Abzan Falconer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology Vol. II (CM2) Uncommon
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Uncommon

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Abzan Falconer

Creature — Human Soldier

Outlast (, : Put a +1/+1 counter on this creature. Outlast only as a sorcery.)

Each creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it has flying.

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Abzan Falconer Discussion

SynergyBuild on Constant upgrading Atraxa

3 weeks ago

I will list the top ten non-land cards to drop if you want:

Vulturous Zombie - It can get large, but it isn't on its own, and it costs 5 mana, at five mana you could drop a good planeswalker or a real threat like Inexorable Tide, I mean at four mana Triumph of the Hordes kill a player or 2, and at leasts puts a bunch of -1/-1 counters on another players board. It is too slow and clunky in my own opinion.

Duneblast - Ooh how much I want to like this card, it can be a one sided (or three sided in multiplayer) board wipe, and I love those, but at 7 mana? Kindred Discovery and Necromantic Selection both feel better than that (You either choose the creature type of the one creature you want, and it is the same, or save multiple if they happen to share a creature type, or with Master Biomancer you can save a ton, slightly higher ceiling on effect, and easy to get colors for, Necromantic Selection can do the same exact thing, or do more if you can steal an opponents, downside is the creature loses it's counters, but I still like it more), and I don't think a board wipe should even be >4 mana.

Solidarity of Heroes - It can be a single activation of Vorel of the Hull Clade, or an overpriced Deepglow Skate, except it only works on +1/+1 counters, not poison, not -1/-1 counters, not loyalty counters, and even then it isn't that good.

Elite Scaleguard - I love the idea, but a "4/5" for 5 that only helps with evasion feels really boring and unimpressive, not awful, or bad, just it doesn't support this deck too much.

Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper - Definitely a cool card with interesting design, but in this list it is basically lifelinking all of your creatures on an under-powered creature for 5 mana, which is one mana less than True Conviction.

Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker - One mana more than Managorger Hydra that trades trample for lifelink and doesn't trigger on your casts.

Tuskguard Captain - Cool card, but trample isn't actually dealing much more damage, and unlike Abzan Falconer, it doesn't help on the block either.

Citadel Siege - At four mana this isn't actually that bad, I kind of like the first ability, keeping in mind it is a double Thrummingbird-esque effect that is harder to remove, but only effects you creature, but what's cool is it also has the second ability that can lockdown some creatures, which works out really well. I do like choice, but neither of the choices here feel special, and so if you dropped it, it wouldn't hurt.

Abzan Falconer - This is my favorite one of these ten, simply because I like flying, and it is a much better Tuskguard Captain, but your deck deals a lot of damage without it, and I am unsure if it is necessary with your removal, and that many of your creatures have evasion of their own.


Onto some cards I'd run, which actually don't need too much explanation:

Ponder, Preordain, Brainstorm, Selesnya Signet, Azorius Signet, Dig Through Time, Windfall, Dimir Signet, Everflowing Chalice, Anguished Unmaking

WumpusEATSu on Atraxa Commander

1 month ago

Needs more creatures, more evasion, fewer mana rocks. Will replace Fellwar Stone and Commander's Sphere with Abzan Falconer and Herald of Secret Streams.

DerkaDan on Awaken Control

1 month ago


Thanks for the tips and suggestions! I really do like the versatility of Vanish into Memory and will be making that switch for sure. Energy Arc and Herald of Secret Streams seem to be interesting, but I've had several instances in my playgroup where the flying from Abzan Falconer has come in handy on the defense, and the lifegain from Riot Control has kept me alive from minor poking that didn't warrant a removal spell. I may even need to go down my awaken pet cards of Coastal Discovery and Encircling Fissure! Mirrorweave might replace my Cataclysmic Gearhulk or Urza's Ruinous Blast.

As for your deck... it seems sweet! I think I'll even replace my Burnished Hart with a Thaumatic Compass  Flip. Would definitely recommend a Nimbus Maze as an untapped triple land for Kozilek. I also recommend Drownyard Temple just as a recurrable land. Cards like Anticipate and Winds of Rebuke seem to be underpowered as you have other cards in the deck that do their job better. Would recommend Metallurgic Summonings as a less frail Docent of Perfection  Flip or Talrand, Sky Summoner. You do have an amount of tapped duals/utility lands but how has Amulet of Vigor been? Then again everyone's meta is different so I don't know how low and fast your deck needs to be. My deck tries to be as creature light as I can since I'm usually trying to wipe the board, but Nezahal, Primal Tide, Kefnet the Mindful look good with their ways to protect themselves and to draw cards.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Awaken Control

1 month ago

First off, love the deck, I've loved noyan dar control ever since I saw it win a couple months ago. I've been trying to build a similar deck (Mother, May I?) but I'm having trouble fine-tuning it, so I figured I could ask you for help? I'm not a control player at heart, so it's no wonder, I even used to hate counterspell and playing on other people's turns haha. Anyway I have some suggestions to make this deck stronger

Like Herald of Secret Streams v Abzan Falconer? Vanish into Memory/Gush v Glimmer of Genius? Vanish can stop attacks, combos, save noyan dar, and gush can save your lands (like kefnet can). Energy Arc v Riot Control? Energy arc is a hidden gem. It can ramp you a bit with enough awakened lands, it can fog, it can fog someone else if you want to bargain, and it can be a combat trick in so many ways.

I want to mention Godhead of Awe and Mirrorweave too. Awe can buff your creatures while controlling others, and mirrorweave is an instant, one-sided sweeper (each other creature becomes a 0/0 elemental). Oh, and View from Above and Tolaria West. Tolaria west can tutor for Inkmoth Nexus/Scavenger Grounds/Pact of Negation, and view from above can pump a land a bunch. Hope this helps!

cweyant on Budget Jank BWG Counters

1 month ago

jimhui I altered this deck and put in Abzan Falconer for flying protection and Abzan Battle Priest for sustain. I also put in Dromoka's Command for the flexibility.

Kingdomsteel on G/W Company

1 month ago

thegeekvapor not a problem. There's only one catch to all of this, if you want to improve your deck it will cost you some money. But It will definiteley help you win or atleast control some games. Intangible Virtue Isn't all that bad, but I'd rather suggest Brave the Sands as it let's you block an extra creature. You can pump up your creatures later with Archangel of Thune and let em fly by using Abzan Falconer

kamarupa on Cocaine

2 months ago

BaconDragon1224 - Many thanks for taking the time to make some suggestions. Settle the Wreckage does look decent. I've not been able to use Hour of Revelation to any real gain, if at all. I have considered Fumigate as an alternative, offering me at least some lifegain. What's deterring me is the "attacking creatures" requisite, which wouldn't necessarily deal with all the threats one would want a board wipe type spell to hit.

Since I'm already running 4xBrave the Elements, I don't think I'll splash green for Heroic Intervention - while not the exact same thing, BTE does much of the same work with the additional benefit of affording often fatal swings. While I've often considered Always Watching , I'm more interested in the Vigilance than the +1/+1, and I feel that even more with Benalish Marshal. The creatures here don't really need any more pumps, especially what I consider the top of this deck's curve at 3CMC. Basically, there's just nothing better than Abzan Falconer in the 3CMC slot. For similar reasons, I'm not particularly interested in Thalia, Heretic Cathar. Since this is a budget deck, it's not really intended to deal with fancy-man lands.

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