Tempered Steel


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Tempered Steel


Artifact creatures you control get +2/+2.

Tempered Steel Discussion

RNR_Gaming on Pin Cushion 2.0

2 months ago

Seems kinda fragile I'd suggest a back up plan like beats with Tempered Steel and thopters

lagotripha on impeccable speed (modern)

3 months ago

There were a bunch of traditional Tempered Steel budget affinity lists that are worth a look.

Have you looked at Thraben Inspector instead of Ardent Recruit? The artifact/redraw is worth a lot. There are some interesting modern artifact staples- Etched Champion , Blade Splicer , etc.

Leonin Elder is an interesting anti-burn tool, Servo Exhibition is a decent artifact count source.

The main trick to budget lists is to plan for your local meta and play to that- don't be scared to maindeck sideboard tools to get more slots.

Dreamweav3r on Assemble the B-Team

4 months ago

If you had one in play certainly, but again 18 lands isn't enough to play a 4 drop on curve consistently. And if your affinity deck is making land drops 4 turns running with an unplayable 4 cost card stuck in hand till then, arent you already losing? Running out of cards in affinity isn't really off-track for what the deck is expected to do, however, with it being a budget deck you lack the oomph provided by cards like Arcbound Ravager . Typically the way affinity games want to go (non budget) is turn one dump their entire hand, turn two play a payoff. IE Steel Overseer or Arcbound. Springleaf Drum is essential during step one, but if you lack the payoffs you end up playing a bunch of mediocre creatures that wont be fast enough. This is probably why you feel like you run out of cards so much and why you think its the biggest problem. Going back to Mystic Forge , yeah its easy to see a situation where it would be insane, but you have to think about what your deck is ultimately doing. Affinity proper is an aggro deck with some combo potential provided by Arcbound Ravager . Without that, it's really just an aggro deck trying to get creatures into play and win with big Cranial Plating swings or going wide. So, given the mana you have, by the time you can cast Mystic Forge aren't you already losing a fair deal? Affinity really doesnt want more than 2 lands and would rather just keep adding creatures to the board. I'd suggest you embrace your choice to play Tempered Steel as it's something this deck does that real affinity doesnt. Hence why earlier I suggested Servo Exhibition .

Dreamweav3r on Assemble the B-Team

4 months ago

TLDR - Its not a combo deck so get rid of slow stuff and get more things on the ground.

Board the Weatherlight seems not very good, I think almost anything in your maybe section would serve better than this. Spending 2 mana and a card to draw (bad) card really doesn't win affinity games. You want to be fast and have things in play, not to mention with 18 lands and no Moxs' this is super hard to cast and then make use of. I'd consider Servo Exhibition because of the combos with Signal Pest and Tempered Steel .

5scapegoat on Mechanist's Minions

6 months ago

Ok, you deck is alright and has a lot of potential but it looks to be going in a lot of different directions. What I think would help is if you pick which cards you are wanting to build around.

Tezzeret's Touch is a great card but it is the type of enchantment where if you want to run it you have to build the entire deck around. A deck I have made around this card has a heap of cheap evasive artifact creatures like Ornithopter , Vault Skirge and Signal Pest ; and a heap of cards with the same effect like Ensoul Artifact and Skilled Animator .

Another card you might build around is Traxos, Scourge of Kroog . His down side is he only untaps when you cast an artifact. There are a lot of zero costing artifacts that you could cast which would make this easier such as the Ornithopters but there is also Cathar's Shield and Accorder's Shield which would give Traxos vigilance so he doesn't tap when he attacks. But once that happens any of the equipment cards that you draw afterwards won't be doing anything. That is where you could have something like Sai, Master Thopterist who will make a thopter token when you cast an artifact.

If want to be a bit more mid range with Chief of the Foundry buffing your team. Some good cards that go well with that are Foundry Inspector and Etherium Sculptor which make artifacts cheaper to cast. Which would make it easier to cast something big like Myr Battlesphere . Generally the Myrs are pretty good and you might want to check them out on gatherer.

Another thing you might consider is cutting one of your colours for white. With the midrange go wide artifact strategy it might be worth considering white just for the sake of Tempered Steel , but that might be something to consider further down the track.

Also Padeem, Consul of Innovation is good.

PurePwnage on

8 months ago

Thanks for the information, Infect isn't the primary win condition for Affinity, it's generally an alternative to simply flooding the board with cheap artifact creatures and pumping with Steel Overseer , Arcbound Ravager , or Cranial Plating . However, I removed Blinkmoth Nexus for the sheer fact Inkmoth Nexus presents another win condition, outside of the that traditional aggro beatdown traditionally offered by affinity. this time also isn't a traditional Affinity deck as it goes wide, and mid-range thanks to Tempered Steel and Servo Exhibition . Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Vman on

8 months ago

Hello good sir. Im my local resident and veteran infect player here to drop some advice regarding Inkmoth Nexus .

The reason infect is so good is because you only need to count to 10, therefor good infect plays to count to 10 as fast as possible (Its why Blossoming Defense is considered inferior as it doesnt get to 10 in 2 turns over a +4/+4 and a next turn Vines of Vastwood )

Now in affinity Arcbound Ravager ravager leads to most infect kills turning inky into a 5/5 at minimum. You dont have thr luxury of anything smaller as a 3 turn clock is awful compared to a 2 turn one.

Lets see how this deck counts,

Tempered Steel is +2 Signal Pest is +1 Steel Overseer is +1 (usually before it dies)

Assuming u only get 2 , steel+pest= +3. Alongside the inkmoth thats 4 damage. Thats not a 2 turn clock and not very efficient. Tempered steel doesnt count to 10 nearly as well as arcbound does. I would deffinately take this into debate when thinking about inky vs blinky

PurePwnage on Mono White Affinity

8 months ago

Thanks for all the feedback, I decided to construct that feels a bit more competitive, and less luck oriented while still being able to use Tempered Steel . Magic Aids is great deck builder and I recall him beating several competitive decks with this cheap brew.

Mono-White Affinity

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