This deck started from the idea of using Maskwood Nexus to make all creatures trigger Magda, Brazen Outlaw effect since there are not enough good dwarfs in red to make a good Dwarf Tribal deck.

After play testing the deck evolved to what I have here: a combo centered deck focused on using Magda, Brazen Outlaw's activated ability to bring out the pieces to one of several combos within 2-4 activations to win the game.

Treasure Hunting Show

  1. Helm of the Host: At the start of every combat phase make another Magda, Brazen Outlaw. Usually win the game if you get two combat phases with this attached to Magda. This is almost always the first thing I get when I activate Magda, Brazen Outlaw.
  2. Lithoform Engine: Need to double a triggered or activated ability, a instant or sorcery spell, or even a permanent? This is the card you want. The two main reasons I get Helm of the Host over this is that Helm allows me to make copies of Magda, Brazen Outlaw and does it for free. Other than that this card is excellent in the deck as it allows you to double Magda's activated ability.
  3. Illusionist's Bracers: Doubles Magda, Brazen Outlaw activations for no extra cost. Great to get to see early since it is cheap to cast and halves your time to win when attached to Magda.

Clock of Omens Show

Sands of Time Show

Please note that this deck also runs Cloudstone Curio and Dockside Extortionist which under the right board states can generate infinite treasure tokens as well. This combo is gone over in more detail in the combo section were the Infinite ETB triggers are weaponized to win the game.

Combos Show

The Maybe Board is full of different options you could swap into the deck to change the way it plays. If you are not a fan of the combos this deck is focused around just swap out those pieces for what you like from the maybe board. There are pieces to lots of different play styles in there.

Monored is a new deck building experience for me so if you think I missed a great option for the deck, I would really appreciate you pointing it out to me. Also if you liked the deck or picked up an idea or two for your own decks I would appreciate if you could Upvote Thank you.


Updates Add

Additions to Main Deck:

  1. Scene of the Crime: Coming in tapped is not the best but being able to tap for red and create a treasure is very nice. The fact that I can pay 2, sac it, and draw a card in desperate situations is a nice ribbon if needed.
  2. Clown Car: A 0 cost card that allows me to tap all my dwarves, what is not to like. Wish I got one of these earlier to add to my deck.
  3. Roaming Throne: 4 cost dwarf artifact creature that doubles the treasure creation trigger on Magda, Brazen Outlaw. Give it the ability to tap and untap itself and it might be the perfect card for this deck. Luckily we have Clock of Omens to provide that ability.
  4. Cavern-Hoard Dragon: One dragon I don't mind drawing since it is often cheaper to cast from my hand than tutoring it out with Magda, Brazen Outlaw's ability. Often results in 3+ treasures when it attacks with 10+ not being out of questions in later rounds.

Additions to Side Board:

  1. Crime Novelist: Testing to see if this is a win more card in this deck or if it can help accelerate to the end game with its temp ramp / pseudo ritual effect. Being able to sac 5 treasure, tutor Helm of the Host and attach it for 'free' seems good, but not sure it is good enough and fast enough. Will be testing to see how it works out.
  2. Mobile Garrison: Moved from the Main Deck for Clown Car.
  3. Myr Battlesphere: Moved from the Main Deck for Roaming Throne. Just not good enough without Maskwood Nexus out and felt to bad to draw into on early and mid game turns.
  4. Steel Hellkite: Was a removal piece that just proved too slow for my meta. Moved to make room for Cavern-Hoard Dragon.

I also removed a Snow-Covered Mountain for Scene of the Crime


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