Sphinx's Tutelage


Whenever you draw a card, target opponent puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard. If they are both nonland cards that share a color, repeat this process.

: Draw a card, then discard a card.

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Sphinx's Tutelage Discussion

GS10 on Oh, The INSANITY!! (Mill EDH)

1 day ago

This looks exactly like what I've been meaning to turn my Mirko Vosk deck into. I'm running few creatures, and a lot of control, but I still rely on creatures to win games with it, so I get destroyed by removal every single time. Your list doesn't only seem better at controlling matches but is also much better balanced than my own.

I ran Oona, Queen of the Fae in the 99, which is not only a big butt, but also mills, making more bodies that you can tap for Phenax, as well as the already spoken Sphinx's Tutelage, those might be helpful. Induce Paranoia is also one of my favorites in this kind of deck, working two very relevant functions.

I've now been scrapping my Mirko Vosk for parts and trying a Nekusar deck in its place, but as soon as I get a few games with it I might come back to the mill deck trying some iteration of your list! Seems pretty cool! Well deserved upvote!

Chandrian on Oh, The INSANITY!! (Mill EDH)

1 day ago

I would suggest adding Sphinx's Tutelage, it turns every draw into some extra mill.

Nosiris on mill time!

3 days ago

consider running a Sphinx's Tutelage and Curse of the Bloody Tome combo

The7thBobba on Shuffle, Re-Shuffle

6 days ago

I really like that it looks like your deck can do a whole lot of different things. Versatility is always a good thing :) that said, some of your possible tactics, I think, need a bit more dedication to actually pay off in a meaningful way.

For instance: Curse of Thirst is a super cool card, but witout more curses, you'll only be chipping away slowly.

Now, I personally dislike infect, like, alot xp but I'm not gonna tell you to take it out. I am, however, gonna suggest to go all in or out. You have a few guys with infect and then a sprinkle of proliferate. To win with infect, it is my experience that you need to focus on it, by making your guys unblockable and then pile on counters fast. But I'd rather not ;)

If you built this deck specifically to hate on another deck, then I'd suggest going straight for his key pieces with cards like Praetor's Grasp.

I see some mill in you deck as well. To me, mill is also a very exclusive and demanding tacic, and i you don't focus on it, it won't really pay off. You don't need to stuff the entire deck with moremill, but a few Jace's Erasure or Sphinx's Tutelage goes a long way:)

Undercity Informer has an awsome ability, but unless you have a few more creatures, I think he's gonna be less useful.

You've got a lot of deathtouch, so I'd add Viridian Longbow :)

Those are my immediate thoughts :) let me know if you need me to be more specific. Anyways, deck looks cool, and like it has a lot of potential and versatility.

Stay frosty, mate!

TheLastHop on (U/G) MODERN: "A wall made of green cards..."

1 week ago

I really like this idea and when I was playing with it I found myself getting the infinite mana but not drawing a Blue Sun's Zenith , so I thought you can add a couple of Sphinx's Tutelage so you can have an unlimited draw and another mill condition

TheSurgeon on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

1 week ago

Concerning Bitterblossom, I see the synergy, but you're using turns 2 and 3 to get them both out, when you should be milling. Are you playing with creatures, or.milling your opponent. Mill is much like burn, in the sense that you should attack your opponent directly and with blinding speed.

If the usual suspects bore you, try a more static mill approach:
Mesmeric Orb + Mana Leaks and/or Chronic Floodings coupled with Manic Scribes, can cost your opponent many cards in one turn.

There's always Curse of the Bloody Tome, and the draw/mill cards Jace's Erasure and Sphinx's Tutelage to synergize with Visions of Beyond, as well.

If your looking for a guarantee to buy time in a game, I would suggest Darkness,for those terrible aggro and weenie deck matchups.

Sorry if I'm muddling up your thought process by suggesting some radical changes. Check out my page for some.. Unorthodox.. Mill mechanics and strategies.

Good luck, friend!

hienisms on The. Amazing. Disappearing. Library!

1 week ago

It's weird that you have Jace's Erasure but not Sphinx's Tutelage

TrueTribal on Budget Mill Kill

1 week ago

Definitely use Thought Scour. Instant speed mill that replaces itself, for only . It works well with Sphinx's Tutelage too.

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