Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

Acquire Traumatize


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Traumatize Discussion

Rarden on Lazav, Dimir Spymaster

16 hours ago

If I may, Traumatize paired with Duskmantle Guildmage 's first ability is a devastating combo I've noticed. I'm in the process of acquiring the right cards for a Dimir EDH/Commander deck and I love the way this deck looks.

DisGeekyGuy on Mono-Blue Mill Deck (Non-Competetive)

1 day ago

Well, the deck seems fine as it is ; however it's in the middle of two things : control, aiming for long games and winning with constant low cost mill effects like Jace's Erasure Curse of the Bloody Tome or the most efficient Hedron Crab (which is also more fragile). And some kind of tempo quick mill strategy with all the instant or sorceries you have here.Btw I love Hedron crab and he works insanely well with Oboro, Palace in the Clouds .I'd suggest cutting the Traumatize , casting cost is too high for 16 lands (which is already very low).So maybe fill the slot with lands or Mana Leak or even better Counterspell Good idea to put some Evolving Wilds very cool with the crab as well.Also Jace's Phantasm is good but if you're gonna use it just to block (you plan to mill down your ennemies right ?) well fog bank would be better. Although it gets trampled on it doesn't get killed as easily .i don't feel like Dream Twist is very good. If you're going to go FULL CRAB, replace it with some kind of counterspell to protect the little thing.Yeah. I really think you need at least 20 lands, or Into the Roil doesn't make sense.If you want real quick mill spell go check Dimir's cards. They have the most badass stuff.

AcidicArisato on Consuming Cards

2 days ago

Make sure to add basic lands. Having 4 Traumatize might be a little much; I'd swap those out for some Treasure Cruise to help you draw more mill. 4 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker is also kind of high. Swap two of those for two Phenax, God of Deception . Jace's Phantasm is definitely a good pick; wait to play them until you've got some of that mill going. Keening Stone is a really expensive artifact, so you might want to change it out for something else. Millstone perhaps?

uiuiho12 on battle of wits

1 week ago

Traumatize is the best card in the game.

denijsx90 on Consuming Cards

1 week ago

Not really sure what you're going for here.. So improve that deck description for one.

Next, everything you've heard is correct. There's a reason people like 60 card decks. Less cards means a higher chance to draw cards you need. So reduce to 60

Exchange Dimir Guildgate for Drowned Catacomb

If you are going for the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank infinite combo, then you need more Mindcrank . Don't worry, you've certainly got enough creatures to make them worth while. It's Duskmantle Guildmage that's worthless here.

Combo decks work best in control shells, so I recommend Mesmeric Orb and the glorious Hedron Crab ! Don't worry about the self mill from Mesmeric Orb your deck is designed to kill their deck faster.. Still.. A lot of people have trouble with that because they see it as "killing options". If you're one of them Elixir of Immortality is your friend.

By the way, Traumatize is a deceptively shitty card. If your mill deck is doing it's job, the. By turn 5 (the earliest your deck will allow you to play Traumatize ) your opponent might have 26 cards left in their deck.. So one traumatize takes a mere 13. And you've got 4 of them!! Each one will do progressively less damage. Half of 13 is 6, half again is 3. Each time you pay 5 precious mana to do astoundingly little more than Glimpse the Unthinkable . The cheaper option is Breaking / Entering .

Now if you absolutely MUST have Traumatize then do yourself a favor and throw in Haunting Echoes , but you're already riding high on 5cmc cards

You're better off paying the same amount and carving out a static 10 each turn using Jace, Memory Adept

Im a huge fan of mill, please check out my various decks if you need some inspiration; The Pissed Off Librarian is a neat one.

Scytec on battle of wits

1 week ago

Ya...because everyone runs Traumatize ...(heavy sarcasm)

kamarupa on battle of wits

1 week ago

1 Traumatize and you're library is under 200. But Emrakul would keep that from happening, I think in a stupidly useful way.

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