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Sheoldred, Queen of Swamps

Commander / EDH Mono-Black Ramp



Black mana ramp...all around deck full of mean, mean mischief. If everything falls into place, I can tap one Swamp and get 7 mana. I have a few tutors to search for my pieces, and with the potential mana generation, diabolic revelations becomes pretty hellacious. If I had more tutors, I'd put them in, and I'm looking for more mana sinks as well if anyone has any suggestions that fit the deck, but I'll prolly have to buy them when I get the spare cash...

This is an -incredibly- fun deck, and holds it's own fairly well against most threats in my casual circle...but could stand a descent revamp without destroying the core of what makes it such a blast to play.

This was, I believe, my second deck ever, and it's been a little bit since I last updated it, so suggestions would be welcome. I am on a slightly limited budget, though, so anything I may have to buy might take a while...but don't let that stop ya from dropping awesome bombs on me that I can dream of one day affording... (lol) ;-) Thanks for looking, and I hope you like it as much as I enjoy playing it.


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Traded out Black Knight for a spare Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx I found I had stored away...


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