Target player puts the top half of his or her library, rounded down, into his or her graveyard.
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Traumatize Discussion

etrus on Mill-er Lite (I Need Help)

15 hours ago

You don't need 2 Traumatize because it will mill so little after first one. And if you play Undead Alchemist you might want to put Altar of the Brood in your deck. You might need Ghost Quarter so that you can use Archive Trap more easily.

Lasor on Skull Drilled

1 day ago

I would assume a Sphinx's Tutelage would be a better choice than Curse of the Bloody Tome because it'll trigger more and has the ability to mill for more than two.I would also recommend boarding in a bit of card draw, honestly I feel like in a modern setting getting Traumatize off seems like more trouble than it's worth, so I'd think about maybe transitioning into something like Serum Visions maybe?Granted, I'm not much of a modern player, this is just how I would think modern mill could be theorized.

malincar on A Kingdom Betrayed EDH (suggestions welcome!)

2 days ago

chilbi, thanks for the comment.
I did seriously consider using Traumatize, but since I'm not running Crucible of Worlds, it could cause serious problems for me. I'd totally run one if I had unlimited disposable income.

As for Training Grounds, unfortunately it doesn't affect Unearth's cost, since the Unearth ability is given to the creatures in the graveyard, and you don't "control" creatures unless they're on the battlefield. The suggestion has merit though, so I'm going to try running a Heartstone instead.

chilbi on A Kingdom Betrayed EDH (suggestions welcome!)

5 days ago

Hi mate - thanks for the comment on my Sedris deck. You're right my build is quite different from yours since it's focus is less on unearth but more on punishing people via Megrim and the like.

But since you seem to have some serious Unearth-action going on here - ever thought on Traumatize and / or Training Grounds to get things going even more massive?

+1 from me, cheers!

Tormentero on Unblockable Mill

6 days ago

Honestly, I would take out Traumatize for a couple of Thassa, God of the Sea. That should get your unblockable going. Inquisitor's Flail would be pretty funny to see working with Mindcrank. And also I would replace Mind Sculpt for Breaking. I never really felt like I got much use with Duskmantle Guildmage. His abilities are too slow, in my opinion.

kylethereader on Milling In Modern. (Under $30 Budget)

1 week ago

I initially stated Traumatize was usually pointless, because I would use the mana to get out combo pieces. The deck does have a tendency to run slow though, so I will attempt to implement them. thank you for the suggestion

Atony1400 on Milling In Modern. (Under $30 Budget)

1 week ago

I really recommend Traumatize here, I know it's a budget build, but it will make this deck waaaaay better!

ClassyShinobi on Mill-y Vanill-y

1 week ago

It can be modern viable, but you would have to rework your mana curve. The deck as it is has a pretty high one. It needs way more 1 drops and way less 4-5 drops. I would only run a 1 of Traumatize, 1 Phenax, God of Deception, and 1 Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker. The legendary creatures make dead draws after the first one is out already and are pretty slow even if powerful. Also, Traumatize is expensive and gets a lot less exciting after the first. I would replace those slots with 4 Thought Scour. It doesn't mill as heavily as your other 1 drops, but DOES mill, and it draws you a card, which triggers tutelage, and abberation, and the mill you get from those cards helps will wight and abberation and it helps- Nevermind, you get the point. It seems solid.

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