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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal



Return target nonlegendary creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it.

lagotripha on 【Emotional】▷ RANT ◁ WOTC's GREED has RUINED MODERN

4 days ago

It'd be fine if the tier 2/3 decks people had worked on for years had a place to exist - but between the FIRE design, pandemic and pioneer failing, that chance just evaporated. Lotta people like me just sold up and called it a day.

There isnt' really a way to put that genie back in the bottle. Banning the evoke and one drops might tempt some people back in, but the rest of the MH2 cards being surpressed by the worst offenders are likely to drive them right back out. You could ban every card here and within a week it'll be Persist and Harmonic Prodigy or whatever - MH2 cards are the format now.

They might as well just unban nearly everything and see what shakes out- I don't see cloudpost causing problems in this format. Or the artifact lands. Or eye of ugin. Or splinter twin. Or Punishing fire. Just go full mad max then come up with a new banlist after a few months of chaos.

amicdeep on Jund budget

1 week ago

i can see wha your trying to do i think. its probably worth adding some more game ending effects Titanoth Rex and Void Beckoner bot put themselves into the gy with added value, and they are very very good reanimation target they dont work with unearth but they do with victimise

i would also seriously consdier running Persist

another card id consider would be Rotting Regisaur its bigger than Shakedown Heavy without the down side and it discards cards which is good in reanimator lists!

MichaelZarfl on

3 weeks ago

KongMing I am afraid, blink spells won't work here, since both Archon of Justice and Ashen Rider have to die. I am not 100% certain about Mangara of Corondor, even though I believe he needs to be exild too for the ability to resolve properly. Possible options I see for this deck are Unburial rights, Ascent of the Worthy, Footsteps of the Goryo, Hell's Caretaker or Persist in combination with Village Rites or Reckoner's Bargain.

KBK7101 on Into the Quantum Realm

1 month ago

Persist isn't in your commander's color identity, sadly.

The legendary sky dragons from Neon Dynasty might be worth adding in. Kura, the Boundless Sky and Kairi, the Swirling Sky. "But they're legendary, wouldn't the clones die when they ETB?" you ask? Yes, yes they would. :)

Katzmania on The Meat Grinder

2 months ago

What if you added in more copies of Grislebrand, and added in some reanimator cards like Patriarch's Bidding (works really well with Apostle too) or Goryo's Vengeance for Grislebrand, or Living Death to deal with go wide decks and win the game, or you could go in for more copies of Demon of Death' s Gate and run Persist. I think it would really synergize with the discard engine, and it doesn't really take a lot to add to the deck you have most of the requirements there all you need is more copies of the demons and/or some of these I think its a fun way to add more power to the deck.

wolfhead on Inspired to brew UWR tokens

3 months ago

i think to play it youd need to focus on how its different from mentor+pyro,

and focus on turning tokens into 3/3s.

so things like Hordeling Outburst and Dragon Fodder.

i dont have much knowledge of token generators,

id be a boomer and go the direction of Spectral Procession, outburst, and Intangible Virtue,

(Glare of Subdual would make the crappy fall-apart zombies kinda cool)

maybe do weird graveyard stuff with Haunted Dead, Hornet Queen and Persist?

i dunno, like i said im sure someone else will be more helpful in that area,

but i think focusing on mixing the prowess and token-generation aspect is what will work the best with him,

and the deck isnt gonna look like what youd expect and probably want,

but shoving a copy or two into a more traditional mentor shell probably would be fine too

wallisface on HELL DRAIN + KILL (Modern Mardu Sacrifice FFA)

3 months ago

I quite like this brew. Sone thoughts:

  • You probably want to use more fetchlands for Mayhem Devil to profit from.

  • I would suggest ditching both Immortal Servitude and Rally the Ancestors. Firstly, ditching them means you can easily get away with running only 22 lands. Secondly, Rally is particularly bad as you have no easy sac outlet (Priest will be summoning-sick). I would say, 99% of the time, running Unearth will be much stronger for you. After that, i think you need more interaction/killspells, but if you’re desperate for additional recursion, Persist, Undying Evil, or Malakir Rebirth  Flip are all better than Servitude/Rally in this deck.

  • As mentioned before, I think your deck needs more ways to interact with the opponents boardstate. The Sac & discard you have are good - but they all let the opponent choose what’s going. A few copies of Infernal Grasp, or a playset of Lightning Bolt, could help you in sticky situations

nbarry223 on Unprecedented Domination

4 months ago

Murktide Regent is another decent choice that may fit in. I guess Teferi, Time Raveler is a decent option as well, although I don't like a 3 CMC sorcery speed removal option, as that's about all he is in here unless it is a control matchup.

Ethersworn Canonist seems like a weird choice, but it is actually a solid option for a control deck. If my opponent doesn't really run artifacts, I now only have to worry about them playing one card per turn to deal with, and they can't even counter my response if they are another control deck, as an example.

Baral, Chief of Compliance on the other hand is used as more of a ramp spell, and is very useful for card selection. I have a lot of draw a card discard effects in the deck, because my reanimator package is generally a backup plan. It is nice to be able to pitch cards like Archon of Cruelty or Faithful Mending if needed, or just about any instant/sorcery on demand, since I have so many ways to cast them from the grave.

The Unmarked Grave + Persist package is not solely used to reanimate Archon of Cruelty, which is why I chose it. Persist can be used to reanimate Ethersworn Canonist or trigger Snapcaster Mage effectively becoming Mission Briefing without the surveil. Unmarked Grave can be used to tutor for cards to use in specific scenarios with any of my instant/sorcery reanimators. It can also effectively tutor for lands with Crucible of Worlds or Ethersworn Canonist / Engineered Explosives with Academy Ruins (Engineered Explosives also synergizes very well with Ethersworn Canonist in this scenario).

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