Jace's Phantasm

Jace's Phantasm

Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

swimtothemoon on Lazav and The Millers

1 hour ago

Keelroth, MsSysbit Appreciate the advice! Grave Betrayal and Jace's Phantasm look like they're gonna be must adds to this deck.

Keelroth on Lazav and The Millers

5 hours ago

A few creatures that might help you here Jace's Archivist and Jace's Phantasm

Tampico777 on Dimir Mill

4 days ago

Ahh you make some solid points, i totally ignored the fact that you've got Crypt Incursion in there. You're probably pretty safe here then, although if I WERE to do any switching out, I might lose the Dimir Charms for the Hedron Crabs (favouring faster mill over control - on an earlier mono blue build, I've had 3 Crabs out by turn 4 and dropped an Evolving Wilds for 18 mill!) and sideboard Surgical Extraction as a swap-out buddy for the Jace's Phantasms. Not necessarily a BETTER build, just what I'd probably run

Jack-Frost on Modern Mill Budget Deck

4 days ago

Jace's Phantasm, Thought Scour

If you are willing to add black (I highly recommend in mill)

Go for the Throat, Breaking / Entering, Mind Funeral, Wight of Precinct Six

Take a look at XYMystral's deck Mill to Oblivion. It's not budget but he does an excellent job with his mill deck and you can definitely get some ideas for yours.

Tampico777 on Dimir Mill

5 days ago

Decent build here, although I'd probably drop the Mind Sculpts for a set of Breaking. Also, have you considered running Ghost Quarter? Sets up Archive Trap for the knockout. I feel like you could use a full set of Jace's Phantasm as well to protect yourself

I'm waiting on some cards in the mail and going to throw together something similar, but using a set of Hedron Crabs and fetchlands instead of shock lands for added insult. Damn, mill is fun

TheSurgeon on mill to make a god

5 days ago

Breaking is a budget glimpse, to keep the "budget" classification of your deck and will speed it up exponentially. Replace Mind Grind with these.

Here's why:
Mind Grind is a useless mill card; you pay 4 mana, and have the possibility of only milling 2 cards. This is not acceptable when other cards like Tome Scour, or even Thought Scour can mill that many (or more) for one blue. And Thought Scour synergizes with Sphinx's Tutelage to mill 4 for 1 blue with the possibility to mill even more.

Consuming Aberration is also moot. For 5 it sits and waits to be removed for a turn and then you only get one land before its ability is shut off. If you're using Aberration as a blocker, consider Jace's Phantasms or fogbanks to stem some combat damage.

Let's talk about the Elixir of Immortality. 4? Try two. The built-in recycling is like having 4/in the deck, any you only need to use it once in a while. A couple cards that may help by putting one of each in is:

Psychic Spiral, a bit expensive for my taste but ends the game a lot. Even if it doesn't it keeps you alive for another couple turns (boardstate permitting)

And Crypt Incursion. Turn each creature in your opponent's GY into 3 life? This is an awesome game changer.

Another one I like to run is Profane Memento. If you're looking for cards to fill out gaps in the deck, these are very handy for .

I love mill. It's my preferred meta; and I love the idea of a budget Mill deck, but it simply isn't effective without certain necessary, more effective cards.

Keep at it man, this deck has potential.

ian.hughes on U/B MILLY MILL

1 week ago

Jace's Phantasm, Darkness, and Thought Scour. Maybe splash white for Path to Exile? It triggers Archive Trap and thins out the lands from your opponent's library, setting them up nicely for a Mind Funeral. Also Shelldock Isle works wonders in this kind of deck as it can cast either half of Breaking / Entering. Other than that, fetchlands, shocklands and Glimpse the Unthinkable.

xseiber on Mirko Vosk: Mill to death! (U/B Dimir)

1 week ago

Hmm I tweaked the deck a bit, and it looks like this: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/mirko-vosk-mill-to-death-ub-dimir-copy/

Granted, it is pricier than your original build, but I did my best to keep it under $100. Basically, it still focus on the mill that you want, with maintaining Jace's Phantasm to beat at their face, which is why I save the Psychic Strike or if they scry and/or place something on top, I would use the Dimir Charm, the Languish provides boardwipe and still keeping the Jace's Phantasm alive and continue to beat their face in, longer game you can use Nighthowler on them for more punishment.

However, I will mention that this deck is my take on your playstyle with this deck.

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