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One of my favorite decks in my collection. A very unique experience.

Worldgorger Dragon is Zirilan of the Claw protection. Gilded Lotus and Lotus Vale one tap activations for Zirilan.

Rimescale Dragon such a niche cool old card and I finally found a home for it. Extraplanar Lens is neat tech with Snow-Covered lands.

Hellkite Tyrant with Mycosynth Lattice is a fun win and Vandalblast is fun one sided destruction.

Hellkite Charger with Sword of Feast and Famine is a fun win.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen and Utvara Hellkite scary token generation.

Stormbreath Dragon has strong synergy alongside Dragon Mage and Wheel of Fortune

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Akoum Hellkite act as Lightning Bolt and Shock for playing mono red with 14 basics and a Madblind Mountain.

3 nondragons serving big dragon roles

  1. Feldon of the Third Path makes hasty clones of dragons in the yard.

  2. Goblin Welder recycles trinkets.

  3. Minion of the Mighty cheap cheater.

Feldon of the Third Path and Zirilan of the Claw are "fixed" by Sundial of the Infinite.

All utility creatures benefit from Battlemage's Bracers, Illusionist's Bracers and Thousand-Year Elixir. Thornbite Staff is solely for Zirilan.

Pyre of Heroes is Birthing Pod in this list. 6 is the sweet spot. Dragons start at 4 and end at 8 CMC.

Descendants' Fury and Industrial Advancement synergize perfectly alongside Zirilan.

Greater Gargadon saves dragons from the exile clause or helps end the game with Blazing Shoal.

Braid of Fire has so many opportunities to dump mana into utility. Leyline Tyrant allows it to linger.

Defense Grid and Price of Glory minimize the disruption.

Recently cut Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to test out Sarkhan the Masterless.

My other tribal decks:

Angel tribal: Avacyn, Angel of Hopeless Destruction

Demon tribal: Razaketh Demon Tribal

Kaliaa Trifecta tribal: Kaalia of the Funk


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