Jace's Phantasm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Uncommon
Magic 2013 Uncommon

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Jace's Phantasm

Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

alias42 on my first commander needs trimming

5 days ago

Your deck is steadily improving, but you are still thinking on a small scale. Spot removal doesn't do much in EDH. So you blow up one creature that belongs to one of your opponents, which is a great move in 1v1 formats. EDH though is multiplayer, so while that guy is mourning the loss of some massive creature, the other 2 are still sitting pretty going "well, that didn't bother me at all" and you now have less mana to prepare for ways to deal with their threats. Cards like Emerge Unscathed work well to defend yourself in 1v1, especially with it's rebound making sure that you have the same protection from your opponent's creatures when you go to attack. In EDH, however, let's say you use that to protect your creatures on opponent A's attack, so you are able to block and not lose your creatures. Which is solid. But then the turn ends and instead of being your turn where rebound kicks in, it's now opponent B's turn, and he wants to smash your face in just as bad as opponent A. Great time to play another emerged unscathed, but the singleton rule doesn't allow you to have another. Look for cards that affect the board, and if it is an effect that can be put on a permanent, put it on a permanent. With all of that being said, it took me a lot longer to decide which cards need to be removed this time, so props there.

Remove: Deathpact Angel Her recursion ability is nice, but she doesn't really synergize with the rest of the deck on her own. Maybe if you had a combo to let her die and reanimate herself consistently/infinitely she'd be a solid combo with your ETB lifegain triggers, but on her own she's mostly just a big fatty with recursion. Since this isn't a reanimator deck, it doesn't seem super essential here.

Gideon's Avenger I hate axing this guy, he's really cool. Especially in a format where multiple opponents exist giving him more creatures that can tap to give him more counters, making him get scary big scary fast. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a position at the moment where we need to clear up cards to get us to the 100 card limit, and then get UNDER the limit so that we can fix your manabase. In that position, anything that isn't essential to the deck gets cut, and I don't see him being anything other than an early game fatty that will probably be killed by the first board wipe.

High Sentinels of Arashin when I first saw this guy I was in love. Then I reread him and saw that it isnt +1/+1 for each +1/+1 counter on another creature, just +1/+1 for each creature with a counter. So even if you have a creature with 500 +1/+1 counters, he only gets 1 bigger for it. That makes his growth potential exceedingly slow, and his ability to add counters to other creatures seems similarly slow in any deck that doesn't run proliferate.

Jace's Phantasm seems good at first glance, a 1 drop 1/1 with flying that can be a 5/5 under the right circumstances. But he won't be a 5/5 in the early game, so if you get him early enough for his low mana cost to be helpful he'll likely be a 1/1 that will get killed before anyone gets to the 10 cards in gy to buff him. Alternatively if you play him in the late game, his low mana cost has less of an impact making the 5/5 flyer less substantial. If you had some way to guarantee that they keep 10 cards in their grave this guy would be solid, but there are numerous ways to get your graveyard emptied in EDH. Eldrazi, elixir of immortality, bojuka bog, odds of your opponents not having one of them are slim.

Sire of Stagnation I used to play a mill EDH deck. It did not work. Period. Apart from the fact that your opponents have a 100 card library and you have to mill each of them to win (usually a total of 300 cards) as stated above there are a lot of ways to put your graveyard back in your library, making some decks literally un-millable. If you don't rely on it as a win con it can be done, sure, but as I learned running a mill EDH deck, people in EDH really don't like to be milled. I had a bigger target on my head as a mill player than the guy playing the Arcum Daggson combo deck... and that says something. I really don't recommend milling in this format.

Vengeful Pharaoh seems like he will be way too slow in this deck. Cast him, chump block to get him in graveyard, then he gets you one single creature of spot removal before he goes back on top of your library? Hope you were in a position where you needed to draw him again, or that is going to do more harm than good, and it's a risk your running for spot removal. Granted it's spot removal on a stick, but it's spot removal, and it's a very slow stick.

Sorin's Vengeance of all the cards I say to pull, this is the one I was least sure about. It does fit very well into your deck, damage to your opponent and lifegain for you. But it only affects one of your opponents, and its a sorcery so it can only be done once. It's powerful enough to ensure that whoever you target with it is going to be gunning for you, so you'd have to do it as a killing blow. And even then, you'd better have counterspells in your hand to protect it, because if they counter it, they're still gonna be pissed that you tried.

Cage of Hands Spot removal... basically. Not really removal because the creature isn't removed, but it's removed from your list of threats. Spot removal is still lackluster.

Dictate of Heliod is another one I feel uneasy pulling. The fact that it's a static buff and can be flashed in to save your creatures or kill some blockers is sweet, but it doesn't really synergize well with your deck and we need the space for lands.

Ajani's Presence is a way to protect your creatures, but it's only for 1 creature initially with the amount of mana needed to add additional creatures being insane. The main thing I forsee this being useful for is to avoid wrath effects, and the mana cost to save all your creatures is so high that it would be better to just counter the wrath altogether.

Disperse more spot removal, and it goes back to their hand so it can be played again right after. Granted it's for any nonland permanent so I can think of times when it could be useful, but it's just too situational to run when we're so pressed for space.

Emerge Unscathed See my comment about it in my intro, protection for one turn just isn't going to cut it in a format where you have 3 opponent's turns to protect yourself from.

Essence Scatter EDH has way too many cards to pick from to pick a single use counter that has limitations on the spells it can counter.

Murderous Cut Even if you delve the cost down to just B, spot removal is still just spot removal.

Unsummon and Vapor Snag... still more spot removal.

Assuming I didn't miscount, that is 16 cards. You're currently at 105, so less 16 puts you at 89. With another 11 lands your at 37, which is still just a little low for EDH. Depending on the deck, you might be ok with 37, sometimes you need more, sometimes you can get away with less (I have an elf tribal EDH deck that only runs... either 32 or 33, I forget which). I'd say test the deck like that and see how it plays, then tweak it as necessary to fix your manabase.

Simon_Williamson on Wait, so I mill how many?

1 week ago

I would use 4x Sphinx's Tutelage, and just obscene draw. I have a similar deck, How many mill triggers?!, that used the tutelage as a win condition, also if Jace's Phantasm interests you I have the deck Out of focus.

kenfl24 on Esper Mill

2 weeks ago

I like the idea, some cards to consider are Glimpse the Unthinkable, Dimir Infiltrator is another unblockable with a bit more toughness, there's an infinite combo with Duskmantle Guildmage's first ability and Mindcrank, personally I love Jace, Memory Adept in a deck like this.If you need a big creature Consuming Aberration and Jace's Phantasm are great. Your deck looks pretty good the way it is, I'd just consider these cards for a sideboard.

bosny on Defender 2 EDH

2 weeks ago


Behind the Scenes contains white :/ and given that most of your creatures have defender I'm not sure skulk would help that much.

Sword of Body and Mind is strong but again you need attacking bodies. I had tried a mill deck and was running Dimir Doppelganger, Invisible Stalker, Jace's Phantasm, Latch Seeker, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker and Nighthowler for the sword... Jace Beleren was in there too, not using any of these at the moment.

Millstone Sanguine Bond and Stinging Barrier seem a bit underpowered here, as well as others I am less certain about. Besides Doorkeeper, there is less appeal to cards saying "defender" than creatures with fat behinds like Pontiff of Blight.

Maybe it would be fun to get some more counterspells, Mind Sculpt and Paranoid Delusions under an Isochron Scepter instead?

t4kato on Hermits Make The Best Spies... Wait, What?

2 weeks ago

Many cards seem more cute than useful. I'm also refining an Edric deck, so please tell me if you had a reason for including these.

Spell to cut:


Also have you tried these/are they good/bad?

Lands to cut:

I guess you were low on options due to Hermit Druid.


Nethereon on Competitive Modern Mill

2 weeks ago

"True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubts often, and changes his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubts not; he knows all things but his own ignorance." ~Akhenaton

Ditch the Hedron Crabs. They're too slow and you won't have enough triggers to successfully benefit from them, instead run defense like Fog Bank to curb early and mid-game aggression, along with Jace's Phantasm. BOTH OF WHICH are mill staples, regardless of whether or not it is mono-blue or blue/black, deal with it! Run fewer lands, somewhere closer to 20, because your curve shouldn't top out higher than 5 CMC. Run Jace's Archivist for obvious reasons. Think about it, if you don't like your hand, you can use the Archivist to get new cards. Psychic Spiral is an excellent card to get back your graveyard after milling the crap out of yourself from Sphere and Archivist AND it will mill your opponent in the process.

For your information, I played my mono-blue deck at an FNM recently against a B/G Delirium deck. My opponent dropped Emrakul, took over my turn and milled me out. Did I concede? NOPE! I won the game. I had Psychic Spiral in my hand and they had no way of dealing with it. During my upkeep, I dropped it, got a brand new library, milled them out, and GG.

I'm tired of trying to help you and convince you that your overly hypercritical mentality is wrong. You don't want help, you want validation that you're right, and despite all of the copious amounts of evidence I've provided to contradict your ludicrous mindset, my attempts have been in vain. My time would be better served explaining string theory to my cat.

Every deck loses, every deck has bad match-ups, I mentioned that before, but that doesn't mean you should toss in the towel. This is your mindset "Mill will lose no matter what." Delirium loses, Jund loses, Mardu loses, Jeskai loses, every archetype loses and will be out done now and in the future. To say that a deck will lose, is one of the most Captain Obvious comments on the planet. To say a deck will lose no matter what it does, is the most immature thing I've heard in a while. Stop whining. If you want help, then listen. If you don't, then delete the deck and live in your vacuum.

I'm really done trying. Good day, sir.

X_Animis_X on Sorry, but they have to go, YES ALL OF THEM!

2 weeks ago

i only can suggest if you can think about throwing in Sands of Delirium and Jace's Phantasm. i'm sure a couple of quick drops won't hurt, well you anyways

Infinimage007 on Esper Mill

2 weeks ago

I like the idea of this deck; in fact, I love mill! I like that you added white to move to a more controlling aspect. However, I'm not sold on Narset Transcendent. She doesn't seem to contribute much to the general game plan.

In her place, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver or Jace, Memory Adept would be great.

Jace's Phantasm would help block opposing creatures.

How often do you get a Prairie Stream or Sunken Hollow untapped?

Also, I don't think Ojutai's Command fits this deck, either.

Let me know what you thought was helpful, and what wasn't!

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