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Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.

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Traumatize Discussion

themlsna on Wanna Summon Cthulhu? (suggestions wanted!)

22 hours ago

Collect Call of Cthulhu is my mill deck. It's not as on theme as yours (which is really flavorful, and I like that a lot), but it does showcase a lot of mill options. I would point out Traumatize, Sands of Delirium, Grindclock, and Keening Stone. If you want to run only a select few cards to mill, they should be ones that hit big, or can hit again and again.

vendra00 on The Wind Mill

1 day ago

I was playing with 2x Archive Trap before, but now almost everyone has a fatland or something like that to play. Than I removed 1xTraumatize and 1xDissipate. So far in games I'm able to play like two Archive Trap every game.

nayrash5 on Sidisi, the Dealer of Death

3 days ago

I think that Jace, Memory Adept would probably be better then Jace TLG, because Memory adept mills for 10 a turn, or potentially draws you a card. Liliana Vess would be good here, because tutors are always nice, and she has the benefit of allowing you to discard a card. Traumatize is very handy about dumping a huge portion of your Library into your graveyard, and combined with Jace MA, you could theoretically mill someone out.

DimirZer00 on The Dark Ocean - Mill - Want suggestions :D

5 days ago

I don't know if you simply forgot to add in or its simply not there.But, eight lands isn't enough.Also you should take a look at Memory Erosion and Traumatize. and if you add in a bit more blue to the deck. You should take a look at Sanity Grinding.

At moment you have 12 black cards and 8 Artifacts. and that's a bit to high to get Sanity Grinding be working in your favor. If you cloud get the mono-black cards down to 8. So, you 8 mono-black and 8 Artifacts. So,you have 16 non-blue card. Sanity Grinding would be a good card to have.

nice update

DimirZer00 on Merfolk Surprise

5 days ago

Thanks, I was thinking about her into my EDH deck am making.It sound like it might wroth it.

This deck remind of a Dimir deck I have. and while it start off slow. it grew into a powerful milling power house.With cards like :Memory Erosion,Nemesis of Reason,Sanity Grinding,Traumatize, and Wrexial, the Risen Deep.

Now, I know this is a Azorius Deck.and if aggro decks are giving you a hard time. What about adding in some Exhaustion,Render Silent, Silence, Sleep and maybe two Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer or maybe even Stoic Angel

While your not me. I would think about taking out Mothdust Changeling and Stonybrook Schoolmaster

SasukeUchiha on Mill Your Mind Out

6 days ago

Mind Grind can easily be replaced by Mind Funeral since for 3 mana Mind Funeral does what Mind Grind takes 6 mana to do. Archive Trap is better than Traumatize when hard casting in 99% of your games, so you change one Traumatize for an Archive Trap. I might add one Creeping Tar Pit just to give you another win-con if mill doesn't work. I would personally change one Psychic Drain for a Jace, Memory Adept. To help deal with tron decks and man-lands, as well as trigger Archive Trap, you could add two Ghost Quarter. I would change two Cyclonic Rift for two Mana Leak since it is more useful to counter stuff in the early game than to return it to your opponents hand (unless you use Remand). I would also take out the other Traumatize and one Psychic Drain into some sort of card draw such as Inspiration, Jace's Ingenuity, or Think Twice. I would add Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize maybe take out two Dimir Charm, and one Tome Scour. These are just what I see would make the deck a lot more competitive, and run a lot more smooth.

LuxCannonator on Spec & Spell (NEED HELP WITH SIDEBOARD)

6 days ago

No problem nodice

I would turn this more into the burn path.

Put in

Dangerous Wager and Searing Wind

Throw some Lightning Bolts in. Use Spellweaver Helix and Lightning Bolt together. 13 dmg for a R.

Another Route is suff like

Beacon of Tomorrows

Denying Wind


Time Stretch


The list goes on...Spellweaver Helix is good.

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