Sharding Sphinx


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Shards of Alara (ALA) Rare

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Sharding Sphinx

Artifact Creature — Sphinx


Whenever an artifact creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may put a 1/1 blue Thopter artifact creature token with flying into play.

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Sharding Sphinx Discussion

gktindall on Braids, Pooping Out Leviathans, 12% More Stealin'!

1 week ago

You aren't allowed to remove Sharding Sphinx

How dare you, Tim.

Valengeta on Murdering Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

Well since atm I do not own any Torrential Gearhulk, I'm running the deck with 2 Sharding Sphinx, 1 Wurmcoil Engine and 1 Platinum Angel. So it's going a bit like you suggested, and when I get the other cards we'll see the changes in performance. This deck probably would lose to your Merfolks, but this is its first Modern Version so there still a lot of room for improvement. I want to keep my idea and theme, but adapt it to a Modern tournament scenario.

On another note, any low CMC mana-generating creature is usually called a mana dork in MTG slang. Like Llanowar Elves, Silver Myr, even Birds of Paradise. Myr tribals are in my opinion a little hard to pull off in serious Modern but the beauty of this game is that anything is possible haha. Check around Tappedout and you'll see nice ideas.

Valengeta on Murdering Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

Thanks for your sugestions, I do have some comments on them. First of all I think Torrential Gearhulk as a good sinergy with this deck as it lets me reuse one of my instants while putting a 5/6 artifact into play. While in some games it maybe best to swap at least one of them with another Sharding Sphinx or Wurmcoil Engine, I think in general it falls best with the deck's theme. I've also thought about adding another Etched Champion and Cranial Plating but I just don't know.. The trample, lifelink and the 3 extra power can and have saved me in the past.

Finally I agree in doing something about speeding up the deck. Cloud Key is a strong option but I think one is enough as it's a non-creature artifact. Maybe a couple of mana dork myrs. Gonna have to test the deck to see what goes best with most games.

CynicalCzech on Murdering Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

I like the idea of it. The only thing I am not too keen on is the one-ofs on some spells (especially creatures). It just feels a bit unreliable to me. I would probably replace the Torrential Gearhulk with two more copies of Sharding Sphinx? Also, I'd add at least one more Cloud Key? I would also drop Loxodon Warhammer for one more Cranial Plating. While the trample is good, it might be more beneficial to go ham on the buff plating gets from the other artifacts you have in the deck.

I'd also consider the following Myrs: Darksteel Myr, perfect target for attachments, once you cast it, it will be hard to get rid of; Alloy Myr/Palladium Myr, Silver Myr, Iron Myr, and Leaden Myr in case you need to fix your mana supply; Lodestone Myr, if you want that sweet, sweet trample; Myr Enforcer, because you will likely be able to cast it for free. There may be other useful Myrs too ...

Valengeta on World of Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

Yeah to make the deck more competitive I agree on more Wurmcoil Engine and Sharding Sphinx but the engine isn't cheap :( Although Platinum Angel and Steel Hellkite are very fun to play with.The reason I play Steam Vents is that I have it on paper, and I will get Sulfur Falls yes.

Really liked Torrential Gearhulk but he's as expensive as Wurmcoil Engine. Gonna have to save a bit to get them

CynicalCzech on World of Metal (burn reanimate artifacts)

1 month ago

I like it; artifacts are a lot of fun. +1 I would consider following changes, though:

(1) As much as I love Platinum Angel and Steel Hellkite, I would probably drop them instead of one additional copy each of Wurmcoil Engine and Sharding Sphinx. Based on my first reading of the decklist, those latter two cards have better synergy with the rest of the deck. That said, for flavor sake (and to annoy your friends), I'd keep a 2 Platinum Angels in the sideboard.

(2) I would also replace Steam Vents with either Shivan Reef or Sulfur Falls. They are cheaper, and these full-on pain lands have never been my favorite for whatever reason.

(3) Your deck doesn't have a lot of artifact creatures from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. I see some cards in the maybeboard, but when I get home from work today, I'll check which cards may be helpful. Of the top of my head Torrential Gearhulk may be useful.

SaifurCommander on Making a Sharuum the Hegemon ...

2 months ago

So, I'm making a buy/trade list for an Esper Sphinx artifact deck. This list isn't including cards I already have, I'll add that as I go or as people suggest the cards I do have.

Basically, what I'm looking for is suggestions of cards to add or remove from this list.

ComSharuum the Hegemon f7.58

Creatures Sphinx of the Steel Wind 1.43 Jelenn Sphinx 0.20 Magister Sphinx 3.15Medomai the Ageless 0.90 Enigma Sphinx 0.57 Sharding Sphinx 0.46 Isperia the Inscrutable 0.48 Sphinx Summoner 1.29Isperia, Supreme Judge 0.73Sphinx of the Final Word 2.20Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign 0.73 Sphinx of Lost Truths 0.39 Vexing Sphinx - 0.50Consecrated Sphinx 26.60Glyph Keeper 0.32 Prognostic Sphinx 0.31 Argent Sphinx 0.29 Cerulean Sphinx 0.34 Conundrum Sphinx 0.32Belltower Sphinx 0.19 Petra Sphinx 2.31Windreader Sphinx 0.77Adaptive Automaton 6.51Athreos, God of Passage 11.37Thassa, God of the Sea 6.92 Brass Herald 0.26Heliod, God of the Sun 3.91Thassa, God of the Sea 6.89Erebos, God of the Dead 7.60 Order of the Sacred Torch 0.37

Artifacts Chromatic Lantern 11.99 Expedition Map 2.88Sword of Fire and Ice 46.99Sword of Feast and Famine 25.74 Sword of Light and Shadow 25.43Sword of War and Peace 15.18 Sword of Body and Mind 11.39Thought Vessel 4.20Thran Dynamo 9.02Venser's Journal 3.80Lightning Greaves 3.23Belbe's Portal 8.00 Orzhov Signet 0.25Azorius Signet 1.16Dimir Signet 1.16Panharmonicon 2.70Whip of Erebos 1.89Coat of Arms 7.55Door of Destinies 5.75Urza's Incubator 18.51Darksteel Forge 7.99Instants Withering Boon 0.92Swan Song 1.68 Illumination 0.20Sphinx's Revelation 3.59 Punish Ignorance 0.32 Cyclonic Rift 5.69 Cryptic Command 31.91Counterspell 1.10Fact or Fiction 0.53Enlightened Tutor 10.46

Sorceries Wrath of God 6.07Damnation 18.80 Rite of Replication 2.49Day of Judgment 2.83Fumigate 1.81Demonic Tutor 25.56Supreme Verdict 7.12

Enchantments Oblivion Ring 0.30Ghostly Prison 2.13Rhystic Study 9.18 Leyline of the Void 17.70 Leyline of Sanctity 27.50

Land Command Tower 1.00Reliquary Tower 4.12Opulent Palace 0.25 Orzhov Basilica 0.23Azorius Chancery 0.26

GoldenDiggle on Breya, Etherium Shaper

2 months ago

Looks pretty solid. Its good to have both Ashnod's and Krark-Clan in the deck, they are very solid combo cards.

Have you considered Sharding Sphinx and Whip of Erebos?

You have quite a few Propaganda effects in there, have you considered Norn's Annex? It's either very color intensive or lowers life totals.

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