Sharuum the Hegemon

Sharuum the Hegemon

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Legendary Artifact Creature — Sphinx


When Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Sharuum the Hegemon Discussion

NinjaBunny01 on It would really suck if you have a Hellkite Tyrant

1 week ago

From personal experience, Sharuum the Hegemon would be more synergetic with the deck. But I understand the allure of Oloro. Also from experience, keep the non-artifact creatures in there. They tend to be weaker than normal creatures, especially when Naturalize is now a kill spell and Aura Shards is pretty popular. Let me ask one question, do you have a mana problem? Or more clearly, do you have a problem keeping up with ramp decks? I would say add in some more mana rocks. Azorius Signet and Dimir Signet should be good enough, with Chromatic Lantern and maybe even Gilded Lotus for good measure. Should help with pacing of the deck. Then maybe some more tutors. And with it being so heavily reliant on artifacts, I am surpised to see no Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas or mass artifact return like Roar of Reclamation. That's really all I can think of right now. Hope this helps.

CanadianShinobi on Sharuum EDH Artifacts Help

1 week ago

So I have finally settled on a Commander deck. I've burnt through Dimir and Grixis, but I have now settled on Esper. The most excellent Shard to have ever existed. It's a Sharuum the Hegemon artifact deck focusing on synergy. I despise infinite combos and for that reason I will not add Disciple of the Vault. But I think that Community input would greatly improve the deck in it's current state. So please, provide feedback.

Her Majesty's Clockwork Soldiers (Help Needed) Playtest

Commander / EDH* CanadianShinobi


Epochalyptik on EDH Deck Help Challenge (with ...

1 week ago

A Deck Help thread with a twist!
This thread comes with a hypothetical scenario and a challenge (and maybe a prize).

You're playing this deck:

Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition Playtest

Commander / EDH Epochalyptik

SCORE: 410 | 79 COMMENTS | 118825 VIEWS

Your situation:

It's been a close, but decent game so far. You're in a multiplayer (4-person) pod competing in an SCG side event for some credit. You're up against Arcum Dagsson, Riku of Two Reflections, and Sharuum the Hegemon. The bad news is that all of your opponents are playing blue. The worse news is that you haven't been drawing creatures, and the Riku player likes to punish exposed, fleshy faces because he plays RUG and his creatures have nonzero power. Luckily, you went first and have been getting otherwise decent draws.

Oh, and you're at 4 life.

Your permanents:
Mox Diamond
Mana Crypt
Tropical Island
Overgrown Tomb
Underground Sea
Reflecting Pool
Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Your hand:
Cephalid Coliseum
Demonic Tutor
Riptide Laboratory
Mana Vault
Tooth and Nail

Your graveyard:
Dryad Arbor
Windswept Heath
Skyshroud Claim
Polluted Delta
Swan Song
Nature's Claim
Mystical Teachings
Vampiric Tutor

In exile:
Sylvan Library
Leyline of Anticipation
Strip Mine

None of your opponents control any creatures except for the Sharuum player, who Damnationed one turn ago and now controls Sharuum the Hegemon. Arcum has an Island untapped. Riku has Volcanic Island and Breeding Pool untapped. Sharuum has a Plains, Hallowed Fountain, and Underground Sea untapped. All three players have between 2-5 cards in hand.

You suspect that Arcum and Sharuum are approaching combo, and you're at 4 life anyway. It's your first main phase. If you can win, you have to do it this turn.

The Challenge

Explain whether you can win the game this turn (and, if so, give a play-by-play) or not (and, if so, why not). The first user to give a correct response will receive a prize (I have a few in mind).

I spent about half an hour creating this game state out of nothing. It's loosely based on some scenarios I've faced before, but I figured I'd give you all a challenge. If you backtrack from the current state, you can actually simulate the previous turns in the game.

Don't assume that you can win. I may well have spent this time to construct a devious game state that will force you to think for ten minutes before realizing it can't be won.

TheMagicalNerd on Sharuum Hegemon of combos

2 weeks ago

I'm trying to turn my Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck into a Sharuum the Hegemon deck. This deck gave me lots of good ideas for the new deck. :)

As for suggestions, Hero's Downfall is better than Murder and costs the same amount of mana. I personally think Path to Exile is a better card than Swords to Plowshares, but it's up to you. Overall, good deck. :)

CrazyLittleGuy on Milling your opponent for a ...

2 weeks ago

@erabel Yeah, Four Horsemen was a Legacy deck that had to mill itself using Mesmeric Orb+Basalt Monolith until there were 3+ narcomeobas on the battlefield along with Sharuum the Hegemon, Blasting Station, and Dread Return in the graveyard. So basically you had to mill those three cards before milling your Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

The deck is effectively neutered by the slow play ruling, which says you can't repeat a loop any number of times without knowing when it will end and what the outcome will be. In both of these cases, the loop would be whenever you repeated the same game state of a battlefield that hasn't changed, cards in hand that haven't changed, and an empty graveyard; so basically, when you hit the Eldrazi a second time, and its trigger resolves, you are in slow play territory, because you have repeated a series of actions that resulted in an identical game state. You can avoid this by moving to different phases of your turn or resolving spells in between iterations of the loop, which effectively changes the game state enough for it to be considered a series of actions. Basically, the board has to change in some way in between resolutions of the Eldrazi's triggered ability.

So, in reality, infinite mill with Eldrazi is a no-go.

Tjornan on who should my commander be

3 weeks ago

A good Sharuum the Hegemon deck will draw just as much hate as a Narset, Enlightened Master. In terms of power, Daretti offers some pretty awesome shenanigans, although I'm guessing a Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer deck would be pretty fun to play.

Blakkhand on who should my commander be

3 weeks ago

I've played a few dozen games against narset and.... everyone hates her. Do yourself and play the greatness that is jor kadeen. Though, if you want artifacts.dec, I'd maybe consider something a bit more durdly, like the aforementioned daretti, Bosh, Iron Golem, Hanna, Ship's Navigator, or Sharuum the Hegemon.

Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) Black Blue White
Cost 3WUB
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 1.04
Avg. cube pick 6.18


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Legends Mythic Rare
Shards of Alara Mythic Rare


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