Deafening Clarion


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Deafening Clarion


Choose one or both —

  • Deafening Clarion deals 3 damage to each creature.
  • Creatures you control gain lifelink until end of turn.

Deafening Clarion Discussion

Murphy77 on Boros Aggro (WAR)

14 hours ago

I like Dreadhorde Arcanist , which could work well. I would, however, play Sheltering Light as a recurring instant over Dauntless Bodyguard .

Two other cards that you need to consider are Spellgorger Weird and Deafening Clarion

djnewellmit on Count on Elves M

2 weeks ago

You're welcome!

I see that you're already looking at the spoilers for WAR. I'm very excited about the proliferate elves.

Another sideboard option I'd suggest is Crushing Canopy . I see you have Tower Defense to play against flyers (and possibly save against a Deafening Clarion ). Canopy gives you an answer to flying threats, while also giving you another answer against problematic enchantments. My Canopy has proven useful especially against many white (mono-white, WB, Jeskai) decks that to bring in Lyra Dawnbringer and Ixalan's Binding from the sideboard. However, you may find that Canopy is too redundant with Reclamation Sage and Vivien Reid . I've even considered Sagittars' Volley , especially if anyone in your meta is running a WB afterlife/spirits deck.

djnewellmit on Count on Elves M

2 weeks ago

Disdainful Stroke is a great sideboard card. I would recommend it over Negate , or at least a 2/1 split. The only spell that I even care about that Negate can hit that Stroke can't is Deafening Clarion . Otherwise, Stroke answers every sweeper and planeswalker that must be answered. Goblin Chainwhirler and Thief of Sanity are problematic creatures, but that's why you have the Incubation / Incongruity in the 75. As a benefit of running the adapt package, when you leave mana up for an end of turn adapt, it gives you the counter-magic option.

itsbuzzi on Trying to make a Boros ...

4 weeks ago

For that price perhaps go some sort of budget boros aggro. I've seen some Boros aggro at my LGS and it runs fairly well with Boros Challenger as you have mentioned. For faster wins perhaps add Chance for Glory and then cast Response / Resurgence . Chance for Glory can give your creatures indestructible for the rest of the game which can help with boardwipes. If the deck is aggro enough you shouldn't need to worry about the other half of Chance. Legion Warboss can fit in and if Chance is too scary for the negative side you could just run Make a Stand to get around boardwipes. I run a deck with some of these features and they work fairly well. I love Deafening Clarion as well.

Enral on Four Color Guildgates | Arena Edition

1 month ago

fredfabian29: I like that idea since I don't face a lot of control matchups in BO1.

stensiagamekeeper: Deafening Clarion sounds good right now and you're right about mono-blue since I've faced quite a few yesterday. If I see an uptick on it I might have to mainboard Shivan Fire / Lava Coil .

stensiagamekeeper on Four Color Guildgates | Arena Edition

1 month ago

I hear B of 1 is inundated with mono-red and mono-white. You could have a second version that mainboards Deafening Clarion because of how good it is in those matchups especially considering how good the lifelink option is with your fatties. Maybe sideboard it as well in the other one depending on the meta.

Also mono-blue has been doing really well in the pro scene all of a sudden so I'd expect to run into that a little more often especially in the higher tiers. For that reason I'd consider possibly running some Shivan Fire or Sky Tether in the side so that you can interact with Curious Obsession in time for it to matter.

If I had to suggest what to cut from the sideboard to make this happen perhaps some of the control hate because you don't seem to have that many dead cards against them game 1 (although i can see an argument for boarding out Circuitous Route ). Also if you're adding shivan or tether maybe cutting Lava Coil s could be correct if you think it's worth the respective tradeoffs.

sylvannos on Newbie needs help getting into ...

2 months ago

Is this the Fish deck you're using?

Merfolk return

Standard* Farel


The reason you're losing is you're not playing the two strongest cards for the deck (which are also the reason you play the deck in the first place)!

Those cards are Deeproot Waters and Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca . You should have 4 of each. I'd recommend the following decklist:

4x Breeding Pool (or Simic Guildgate if you're on a budget)
5x Forest
4x Hinterland Harbor
6x Island
4x Unclaimed Territory

2x Benthic Biomancer
4x Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca
4x Kumena's Speaker
4x Merfolk Branchwalker
4x Merfolk Mistbinder
1x Merfolk Trickster
4x Mist-Cloaked Herald
4x Silvergill Adept
1x Tempest Caller
3x Watertrap Weaver
1x Zegana, Utopian Speaker

Other Spells:
1x Spell Pierce
4x Deeproot Waters

2x Carnage Tyrant
4x Dive Down
1x Merfolk Trickster
1x Sentinel Totem
1x Shapers' Sanctuary
2x Sorcerous Spyglass
2x Spell Pierce
2x Thrashing Brontodon

You should have no problems steamrolling non-red aggro decks, control, and have okay match-ups against midrange. You won't beat RDW/Burn, so if you get paired up against them don't sweat it if you lose. R/W variants are easier to beat. Just keep Goblin Chainwhirler in mind and don't get 10-for-1'd by overextending with 1/1s.

Spell Pierce and Dive Down laugh in the face of boardwipes (like Deafening Clarion or Settle the Wreckage ) because you can often just go full HAM and keep 1 mana open, which will force your opponent to tap out for the wipe. They get BTFO'd and you kill them anyway.

Watertrap Weaver and Tempest Caller can often end the game just by creating so much tempo, especially against decks that rely on smaller amounts of large creatures.

You should still get a Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca even if you decide to play EDH because he's a powerhouse of a general.

BlackDeegs on Skeletal Assault

2 months ago

StanleyHartman Thanks for commenting!

I like the idea of adding in the Spawn I just have had trouble figuring out what to remove to make room for it? Any suggestions? I was thinking perhaps removing Open the Graves for one? But its hard because I have already cut down to one Open the Graves and it has had some great value against control decks when the game gets forced to later turns.

I see what you are saying with Drill Bit , my only concern is that the deck has so many cards which I would prefer to be playing on turns 2-6 that I feel like it becomes a late game play unless I can hit with some early damage. It definitely would still have value I just like Duress because while the effect doesn't cover discarding creatures it can on turn one pull a Settle the Wreckage , Cleansing Nova , Deafening Clarion , or Kaya's Wrath before my deck gets up and running and could otherwise be using the mana to reassemble a skeleton or cast something else. Creatures are easily enough dealt with by the deck combinations in MOST situations. I may add them to my sideboard though because since changing the deck up in Arena I haven't been using the extra Rite of Belzenlok or extra Vona's Hunger which were initially moved to the sideboard out of the main deck. So those cards are more placeholders in the sideboard than serious sideboard cards.

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Deafening Clarion occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.3%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%