Jace's Phantasm

Jace's Phantasm

Creature — Illusion


Jace's Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

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Jace's Phantasm Discussion

m4ver1k on Miller's Delight

1 day ago

Drop all 4x Breaking and all 4x Mind Sculpt. By doing so, you free up 8x slots. Add 2x more Jace's Phantasm, 4x Wight of Precinct Six, and 2x more lands. One of which should be Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth -- which enables you to tap your Ghost Quarter and Polluted Delta as swamps. This will help fix your mana curve and make a beat down path more realistic for you. I've found the best mill decks were beatdown decks first, mill second. The combined pressure was too much for the opponent to handle. I'd still recommend dropping Grave Titan for Consuming Aberration. Then you can cast a bunch of tiny spells to still mill them out. Another consideration -- you should probably be at 24 lands to be honest, and potentially more than that since you're running a playset of Ghost Quarter. If you notice your land drops to be an issue, consider Drowned Catacomb as replacement for whatever you feel is slowing you down.

opencorners on Millk & Cookies

2 days ago

Ahh yea I had Jace's Phantasm in there, and then took it out to fit in some discard............. but i agree with you, great D early on.......... I also had Hedron Crab, but than figuered it wasnt worth wasting 4 cards in a deck just to probably get 6 cards in graveyard.......

MrBrightsideX11 on Oops, your library is gone

3 days ago

If you have some money to throw around, Glimpse the Unthinkable is essential for mill; some other good cards to put in are consuming abberation, Nemesis of Reason, Thought Scour, Jace, Memory Adept, Hedron Crab, Visions of Beyond, and Jace's Phantasm.

Good luck with your deck :)

Ghorrhyon on Millk & Cookies

4 days ago

Jace's Phantasm Can be a defensive resource in early game, as well a impending menace.

aliochka on mill dola

1 week ago

Fala ai rapaz!

Entao, pelo que eu estou vendo aqui, podemos alterar algumas coisas (de main para side) mas de resto, esta tudo tranquilo.


Entendi o combo do Artful Dodge + Raven Guild Master , vale a pena. Mind Sculpt + Tome Scour sao cartas boas, mas nao sei quanto a quantidade, talvez, de fato, manter 4 de cada. Devastation Tide acho valido deixar 2, e 1 de side. Se o cara tem muitas criaturas, vc coloca mais uma, se nao, apenas 2 resolveriam. Porque voce "milla" o deck com outras cartas. Traumatize vale mais a pena, entao, deixaria as duas.


Fog Bank e uma carta que segura o game, mas vc tb tem a Sigiled Starfish que ajuda a filtrar o deck e tb e uma defesa, assim como a Wall of Frost. Hedron Crab e deveras importante para um deck de mill, quanto ao Jace's Phantasm ele seria forte, mas sera que existe algum encantamento que faca com que o cara descarte? Habilidade parecida com a do Raven Guild Master.


O Jace, Memory Adept e importante, mas nao sei se colocaria 4. Tem aquele outro Jace que vc usa no seu mono-blue, ele parece combar tb (pq vc compra carta).


As suas magicas instantaneas sao mt boas, principalmente a Thought Scour e a , Dream Twist, Unsummon seria apenas para protecao, creio eu.


Esse e um dos melhores que vc pode colocar Jace's Erasure, mas existe um combo mt bom: Howling Mine + Jace's Erasure .


Por fim, acho que 22 ilhas e um numero razoavel, talvez colocaria mais 1, mas nao sei.


4x Artful Dodge
4x Increasing Confusion
2x Mind Sculpt (2 de side)
2x Tome Scour
2x Traumatize

2x Fog Bank (2 de side, a principio)
4x Hedron Crab
2x Jace's Phantasm (1 de side ou 2 de side)
4x Raven Guild Master

2x Jace, Memory Adept (1 ou 2 de side)
1x Jace do seu deck azul

3x Thought Scour (1 de side)
3x Dream Twist (1 de side)

2x Jace's Erasure
2x Howling Mine

22x Islands

Totalizando 61 cartas

abdulbaqr on 2015-01-23 update of Now you ...

2 weeks ago

Milkaholic, the reason that I ran the 22 lands is to make sure that my T5 jace goes off, and if i can use his +0 move, that makes my Jace's Phantasm go bananas. I'm not arguing with you, just seeing if that makes sense. replacing the 2 lands and the PWs for the probes makes sense, but do you have any suggestion for the phantasms? without being able to mill out the ten, they seem more miss than hit.

KrosanTusker on :Return to Zendikar:

2 weeks ago

I believe Maro has said that they specifically want to stay away from a sci-fi aesthetic for Magic, and that the Izzet (for example) are about as close as we'll get.

Windriddle Palaces, visually, appears to me like the intersection between Esper and Bant, and if Wizards wanted to explore the mechanics, they might be more at home on, say, the Iquati homeworld (see Jace's Phantasm, Jace's Mindseeker).

Were it not for the smattering of vegetation on Edge of Malacol, I would place it as New Phyrexia. As far as using that as the basis for a sci-fi world goes, Mirrodin has used a lot of that space, as well as being quite far towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum of fantasy-world aesthetics. The untapping-based mechanics could be flavoured for a wide range of planes.

m4ver1k on Blue Black Mill

2 weeks ago

The best mill decks I've played were actually part mill & part beatdown, this was effective because it enabled you to go toe to toe against aggro decks. It worked best for me as a blue/black/green, but that's another story. I see that this is meant more for a multiplayer format so I'll tailor my suggestions as such.

Firstly, I think you have an unnecessarily high mana curve, and really slow lands in addition to a low land count for your curve. Additionally, your best land, Tainted Isle, is actually not modern legal.

It looks like you're using Izzet Boilerworks solely for Entering. I think that's probably not the best card for that purpose. I'd replace all your Izzet Boilerworks for Crumbling Necropolis. I'd replace Tainted Isle with Drowned Catacomb.

Ideally you'd replace Dimir Aqueduct for Polluted Delta and drop a couple basic lands for 2x Watery Grave, but I understand that's probably out of your price range. So as an alternative maybe just drop one of them for a Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth so you can tap your various colorless lands for swamp if need be. I'm hesitant to suggest dropping a swamp for Urborg just so you have some fallback basic Swamps in case someone were to play a Blood Moon. Then drop one of your Ghost Quarter for a Rogue's Passage so you can enable your Consuming Aberration to swing unblockable in the late game.

Next up, I'd drop both Profane Memento for another basic Island & Swamp to bring your land count up to 24. I get that it kind of keeps you in the game but it'll be worth it when you can dump it all into your Mind Grinds and help fix your curve. Plus, the next recommendations help so that you won't take as much damage anyways.

Drop all 4x Tome Scour for Jace's Phantasm. Tome Scour is the absolute worst top deck possible, because after turn 1, you have more than one mana available, and thus would be able to empty all your mana into any other spell that can do anything more than mill 5 cards. Jace's Phantasm on the other hand, has the potential to be a 5/5 on turn 2. You play the Phantasm on turn 1, and turn two I'd play Glimpse the Unthinkable and swing for 5 right away. I know you said you can't afford Glimpse but it is definitely worth it if you could afford it at a future time. Otherwise you can always hope to use an Archive Trap to hit them that way.

Next up, flat out trade Induce Paranoia for Wight of Precinct Six. This will give you 12 creatures to use to keep yourself easily from taking so much early damage, and likely becoming big threats. Then once you hit a Consuming Aberration, any spell you cast helps mill them entirely.

Now, replace Thought Scour for Surgical Extraction. Thought Scour does cantrip & mill 2, but compared to the potential of Surgical Extraction that's really weak. You can use Surgical Extraction right off the bat targeting a fetchland they've cracked to reduce their land count in the deck as well as make it a lot harder for them to mana fix the colors they need. This makes your Mind Grind and Consuming Aberrations way more powerful.

Lastly, I'd replace Sands of Delirium for Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver so that you are not only straight up exiling cards, but have the option to potentially use their own creatures against them.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and I hope this doesn't come across harshly.

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