Sharuum the Hegemon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Mythic Rare
Commander 2013 Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Legends Mythic Rare
Shards of Alara Mythic Rare

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Sharuum the Hegemon

Legendary Artifact Creature — Sphinx


When Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Sharuum the Hegemon Discussion

pmankiw on Breya help

12 hours ago

So currently your deck has a lot of creatures and some of them like Akiri, Line-Slinger are quite aggressive however I feel like Breya and Ichor Wellspring I would decide if you would rather be combo based or aggro based. If you want to do both I feel that Silas Renn, Seeker Adept and Sharuum the Hegemon work nicely. Cards like Magus of the Will and Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer lean either way. Magus being more combo based and Jor Kadeen being more aggressive. I would also cut Soul of New Phyrexia I don't think it helps either strategy. If you want a card that works well with board wipes then I would use Selfless Spirit as it's cheaper. Anyway hope this helps.

Hc_Clan on Lost To The Ages (Hanna, Ship's Navigator)

1 week ago

Hey Rusty_Shackleford! I think I understand where you're coming from. If I saw other decks with as many lands as this one, I'd be compelled to make the same comment you have. I'll have to say that this deck truly can run well with the number of lands and rocks it is currently running. Throughout months and months of playtesting, I've almost never had to worry about being behind on mana. Brainstorm and Ponder are good cards and I might put them in the deck now that you mention them, but I have had cards like Buried Ruin and Argivian Find in the past and they're not necessary because our commander can do that ability for us. Realistically speaking, I also don't really need her in the deck, but she is nice to have for the recursion and she gives us access to a Mindslaver combo.

The only other option for a commander that would be viable in these colors are Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Sharuum the Hegemon which are both quick kill targets, Hanna is much more likely to survive a few rounds and has a lower CMC.

DoomOnYOU on Breya's Band of Hard Core Beaches

2 weeks ago

My favorite combo in my Breya deck is Sharuum the Hegemon + Disciple of the Vault + Sculpting Steel. Have SS enter as a copy of Sharuum, return from graveyard trigger goes on the stack, but legend rule kills Sharuum, pinging someone with Disciple, and then the return trigger resolves, returning Sharuum, and just repeat infinitely until you have infinite damage with Disciple. Fun and easy to pull off, no hoops to jump through outside of getting the cards out.

Izu_Korasu on Help Wanted: New Combo Database

2 weeks ago

Sculpting Steel/Phyrexian Metamorph+Sharuum the Hegemon+Altar of the Brood = infinite mill

Nature's Will/Bear Umbra+Aggravated Assault/Hellkite Charger = infinite attack steps

Teysa, Orzhov Scion+Darkest Hour+Blasting Station+a creature = infinite damage

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Walking Ballista = infinite damage.

Melira, Sylvok Outcast/Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit+Kitchen Finks/Murderous Redcap+ a sac outlet = infinite life/damage and if sac outlet is Blasting Station/Viscera Seer/Altar of Dementia infinite damage/scry/mill aswell.

Kormus Bell+Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth+Massacre Wurm/Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite = no lands for opponents (lockdown)

Exquisite Blood+Sanguine Bond = infinite life loss/life gain

Labratory Maniac+Mesmeric Orb+Basalt Monolith = infinite self mill +draw=win

similar combo works with Labratory Maniac+Puresight Merrow+Paradise Mantle = infinite self exile

Omnath, Locus of Rage+Elemental Mastery+Intruder Alarm = infinite haste tokens that die for infinitex3 damage, but the combo works similarly with any other token making engine.

Heat Shimmer/Twinflame+a creature for initial target+Dualcaster Mage = infinite dualcasters with haste

GregariousG on BREggs YAn bombs

3 weeks ago

    Cards to Consider
    Aethor Revolt is so good for your eggs deck.
    Paradox Engine: Dumb card for silly eggs deck. Free untapps for your cheap eggs

Instants and Sorceries
Stuff I Dont Like
    Implement of Combustion and Implement of Improvement: This cycle is weak IMO besides the blue version, which I love for some strange reason.
    The Equipment (and Stoneforge Mystic/Steelshaper's Gift) Besides Nim Deathmantle and Skullclamp: I dont Voltron is what this deck is trying to do.
    Servo Schematic
    Thousand-Year Elixir: Not sure if this is that type of deck.
    Aphetto Alchemist, Sage of Lat-Nam: Other cards do it better.

DemonDragonJ on List of Commanders by Home ...

1 month ago

Now that WotC's Commander products are an annual product (I still refer to the format itself as Elder Dragon Highlander/EDH, because I was introduced to it by that name), I wish to make a list of all the legendary creatures, or commanders, who have appeared in those sets, by plane of origin.

I shall be including both new legendary creatures introduced in those sets, as well as previous cards that were reprinted in those sets (which includes Commander's Arsenal), but I will not include legendary creatures that have not been printed in a Commander set, even if other creatures from their plane have been in those sets. I shall first list the planes known to be home to at least one commander, alphabetically by name, and then list each commander from that plane, alphabetically by name. If a commander is from a specific region or belongs to a specific faction on that plane, I shall list that region or faction in parenthesis after their name.

Commanders Show

What does everyone else think of this list? It took a great amount of time to write this list, so I hope that you appreciate it. I would not at all be surprised to learn that I mistakenly listed a commander's home plane as unknown, when it is actually known, so please let me know if I made any mistakes, and I also shall add new legendary creatures to this list whenever WotC releases a new Commander set.

chaosumbreon87 on The Most Painful Form of Mill, Version 2!

1 month ago

4 horsemen is a semi banned legacy deck that revolves around Mesmeric Orb+Basalt Monolith+Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. banned for slow play warnings evolving into dq. It is an infinite combo that cannot be proven due to emrakul being milled reshuffling and restarting the combo.

wincon steps:

  1. mill 3-4 Narcomoebas which brings them back
  2. flashback Dread Return to return Sharuum the Hegemon
  3. sharuum returns bringing back Blasting Station
  4. infinitely bring back narcomoebas to ping the opponent to death with blasting station

above win cannot happen (emrakaul looping without significant progress made=slow play). Funny thing if someone can calculate the odds of winning at each step, you can appeal to head judge/l3/l4 judge if the tournament organizer doesnt know or believe in the law of large numbers and the law of averages.

back to modern, the deck just gets absurd amounts of mana, drops in emrakaul+another big creature and swings for lethal (on emrakaul's extra turn)

GobboE on Assemble the Doomsday Machine!

1 month ago

A good land to use, that isn't too expensive, is Grand Coliseum.

Also, Sydri is a great general, but in particular for more comat oriaented artifact builds (that she can provide deathtouch helps). If you consider switching consider Sharuum the Hegemon. I build a deck similar to yours, and it worked like a charm. For (blatant self) referential purposes ;) : Artifact Hegemony (Sharuum the Hegemon) . Just kidding, but feel free to to view.

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