is just a bad card. Consider replacing it with Noble Hierarch, maybe? And if that's out of your budget, then how about Birds of Paradise or even a Elvish Mystic/Avacyn's Pilgrim? 4 Kabira Evangel seems like an awful lot. I understand that it's a powerful effect, but 4 is a lot. Maybe cut a few of those? Munda, Ambush Leader doesn't strike me as a very powerful card. He costs a lot and his effect doesn't do a whole lot. He just basically fixes your draws, but that's pretty weak at 4 mana.

Overall. I think you are a bit too fixated on running all allies. I understand that you want the Descendants' Path to hit, but to be honest, it's not a very powerful effect in a deck full of 1-drops. Also it's not a very good draw in a situation in which you need more gas. Maybe cut some number of them?

Cards I would consider adding would be Aether Vial and maybe Path to Exile. Maybe some effect like Rally the Ancestors or Immortal Servitude could be cool too?

Mandalorian on Getting back into magic Green/red

2 weeks ago

It looks like your deck is a mix of Warriors (or cards that synergize with Coldeyes) and Dinosaurs. I think between the 2 I like the idea of a Coldeyes deck. Once you have a more focused theme you can cut the rest of the cards that don't synergize.

+More Coldeyes and warriors, berserkers, and barbarians

-Creatures that aren't the type listed above

You probably don't need 29 lands with your decrease in curve and can probably settle around 23.

As far as non creature spells are concerned I like these

Lightning Bolt

Atarka's Command

Temur Battle Rage

Some other creatures that fit well in a Coldeyes deck

Den Protector

Combat Celebrant

Reckless Bushwhacker

Earthshaker Khenra

Fanatic of Xenagos

Frenzied Goblin

Goblin Bushwhacker

Goblin Rabblemaster

Khenra Charioteer

Lightning Berserker

Zurgo Bellstriker

Zealous Conscripts

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