Fanatical Firebrand

Fanatical Firebrand

Creature — Goblin Pirate


T, Sacrifice Fanatical Firebrand: It deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Fanatical Firebrand occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.37%

Red: 5.74%

Rakdos: 3.43%

Fanatical Firebrand Discussion

Ninjew42 on Goblin's Dance

1 month ago

Fanatical Firebrand Might be good for you.

kidjjj on 8 Whack

5 months ago

SCARY_N00B I prefer Mogg Fanatic because even when it's already tapped it can still be useful, Fanatical Firebrand doesn't do that, sure haste is nice but in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons with Mogg Fanatic

SCARY_N00B on 8 Whack

5 months ago

Mogg Fanatic should be replaced with Fanatical Firebrand

dingusdingo on I think Eldraine’s Fervent Champion ...

5 months ago

Lets math it.

Fervent Champion gains effectiveness by having multiple Knights. Lets assume Fervent is the only Knight in your deck and you're running 4 of in a 60 card deck.

2 or more in opening: 6.32%

Pretty marginal benefit. However, we can assume that you don't need the second Knight until turn 2. This gives us either an additional 1 or 2 cards (play or draw)

2 or more turn 2 on play: 8.23%

2 or more turn 2 on draw: 10.3%

So if you could errata the Knights P/T to decimals, it would (effectively) be a 1.1/1.1. Does it deserve a deckslot for that power increase over say the utility of Fanatical Firebrand or Legion Loyalist ? Depends on what you want for your deck I suppose. Personally in this scenario I advocate for the slot of the Firebrand, I think the pinging to remove 1 adds much more utility than the 10% expected value on the attacks from the knight.


Fervent Champion performs much better in decks with more knights. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise but its worth showing the numbers for comparison

Assuming 12 knights in a 60 card deck (3 different 4-ofs)

2 or more in opening: 42.8%

2 or more turn 2 on play: 50.7%

2 or more turn 2 on draw: 58%

Having Fervent be a 1.5/1.5 is a significantly better than a 1.1/1.1. This does require you to run knightsgoodstuff.dec, so this is a card that will probably return in the future with the printing of a NEW knight that burn would run over Monastery Swiftspear or Goblin Guide .

The other scenario I foresee this card rising to prominence is if Wizards smokes meth and prints a card that is Pyrite Spellbomb stapled to Bloodforged Battle-Axe with an equip cost of 3.

StopShot on I think Eldraine’s Fervent Champion ...

6 months ago

Last I checked of Gilded Goose was the hype reactions when it was spoiled. I’m not running any green decks that run mana-dorks, so it’s been an insignificant presumption as I haven’t been inclined on fact-checking something that doesn’t particularly pertain to me. Just don’t give me credit if it does turn out Modern-playable as this card isn’t something I want to start discussion thread about anyway.

For myself I’m not ever really satisfied with any of the decks I play whenever I run into a wall or get caught on a snag. I have access to all the burn cards you’d find in any top list and I like to experiment with what’s outside that pool of cards together to see what can be made or done better or at least more towards my liking which is reflective of my play style as well as what is in my local meta. I’ve played with every burn creature card that has been noted on this thread, and I’m proclaiming that I believe this card should be taken with particular interest due to my own personal satisfaction of it compared to the other creature cards I have played with in comparison. I can’t make an argument for why x is greater than y if neither one is strictly better than the other so of course this debate is going to bubble down to a situation-by-situation-case basis, because how else are we supposed to go about this? And what situations we consider to be too narrow or absolute or ridiculous is dictated by our own personal experiences which vary just as much.

Regardless maybe my own personal experiences I have had with testing around with this card in my burn list has helped in stirring an aggressive hypothetical debate which was not my original intention when I first started writing this thread post earlier today. My intention was to generate interest in getting other people to test around with the card for themselves by ‘selling’ that idea to them in a way that would make them more open-minded to the concept rather than passing judgment before giving it a shot themselves. Obviously a lot of people on this website come off as shrewd customers due to their strong interests and passions for the game which can make it hard to convince anyone to the point of hysteria like a comical skit on the television, but the bottom-line I wanted to get across is this - I run a Modern burn deck that I put a lot of time into adjusting and editing just to satisfy the question of, “If I were to run a burn deck how would I build it so that it plays and feels very in-sync with how I would want to play Burn in this format?” and it’s been this creature that has specifically helped me a lot in answering that question recently even though it wasn’t apparent at first. And so if there’s anyone who is currently finding themselves in the same predicament like I was who is really looking and testing trying to find that one card that fits so neatly in tuning their burn deck, may I recommend this card given the success I have found in it? I can’t say it’s for everyone like how Vexing Devil or Fanatical Firebrand is for every burn deck, but I am certain in that list of B-grade burn cards that this one fits in with them and it rectifies a recurring issue that I have had with most of the cards on that list, and I think that’s just interesting. I mean my problems probably won’t aline with other people’s problems that they put more concern in than I do and vice versa but that’s all fine. As non-intuitive as this card has been at surface-level what it has done for my deck has went beyond expectations and I think that’s worth a shoutout given its a new card coming out this set and that there might be someone who might need this this card without sparing it much thought initially like I did.

Anyways, thanks for attending my TED Talk. Posting unrelated picture just to help put tensions to rest.

Liliana69X on I think Eldraine’s Fervent Champion ...

6 months ago

actually, the first strike of Fervent Champion is pretty darn situational as well considering the knight only has 1 power. the times when you'll draw 2 Fervent Champion are slim. and even if you do, you're reliant on the opponent having no blockers.

i never send anything about "end all be all". that is an absurd statement to make. Searing Blaze and Searing Blood are entirely irrelevant and not part of the discussion. this isn't about Fanatical Firebrand vs Searing Blaze , its Fanatical Firebrand versus Fervent Champion . "delaying yourself for a turn" is a ludicrous statement. by that logic, EVERY card that goes to an opposing creature instead of their life points "delays yourself". your statement only gets sillier as you add "only creature". you're just trying to make up extremely narrow situations that likely won't come up, and where you're already in a bad position anyway and it doesn't matter.

why even bring up Gilded Goose ? this is about MODERN burn. Gilded Goose won't be seeing modern play.

StopShot on I think Eldraine’s Fervent Champion ...

6 months ago

Liliana69X, Legion Loyalist ’s ability is situational whereas Fervent Champion ’s first strike is unconditional. You might be able to get three creatures out consistently, but there’s always the chance one of you creatures gets removed before the start of combat which means your Legion Loyalist is no better than a Raging Goblin at that point. The other thing to note is the wasted potential that comes with having a Battalion of two or more Legion Loyalists, because if they were Fervent Champion s instead you’d be trading trample with more damage and better defenses as 2-power first strike will get you through more combat steps than 1-power first strike.

Whether it’s Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise , Fanatical Firebrand isn’t the only end-all-be-all card to answer them as Searing Blaze and Searing Blood make for a much better tempo play and Gutshot out of the sideboard works better with Monastery Swiftspear on the draw too. You might delay them a turn with Fanatical Firebrand , but you are also delaying yourself a turn if you got to use your only creature card as spot removal. Also don’t forget that Fanatical Firebrand isn’t going to be saving you from anything if they play a turn 1 Gilded Goose instead.

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