Sharuum the Hegemon

Sharuum the Hegemon

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Legendary Artifact Creature — Sphinx


When Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Sharuum the Hegemon Discussion

lanybobany on Sharuum's Engines Control Room

12 hours ago

Altar of the Brood + Sculpting Steel ,or Phyrexian Metamorph + Sharuum the Hegemon

Use this to keep recurring Sharuum and Sculpting steel to mill everyone

Ruffigan on Story Time.

17 hours ago

I was playing Treva, the Renewer. Opponent A was playing mimeoplasm and Opponent B was playing Sharuum the Hegemon. I had played Shifting Sky to make all non-land permanents black and played Light of Day to make it so nothing could attack. This put Opponent B on the back burner because he was trying to finish us with a Myr Battlesphere combo but Opponent A had a Consuming Aberration and was milling us hard. He tried to play a Phenax, God of Deception to mill us out with Consuming Aberration so I used Mercy Killing to give him ~100 elves. I thought I had the game in the bag (color change Treva, the Renewer, swing, I gain ~100 life each turn) but Opponent B top decked Bane of Progress, freeing the elves and obliterating Opponent A's board and then he killed me with the elves a gave him. Sad days lol.

Nevetz1911 on Sharuum's Engines Control Room

3 days ago

enpc Yeah but I'm avoiding infinite comboes, they aren't allowed in my local tournaments nor I really like them. Anyway they really work great with Sharuum the Hegemon and Phyrexian Metamorph/Sculpting Steel

enpc on

3 days ago

Power Artifact is a combo piece. Works with Basalt Monolith / Grim Monolith.

You should consider removing the counterspells. 2 counterspells is as good as no counterspells. Also, I would highly consider replacing Time Sieve with Temple Bell. Then you can cut Thopter Foundry. You're not playing a Sharuum the Hegemon deck, combos like that are not good for you.

Magmarashi on 5 Color Hugs/Hate (Suggestions please)

4 days ago

@carpecanum Rite of Replication does work with Reaper King because the Legendary rule activates on summon, then the trigger effect occurs.

@matt247 As for suggestions on cards to remove:

For starters, you have Reaper King in your main deck. He isn't supposed to be there, and there is already 1 free space for you :DSecondly, most cards that would give you an edge will take away from the Hug portion of this deck (Sharuum the Hegemon instead of Magister of Worth). Seeing as that seems to be a key portion of the deck, I will focus mainly on cards with more downside to you than plus. If you would like more Hate instead of Hug, I can certainly suggest volumes on that c:

Barter in Blood hurts your opponents pretty good, but without Dictate of Erebos or other sacrifice bonuses, you're mainly hurting yourself.

Dictate of Karametra is a very high mana card with more downside than good. Consider Manabarbs for more Group Hate.

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea is not useful as a land, seeing as you'll only tap for colourless, and paying 2 to group hug is a bit much when you can play other things from your hand. Consider Howling Mine as a Group Hug.

I personally am against using Charge Counter mana producers, as they are, in my opinion, slow. I would rather immediete mana in any situation, though I can understand when you cannot cast anything why holding out a turn may help. Regardless, I have distate for Mirrodin's Core

Your dual basic lands are neat and very useful; however as denoted on the right, they are very expensive. You are also not limited to 1 of each Basic land and can have as many as you want in EDH. Consider taking them out for basic lands and Terramorphic Expanse / Evolving Wilds!

Lastly, Nullmage Advocate is, while group huggy, pretty terrible. You give your opponent an advantage, and you don't run much discard other than Wheel of Fortune. I'd just chop it off.

RisenQueen on Double Sharuum Combo

1 week ago

I'm building a janky modern deck and have a question about a combo. Let's say I have 2 Sharuum the Hegemons, 1 in my hand and 1 in my graveyard, and a Blasting Station in play. Can I play Sharuum 1 from hand, target Sharuum 2 in graveyard, sacrifice 1 to Station, 2 enters and Station untaps and 2 targets 1 in my graveyard? Essentially, can I go infinite with this combo to kill my opponent?

Cjhobbitbane on 2015-04-15 update of My Deckbox ...

1 week ago

Just curious, how does the deck handle itself against really high power combo decks? Sharuum the Hegemon or Animar, Soul of Elements for example? I like the concept a lot because I enjoy stax decks, but it seems like your turn by turn explanation doesn't handle something that can combo off turn 2 or 3 on a consistent basis.

Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) Black Blue White
Cost 3WUB
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 1.04
Avg. cube pick 6.19


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Legends Mythic Rare
Shards of Alara Mythic Rare


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