Frogtosser Banneret


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Morningtide Common

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Frogtosser Banneret

Creature — Goblin Rogue


Goblin spells and Rogue spells you play cost (1) less to play.

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Frogtosser Banneret Discussion

Ghillie on Sure Hit

5 days ago

PayOneLife Thanks, it's been greatly helpful! I've been thinking about some of the problems you've pointed out, but I didn't know the cards to sort them out.

I'm not playing at the moment, so I'm figuring out the dynamics in my head. (The sideboard is something I havent't thought about for quite some time.) I think Frogtosser Banneret may make 2cmc peak a little bit less of an issue, but I agree with you that issue is still present.

Your suggestions will be taken in great consideration in the next trading season ;-)

Chopwood on Goblin Gang

1 month ago

I would skip Frogtosser Banneret, all your spells are so cheap that it's not really relevant to make them even cheaper on turn 4. I'm not sure what to think about Krenko's Enforcer, it's not that strong by itself so I would recommend to add two additional Goblin Chieftains or Goblin King, who would make all your goblins stronger and unblockable if you're playing against a red deck. Go up to 4x bolt, at the expense of Doom blade. I think you have too much removal, you don't really need 7 kill spells, replace most of them with burn, so that you can both kill early blockers and burn your opponent.

Some other cards that are worth to look at:

Goblin Guide - expensive but it's pure win.

Goblin Wardriver - A bit slow, but he can really boost your attackers.

Searing Blood - Good early burn, can kill a blocker and damage your opponent at the same time.

Skullcrack - Sideboard

Quest for the Goblin Lord - Not the best 1-drop, but if you have maybe one or two of them it can boost you small goblins quite a bit.

If you want you can check out my goblin deck and compare. The only card I'm not sure about is Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician, but he's actually performed all right.

JacobBaekgaard on Aren't Goblins Supposed To Be Red

2 months ago

@ThisIsTheSix: The deck is looking better! :) And I am happy to see that you added Marsh Flitter - It is a great card indeed, and it also has the benefit of having its CMC lowered by Frogtosser Banneret. Now I simply have to make a similar deck for shits'n'giggles ;) Cheers!

lagotripha on (Experimental) Mardu Goblin Burn

3 months ago

Cut bump for more grenade if you can, although it is a cheaper Lava Spike. Running no black spells like Terminate in the sideboard mean the colour is pretty much not needed- spike jester is super fun, and I'd love to see lorwyn stlye Frogtosser Banneret/Boggart Mob/Scout's Warning type shenanigans but I feel like the concept needs some work- what are the key interactions and cards that make those colours neccesary? Fatal Push? Disenchant? Rise of the Hobgoblins/Mardu Ascendancy? It just feels a little thrown together, untested. Some of this is purely dedicated to rushing an opponent, and others to a more midrange strategy, but those parts haven't been chosen to work together. The card draw from a Phyrexian Arena would likely let you last better into the midgame than 3-4 turns spent protecting krenko from Path to Exile, especially running a little more lifegain from helix. Siege-Gang Commander would provide some spot removal for affinity and similar, and Voracious Dragon would let you close out a game if you can protect a board of goblins.

If you have failed to close out a game with a burn deck, that usually means you need a 'boom, I win' type card rather than one that grows over time, and anything that plans on growing over time needs to be removal-resistant. Cards reliant on your opponent not having wiped you are inadvisable, as are cards that trade 1-for-1 in these higher slots.

kamarupa on Sure Hit

7 months ago

So far in my own playtesting, I've found Rogues to work best modeled after tribal decks like Elves and Merfolk - a creature base between 26-30 with about 10-12 additional spells, and then 20-24 lands. I'd drop Serum Visions and rely on Morsel Theft as well as the addition of Sygg, River Cutthroat. I know Sygg is a bit pricey, but I think the body, creature type synergy, and repeatable draw makes it worth at least 2x copies. I prefer running light on land - 20 is usually what I go with. You could try cutting a few lands and adding Frogtosser Banneret.

Dean369 on goblin sacrifice

10 months ago

Pretty good deck, but I feel like Frogtosser Banneret is a bit of a waste of space, what with the overall miniscule mana cost of everything in the deck. You could probably stand to take out a mountain and swamp apiece, and throw in a couple Goblin Grenade, and use a Gempalm Incinerator for some extra card draw and big creature disposal.

Optimator on Boggart Avalanche

11 months ago

I don't want my Mad Auntie, Goblin Warchief, Frogtosser Banneret, Krenko, Mob Boss, etc (the "Lords") necessarily attacking every round so Goblin Assault and Goblin Rabblemaster are right out. I considered them but I think they're better (great, even) for mono-red and 60-card decks. Especially with Ib Halfheart! I like the goblin token generating sorceries and instants but I feel like there isn't room for them without sacrificing utility. EVERY goblin-token-generating instant and sorcery (literally) was in the beta version of the deck. That's where the Avalanche idea (from the deck name) came from. Marsh Flitter, Chancellor of the Forge, and Weirding Shaman were originally in (or considered) too but I felt they had to be cut for space reasons. The Weirding Shaman seems way too expensive for his ability.

Tutoring out Krenko and using Boggart Mob have been extremely good so far in my playtesting. That said, the biggest magic expert in my group of friends said I should pursue more token wankery but I just don't know what's worth cutting. A creature or two perhaps since I have so many good tutors but it's starting to get harder and harder to cut creatures. I still have five or so creatures I absolutely have to buy and somehow squeeze in.

I thought a lot about Ib Halfheart but he's on the backburner. Seems good since I can get goblins out of the graveyard relatively easy and throw my tokens away willy-nilly. I would definitely like to buy him and experiment with his ability. I wonder if there are any red and /or black cards that allow one to alter the blocking order of my opponent... I know there's a bunch in white.

Patron of the Akki is one I glanced over but now that I've reread it and played my deck I think it might actually be useful. I wish it had flying!! What the hell kind of spirit wouldn't?! I have so many good goblins though, plus all the goblin-only effects, so it's hard to add non-goblins. Goblin General is not so hawt since I have to attack with him and he'd be a target. Goblin Assassin is in my pseudo-sideboard--the force-sac ability would be useful against much of what I've been going up against lately (and, ideally, I'll have bodies to spare for saccing).

I was originally thinking that running some sort of Goblin Spy + Skirk Drill Sergeant combo would be fun but I didn't think there was room when it came down to crunch-time. Perhaps in a mono-red goblin deck. I haven't seen Earthblighter before. I have a Shivan Harvest in. Perhaps doubling up wouldn't be so bad. Slowing down my opponent has definitely won me games already.

Tar Pitcher is butt. I have a balla' Goblin Sharpshooter in and I have a Goblin Fireslinger in my red-card collection (a.k.a ZipLoc freezer bag).

Koskun Falls is awesome! Goblinslide is one I am considering re-inserting and will consider more now. Lowland Oaf was one I poo-poo'd early but now that I'm having flier problems he might be a good remedy...

Homura, Human Ascendant is a brilliant suggestion. Consider it purchased!!

Thanks a bajillion!

Hobbez9186 on Kamikaze! Shenanigans

1 year ago

Holy crap.

Well that Doom Engine sure is an insane idea with Shrapnel Blast. Sweet baby Jesus.

I have, and if you look around at my red decks you'll understand, too many decks that use Impact Tremors lol. Absolutely my favorite red enchantment. However, the reason I like Shenanigans is that I can actually reanimate it with Boggart Birth Rite, Frogtosser Banneret makes it cheaper, and O'Hagen gets to pistol whip Farva whenever you play it.

The Forge guy would blow the budget, but I can definitely understand why you suggested it. That's nuts.

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