Thought Erasure

Thought Erasure


Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card.

Surveil 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put it into your graveyard.)

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Uncommon
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pioneer Legal
Historic Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Arena Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Thought Erasure Discussion

Destroyerbirb on Budget Pioneer Dimir Aggro Control

3 weeks ago

Scallywallwest I pretty much took the bad cards from each deck, added a few good cards, and voila! e.g. I added Skyclave Shade, but not Bloodsoaked Champion, Cling to Dust instead of Thought Erasure, etc.

Thanks for the Upvote!

DeinoStinkus on Scallywallwest Likes to Control Stuff

1 month ago

I would not change Ego to Legacy, because Ego can hit artifacts as well as lands. Plus the Dimir mana cost is easier to cast in an Esper deck.

Also, if you're going for some hand control, I'd try Thought Erasure and/or Duress.

zapyourtumor on Clock of Golem Turbine

2 months ago

Unfor3seenGod no problem, I've always liked dimir/esper artifact combo control decks. :)

Another note: I see you added 3x Thoughtseize and 3x Inquisition of Kozilek, which looks good, but you can then get rid of the Thought Erasure since 9 hand disruption spells is a lot.

Rorolith on Clock of Golem Turbine

2 months ago

I think you may be going overboard on the ramp. Chief Engineer, Etherium Sculptor, Vedalken Engineer, and Springleaf Drum. You could try cutting most of your ramp cards to add control cards like Ensnaring Bridge maybe? Thought Erasure will allow you to dig for the pieces you need while still disrupting your opponent. Fabricate will just outright get you your combo pieces, so it might be worth running at least a couple.

DeinoStinkus on Nicol Bolas Loves You

3 months ago

To add your commander, you have to list it as 1x Nicol Bolas, the Ravager CMDR. It took me a while to figure out who your commander was. Anyway, cool deck! Have you considered Thought Erasure?

DanMcSharp on Standard Dredge

3 months ago

I feel like 4 Demonic Embrace is a bit much, and the Opt are nice but pretty underwhelming since you already have plenty to do at 1 mana anyway. You would most likely benefit more from playing some removal or hand disruption like Thought Erasure instead. A few Sinister Sabotage could be nice too.

Scallywallwest on [EDH] Lazav, the Cheapo-farious (v1)

4 months ago

I think the concept for this deck is pretty cool, but tutors would be really helpful for cards like Phage. I know, some are REALLY expensive, but two good budget options are: Diabolic Tutor, Mastermind's Acquisition, and Final Parting. If you're willing to spend a bit more, Beseech the Queen would work, too. You might want to add an alternate wincon, like Etrata, the Silencer. (That is, of course, optional, but it helps sometimes.) As for your graveyard problem, most of the time, the solution would be counterspells. For Bojuka Bog, you could toss in a Trickbind or a Stifle.

Cairn Wanderer could be useful here, and to mess up your opponents messing with you, you could add in some hand-removal stuff. Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Drill Bit would all work. Or Thought Erasure, for some top-deck control.

I hope the construction of this goes well for you!

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