Karametra, God of Harvests

Karametra, God of Harvests

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to green and white is less than seven, Karametra isn't a creature.

Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may search your library for a Forest or Plains card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

Karametra, God of Harvests Discussion

ChronoCyrus on Call me Ghired

1 month ago

Love this deck! Check out my Ghired Deck If I may suggest reducing your Red producing lands/mountains to make way for more white producers. I also just started running more lands as I felt land dry most of the time. I try not to run land that enter tapped as it seems to slow me down. Also Karametra, God of Harvests or even Dictate of Karametra on opponents end step might be a good one.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Rhino & Taxes

1 month ago

Interesting list, have you considered Vryn Wingmare or Lumbering Battlement? The former can be additional copies of Thalia and the latter is hilarious with blinking effects and pairs with Yorion well. Also Karametra, God of Harvests seems like it would be pretty good fit here since your deck is pretty creature heavy and could combo with the Tracker late game. Hope this helps.

Unlife on A touch from the gods

2 months ago

I'm not sire what your budget is, I like the look of the deck, but I would work on the mana base. You are white heavy, but making sure you have easy access to all 5 colors is important. Three Visits and Nature's Lore pair well with lands that include forest in their type, which means you can ramp into multiple colors. The triomes are a good fit, you can cycle them from hand if you need the draw, and you can ramp into them, pulling three colors at once. I'd also look at the check lands like Sunpetal Grove, Isolated Chapel, etc. They usually won't enter tapped and they aren't particularly expensive. Maybe Keeper of the Accord as well, just to generate a bit of ramp and tokens, and possibly Karametra, God of Harvests, which turns your creature spells into ramp spells as well for both basic and nonbasic lands. Hope this helps.

dvlfsh84 on Bant Enchantments

2 months ago

Recent updates to this deck involved adding ramp to the deck and an additional win condition.



Santiago1011 on Liesa, Angel of Monsters and Masochism [PRIMER]

3 months ago

sora719, Hi again! I'm so glad you've been keeping up with the deck since the start!

Funnily enough, 3 of the 4 suggestions you made I've been silently questioning myself over as well.

To get Vilis, Broker of Blood out of the way, assuming we use the same 8 mana for Debt to the Deathless, that IS a gain 24 life and a drain of 8 per opponent. As of now, I consider that a worthy value and will make the change.

I've done the math for Divinity of Pride and Archangel of Thune, and assuming I only have the given creature and Liesa out, DoP has more lifegain for the first 3 turns of combat. After that, AoT has the better lifegain rate, as it increases every turn. Notably, I have 17 possible ways to gain life in the deck, so it's likely I could make AoT buff even faster. My only worry is that a growing board/ growing Liesa will incentivise my opponents to kill it/her more than DoP ever would.

However Archangel of Thune is my favorite angel (after mistress Liesa of course), so I'm inclined to use it. Given the fact that it also isn't as color restrictive as DoP, I'll go ahead and make the change.

I have more than enough copies of Erebos, God of the Dead laying around, and the indestructible creature makes it very versatile, so I'll make that change too.

Finally, Heliod's Intervention. I did originally have it in the maybe board, but I couldn't find a slot for it. Anyone who's seen my Karametra, God of Harvests deck knows I love me some enchantment and artifact removal. That being said, I'm still not sure what I would remove for it.

I'll add it back to the maybe board, and hope I grow tired of some other card so I can make the switch.

Thank you so much for the comment and help!

plakjekaas on Archenemy Commander Neeed

3 months ago

The point of Archenemy is that you get the schemes to equal the balance a bit. Metagaming to end the game as fast as possible or dedicating your deck to have your opponents play as little magic as possible won't lead to a fun weekend.

Play a deck that's fun, that's capable of big mana plays, although do play a few more boardwipes than you would. Something like Karametra, God of Harvests or Golos, Tireless Pilgrim, to make sure you have plenty of resources all the time.

If I'd be invited to a game like this, I'd probably play my Rankle, Master of Pranks deck, with plenty of mana doublers like Magus of the Coffers and Crypt Ghast (extort works amazingly in this setup), recurring creatures like Bloodghast and Gutterbones to keep sacrificing to the rankle triggers, discard & draw punishment like Underworld Dreams and Liliana's Caress, big demons like Razaketh, the Foulbloodedand Vilis, Broker of Blood and big mana finishers like Torment of Hailfire. It holds its own pretty well in multiplayer, and Rankle scales pretty well with an increasing number of opponents.

Azeworai on Beseeming Perfection

3 months ago

Reznorboy - Good day to you!

I am not really sure what benefit there is to playing Instants and Sorceries over creatures to produce tokens. I could see playing Saproling Migration over Emmara, but the effect is more or less the same.

One of the things I attempt to do with my decks is have them each possess a different game plan. I see the appeal of abusing enchantments, though I already have an Enchantress Deck in Karametra and, as for Bastion of Remembrance, an Aristocrats Deck in Adun Oakenshield. I am an aggressive player at heart, and this deck was meant to embody that. These game plans are fun, but the aggro style is distinct.

Now, however aggressive I like to be, I love secondary game plans. Carnival of Souls is a card I have wanted to abuse, though never got around to experimenting. It works well with the deck, given the horrendous number of tokens it spews, yet I do not have many solid cards in here with which I may spend all that mana. I am open to suggestions on that part.

Daxos seems rather fine, thereupon I may put it in the list, but I do prefer Gisela in this slot, merely due to her being an awesome card.

Yes, tutors. I own multiple Demonic Tutors, so perhaps I should add one...

Thank you very much, and I would love further guidance with Carnival of Souls. Black is more of a splash in this list, so I may need to rework most of it.

Have a lovely day.

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