Jace's Phantasm


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska (DDM) Uncommon
Magic 2013 (M13) Uncommon

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Jace's Phantasm

Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

Flooremoji on Dimir Budget Control/Mill

1 day ago

I am not sure if your mana can sustain some of your bigger cards, I recommend that you add cheaper creatures like Wight of Precinct Six and/or Jace's Phantasm.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to add more Fraying Sanitys.

antacidbrn on Returing player. need a help ...

2 days ago

Mill is competitive when done right, but in Modern it has to be fast. The crank / mantle combo is cute, but Duskmantle will get Fatal Pushed, Path to Exiled or Bolted and crank will get Abrade or some other artifact hate.

My best mill deck is a tempo build with high value low cost creatures, Hedron Crab, Delver of Secrets, Jace's Phantasm. You put pressure by attacking and milling at the same time. #nastiness. Here is the build Modern Delver Mill.

Azdranax on Returing player. need a help ...

2 days ago

It's a great time to build it, as several of the staples have been reprinted recently, so the cost is considerably lower than even a few months ago (thanks primarily to Glimpse the Unthinkable and Thoughtseize reprints, although more common things like Jace's Phantasm and Thought Scour have helped as well). You can probably build a competitive version for less than half of what it would have cost four or five months ago.

ComboCrazy on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

3 days ago

So, I noticed your curve is really skewed towards one and two drops, and thought Id at least suggest that you cut one Unsummon and one Jace's Phantasm, and perhaps replace them with cards like Mitotic Manipulation or Familiar's Ruse. Also, for cantrips, given you do have a creature that likes things in graveyards, Thought Scour might be somewhat useful. Whether or not its better than peek is up to playtesting. Id also recommend seriously considering Boomerang over Unsummon. Hitting a Death's Shadow is nice, but have you ever tried hitting eldrazitrons Urza's Tower? Point being, it can buy you a whole turn against some decks. As for sideboard, I dont think some of the cards youve got in there do much... Quickling is an excellent sideboard option, as is Leyline of Singularity. Other Leylines are nice too but they tend to get pricey.

Hope this was helpful, good luck with the deck!

enpc on Jace

6 days ago

If yo uwant a deck to be coompetitive then you need to pick a format for it to be competitive in. It will dramatically help in tailoring your card choices.

Also, a slew of one off creatutres is not the best way to build a deck. While yes, each game feels different (if you want that then there are better formats to play than 60 card), there is too much variance. If you want to play an illusions deck, you will want 4x Lord of the Unreal. Then you want ot pack 4x Jace's Phantasm / Phantasmal Bear. 4x Thoughtscour will give you card advantage and will help to buff Jace's Phantasm.

Stuff like that will ehlp pul lthe deck together better and the consistency will make it much better to pilot.

antacidbrn on Make Mill Great Again

1 week ago

I believe that mill is an archetype that should work in Modern. With all of the fetch lands, Archive Trap is ace. We also have high value cards like glimpse of the unthinkable and Mind Funeral, supported by creatures like Hedron Crab and Jace's Phantasm. Finally, there are removal spells and tools such as Fatal Push and Surgical Extraction, so I ask, why can't we make mill great again and do it in Modern?!

Here is my attempt Modern Delver Mill

metaa on sliver

1 week ago

sadly this deck is not standard. If you are interested in a standard mill deck look up fleeting sanity. Otherwise if you are looking into modern mill may i suggest; Breaking / Entering, Crypt Incursion, Archive Trap, Hedron Crab, Jace's Phantasm, Mind Funeral, Thought Scour, Mind Grind and Visions of Beyond. Those are just a couple cards that come to mind. If you really are looking into modern mill do some research because those card suggestions are limited given that I only have a small interest in mill.

mullto3 on Mill to 3 - Hybrid Style

2 weeks ago

Hey Mindset905, thanks for the comment!

The strict focus of this build is to finish off your opponent through milling as fast as possible.

Because of this alternate win condition cards like Jace's Phantasm, disruption cards like Surgical Extraction, and long-game cards like Visions of Beyond or Crypt Incursion have all been kept out (except from the sideboard). I can totally see why the phantasm (and all of the above) are tempting cards, but they would ultimately slow the deck down by pulling in directions other than turbo-mill.

Good idea though - and thanks for the vote haha.

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