Rhizome Lurcher


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common

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Rhizome Lurcher

Creature — Zombie Fungus

Undergrowth — Rhizome Lurcher enters the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters on it equal to the number of creature cars in your graveyard.

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Rhizome Lurcher Discussion

SoulsSlayerKnight on Vraska Regal Gorgon

3 months ago

Hi, somewhat of a interesting deck, My primary suggestion is to considerably lower or take out a bunch of the 1x's. The ones in which you need most should always be put at a 4x or at least a 3x.

I'd start off with something like this in a way to revolve around Undergrowth and Vraska. Someone else can help out and build upon this idea for later if they like or improve upon it for I don't often play Golgari. Hopefully it helps out a bit.


4x Glowspore Shaman 4x Attendant of Vraska 4x Rhizome Lurcher 2x Lotleth Giant 4x Swarm Guildmage 4x Beast Whisperer 3x Ironshell Beetle


2x Vraska's Stoneglare 2x-4x Find / Finality


2x-4x Necrotic Wound 2x-4x Status / Statue


1x-2x Golgari Locket


1x-2x Vraska, Regal Gorgon


4x Overgrown Tomb 4x Woodland Cemetery 7x Swamp 7x Forest

Hopefully some of this helps out :). Good luck with the deck building

jspill0714 on Golgari Graveyard (Undergrowth)

3 months ago

You should add in Rhizome Lurcher

GolgariJunkman on GB Valueyard [currently 404]

4 months ago

Rhizome Lurcher - I would compare this guy with Molderhulk and the Hulk can come at least one turn earlier and he gives you land from the graveyard. My experience with Hulk: Early threat but without any evasion or trample which the Lurcher haven't as well, it will die horribly or gets blocked. So I would prefer Hulk over Lurcher even it will get bigger.

Necrotic Wound - At the beginning where I start to build the deck, I got a playset Assassin's Trophy, three Necrotic Wound and three Ravenous Chupacabra as the removal pack. While the meta, lgs-wise, switches to a drake-heavy gameday, I change the package to Kraul Harpooner and Cast Down. Cast Down don't require a full graveyard and while there aren't many copies of Niv Mizzet around it wasn't a bad addition, Kraul Harpooner needs one creature in the yard to kill the drakes while Trophy has the drawback "ramping the opponent". Maybe since the added Seekers' Squire which gives more tools to fill the graveyard, I could change the Removal pack back to Necrotic Wound.

My last thought is that I could change a little bit more to add another Journey to Eternity  Flip as well as a one-off Lotleth Giant as a payoff to the filled grave. I guess that I have to cut the Creeping Chill and the Maindeck Ritual of Soot to be more resilient.

Or should I add Blue (Chemister's Insight, Sinister Sabotage, Mission Briefing) or Red (Fight with Fire, Experimental Frenzy, Risk Factor)... Thoughts?

Quadsimotto on GB Valueyard [currently 404]

4 months ago

How about Rhizome Lurcher? Seems like it would have tons of value here. Also the card you have for your main pic. Necrotic Wound slides in like butter.

SpookyToe on Mulch -- $13 Golgari Graveyard

4 months ago

I'd say play the cards you love. Pauper is a format where you can do much about anything, new decks come and go constantly (unlike formats like modern where there are certain decks that don't really change tier or competitive consistency). There's lots of ways to go with a GY deck in pauper, and GRN brings tons of possibilities with Rhizome Lurcher or possibly Hired Poisoner. Screw most of the suggestions on here, follow your heart.

Brolamog_the_Infinite_Higher on Mulch -- $13 Golgari Graveyard

4 months ago

So, I think the main issue that I and other commenters seem to be getting at, but not saying is that deck as is seems fairly inefficient. I’ve read why you don’t want Wild Mongrel or Putrid Imp in the deck and that’s fine reasoning, but at the same time Midrange thrives on being mana efficient and right now the deck is relying on 3-4 Mana beaters which relies on you casting multiple 2 mana spells to be active consistently. This simply isn’t where we want to be as far as Midrange in Pauper is concerned, as the format has both cheaper threats and cheaper removal that makes this deck susceptable to losing mana and card advantage. Because I assume we want to keep the Delirium sub-theme, I’m not going to say “Play G/B Morbid or G/B Tortured Existance instead” but I will say that this deck could probably cut some inefficient cards like the Rhizome Lurcher and Shambling Shell as well as Drown in Filth and Grapple with the Past to instead round out the 3 ofs in your deck to playsets as that will increase consistency. That will leave some blank slots however, too which I would add Thorn of the Black Rose and Grisly Salvage as card advantage engines as well as Executioner's Capsule as an efficient kill spell that turns on Delirium easier. Hope this helps!

Daarkest on Golgari Dredge

6 months ago

Jessiquinha Commune with the Gods is great because it can grab a Rhizome Lurcher (my favorite Guilds of Ravnica card btw) and throw some other creatures into the yard to use to bulk him up. I'd try Altar's Reap instead of Night's Whisper because once again, it can put creatures in the graveyard. Test out the suggestions and see how you fell with them. Great deck too! +1

automne on LILIANA'S CHILDREN (Mono-black Zombies GRN)

6 months ago

I've been dwelling on my previous comment. Forget the Wurm, Rise from the Grave can be used to great effect when returning Doom Whisperer (makes it a zombie) or Lotleth Giant (includes Lotleth Giant in the undergrowth count) from the graveyard. Also, I'm really into splashing green to include Assassin's Trophy, and Rhizome Lurcher. With Whisper, Blood Liturgist, Rhizome Lurcher can also be used to great effect. Activate Whisper, Blood Liturgist, sacrifice it and another creature, then return Rhizome Lurcher from the graveyard. Rhizome Lurcher will enter with +3/+3, plus +1/+1 for each other thing in the graveyard, then can be buffed by Death Baron. I think it can be more effective than Bone Dragon for the reasons stated above! Just my idea, would love to hear your thoughts.

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