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Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

Acquire Traumatize


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Traumatize Discussion

reignier on Life Tank

12 minutes ago

kinda, but in games with more than 2 playhers, it is exceptional without being costly... end most games with close to 150 LP, only issues i have had is against discard decks, i.e. Traumatize and control decks. so basically, anything with blue messes this up, but any other color has few responses for it.

Renkai on Grixis Mill

5 days ago

Traumatize is a really bad card its only perfect use is if I hit it on turn 5 other than that it just sits imo and as for Mind Grind im not a personal fan its just another x spell I hope I don't hit of epic experiment.

saltyk on Grixis Mill

5 days ago

Mind Grind and Traumatize are two great mill cards if you can get the mana for them

nandohostench on I like your graveyard

6 days ago


I like this deck, it could work out fine, but are you focusing on using shapeshifters for a specific reason? On other subject... have you considered using Traumatize ? i believe it would work great for this mill type deck

Jope-san on Bruna, Light of Alabaster

6 days ago

I would suggest some mill cards so you would get more enchantments from your graveyard. Cards like Traumatize , Jace, Memory Adept , Hedron Crab etc.Oh, and you need cards like Spectra Ward that give you protection from colors.

R.C. on Trauma 2.6

1 week ago

I luckily found some more Hedron Crab s. And I've never regretted using Traumatize . The odds of getting all the Hedron crabs on the field early isn't that great. And so far Traumatize has always been the biggest bang for its buck. And a great combo with Undead Alchemist . And now with Keening Stone I can take someone out pretty quickly.

Megalomania on Lazav, Dimir Necromancer

1 week ago

Good move changing the commander to Lazav. He has better interaction with the rest of the deck compared to Sygg.

I think you have too many creatures with graveyard recursion. It probably works in your playgroup but I think you can do away with some in favor of creatures like Crypt Ghast , Nemesis of Reason and Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker .

You can also make use of cheaper counterspells. Cryptic Command's one colorless, three blue mana cost seems too much. Same goes with Desertion, Forbid and Undermine. You're probably better off using other spells or counterspells like Negate , Counterspell and Dissipate .

Beacon of Unrest can be replaced with Traumatize . It more or less cripples a player and gives you better choices of cards to reanimate.

Increasing Ambition is nice but I think Diabolic Tutor will be a lot more practical.

I 'd try to do something about getting this deck more speed. Maybe lose Venser's Journal and Sword of Light and Shadow in favor of accelerants?

Lastly, i'd try to streamline some more. Maybe focus on getting more milling instead of stealing? A Bloodchief Ascension + Mindcrank combo would do you a lot of good too.

cr14mson on Phenax as a reanimator general?

1 week ago

For the same price, you can already Traumatize yourself. No setup needed. I also agree that two colors is limiting. Better go BUG, as Golgari offers a whole lot more graveyard interaction/manipulation. Not much options with the general though.

Watch out for Sultai clan in Tarkir. it's supposed to be the color of necromancy!