MTG Combo: Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond

This is a legitimate combo that does not end the game in a draw unless another player controls a Platinum Angel. As long as every other player dies you win the game.


TitoTheTurtle on Aggro Tribe: Mono Black Vampires

3 months ago

I do believe that Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond is to slow for modern. Have you considered running Vampiric Link . I found that it can complete negate some attackers. Also I am curious on your opinion on Bloodline Keeper  Flip Works great for chump blocking and provided vampires for buffs

vdoz530 on Aggro Tribe: Mono Black Vampires

4 months ago

With the advice of the comment above I removed 1 of the Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combos and replaced with more camp tribe with Dusk Legion Zealot . I left one of the combos because I still want that in the deck and with the addition of the 2 extra tribe vamps I get more flexibility with the card draws it comes with.

Abzkaban on Queen Marchesa WAR

6 months ago

Not bad! I love Mardu Aristocrats! And Queen Marchesa is a good Commander for it.

More free sac outlets like Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar might help you get an engine going. Those two are especially good because of the mana they provide.

Nim Deathmantle is great for bringing things back to sac again and is made easy to use with Ashnod's Altar .

To be honest there are so many cards that fit Aristocrats strategies it’s crazy. What’s the main idea with this deck? Aristocrats value? Are you against crazy combos? I wouldn’t think you are since you’re running Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond

Darkshadow327 on Varina RD

9 months ago

Since Varina runs lifegain you can run a slight gain/drain theme. This can be done through Exquisite Blood & Sanguine Bond (which out together form the combo of Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond ). You could also run Debt to the Deathless and Exsanguinate . I would also recommend maybe 1 or 2 more lands.

If you want any more ideas I have my own deck:

The Apocalypse has Begun!!! (EDH Tribal Series #3)

Commander / EDH* Darkshadow327


I hop that I could be of some help!

Darknight_Dragon on Cheap(er) Edgar Markov Vamps

10 months ago

goldlion Thank you so much for all your advice! First, there are a lot of cards I want to add to my list. I actually have a growing list of what I want this deck to look like. Ironically, most of the cards you said in the beginning to remove I actually just put in there for the cards you told me to add again. I removed them because the avg cmc was way too high and I felt the cards were too high cmc for their effects, as good as they are. I play in a semi-competitive playgroup. They have cards that can get lands out super early, with cards that also nuke all enchantments, artifacts, or creatures by turn 8 or earlier. I don't need to be that level as I feel that would be a heavy investment for what I currently don't have. My intentions for where I am would be to at least make my mark. I played with the precon as is and I barely had out 3 creatures by the time my friends had out full boards and wipes. I was basically the tiny person in the middle of two giants fighting, maybe poking them with a stick occasionally. I want to at least have a presence on the board, even though I don't expect to hold my own against them.

My idea for this deck is to bring out a whole bunch of little creatures, create a bunch of tokens from those creatures and boost them with global +1/+1s. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I feel this strategy can be effective in a multiplayer format as well. At the very least, my hope is that the small creatures can at least leave a small dent in my opponent. Preferably take out half of their health but that's just a wish.

As for my deck, the cards I have planned to buy in the short term are: Legion Lieutenant , Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Indulgent Aristocrat , Vampire Hexmage , Vampire Cutthroat , Shadow Alley Denizen , Quag Vampires , Mirror Entity , Asylum Visitor , Falkenrath Gorger , Oathsworn Vampire , Sanctum Seeker , Gatekeeper of Malakir , Shadows of the Past , Night's Whisper , Authority of the Consuls , Tragic Slip , Dark Ritual , Mausoleum Secrets , Talisman of Indulgence , Radiant Destiny , Vindicate , Akroma's Vengeance , Mardu Banner and finally Demonic Tutor

The cards I plan to buy in the long term are: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , Expedition Map , Exquisite Blood , Anointed Procession , Cathars' Crusade , Vanquisher's Banner , Coat of Arms , Shared Triumph , Cover of Darkness , Ashnod's Altar , Guul Draz Assassin , Drana, Liberator of Malakir , Blood Seeker , Bloodthrone Vampire , Kalastria Highborn , Pulse Tracker , Viscera Seer , Bloodcrazed Paladin , Bloodghast , Metallic Mimic , Elenda, the Dusk Rose , Path to Exile , Grave Pact , Diabolic Intent and Phyrexian Reclamation

Lands are an entirely other story. I want to revamp my whole mana base because it is painfully slow and inefficient, but that will cost a lot more money. In my opinion (granted full of extremely limited knowledge) I could probably get the creatures to work with my mana base now instead of revamping my lands now and trying to make it work with the creatures I currently have. Please correct me if I'm wrong though as my word, atm, is probably as good as an educated guess.

What are your thoughts on board wipes in a deck like this? I am really contemplating if I want Armageddon in this deck. My friends can spam amazing lands quickly and just keep amassing. I was thinking this would slow them down a lot. Yes, it would affect me too, but by the time I would have 4 lands, they would have about 6. This is me not missing land drops as well. I also am contemplating Cleansing Nova , Kindred Dominance , Akroma's Vengeance , and/or Austere Command . I know this is a token deck and I don't want to nuke my own field, but for the chance my opponents will have big creatures that I can't get around, I would like a second defense. Please note I already have Merciless Eviction in this deck.

As for all the other suggestions, I don't really know if I want to put creatures that are not vampires in this deck. Especially some of the ones with high cmc, that's why I removed some of them to begin with. Butcher of Malakir I would possibly consider putting back but his cmc is so high that I feel he would not be useful. I don't know if I do necessarily want to get rid of the new cards I added strictly because I have dropped my avg cmc considerably and it will hopefully run a little smoother now. I also don't think I want to run this deck with any focus on Madness. I know I currently have several cards with Madness and am adding even more cards with Madness, but I do not want to run purposely around it. If I can use the Madness cost, then cool. If not, they weren't there for Madness specifically anyway. Mirage Mirror seems like a great card except that it only copies until end of turn thus negating the copying of Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combo to go infinite in case one is destroyed. I do very much like the idea of adding burn into this deck, as it meshes well with some of the cards added/to be added and I am highly considering Impact Tremors as well. I would love Vampiric Tutor but it's way out of my price point in the near future for a single card. Nameless Inversion is another really good card, but it's only a single target single use and therefore doesn't really fit multiplayer commander format well. If it was all creatures or an enchantment/artifact, then I would definitely add it. Suffer the Past is another card that seems amazing but for a single player's GY, I dont think it will fit in the deck well. For 1v1 though, it is definitely a good card to get! Painful Quandary looks like a super cool card that I will also consider in the future. It would definitely slow my opponents down, one of whom has several infinite combos that require infinitely casting and returning to hand certain spells. Losing the 5 life each cast would effectively ruin some of those combos, and I like that. Falkenrath Noble is another decent card but I feel his cmc is a bit too high for him to really be considered over other cards. I might put him back in the future, but for now I think I'm going to try keeping him out. Phyrexian Altar is a little out of my price point right now. In the future I will definitely highly reconsider this card!

There is one card that makes no sense to me how it works and why it's useful. I looked at this card and the first thing that came to my mind is this card sucks. I took it out almost immediately. Surprisingly, you actually recommended me to put it back in. Can you please explain to me the value in Skeletal Scrying ? It seems very bad as a draw card and like many other cards can take it's place. I understand it is a draw card where I have very little, but it's effect seems like it'd hurt me much more than what it's worth. Am I missing something important with this card?

Finally, I want to thank you again for all the help. I also want to apologize for the extremely lengthy message back and the literal day it took me to write this reply. I hope I was a bit clearer with how I envision this deck to eventually turn out. I know I will need to cut my list down eventually as I have too many cards, so if there's something that really doesn't fit please let me know! Thank you again!

goldlion on Cheap(er) Edgar Markov Vamps

10 months ago

I haven't played the Edgar Markov deck yet (though always wanted to), so I'm going at this with some assumptions.

What I am aware of is that, with some tweaks, it can be very powerful in 1v1. From what I know about when you normally play, you're usually playing in a group setting, yes? So what I'm exploring is ways you can use your great token creation to be able to effect 2-3 other people. I have some ideas for that.

First though, I think there's some good cuts you could start making to make room for these things. What's going to help you is taking out a lot of the things that have high cmc and high mana abilities. They are slow and leave us watching the game happen around us. I'm sure there's things you're already thinking of cutting, and ones you want to keep for you own reasons - I'll just give my perspective to chew on, and probably too many options to fit :).

At the end, let me know what you think and I'd be happy to help hone the strategy down!

Here's are ideas for cuts:

Anowon, the Ruin Sage - I feel like he's high priced for something that will probably get removed quickly as all of your opponents will want him gone. Maybe not a great way to use your 5th turn, spending 5 cmc for a 4/3.

Child of Night - Not bad as a cheap trigger Markov token making and the lifelink will be nice if it can get a bunch of +1/+1's on it from Markov's attacking... but I think there's better options. For example, Vampire Cutthroat .

Falkenrath Reaver - purely "vanilla", all it does is use 2 mana to give you a 2/2. I think we can find better vamps in the 2-drop slot that'll give more function to you.

Dark Impostor - a 3 cmc 2/2 is only good if the abilities have good value. His ability is great, but it's pretty expensive to pull off and even putting in Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Stronghold (as you are thinking) won't make it worth it as just those won't give you the consistency in big mana. If you added the altars ( Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar where you can sacrifice those vamps for mana, then maybe? That would go well with the overall strategy I'm going to propose, and both those, while pricey, are incredible in many decks and work magic with Black Market . Now would be the time to buy Phyrexian Altar as it's dropped quite a bit in price cause of UMA and will likely go back up soon. In the end, it could be worth taking Dark Impostor out for now (in my mind) to make room for stuff that helps this get more focused or until you know you'll have enough mana consistently where exiling one creature won't set you behind everyone in tempo. If you really wanted that ability, Profane Procession  Flip might just be better. Either way, it could be better to be able to play 3 cheap vampires in a turn, instead, triggering Markov.

Furyblade Vampire - cool with the trample if you can beef her up with Markov's ability. Discarding for 3 extra damage when attacking is alright in agro-standard, or in a deck where you want to discard things, ie. graveyard strategy or madness . This is neither of those strategies, agro is hard to make work in multiplayer EDH, and cards are far more valuable then her +3/+0 until end of turn in almost all cases. But, maybe with all the "lords" and cards that give +1/+1 to all vampires, it could be worth it?

Olivia's Dragoon - Another creature that's good in graveyard or madness strategies, but maybe not in this.

Licia, Sanguine Tribune - if she was flying and you knew you can gain that life each turn, I'd consider her. Pretty pricey for not to much addition to overall synergy to compete against 3 other decks, I think.

Vein Drinker - super expensive removal, and slow. She can get to be a flying beater which is great, but she'd probably need to be removed for the strategy I'm thinking of. New Blood get's you a big flying beater while also removing someone else's creature, for far cheaper. That's value I try to consider, especially in games where so much happens so quickly, that stuff is something to thinking about.

Blood Baron of Vizkopa - such a great card if all the conditions are right.. Otherwise, not so great, I think.

Consuming Vapors - I used to run this card, but I don't now. It only really works out well if someone is playing a Voltron deck, in which case there are instant speed versions of this. Spot removal is better, then you can make sure the creature you want to die, dies.

So what Im consider is more options for effecting all your opponents, beyond through just attacking them with a wide board. I'm trying to think, with my limited expertise, how you can have an effect on everyone with this style of deck, while "going wide" as you're thinking. You'd end up eventually wanting some different tutors to get a couple of these into play fast. We can talk about that later though.

You can do that doing damage from creatures entering the battlefield through abilities such Purphoros, God of the Forge , though a more "financially accessible" option would be Impact Tremors . Having both would be essential for making this a strong multiplayer deck. Blood Seeker , while not working with your creatures entering the battlefield, is on flavour with both vampires and "bloodletting" (passively causing incremental life loss).

Or through leaving the battlefield, like with Blood Artist (which you have), Falkenrath Noble , and non vampires like Outpost Siege (which you have), Hissing Iguanar or Rage Thrower (who's too expensive) and, Zulaport Cutthroat , my personal favourite because he hits all your opponents when one of your creatures leave the battlefield. Vicious Shadows is expensive cmc, but very powerful if you have a bunch of tokens and a way to sac them for free. The Altars that I mentioned are great ways to do this, as are thing like Bloodflow Connoisseur (which you have) and Bloodthrone Vampire which, I think, would be a great addition if you had good effects from creatures dying.

Burn at the Stake could end someone's game, though it's dead in your hand if you don't have enough vampires to tap to make it worth it. You could then Goblin Bombardment those tapped vampires to finish another person off, with Blood Artist passively killing the third.

Kalastria Highborn - fits the bill for causing slow pain. Just think, if you had her, a bunch of tokens and Phyrexian Altar out, you could probably kill someone without tapping a land.

If these effects were doing well, Wound Reflection would be strong! Imagine that with Exquisite Blood out? Same with Painful Quandary . However, you only have so many card slots and this starts taking your average cmc up.

Mirage Mirror - could double up these effects. It's not ultra-competitive because of the mana cost, but having it and a Impact Tremors out = a Purphoros... pretty good. You can also copy Blood Artist , Sanguine Bond, etc. Also, another example of what it could do: if you just played one of the pieces of your Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combo and someone goes to remove one, you can copy it with Mirage Mirror in response so you can still go infinite.

Both the ETB damage, and the creatures dying triggers would build off your Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combo. In that vein (ha), Cliffhaven Vampire and Defiant Bloodlord are both ways to stack the combo so all you really need to find is Exquisite Blood in most cases (via some tutor). However, having both those vamps would raise your mana curve (Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond is already kinda expensive to competitive EDH minds).

To best work this angle, and to make your deck more competitive in general, you want lower cost creatures that synergize or provide good utility so you can trigger Markov's eminence ability as many times a turn as possible (think how nuts that'd make Door of Destinies ). note: just cause they are weaker doesn't make them bad... Blood Artist is a staple that wins games, and when the cards all fit your deeper synergy and focus, lower mana curve means you're getting to a place of power fast. You also want more creatures (probably 35 or more all together), which means taking out other cards. Something we can talk more about later, depending on how you're feeling about all this.

Here's some great cheap vampires to provide that utility and get your deck rolling.

Pulse Tracker - just a 1/1, but for 1cmc, with Markov's ability and other ways to make your creatures bigger, he does some work for a cheap play. Mainly, his cmc would be key in a strategy of playing lots of vampires to trigger Markov and the pain/bloodletting abilities.

Indulgent Aristocrat is fantastic for using your tokens to beef up your army.

Viscera Seer is essential and an example of great utility! cheap vamp to play, free sacrifice outlet to trigger Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat , and a great way to find that card you need to draw with the scry ability.

Sanctum Seeker

Markov Blademaster is pretty badass if you have some good anthems/lords (things/creatures that give all creatures +1/+1) on the battlefield. Probably to hard to cast for the fast game I'm recommending.

Havengul Vampire

Tithe Drinker is a nice cheap vamp and good way to trigger your combo.

Vampire Aristocrat , like Bloodthrone Vampire , could be a sneaky way to end someone's game if they aren't paying attention and you are attacking with a swarm. You can sac a bunch of vampires after they declared no blockers on either of these two and do lots of damage... they won't make that mistake twice though. Blood Bairn does the same thing, but is worse cause it costs 1 more. Depends if you want to double/triple up on the effects or not.

Vampire Hexmage is a good response to someone doing crazy stuff with counters, whether it's +1/+1 counters, loyalty counters on a planeswalker, or something else.

Vampire Cutthroat

Shadow Alley Denizen - super strong in here because she is triggered by Edgar making tokens. Then only creatures your opponents control that share a colour or are artifacts can block the creatures you choose to be targeted by her effect.

Butcher of Malakir - not cheap, but with many tokens and a free sac outlet, he is a boardwipe for you. So strong and oppressive. You can do gravepact and/or Dictate of Erebos for the same effect. He's a vampire spell, so better in this deck.

Drana, Liberator of Malakir - so strong! A great example of value for cmc. Pay 3 and get a 2/3 firststrike with flying and a badass ability!

Bloodcrazed Paladin - if someone boardwipes, or if you sac a bunch of tokens for triggers, you can cast him for super cheap and make a big creature.

Falkenrath Aristocrat is great value, a 4/1 flier with haste, and as she keeps growing from Markov's ability she will be able to protect herself from board wipes and target removals (short of exiles) by sacrificing a token. Yahenni, Undying Partisan is also fantastic. He gets bigger as opponents creatures die and, like Aristocrat, he can protect himself by sacrificing a token. Both are great for also sacrificing valuable creatures that people are trying to exile of yours, so you can recur them again later.

Bloodcrazed Neonate

Olivia, Mobilized for War

Olivia's Bloodsworn

Guul Draz Vampire

Quag Vampires

Guul Draz Vampire

Mathas, Fiend Seeker is a fun one, and great way to have another player's creatures removed by your opponents.

Mirror Entity is amazing when you have a good size army. He would be recognized as a vampire, and even as a "vampire spell" I believe, important for Edgar's eminence ability. He also makes all non-vampire creatures vampires. You can beef up your troops if the mana is there for a big swing, so he's a good potential finisher.

With a mana curve taken way down, you need considerable card draw so you can keep replacing the cards you cast, cast more in a turn and have the answers to protect your battlefield. This deck's key to winning would be high tempo.

Card Draw Skeletal Scrying and Night's Whisper are strong.

Other options include Vampiric Rites , Phyrexian Arena , Champion of Dusk , Bloodtracker , Minions' Murmurs .

Painful Truths is a 3 mana 3 card-draw spell, which is fantastic.

Shadows of the Past could be used to get to the cards you need by scrying the ones you don't to the bottom of your library.

Other cards to consider:

Bloodchief Ascension - with the other pieces in place, you could easily put the counters on this between the time you play it and your next turn. Then it's doing good work!

Victimize - great, especially if you have a token to sac. This is an example of a graveyard strategy card where a discard effect could be helpful if you have high cost creatures. You discard them to the discard effect, then play this card to get them onto the battlefield for cheap. Considering this, bringing cheap costing vampires back to your hand could be better as then you can cast them to trigger Markov again. Which brings us to

Phyrexian Reclamation - I personally feel this could be a star in a Markov version with low CMC cards. with your bit of life gain and cheap creatures, this could be strong to keep cycling creatures that die (or are sacrificed), casting them back on to the battlefield to trigger Markov again.

Note: Recursion such as the one above is almost as good as card draw for when your deck is rolling.

Vampiric Fury - strong in 1v1 games, a nice "surprise", but probably not good for group games as it's a one time use. Shared Animosity would be better (though more $).

Talisman of Indulgence would be decent ramp in here.

Bojuka Bog - essential utility land to respond to graveyard decks

Shared Triumph - is an alright anthem for a lowish cmc.

Tragic Slip - a powerful removal, especially if you can sac a token for free.

Suffer the Past - on theme and great against graveyard based decks

Nameless Inversion - many creatures that are doing work in more competitive meta aren't actually that big, so this would remove many of them, cheaply, and also trigger Edgar to create a token as it counts as a "vampire spell".

Fire Covenant - may be better in 1v1 than in multiplayer, but if you have a good life total, you could burn away potential blockers, then swing with a bunch of beefed up lifelinkers to regain that life.

$$$ Cards

Guul Draz Assassin

Cover of Darkness - all your vamps would be unblockable accept by artifact and black creatures

Bloodline Keeper  Flip

Shared Animosity


Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

Metallic Mimic is a good anthem ability, to beef the troops.

Eldrazi Monument , another good anthem to add. Give it a read :)

Elenda, the Dusk Rose would be a great eventual buy. She's expensive now, so perhaps when she goes out of rotation. She goes nuts with a Blade of the Bloodchief on her.

Anointed Procession would be good eventually.

Patriarch's Bidding

Vampiric Tutor - an important eventual buy, when the $ is available. The battle bond version has been much cheaper.

Madness Madness could be a fun way to go, but remember that'd be a whole side focus. The more focused your deck is, the better it will play - though I do find it can be less interesting to play. Madness is a heady mechanic that I find fun and interesting because there's so many moving parts. If built right, could provide good value, and might be able to work with the "bloodletting"/pain style mentioned above. I built a janky deck using it, because it's fun. I think it could work well with Edgar Markov, but maybe not. It'd mean swapping out probably 30% of your cards though. It'd mean having some good graveyard recursion, cheap vamp spells, and discard triggers that provide good things for you.

For example, Asylum Visitor has madness, and Olivia, Mobilized for War or Shadow Alley Denizen provides good discard. Falkenrath Gorger gives all your vampires madness for their casting cost.

Undertaker , Call to the Netherworld , Grave Scrabbler , Palace Siege and Tortured Existence are recursion options for this strategy.

Voldaren Pariah  Flip, Call the Bloodline , Incorrigible Youths , Insolent Neonate Stensia Masquerade

If you were going "madness", I'd recommend Archfiend of Ifnir as a non-vampire exception. So nuts when you are discarding a couple cards per turn (or more). I think madness would be fun, but weaker than the other idea I proposed.

Note: Once you put in your Urborg/Cabal set, I recommend a few things like Expedition Map to get them out more consistently.

Also, when you're done with this tome of a comment (lots to process here) and before you make your updated/evolved deck public, you can archive the comments made up to that point (whatever discussion we have) so others don't have to tread through all of it.

Darkshadow327 on Blood Tax Payments are Due

11 months ago


I've been testing replacing Ashen Rider with Thoughtseize. Both are very good cards, but I've yet to determine if one has an edge over the other.


While extra card draw is nice, I haven't run into a huge problem of running low on cards.

I do agree that they are good wraths, I just don't really have any single target removal to replace them with (I've actually been looking for a place for Merciless Eviction for a while, and I finally put it in instead of Settle the Wreckage).


While Aetherflux Reservoir is good, I've found that it isn't quite right for this deck. It makes me too much of a target, and I've found that with this deck paying 50 life is risky. I also just don't like infinite combos (and yes, I know I have Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond in here, but that isn't a win-con that I go searching for. They're just good cards that happen to combo if they somehow both end up on the battlefield). Nobody likes losing to infinite combos, and nobody likes winning through the same combo everytime. That has been my experience with infinite combos anyway.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

SonicRPika on

11 months ago

Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond is a cute combo, but feels too slow for Modern. Same with Mastermind's Acquisition. The blue splash for Countersquall doesn't seem worth it either, and you have too many 2- and 3-ofs.

Personally, I'd maybe add some Path to Exile if you have any. Erase is a sideboard card. And Elesh Norn is too costly for this deck. I'd add more Mardu Shadowspear if you want to be more agressive, and more anthem effects if you want a more go-wide gameplan.

Personally, not really a deck I'd want to play. But could be fun at the kitchen table, especially with some work