Jace's Phantasm

Jace's Phantasm

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Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

Zenobius on Mill Deck

2 days ago

I'll assume you're running a budget deck so I'll try to stay reasonable in my propositions.

From looking at your list it seems like the only way you can effectively mill out an opponent is through the infitine combo of Duskmantle Guildmage and Mindcrank which, in essence, is a great combo, however, if this is your win-con, I would switch the focus of the deck towards a more control version to then finish off with your combo.

If what you really want is mill, mill, mill then Archive Trap is a must.

Tome Scour or Mind Sculpt although not being great cards are a cheaper, kind of bad Glimpse the Unthinkable, as mentioned Breaking is also a very good one which isn't crazy expensive.

I know someone mentioned Serum Visions over Thought Scour however I prefer Thought Scour since it's an instant which can be done at the end step of your opponent while also milling 2.

Mesmeric Orb is surprisingly good as well.

Things like Induce Paranoia and Psychic Strike are too expensive mana cost wise and don't mill enough to truly be worth it.

Extirpate is a very strong card versus combo decks and cheaper than Surgical Extraction and it also can't be countered due to the split second effect.

Crypt Incursion would be better in my opinion than your 3 Elixir of Immortality and if you're adamant on the Elixir of Immortality, play Psychic Spiral instead, it's a big slap in the face of your opponent.

Mind Funeral is a bit of a hit and miss but generally speaking is worth the cost, generally. However, cards like Traumatize being at 5 mana is too expensive and won't even win you the game...It's a card that sounds good, looks good, but in practice isn't worth crap.

Jace's Phantasm is not a bad sideboard card, but I wouldn't run it main deck, it's better against aggro match-up when you need blockers, altough I would personally take a different angle vs aggro decks.

Hedron Crab is also THE BIGGEST milling spell you can have. Ever. I know you're not playing fetches, but a free 3 mill per land drop is not something to pass on, 6 if you fetch into a land, and it's exponential as you add crabs! Those are the kind of crabs you wanna get!!!

If you go mill, your goal is to so quickly remove cards from your opponent's library that he is running out of options, and while removing them from his library, managing his board, because you'll find yourself with next to no board presence for most of many games you'll play.

This is my personal mill deck Who needs cards anyways?, I played it at a 1k PTQ modern today and finished 3-3 with it, if you wanna get some inspiration, look at it and feel free to ask me more questions if you want.

JexInfinite on Just MORE Chatting

3 days ago

Highlights of today: NorthernRaven Ghost Quartering his land to mill me with Hedron Crab to activate Jace's Phantasm only to find he had no basics left.

Having my opponent in the bottom ranks of the PPTQ get a penalty for not revealing a morph. (We were at the very bottom of the list, and were playing for fun.)

Beating people to death with Snapcaster Mage while not allowing the opponent to do anything.

KoriAne on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

3 days ago

Well, Ponder is banned, but Thought Scour can actually help Jace's Phantasm too. It can be a good idea.

nutellaisgreaterthanlife on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

5 days ago

I'm really likeing this!

Two questions: why are you running 3 Vapor Snag and 3 Unsummon? I fell like you would be better off running 4 snags, as you aren't gonna be bouncing your own dudes too often, as half of them would just have to be sacrificed anyways. I would run 4x Vapor Snag, then maybe 2x Repeal for the card advantage.

Also, why are there 3 copies of Jace's Phantasm? I mean its a dope card, but how quickly will their graveyard fill up? You don't run a lot of removal, so its not like their yard will have 10 cards in it by turn 3 or 4. I would drop some of the phantasms or add in a little bit of mill.

I'm lovin the deck! I think that blue aggro is wonky, but definelty plausible. I kinda want to make a tempo-y version of this deck with AEther Vials and Remands and stuff, which I think could be super competitive. +1 from me.

ThisIsBullshit on Just MORE Chatting

5 days ago

Thanks. Damn, I wanted to get rid of that stupid LP Jace's Phantasm that I've had for forever

OtakulordAndrew on Move Along, Nothing to See Here...See for Yourself

6 days ago

This deck really is not currently a modern viable competitive deck it is slow and clunky and has a lot of dead card draws. My suggestions are to get rid of the play set of Mindeye Drake, Returned Centaur, Undercity Informer, Phenax, God of Deception, Archive Trap, Countermand, Grisly Spectacle, Rescue from the Underworld. In there place I would recomend cards like Mana Leak, Remand, Cryptic Command, Psychic Strike, Paranoid Delusions, Suffer the Past, Jace's Phantasm, Hedron Crab, Murderous Cut, etc and if you are going to include red then cards such as Terminate, Electrolyze, Counterflux, etc. I will talk about the land another time.

Javak on Modern Mill (Advice)

1 week ago

Glimpse the Unthinkable is fucking ridiculous. I would remove the Traumatize and and Haunting Echoes both of which of really high mana costs and don't win the game which is what you'll need for anything more than a 4 drop.

Countersquall might be useful in sideboard against control matchups.

I would reduce your land count to 20 or 22 and add a couple more cheap creatures Wight of Precinct Six, or Jace's Phantasm would fit perfectly in this role, and can act as an alternate win con if straight milling proves too slow. If not you could have them in sideboard.

MTG_Beginner on Looking for suggestions for this ...

1 week ago

well, depending on the type of deck you're wanting to make, i've always had the thought in my head that blue is used for control because i've never got much out of it in aggro.

if you wanna go for control then you'll need a couple instants to counter spells, and then i would make it a blue/white deck to put tokens out, put Pacifism, Oppressive Rays on the opponents creatures, and then stay back and remove cards from the top of the opponents deck each turn.

and if you wanna be in complete control of health, you wanna find some cards that'll keep them from gaining health easily, so if you wanna keep the deck a blue/black, you can get the God card Erebos, God of the Dead(which is about $10 where i live), to make them not be able to gain health at all. Then, whileyou counter there creatures as they come out, you could get Mindscour Dragon to attack with each turn to make the opponent discard the top 4 cards of there library.

I mostly build Modern decks, so most of the decks i have can't be used and only a few of the cards are standard legal,but if you were to go out of standard and buy some older cards such as Vedalken Ghoul, Jace's Phantasm, Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip, or Inkfathom Witch, then your deck wouldn't be really bad, in fact these card have all worked for me when i used to use a blue/black deck

so if this info works for you, your welcome, if it doesn't then i'll do what i can to find some cards that could help.

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