Reckless Bushwhacker


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Reckless Bushwhacker

Creature — Goblin Warrior Ally

Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)


When Reckless Bushwhacker enters the battlefield, if its surge cost was paid, other creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn.

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Reckless Bushwhacker Discussion

TheDuggernaught on Ally WBR

20 hours ago

I have personally played allies for about 7 years now. They are my favorite and my pet decks. I know you are on a budget, but a good many of the best allies are not very expensive and can be bought for under a dollar. The most expensive card for the deck is definitely Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. He is super super good in these lists. But no means is he mandatory.

Hada Freeblade, Kazandu Blademaster, Kabira Evangel, Akoum Battlesinger, Bojuka Brigand, Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Expedition Envoy, Firemantle Mage, Kor Bladewhirl, Lantern Scout, Talus Paladin, Ondu Cleric, and Reckless Bushwhacker are by far the best allies in your colors. The rest are incredibly meh, and if you can replace them with some of the above cards, I would. I am more than willing to help decide what number of what cards you should have.

tedaboy159 on Standard Soldiers / Humans

3 days ago

I see the reasoning for Firemantle Mage, but have you looked at Reckless Bushwhacker? It can really allow for some busted turns. I don't know about Sram's Expertise. It seems a little slow for a deck like this and you don't have that many ways to pump the servos. I think this deck might want some number of Shock instead. Also Expedition Envoy can be good in a deck like this.

hoardofnotions on The Family from Sea Gate.

5 days ago

Shard Convergence- worth it? maybe a Cultivate instead

Darksteel Ingot swap with Chromatic Lantern or Coalition Relic

Lands could use a big update, and it dosen't need to be expensiveall the taplands (guildgates and gain 1 life lands) could be replaced with the tri lands from alara blockArcane Sanctum, Crumbling Necropolis, Jungle Shrine, Savage Lands, Seaside Citadel, and Exotic OrchardReflecting Pool is a better Rupture Spireyou could throw in a couple colorless utility lands and have you filter lands color fix you when needed. maybe add Vault of the Archangel, Reliquary Tower, Temple of the False God, Winding Canyons

Lurking Predators and Munda, Ambush Leader seem like best friends!

Captain's Claws makes ally tokens

Jwari Shapeshifter is the clone you want!

creatures that don't seem strong enoughGoblin Freerunner, Drana's Chosen, Drana's Emissary, Jori En, Ruin Diver (Not even an ally!), Zulaport Chainmage,

ally's you could addAkoum Battlesinger, Bala Ged Thief, Bojuka Brigand, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder, Grovetender Druids, Hada Freeblade, Halimar Excavator, Harabaz Druid, Highland Berserker, Kalastria Healer, Kor Entanglers, Makindi Patrol (change for Joraga Bard), Murasa Pyromancer, Oran-Rief Survivalist, Reckless Bushwhacker, Tuktuk Scrapper

you could swap Marshal's Anthem for Patriarch's Bidding

also add Harsh Mercy

maybe cut the Overwhelming Stampede

Wonky.wombat. on Naya Aggro (PLEASE HELP)

1 week ago

I think that you should maybe replace Ajani with Arlinn Kord  Flip, as a sweet card for more Grindy match-ups so that you have a late-game, instead of just losing steam and losing because your opponent stabilized. Also, Burning-Tree Emissary coupled with Reckless Bushwhacker can lead to very a explosive turn two or three. Atarka's Command is also an insane card, bolting your opponent and pumping your team for just two mana!

Also Sarkhan_the_Broken I'm not sure if you mean Monastery Swiftspear or Monastery Mentor, however, I don't think that there are enough non-creature spells to make either worth it over Kird Ape.

Also +1, I personally love naya, it is a really cool color combo.

wyquem on Token Aggro

1 week ago

First, you should change the format to modern (you probably just forgot).

Second, I'd move Aura Shards to the sideboard. Yes, it kills affinity, but it's a dead cards in pretty much any other matchup. In its place, I'd add Reckless Bushwhacker.

Finally, if you can afford it, you should add fetches and shocks to the mana base. That would make it much more consistent.

honeybadger904 on The Mimic is too Quick

1 week ago

Sram's Expertise would fit great in this deck. Would solve some artifact issues also. I'm working on similar builds for r/w humans and r/w vehicle dwarfs. Kinda don't wanna give up on Reckless Bushwhacker it's so good aggro and recover off control

Venomous08 on Bushwhacker Zoo

1 week ago

emer257 It takes a very specific draw to get a T2 kill

T1: Land

T2: Fetchland, 6 Burning-Tree Emissary and/or Hidden Herbalists, Reckless Bushwhacker, swing for 6x3+2=20 damage


T1: Land, any 1-drop (Narnam Renegade needs to have revolt)

T2: Fetchland, 5 Burning-Tree Emissary and/or Hidden Herbalists, Reckless Bushwhacker, swing for 6x3+2=20 damage

If the opponent ever Fetches and shocks himself T1 without affecting the board or your hand (for example a T1 Serum Visions), you require 1 less copy of Burning-Tree Emissary or Hidden Herbalists.

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