Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

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Traumatize Discussion

AcidicArisato on Consuming Cards

1 hour ago

Make sure to add basic lands. Having 4 Traumatize might be a little much; I'd swap those out for some Treasure Cruise to help you draw more mill. 4 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker is also kind of high. Swap two of those for two Phenax, God of Deception . Jace's Phantasm is definitely a good pick; wait to play them until you've got some of that mill going. Keening Stone is a really expensive artifact, so you might want to change it out for something else. Millstone perhaps?

uiuiho12 on battle of wits

6 days ago

Traumatize is the best card in the game.

denijsx90 on Consuming Cards

6 days ago

Not really sure what you're going for here.. So improve that deck description for one.

Next, everything you've heard is correct. There's a reason people like 60 card decks. Less cards means a higher chance to draw cards you need. So reduce to 60

Exchange Dimir Guildgate for Drowned Catacomb

If you are going for the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank infinite combo, then you need more Mindcrank . Don't worry, you've certainly got enough creatures to make them worth while. It's Duskmantle Guildmage that's worthless here.

Combo decks work best in control shells, so I recommend Mesmeric Orb and the glorious Hedron Crab ! Don't worry about the self mill from Mesmeric Orb your deck is designed to kill their deck faster.. Still.. A lot of people have trouble with that because they see it as "killing options". If you're one of them Elixir of Immortality is your friend.

By the way, Traumatize is a deceptively shitty card. If your mill deck is doing it's job, the. By turn 5 (the earliest your deck will allow you to play Traumatize ) your opponent might have 26 cards left in their deck.. So one traumatize takes a mere 13. And you've got 4 of them!! Each one will do progressively less damage. Half of 13 is 6, half again is 3. Each time you pay 5 precious mana to do astoundingly little more than Glimpse the Unthinkable . The cheaper option is Breaking / Entering .

Now if you absolutely MUST have Traumatize then do yourself a favor and throw in Haunting Echoes , but you're already riding high on 5cmc cards

You're better off paying the same amount and carving out a static 10 each turn using Jace, Memory Adept

Im a huge fan of mill, please check out my various decks if you need some inspiration; The Pissed Off Librarian is a neat one.

Scytec on battle of wits

6 days ago

Ya...because everyone runs Traumatize ...(heavy sarcasm)

kamarupa on battle of wits

6 days ago

1 Traumatize and you're library is under 200. But Emrakul would keep that from happening, I think in a stupidly useful way.

Javaz on Ashiok, Nightmare Miller, King of Zombies

1 week ago

Ok, after a long consideration I've decided what to do. I think that I'll keep the Lich Lord of Unx , the Ghoulraiser over the Diregraf Captain and the Unbreathing Horde , since it is a great 3-drop in this deck, it can be really huge. I'll add 2 Geralf's Mindcrusher , nice fatty with great ability! And 4 Butcher Ghoul for early game protection. This is for the creatures part of the deck.

I'll obviously keep 4 Altar of the Brood and a pair of Grindclock , and I'll definitely add a Traumatize . I think I'll keep 3 Undying Evil 'cause I really need to protect my Undead Alchemist , and this is a great card to save them and also pumping with a +1/+1 counter. I prefer Psychic Strike over Negate : 1 more mana, but it'll mill (as a bonus) and can counter a generic spell, it's strong. Also added 3 Doom Blade to control the board.

Gravecrawler and 2 other Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver are simple too expensive.. I can afford only 1 Ashiok, and the Crawler here is around 7 euros.. Maybe in the future I'll add them :)

I cannot thank you enough for the comment! It's been extremely useful! I hope this deck will mill like crazy now :D

Boza on Ashiok, Nightmare Miller, King of Zombies

1 week ago

Ok, so, in order to magnify the power of the deck, several things are needed:

  • lower mana curve - some of the cards can be replaced with others for a similar effect
  • recursion and protection - ensure that your strategy is unhindred
  • virtual card advantage and card advantage - ensure that you have the leg on the opponent.
  • consistency - better mana and mana utilization

We can do this with a few simple changes which won't cost much. Lets start with the basics:

22 lands - 4 Dismal Backwater , 4 Jwar Isle Refuge , 4 Drowned Catacomb should be decent enough fixing.

3 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - great card, we need more of it.

4 Undead Alchemist - meat of the deck.

4 Altar of the Brood - meat of the deck.

That is 34 cards that make up the core of the deck. everything else seems optional and optimizable!

4 Gravecrawler - the perfect zombie for the deck.

4 Butcher Ghoul - recurring threat

4 Dregscape Zombie - recurring threat

2 Geralf's Mindcrusher - the end game zombie.

3 Ghoulraiser - provides recursion and virtual CA (even if they kill it immediately, it still provided value).

17 zombies that make up the early to midgame plan. We have 9 cards left to grind for more advantage and protection.

2 Traumatize - severely underrated and brutal after a turn 4 alchemist.

3 Negate - holding up a nice counter to most of the strategies.

4 Doom Blade - simple and effective.

This version eschews the limited use cards by incorporating zombies with inherent recursion for more virtual CA. Gravecrawler and Altar seems like a match made in heaven. Think of a sideboard with more removal and more counters.

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