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Sharuum the Hegemon

Legendary Artifact Creature — Sphinx


When Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Sharuum the Hegemon Discussion

Kyle_0529 on Queen of Your Clockwork Nightmares

5 days ago

rowcla Well, I just wanted something a little more interesting and less like a 12-year-old came up with it.

As for not being "boring", I think you missed a couple combos.

Sharuum the Hegemon and Sculpting Steel /Copy Artifact (Which I somehow managed to forget to put on the list.) with Disciple of the Vault on the field or followed by Bitter Ordeal takes out all opponents at the same time. And the entire rest of the deck is nothing but ridiculously fast mana rocks (Five mana on turn one? Seems legit.), tutors and deck thinning. I'm missing some of the super ridiculous cards like the ones on the maybe board, and a couple in the main list, but even now I can get this to go off fairly consistently by turn 6. Including a few of the "God Hand" times when it ends it on turn 3.

Sorry if I got your hopes up for this not being a fun killer. xDThis is supposed to be my hyper-competitive deck though. It's mostly only going to be used in playgroups where broken combos are the norm and aren't hated. It's not intended to be one of my "spirit of the format" EDH decks. :P

PlattBonnay on Sheoldred, Wannabe God

6 days ago

freezerboy - It has been really useful in this deck, but that might be due to the metagame I play in. I regularly play against kaalia, doran, slivers, and talrand. In kaalia I see Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Master of Cruelties in the first few turns. SS allows me to eat them with anything I have in play. In doran I am usually against a swarm of infect creatures. SS makes them harmless. I would hope the use is obvious against slivers. And as soon as Talrand tries to combo off I can drop this to wreck it. Ive also used it to shut down any deck with an indestructible commander (i.e. the Theros Gods), and it really messes with combo decks that rely on the general (like Sharuum the Hegemon ). At the very worst its a fog. At best it is either a powerful (one-sided) removal spell, a political bargaining chip, or combo disruption. So what I'm saying is that if you need any of those 3 things, at least give it a try.

Andrirox on My First Ever Buy From ...

1 week ago

I was browsing through ebay today looking at various different mtg merchandise and cards. Then I came across this auction with about five minutes remaining: It was eight oversized commander cards and two from prereleases it was just under a dollar so I bid $1.04 (Shipping is three dollars) and in the end I won! The cards were: Glissa, the Traitor , Comet Storm , Karador, Ghost Chieftain , Ghave, Guru of Spores , Thraximundar , Teneb, the Harvester , Nekusar, the Mindrazer , Sydri, Galvanic Genius , Sharuum the Hegemon , and Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge .So in the end I have a few questions for you guys: Was it a good idea to buy this? Would you have bought it if you stumbled upon it? And what are some the best ebay deals you have come across? Anyway thank you for reading!

CurrentlyUnavailable on Building a budget reanimator list ...

1 week ago

Well for fatties sake there is Artisan of Kozilek , Magister Sphinx is awesome especially with Sharuum the Hegemon , and maybe Urabrask the Hidden

christophalex on Sen Triplets, 3 Bad Witches

1 week ago

Thanks for the feedback guys! I definitely might consider running Fabricate , thank you for the suggestion. I'm not sure about Chief Engineer and Cranial Plating, because I was trying to shy away from running ester artifacts, because then I would want to run Sharuum the Hegemon as my commander, and that wasn't the play style I was looking for.

BigPapaFunk on Esper Sphinx *Riddle Me This*

2 weeks ago

If Glassdust Hulk and Sharuum the Hegemon are both out and you cast another Sharuum, you can infinite bounce Sharuum from the graveyard to the battlefield for an unblockable glassdust swing for as much damage as you want. I prefer not winning that way but it's saved a few games for me. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.37 $0.97 $2.95 $3.1
Power / Toughness 5/5
Color(s) B, U, W
Cost 3WUB
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 1.37
Avg. cube pick 5.23


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Legends Mythic Rare
Shards of Alara Mythic Rare

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