Goblin Rabblemaster

Goblin Rabblemaster

Creature — Goblin Warrior

Other Goblin creatures you control attack each turn if able.

At the beginning of combat on your turn, create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token with haste.

Whenever Goblin Rabblemaster attacks, it gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each other attacking Goblin.

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins (DDT) Rare
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Goblin Rabblemaster occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.07%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Red: 0.25%

Goblin Rabblemaster Discussion

Swilliam on Red Deck WINota... s

1 month ago

Hey, your spin on this deck is awesome! If you aren't opposed to your Goblin Rabblemaster's forcing your goblins to attack every turn, you could play some copies of Foundry Street Denizen or Legion Loyalist. Neither have two power, but are sure to have awesome synergy with your main combo.

Magnanimous on Modern Dead Skred

1 month ago

I think of Seasoned Pyromancer as filtering, not card advantage. I may have been a little too strong when pushing for card advantage (I value it way too highly) as this deck can often build up early board presence, wrath, or get a Blood Moon down and then win instead of playing the long game. You also may not need dedicated card advantage cards if the game does go long given your planeswalkers, Blood Moon, and especially Scrying Sheets.

I didn't know Yidaro, Wandering Monster existed and now I'm in love with it, so thank you for that, but I'm not sure it fits well within the deck given it's so slow. I think Koth of the Hammer is a scary, scary threat, but it's a tad expensive and not great against creatures. Against control, maybe Goblin Rabblemaster as a fast clock that leaves multiple bodies.

Magnanimous on Modern Dead Skred

1 month ago

Ok, your deck looks much more sensible than the one I saw. I don't like Fatal Push as you have tons of more versatile removal that will also kill anything it could. I also don't understand Torment of Hailfire, but if it works then it works. I think Eternal Scourge, Bloodghast, a phoenix, or Goblin Rabblemaster would be better than Walking Ballista as you've got all the removal you'll need. Also disappointed there's no Koth of the Hammer, but understand the reasoning. There's no great card advantage, but it's up to you and testing to see if you have time to play card advantage spells (Phyrexian Arena for example) or if you even need them.

Magnanimous on Modern Dead Skred

1 month ago

First, please don't put just a cry for help, give us something to work with (I need help deciding between threats...).

I love this deck. One thing that confused me was the creatures. I think that generally you should be controlling and you should side into an aggressive deck with Goblin Rabblemaster against slower decks OR you should have late game bombs (like Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger), but Pia and Kiran Nalaar and Stormbreath Dragon are midrange creatures that don't fit into either category. I like control, so I'd try to put more control cards in their place, like Dreadbore (I'm scared of playing without good PW removal) or Thoughtseize. Alternatively, you could look for more proactive options that are resilient (I like Bloodghast). Otherwise, looks good.

A few combos in red that I like but aren't particularly competitive: Greater Gargadon + Ichor Wellspring/Bloodghast. Boom / Bust + Darksteel Citadel/Flagstones of Trokair (which can fetch your colors with a single Sacred Foundry or Godless Shrine in the deck).

dingusdingo on Suggestions for Rakdos?

1 month ago

The ultimate chad deck and absolute blast to play Kaervek the Merciless. Spam your deck with creature sweepers like Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods and Damnation to slow down the extremely creature heavy meta and BTFO elf mana. Run a suite of mana rocks and accelerators/rituals to power out your high CMC commander. Run cards that do well in longer games and stalled out boards, like repeated draw effects Phyrexian Arena or creature spam Bitterblossom Goblin Rabblemaster. Also a big fan of cards that punish players, like Curse of Marit Lage or Painful Quandary. Throw in some good creatures (with 4+ toughness so you can spam red board sweeper spells), some reanimator spells, and some card draw, and your combo to win, and you've got a nasty little deck.

ej133 on Sarkhan Dragons (Pioneer)

1 month ago

I don't know, man, your curve looks SO high.

I playtested this a few times, and most of the times I had mulligan down to 5 cards due to hardly keepable hands with no interaction with nothing until Turn 3.

I understand Sarkhan helps the dragons being cast for less mana, but I suppose you need some extra support for your hands in a format where Thoughtseize is the most played card, and there are red decks which can realistically deal lethal damage on turn 4. Let's say you keep a hand relying on Sarkhan and some dragon threats, if you get 'seized you won't play until turn 5 and they will probably have you combo'd by turn 4 with Thassa's Oracle.

Thinking of suggestions, I'd try something lower to interact with board (maybe Goblin Rabblemaster) or some threats for causing trouble for opponents (maybe Eidolon of the Great Revel, since it won't hardly ever hurt you) and last, but no least, maybe some removal for fat low curve creatures (Lava Coil, maybe?) would aid in not dying before getting to the dragons.

Hope it helps!

Yossarian55 on Mardu Aristocrats

1 month ago

Why was Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin dropped from all of these Aristocrat lists? Is his requirement to attack that much of a drawback compared to Goblin Rabblemaster or Legion Warboss?

I really like him in these lists. Am I just a fool? Did I just fall for his rakish good looks?

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