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Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

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Traumatize Discussion

NorthernRaven on Milling the Modern Meta

1 hour ago

Mesmeric Orb and Hedron Crab is my main cards. They mill so much! And I don't care if the Orb Mills myself. I can't remove them.

I can see that Shriekgeist could be good. 2 card every turn. I need to try that card.

Traumatize is bad. It only Mills like 10 cards.

Duskmantle Guildmage needs a combo to work. I don't like to play combo.

But I still need to remove something for Thoughtseize. What counter to remove? (I actually like Deprive )

Is there other good black cards for a mill deck?

Onoku on Milling the Modern Meta

19 hours ago

So for some more feedback. I'm not a fan of Hedron Crab . I think Shriekgeist would make a pretty good replacement. Mesmeric Orb isn't high on my list because I don't like that it mills you as well. If there were anything to remove for the Thoughtseize , that would be it. There are some good cipher mill spells in blue as well if you want to go that route with unblockable creatures. Mine had some issues though because a lot of times I would end up with the cipher spells and cipher them on due to removal. Again, if you are splashing black Duskmantle Guildmage can do ridiculous damage when pair with a Traumatize or Archive Trap .

NorthernRaven on Milling the Modern Meta

1 day ago


Options.... TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!

Scytec - I could splash black. But I don't think, that combo would work in this deck. I would also like to keep it Mono-U for now. Or else it would be too expensive. I have tried Traumatize before. But when I play it, it only mills for like.... 10 cards.... And that is just not good enough.

WicKid52 - Mindcrank is not a bad suggestion. But... Hm.... Don't you just think, that people would let their shocks ETB tapped? And why Blue Sun's Zenith ? Explain! :D

BorosPlayer - Black could be good. But that almost just recuires fetch lands. And they are VERY expensive (maybe they will get a reprint in karn? ;D). The aggro thing.... Board wipe thing..... Would Sleep be good enough? :D

sonicizslow - Yea! It hates! And it's mono-colour! YEA! :D

skylord_ace01 on B/U Mill

1 day ago

i think you should put Traumatize in the deck so you could make a combo with Consuming Aberration Kiora's Follower and Phenax, God of Deception . the combo works by having the god comsuming ab and kioras follower out, traumatize them to make ab bigger then tap ab to mill them even more, tap the follower to untap ab and tap him again for game.

sonicizslow on B/U Mill

2 days ago

Traumatize ? Or not quite what you're going for?

Scytec on Milling the Modern Meta

2 days ago

If you splash black, Consuming Aberration + Phenax, God of Deception is an insane combo. Especially if you Traumatize them first.

subzero121314 on Trauma 2.5 (Need Help with a Big Update!)

4 days ago

Keening Stone !!!!!!! it mills them for however many cards are in their graveyard... So plus Traumatize , well, yeah, you get it.