Drain Life


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Beatdown Box Set (BTD) Common
Fifth Edition (5ED) Common
Mirage (MIR) Common
Fourth Edition (4ED) Common
Revised Edition (3ED) Common
Unlimited Edition (2ED) Common
Collector's Edition (CED) Common
International Collector's Edition (CEI) Common
Limited Edition Beta (LEB) Common
Limited Edition Alpha (LEA) Common

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Drain Life


Spend only black mana on .

Drain Life deals X damage to target creature or player. You gain life equal to the damage dealt, but not more life than the player's life total before Drain Life dealt damage or the creature's toughness.

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Drain Life Discussion

Drakengard_Sol on Pauper Mono Black Control Tron

10 hours ago

i'd personally take out unknown shores (since youre mono B you dont need filtering its better to have the extra mana for your drain) also you're not going to need as many drains if you have more card advantage so i'd personally stick with a set of drain life plus other draw spells are net gain or net neutral + a blocker whereas stars are net neutral, i'd personally run this deck much differently given the chance just because tron is a little clunky so i'll give you a list of edits id run in my own variant and you can decide whether or not you like them (either way i enjoy your deck idea enough to spend this much time on talking about edits)



-3 Consume Spirit

-2 Unknown Shores

-4 Chromatic Sphere

-2 Perilous Shadow

-3 Tragic Slip

-4 Dash Hopes

-2 Distress

-3 Chromatic Star


+1 Drain Life

+3 Swamp

+1 Initiates of the Ebon Hand

+2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel

+4 Prophetic Prism

+4 Darkness

+4 Dusk Legion Zealot

+4 Read the Bones

i feel that having things in playsets and using fogs to buy for time is better vs a card like dash hopes which usually requires that you're online with the engine to start with filtering, that and i believe the persistent filtering via Prophetic Prism is a better way to ensure you're casting spells on schedule, on top of that Gary keeps you afloat and acts as a good blocker vs Burn vs the other fella who gains no life

TheMadRocketeer on Mind Aids

3 weeks ago

I like this. Consuming Aberration plus a loaded up Isochron Scepter or two make a wicked combo against aggro decks with low land counts. If you found room for Flight or Invisibility, the Consuming Aberration will be evasive on top of growing into a huge beatstick. Cards like Drain Life can help buy you extra turns against aggro while you're getting set up.

TheMadRocketeer on What do you call that? A Goblipede?

3 weeks ago

Thanks Cajek. I imagine if you get an Aberration down and start swinging a Scepter or two, things would swing your way quickly. Wicked combo against aggro decks with low land counts. And if you found room for Flight or Invisibility, the Aberration will be a huge evasive beatstick. Cards like Drain Life abound in black and can buy you those extra turns against aggro to get set up and outclass them.

I've not finished my ideas for the Sideboard yet, but the 3 cards identified so far (Blood Moon, Elixir of Immortality, and Shattering Blow) would be pretty helpful in this matchup. I've given no thought yet on what they would swap in for, though.

Mj3913 on Paying With Your Lives, and Mine (Selenia)

1 month ago

Sorry for the lack of response, life's pretty busy these days.

ohmless: Palace Siege does seem like a nice fit, hard to say what to replace with it. I did consider Drain Life, however it's reliance on just black mana and single target made me choose others like Exsanguinate and Debt to the Deathless over it.

chadsansing: They probably would be Ok, I however am not a fan of infinite combos (Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond ). I didn't think of Aetherflux Reservoir, it could be a nice fit for sure. Felidar Sovereign I wasn't sure of initially, I may try it out though. Vampiric Tutor is a bit out of my "how much to spend on colorful pieces of cardboard" policy lol. I did acquire a Mastermind's Acquisition recently. As for the demons, I decided to stick with spells regarding tutors. Karlov of the Ghost Council does seem like a nice addition, perhaps instead of Kambal. Lastly, Sheoldred, Whispering One while pricey, does seem worth the investment. Whatever I missed is either too expensive, and/or more creature base than I'm intending the deck to be. (Better description on my to do list).

ImtheRealBear: I decided on Souldrinker over Wall of Blood because a) not a defender and b) it +'s stick around. Phyrexian Unlife I think requires more dedication too, i.e. more things to prevent incoming damage. Diabolic Revelation seems a bit pricey CMC wise, somethin to think about though.

Wintermoon: Well, sort of. It's in the making. I physically have about 40% of the deck, and am working to acquire the rest. Just trying to get the finishing touches on it and bugs out of it before I get it complete.

SirSh4ggy: I thought it was pretty focused, there are many cross synergies going on. It is meant to be janky though. Kokusho, the Evening Star does seem like a good fit though, where to put it...

Thank you all for your suggestions and votes. If you have any others or rebuttal I'll try to get to it asap. Happy tapping all.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Blackattack

1 month ago

This list looks fantastic if you somehow mashed up 93/94 and Pauper into a format XD

I don't know if you're looking for suggestions or just appreciating an older list, but there's some cards that have strictly better conversions. Looming Shade is strictly better than Frozen Shade, and Consume Spirit is strictly better than Drain Life.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Kobolds volunteer for Tribute

1 month ago

Is so much card draw really necessary? I get that you want to eat through your deck as quickly as possible, but you main want to main some removal, or add more creatures/rituals.

It's also worth noting that Consume Spirit is pauper-legal and strictly better than Drain Life.

Mendar09 on Pauper Mono Black Control Tron

1 month ago

Thanks I really appreciate that =D

I was just looking through commons and after finding Consume Spirit and Drain Life were both printed at common I tried to think of ways I could make a ton of black mana; finding the Initiate's and knowing about Tron being legal in pauper just made it all click haha.

xander11 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 months ago

I want to ramp up my mono black Erebos deck, it feels a little slow and spread out so I want to focus the deck on stax without blue or white. I also need a little help setting on win cons, currently I just have spells like Exsanguinate and Drain Life along with tons of extort to slowly eat away at people.

Erebos, God of the Undying

Commander / EDH xander11


I will comment on IrateWarriors deck in a few minutes since Plazmasoul posted again too soon

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