Visions of Beyond


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare

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Visions of Beyond


Draw a card. If a graveyard has twenty or more cards in it, draw three cards instead.

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Visions of Beyond Discussion

Cereal_Killer on Turbo Mill

2 days ago

Fetch and Shock lands (in your case Polluted Delta, Marsh Flats, Flooded Strand and Watery Grave) are always a good choice, so why don't you add them?

Then, remember you have Archive Trap, so you should find a way to make your opponent search his library, maybe Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin?

25 lands are too much, you need to be very fast or your opponent will kill you first!

Better alternatives to Lost Legacy are Surgical Extraction and Extirpate, they cost less and since you mill his deck, it will be easy for you to use them

You need something that let's you draw, so why not Visions of Beyond or, also, a less powerfull Opt or Serum Visions?

Consuming Aberration is too slow and too easy to destroy in my opinion.

Do you want to spend some money on your deck? Add some Snapcaster Mage

In my opinion Startled Awake  Flip is too slow and Talent of the Telepath isn't a good card you want to draw if your opponent plays only creatures, I'd add more mill cards, such as Thought Scour or Mesmeric Orb

Personally I don't like Sleep. Your opponent plays tons of creatures? Use Crypt Incursion or Fatal Push

A good sideboard can help you, so I'd add Leyline of the Void or Relic of Progenitus, Pithing Needle or Sorcerous Spyglass, Set Adrift or anything that could remove Leyline of Sanctity from the battlefield. Other suggestions are Damnation, Hurkyl's Recall (against affinity) and Murderous Cut

zaneanderman on Blistercoil Combo

5 days ago

Opt could replace Visions of Beyond

SynergyBuild on All About EDH

1 month ago

@Scytec, @DrkNinja, @kamelyan, @Silverdrake, @multimedia

Hey guys, this is my first time asking for the help of a lot of people, umm... so I don't know how to do this exactly, but I would love some criticism before I start to try to put much more time into it, or promote it a lot. I previously worked on a primer for competitive EDH, Why Every Commander is Competitive, and thought, oh, if I do one on casual/mid-level EDH I could make a primer for all of EDH, expecting to just put in the same amount of time, I was dead wrong.

With the lack of a clearly defined goal, reasonable budgets included, and the theory behind politics, etiquette, much more sub-themes, and more beatdown in casual to pub-stomp levels, I realized slowly this would take a lot more than I easily could write up, so I am concerned I have missed large portions (other than the general deckbuilding section I am writing up).

I originally wanted to set up a part of this primer where I explain all of the recommended cards, like I did for cEDH, but realized with the massive increase in the number of decks that could be made, that recommended cards grew exponentially, like with something very specific, like cantrips, I might start with an effect like Brainstorm, Ponder, Preordain, Serum Visions, and Sleight of Hand, but then a mill deck might rather Thought Scour or Visions of Beyond, a storm deck might rather Quicken for instant speed shenanigans, as you can see all of these are good cards, but since there are tons more cards to name, it could take effectively forever to name all of the possible ways to build up each possible variation of each sub-theme and the cards that could go in them.

Another part of this was going to be on playing the decks themselves, and I would split it up into archetypes (I might still do this), so 'How to play Aggro', 'How to play Control', etc. but I feel like with different playgroups and house rules, that it could vary greatly. If I write in the 'How to play Control', "In the late game, you should hold up a land you don't need to play as though it was a real counterspell or removal card. Bluffing as though a card that is useful is more important than a random land in many cases." this might work in my meta, but I don't know enough about other metas to accurately say that.

The point is, I'd like other great helpers advice, if you don't have any, just ignore me, I apologize if I should ask others to help me out!

beeSquared on Wait, Mill What Now?

1 month ago

@cdkime thank you so much for your insight and suggestions! I agree with your points and have been feeling the same regarding some cards such as Patient Rebuilding and Startled Awake  Flip, as well as removing the Planeswalkers altogether.

Jace's Archivist was also admittedly slow and was added as a fun gimmick to see how much I could mill with the original Fraying Sanity + Psychic Corrosion combo.

Syncopate... Let's forget I even made that choice, no idea why I had that in a deck like this.

For my meta regarding the people I play on a the regular, Jace's Phantasm has indeed helped me out in utilizing them as a blocker while I prep in the early game, but it does take away one mana I could be using on a Hedron Crab, Visions of Beyond or a milling spell. For now they will serve as a placeholder until I find a more suitable replacement, as well as easy sideboard option for other cards like Sentinel Totem, Mind Funeral, or Surgical Extraction.

I agree with swapping out Opt for Visions of Beyond. No arguments here the card is amazing.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the changes I made accordingly to your advice and more or less if I also adjusted my lands to compensate for adding Glimpse the Unthinkable to the main and both Surgical Extraction and Mind Funeral to the sideboard.

@PhoenixNest I did test out Fleet Swallower in a very early build when I first started to play, but for the same reason you both stated before the cost is too high to resolve its effect consistently. Thank you though for all your suggestions! :)

cdkime on Wait, Mill What Now?

1 month ago

Before getting into suggestions, I have some general feedback. A lot of the cards you currently have are fantastic, but don't really belong in mill. Mill is a bit of a strange archetype--because it is Blue, lots of players think "control" when they play mill. In my experience, this is not a great way to think about it. Mill is far closer to mono-Red burn than it is to other blue decks--your goal is to "burn" the opponent as quickly as possible. The difficulty with mill is that your opponent has 60 health, as opposed to 20, meaning you have much further to go than with a traditional burn deck.

To that end, the following cards do not help you very much:

  • Any of your Planeswalkers: Jace, the Mind Sculptor is arguably the best planeswalker ever printed, but doesn't add much to your overall game plan. Further, the earliest he comes out is turn 4--that's the turn where you want to go for the kill, having played your Fraying Sanity on turn 3. Jace Beleren comes out when you want to play other cards, without adding to your victory. Jace, Memory Adept comes out too late to really make a difference--you're better off blitzing them with your remaining mill spells on turn 5.

  • Syncopate - you have better things to do with your open mana. Turn 1, this card is useless. Turn 2, you ideally want to hit with a mill spell or drop another Hedron Crab, making this card again useless. Turn 3 is Fraying Sanity. Turn 4 is burn. There's not really a good time to play this card.

  • Patient Rebuilding is a pretty fun, flavourful card, but also comes out too late to really make a difference.

  • Psychic Corrosion does too little to really make a big difference. Sphinx's Tutelage is a better card--which I would still not run.

  • Jace's Archivist is another card taking up your valuable three-drop slot, and doesn't really do much. By turn 4, when you can first activate the ability, your opponent is likely down to 2-4 cards, making the additional mill insignificant. Further, Archivist does nothing the turn you drop it--not ideal in such a fast-paced gameplan.

  • Jace's Phantasm can be helpful as a blocker, but in my experience, there's always something better to play. This might be worth keeping depending on the other decks in your meta.

Here are some cards to add (as well as a few few more cards to cut directly followed by their upgraded version):

  • Surgical Extraction is a must in any mill sideboard - Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is a common enough card that you need a way to deal with her being placed into the graveyard. Because it uses Phyrexian mana, there’s no need to run any lands that produce Black.

  • That said, it is worth considering running Black with mill. Glimpse the Unthinkable is a fantastic card, with Mind Funeral being a decent budget option.

  • Opt is a fantastic card, but you’re better off running Visions of Beyond in mill. While the loss of scry is a shame, you’ll often be able to cast Visions as Ancestral Recall.

  • Even if you stick to mono blue, you should add fetch lands (lands like Polluted Delta). These will enable your Hedron Crab to be triggered an extra time each turn.

  • Mind Sculpt is better than Startled Awake  Flip. While it mills less, it comes out faster and can be played alongside other cards.

  • I'm going to second PhoenixNest's Archive Trap and Ghost Quarter suggestion. This is just a wonderful combo, and enough players are running fetches that you can usually Archive Trap without Ghost Quarter (or, at the very least, slow down their mana as they'll be scared to fetch).

  • I'm going to disagree with Sassya on Grindclock. It is far too slow to make a difference.

Silverdrake on Blue-Black Mill

1 month ago

Suggestions all depend on how much you're willing to spend. Archive Trap and Glimpse the Unthinkable are the most powerful mill spells in modern, but they've got a hefty price tag on them. Fraying Sanity and Mind Funeral are also fantastic cards for this sort of deck but cost less. Surgical Extraction and Extirpate let you neuter your opponent once you mill a few high-power cards. Visions of Beyond is incredible draw power. Fatal Push and Go for the Throat are probably the two best black removal spells in modern right now. Hedron Crab and Manic Scribe both work wonders in this sort of deck. Another high price tag card that you might look at is Mesmeric Orb. Crypt Incursion is great in the sideboard against aggro matchups to help keep you alive.

LiliTiddies on Make Mill Great Again

1 month ago

i'd replace Snapcaster Mage with Jace's Phantasm. the only mill card you have that works with the mage is Glimpse the Unthinkable and that makes snapcaster a turn 4 play "if" you get all your land drops. the phantasm gives you an alternate win condition and puts the opponent on a 4 turn clock that they have to deal with. then i'd replace Visions of Beyond with Breaking. visions only nets you cards after you've already milled a bunch, which it doesnt look like this deck can do quickly. in the early stages of a game it'll merely replace itself which is pretty "meh" imo. the more actual mill spells you have the better. i'd then recommend bumping up the number of total fetchlands to 8 for your crab, and running a full set of Extirpate and Surgical Extraction in the side. there are certain decks where playing a couple of Extirpate/Surgical Extraction just eliminates all of their win conditions and forces them to scoop. like storm for instance. get rid of their Grapeshot and Empty the Warrens and you win.

cdkime on

2 months ago

Apologies for the double post, but figured I would suggest Visions of Beyond as well. Cantrips are always nice in Blue, and cantrips which will often be cast as Ancestral Recall are even better.

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