Tempered Steel


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Tempered Steel


Artifact creatures you control get +2/+2.

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Tempered Steel Discussion

ShaharRyu on Running on a Budget

1 month ago

Hey N4kk1 and enpc. Thanks a lot for the feedback. This decks are more casual and not really competitive intended, although i like them to be as smooth as possible.

On the Budget affinity I will add Cranial Plating to 4 and Ghirapur AEther Grid seems like a nice addition to the sidedeck. I did consider Blinkmoth Nexus but it is still a bit too much for my low budget since a play set of those ($20) is over half my entire budget for a deck. Tempered Steel also seems like a very neet adition. I had seen it but wasn't sure about it. I will try running 2 of them (my budget limits me here again) and if it does works I will try saving up a little bit for a playset.

Regarding everything else. I gotta say this hurt me hard u.u . Although the Infect deck might be dead due to Fatal Push, I have to say am still a sucker for it and it is really fun when am killing my friends on turn 2 and there faces seen simpy confused.

Path to Exile is a staple which I love but can't afford. Am looking for other options like Oust, Condemn, Sunlance, Reciprocate, Gaze of Justice or even Swords to Plowshares. Icatian Javelineers is a card which I saw in some Soldier decks but might be better just going for Thraben Inspector as a solid 1 drop.

Finally on the Pseudoaristocrats deck I moved up the number of drainers and am trying to make it more of a 2/4 balance than 3 of each. Am still figuring out how to make it work out but am sure I am on track. It is a shame Fatal Push is so expensive or I will be running 4 as a no brainer.

N4kk1 on Running on a Budget

1 month ago

Well at first, affinity always wants to play 4 of Cranial Plating, that card wins the games for you. For competitive events affinity without Mox Opals is not strong enough. You maybe want to look at this list based on Tempered Steel: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/273499#paper

Infect is pretty much dead these days after Fatal Push got printed.

That soldier deck feels like too slow and clunky. It needs removal for first, Path to Exile is great for that. Icatian Javelineers Is horrible card, don't play it :).

In Aristocrats list why you have 3 copies of everything? Consistency is key in Modern and playing 3 of everything does not help on that. Cards like Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist you definitely want 4 on your deck.

I suggest checking this site: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/decks/budget/modern#paper

There are most of viable budget decks. Good draws!

K00lDudE1 on Budget Artifact Swarm Aggro Cranial Plaiting

1 month ago

Ancient Den and Vault of Whispers are both banned in modern.

Also, Steelshaper's Gift. Darksteel Relic and Welding Jar are not worth it in a deck that is trying to be as fast as possible, (the same applies to taplands, they're too slow) I'd recommend looking at Tempered Steel, Etched Champion and some number of Springleaf Drum to make your deck considerably faster

Toby-Wan-Kenobi on $20 UWr Balance Borderpost

1 month ago

Not a fan of Cranial Plating. It really only combos with 8 cards in the deck which will get a lot of hate directed at them. Similar thought for Tempered Steel (unless you go Thopter route).

https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Extended_Balancing_Tings_deck (Extended deck that used sac lands, not Borderposts). I like your version better but wanted to share regardless.

Airakk on We are Myr. Resistance is futile.

1 month ago

okay! what you say about Welding Jar is right! i use it because i have some boardcleaner in my deck an i forgot it X)

Dispatch is the same like Thoughtcast: there are other cards doing the same but more consistant... in this case Silkwrap, Journey to Nowhere or classic Oblivion Ring.

before you reach the point where Tempered Steel becomes usefull, you need more than just Myr Battlesphere to get more than 1, maximum 2 myr each turn. for this reason Myr Matrix becomes much more interesting than Myr Turbine... Ring of Three Wishes or Citanul Flute are better (in my opinion) than Myr Turbine because you dont need to tap a lot of creatures which are needed for more important quests... and there are a lot more cards which let you search your library for a creature.

here is a small list of cards you should know and maybe you can make something awesome out of it ;)

Soul Foundry

Prototype Portal

Sculpting Steel

Ghostfire Blade

Myr Welder



Buried Ruin

Darksteel Citadel

i notice that there are not so much cards who throw out myr weenies other than Myr Matrix, Myr Turbine and Myr Battlesphere... or crap cards like Myr Sire

JediCat on We are Myr. Resistance is futile.

1 month ago

My God, that's a lot of thoughts)

So, I admit that you nailed some of things right on the head. Like, I totally do need one-drops. I just wasn't able to find any worthy enough: Myr Servitor for example is nice and such, but with his ability unreliable at best, he's just a 1/1 for 1. I'm seriously considering dropping blue and transferring into red because it gives access to Inventor's Apprentice and Shrapnel Blast.

After you say it, I'm actually going to agree with Myr Reservoir being generally inferior to Palladium Myr. I had this beautiful idyllic picture of landing Myr Battlesphere turn 4 with Reservoir:Turn 1: LandTurn 2: Land, Mana MyrTurn 3: Land, Reservoir, tap Reservoir and Myr to get the Galvanizer out.Turn 4: Land, ta-da, seven mana, Battlesphere.

But it requires god hand and of course is unreliable. So guess I'll have to pop my dream bubble and switch the Palladiums in.

I disagree about Welding Jar though. Judging by all the information I've read on the forums, deckbuilding primers and such, a card should either be vital to your battle plan (such as our mana myrs' ramp is irreplacable, and therefore we could tolerate them even though there's a high chance we'll topdeck them later with no use for them), or that card should be welcome to be drawn at almost any point of the game. Welding Jar with its one-shot effect and occassional Metalcraft/Affinity helping just doesn't cut it IMHO, I would be very sad to draw it say Turn 8 or else.

I don't get why you dislike Dispatch. We must be viewing it very differently then. IMHO a deck with no removal is a no-go at all, because there WILL be big bitches that need to be removed, or some little utility bastards that threaten to throw up the game. And Dispatch is like the best you can get with an artifact deck. I can't see myself possessing less than 3 artifacts at most points of the game barring board wipes. My reasoning behind using it that it will almost never be a dead draw (except maybe hardcore control ones with no creatures).

Also I must say that I mostly don't rely on the combo to win, it doesn't even happen in most games because getting 2 Galvanizers is hard and not getting them nuked immediately is even harder. Usually A LOT of myrs pumped by Tempered Steel or a Battlesphere swing does it for me.

Could you give me advice about Myr Turbine? If I fill in more myr such as Servitors, Superions and Palladiums, I'll be highly likely to have 5 Myrs the time Turbine lands. Then I can chain-tutor the Battlespheres. But of course it will suck getting multiple Turbines in the opening hand and it will be even sucker to have them without Myrs. Plus, the steep cost of 5 offsets me.

Myr Superion is definitely going in with Palladiums.

Myr Incubator suffers from the same problem as the Turbine. Of course, it is overkill if you do crack it and the Myrs don't Drown in Sorrow or dealt with other way. BUT Incubator needs two turns to be devoted to it. On the other side, those two turns can be fourth and fifth with all the ramp we possess, so I'll reconsider it.

Thoughtcast is an another card on which our views differ greatly. I don't see it as a situational Divination, because there rarely (very rarely) would be times I don't have at least two artifacts on the battlefield. Instead, it's a Divination for usually two or one mana that helps not to run out of gas. Myr IMHO don't have enough early aggro to rely on it alone, and should have their means to transition into midgame.

Maybe half of my text is just incoherent babbling, but I tried my best to explain myself. Sorry if it sounds insane, I rarely could get my thoughts about Magic organized and clear.

Allepoca on 20$ Modern: Affinity

2 months ago

Thank you Ronathan I do like the idea of having more mana fixing in the deck because in play testing I have had plenty of moments where I can't play something like Tempered Steel due to how strange the mana base is. I will problably go down 1 Foundry Inspector and 1Chief of the Foundry while cutting both copies of Merchant's Dockhand due to the fact that the ability to dig through my library hasn't really came up in play testing and using Bomat Courier for that is a lot better. Thank you for commenting and taking the time to look at the deck it means a lot.

JaceGoBoom on Jor Kadeen, Artifact Hoarder

3 months ago

Blard: Great idea, and I will be sure to add in Tempered Steel. I'm not so sure about Atog and Ravenous Intruder, though as this is a more metalcraft deck, but I'll test it out!

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