Kolaghan's Command


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Kolaghan's Command


Choose two —

  • Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Target player discards a card.
  • Destroy target artifact.
  • Kolaghan's Command deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

Kolaghan's Command Discussion

HookCitySlamJam on Grixis Midrange Pioneer

5 hours ago

What I would do to add a little bit of consistency is add a single Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Also I would try turning your Abrade and Bedevil into Kolaghan's Command they are easier to cast and have 4 modes. I would turn Dreadbore and Kalitas into Murderous Rider so you have three copies. Maybe turn the Ritual of Soot into Languish and through them in the sideboard and fill them with another Thoughtseize and Murderous Rider . I would also turn the Search for Azcanta  Flip into Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip.

Best of luck to you sir and I hope you dominate your OGS.

DoIStillLoveIt on Elemental Ballroom Blitz

1 day ago

Ashenmoor Liege is pretty interesting. Any thoughts on trying either Thoughtseize / Inquisition of Kozilek or Kolaghan's Command ?

maxbiatch on 4 Color Death Shadow

2 weeks ago

Zavthedav23w Wow, thanks for that monster of an answer! I like that you already tried different approaches of Shadow. I'm definitely adding more Mishra's Bauble and Once Upon a Time as soon as I get my hands on some. Snapcaster Mage seems like a must, so will add that most likely 2 times as well. Wrenn and Six was an option I once thought about - but simply forgot about it (which is hard because it's so powerful). So I will see if I can get a copy to playtest it. Swapping Serum Visions for Thought Scour also seems to be worth it, especially when I play Mishra's Bauble 4 times so I am not that dependent on Serum's Scry mechanic. Liliana of the Veil will go to the sideboard when I get to test the new additions. You're right, she seems to be a better sideboard card. Kolaghan's Command will go as well, even though I think I'm gonna miss it :( But hey, it doesn't have to be forever.

Grixis seems interesting, I have to look up some lists and see how it works exactly. Esper had some cool ideas I wanted to play around with (namely Ranger-Captain of Eos , Teferi, Time Raveler , Path to Exile ), but the more I look at it, the slower it seems, especially regarding Ranger-Captain of Eos with the 2w in his cost. Well, I will look into some Grixis lists, buy some cards and then I will update here! Maybe I will participate in something like FNM (for the first time in my life) next week or the week after, to just playtest against some strangers. Another huge thank you for your insights, ideas and tips!

Zavthedav23w on 4 Color Death Shadow

2 weeks ago

You're deck seems pretty solid aside from that it needs just a little bit of tweaking. I've been playing Shadow for quite some time and I can say that it is quite a blast to pilot! That being said, there are a couple ways you could go form here, I recommend doing the following: I recommend dropping your 3 cost cards ( Liliana of the Veil , Kolaghan's Command ). Those cards normally are better post-sideboard since they're more of "grind" cards. Definitely add 3 more Mishra's Bauble . The upside is insane, especially in a Tarmogoyf deck. 1. Artifact in the yard, 2. essentially a 0-mana cantrip, 3. also is technically letting you play with 4 less cards, this is because it is always going to turn into a different card for 0. Which actually increases efficiency quite a bit, 4. it lets you know what you're going to draw, or what the opponent might draw. Death's Shadow is played mainly like this: clear the way for your Death's Shadow to stick and then hold up Stubborn Denial just in case they draw something. Mishra's Bauble gives you a heads up on what answers your opponent may or may not draw. PLAY 4! This also leads to Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek . Always play 4 seizes and 2 inquisitions(maybe more) because they are how you clear the way. A turn 1 bauble (look on top and decide to: fetch, shock, or cycle Street Wraith then fetch) into Thoughtseize is probably the best scenario. That's also a turn 2 Shadow. Tarfire is fine, unfortunately it doesn't do really that much, 2 damage doesn't always kill what you want it to kill. I'd play 1 because the tribal type in the yard is beneficial for your goyfs. You may have trouble finding slots for Lightning Bolt and your removal package is already really solid. Since you're playing green, Traverse the Ulvenwald is a MUST! It ALWAYS gets what you need, especially with an array of fetches, cycle creatures, and baubles. (You should be playing at least 9 fetch lands, and 17 lands is more ideal, that way you get more action and almost every turn you get the full 3 life lost(also revolt on Fatal Push )). If you really wanted, to increase stuff in the yard, you could potentially play Thought Scour mainboard(I wouldn't play it in the side however). But definetly keep 2 and then add 2 more. Once Upon a Time has really been shining lately in tournaments so I would add 2 maybe? The leverage it gives is amazing. I'd cut your Serum Visions for Thought Scour if that was the route you wanted to go. Cut a Temur Battle Rage , 2 is enough since the third more often than not ends up being a dead draw and just sits in your hand, also you might need that slot for something better. If you wanted a planeswalker in your main board, you could keep Liliana, or go for Wrenn and Six . I'd playtest first but Wrenn has really dominated lately, if you ever get to ult it offers so much advantage. That's what I've got for that part but I'll answer your questions as best I can.

Biggest Weaknesses: Surprisingly, Death's Shadow has really good matchups all around, the only bad matchup is Humans, maybe tron. You do have to watch your life total against burn but you should win most of those games. You don't really need to build around however since those "bad" matchups are still favorable considering other modern decks and their bad matchups. You thrive on being fast and aggressive, the longer the game goes the more chance your opponent has for stopping your plans. So be fast and aggressive, but smart and also conservative with your Shadows and Goyfs.

A super awesome archetype to try: Grixis Death's Shadow. This is my personal favorite variant of the Death's Shadow builds, I'd recommend checking it out. I touched on most of the cards you should be playing(traverse, Bauble, etc.), but really it's up to you!

If you want to ditch green, go for grixis Shadow, I tried Esper for awhile and it's fun but feels more like a midrange deck. If that's what you want however, look up some lists and compare cards, you should find a bit.

Against creature heavy decks, the key is to pick their hand. Most won't be able to kill your creatures once they get big enough, so use your hand disruption to take the creatures that will be most annoying. Think about what cards you have that can deal with their creatures and spells, then pick what to take from the bunch.

(pro tip, if you see a Snapcaster Mage , take it because it can hypothetically just buy back whatever you discard instead).

I'm interested to see how your deck turns out! I hope I was helpful.

Happymaster19 on Not So Noble [Modern Knights]

3 weeks ago

That could be an option to explore. If the planeswalkers are an issue, I’d first recommend trying an additional Murderous Rider in the side. The one thing I don’t like about Sword is red and black aren’t where the most prominent walkers are nor are black and white prominent in artifact archetypes. So the protection might help in a Death’s Shadow matchup (except many builds run Kolaghan's Command ), but only for the color protection. on the other hand, it can help shoot down the planeswalkers and artifacts of various control builds, none of which really feature red or black. While I don’t need sideboard slots to be hard counters to the meta, I do like that Murderous Rider doesn’t need a board state to work.

Specific mention of Sword against Oko. Oko can simply nullify your sideboard hate for Oko. Rider can’t be elked from your hand so Rider can more reliably deal with Oko. And once Rider is on the battlefield, I’d be happy to upgrade to an Elk.

The manabase needs work to make Kolaghan's Command more palatable. And the meta has been in flux really since Dominaria. So tweaks in the sideboard have been like a revolving door. I could leave a maybe list of alternative options for various metas.

chrclgry on Rakdos Discard Control (Pioneer)

4 weeks ago

Anger of the Gods over Sweltering Suns ? I know suns has that cycling if it's not necessary however, if your opponent is an aggro deck and you don't need to cast Anger of the Gods then you are either winning or you can slow roll things more. The exile clause on ager also means that it shreds "dredge" decks or anything else that wants to use Kolaghan's Command or similar effects to recur creatures from the yard ie. Arclight Phoenix . I just thinks it's worth considering.

K0rt on Pioneer Grixis Control

1 month ago

the__odysseus Thanks for the ideas! Definity trying out Fabled Passage when the meta slows down. Right no you need to be react early and often since lots of people are playing aggressive decks or decks where you need to have mana open early e.g Mono-Red and Felidar combo. When the meta becomes slower I could definitely see running some fabled passage. I completely forgot about Wandering Fumarole probably going to add a few. Don't know what to cut, maybe the Spirebluff Canal ?

I haven't had a problem with an overtaxed graveyard or Oko. Dig Through Time can get the deck out of tight spots as it can find specific cards were raw card advantage doesn't really work as well. I haven't really had a clash with Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip either since dig is mostly being resolved late anyways after he has flipped. I haven't really come to a spot were Oko, Thief of Crowns also hasn't been a problem. 6 planeswalker kill spells in the 75 with Bedevil and Vraska's Contempt + Thoughtseize + late game Drown in the Loch can counter it. When I'm playing against an oko deck I'm significantly mulfore worried about Wicked Wolf than Oko 90% of the time.

I decide not to play Anger of the Gods since it was too much on the mana. Double red by turn 3 is really hard since red is only really a splash for Kolaghan's Command , Bedevil and Fiery Impulse . All of which need only one symbol and I only have 10 red in the mana base right now and it has significantly better than I thought it was going to be. I'm only playing the Hour of Devastation in its good against Eldrazi and late-game double red isn't so bad. If dredge gets a new card printed or Rally decks come back could probably add it.

I mainly just added Goblin Rabblemaster to kill Mono-Green Devo and Cat quickly but since they go banned or significantly nerfed at this point I could see adding Bolas or Liliana, Chandra seems a bit too expensive mana wise against control as a grind piece. Will probably test out those walkers with stuff like Search for Azcanta  Flip

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Kolaghan's Command occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Rakdos: 0.16%


All decks: 0.19%


All decks: 0.28%