Jace's Phantasm

Jace's Phantasm

Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

Pasius1984 on Dimir Mill

17 hours ago

I like the deck man! I had to playtest it against mine! But WOW! two Mill decks against each other end in fast games! All 3 games ended around turn 5. I got down to 8 cards left on turn 5 in one game. I was able to get my Jace's Phantasm hitting on turn 2 after using a Glimpse the Unthinkable on your deck. Therefore, I understand why you have Wall of Frost, but I'd suggest at least putting Fog Bank as a sideboard option against decks with flyers. Besides, it does prevent combat damage against it anyway. With a Fog Bank out, that would have stalled for time. Love the deck! +1 for sure! I was amazed how scary it was without creatures! Nice Job! If you'd like to playtest against mine, here it is:

The Creed of House Dimir

I hope you do get those Glimpse's! Your deck is fun!

Hcassel on It's All in Your Head...

2 days ago

But, ojmandias, if I'm up against other aggro, which will most likely be faster than mine, it's good to be ahead and minus one creature. Lord knows I've got enough in the deck to replace it. I use Jace's Phantasm to attack as well, but also blocking just as much.

Omegaxavi on My First Mill

2 days ago

You can try to add some of this cards:

ojmandias on It's All in Your Head...

2 days ago

Jace's Phantasm is surprisingly good even without the buff. It's gets all the buffs from the lords and doesn't need the ability to make it a threat.

Dinidiniz on It's All in Your Head...

3 days ago

Hey, if you want more creatures, Cloudfin Raptor gets really strong in this kind of deck.

Adaptive Automaton and Jace's Phantasm are nice too. Fathom Seer is good for card draw.

Roccovsky on megrim ideas

4 days ago

Master of the Feast is genius. Made me chuckle. Good luck.

Jace's Phantasm? Maybe too straightforward, idunno.

Marenkai on Esper Mill

6 days ago

@ The_Riddlebox :

Thank you for your comment !

All the changes you suggest regarding the MB/SB swaps have already been discussed between me and players at my LGS and most of the time the same answer came to our mind: YES, you're right.

We should put the extraction spells and the Crypt incursion in SB when going to an event where we don't know the exact meta. But my decklist here is tweaked to be competitive in my local meta where people mostly play heavy aggro and combo decks.

But by playing them MB, I realised they aren't so bad in MUs like RDW/Burn where you can just pay 2hp to extract 4*3 dmg from his deck. And the fact is, I've had way more MUs where they're game-winning than MUs where they were useless.

Even so, Crypt incursion isn't a dead card in control MUs like URx Delver since the instant speed really helps in overloading their counterspells. Because the biggest weakness of this deck is that all the mill spells are Sorcery-Speed, so the opponent just needs to keep his counter-magic in hand with mana open to shut us down.

I'll consider Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation as a 1-2 of.

And as an alternate Wincon, my friends keep suggesting Jace's Phantasm. I must admit that this card is amazing in this shell.

square711 on Overlooked Modern Cards?

1 week ago

Personally, I've always wanted Nihilith and Nyxathid to get more love. Nihilith is bonkers in a faux-mill deck in which the milling is just part of a beatdown plan (fill up opponent's graveyard, get Nihiliths down quickly, enable Jace's Phantasms, turn them all sideways).

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