Crippling Fear

Crippling Fear


Choose a creature type. Creatures that aren't of the chosen type get -3/-3 until end of turn.

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Crippling Fear Discussion

multimedia on Zombie Drain Deck

2 months ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Against opponent hexproof creatures you want more Fleshbag Marauder and Syphon Flesh sacrifice effects. Here's some budget options.

Living Death is powerful, but may be too expensive price. It's mass sacrifice for all players creatures and it's also mass reanimation for each player of any creatures that where in that players graveyard before you cast Living.

Black has some board wipes, unfortunately the better cards are not budget options, but here's a few that are.

  • Life's Finale : also puts any three creatures of your choice from one opponent's library into their graveyard to embalm them with Scarab.
  • Deadly Tempest : also does damage to each player.
  • Crux of Fate : if there's no problematic Dragons then choose all nonDragon creatures.

Some more situational budget board wipes:

YamishiTheWickedOne on Bordello of Blood

2 months ago

Well honestly I'd stay monoblack. You have a really solid core (with Nykthos, I've done tests where I'm able to drain 10-12 life on turn 5 just from Highborn).

I think probably the biggest thing is cards that interact with your opponent. I feel like... just changing the vials (some people like them but tbh I never felt the need for vials) to Thoughtseize and/or Inquisition. And maybe any draw power you can squeeze in without compromising your engine. I might suggest Gatekeeper of Malakir , if you can fit him. Mind you, his edict effect triggers Cordial and Artist.

Not sure if Captivating/Nocturnus are needed but they're the lords I'd consider if you want board-wide buffs. Cordial is fantastic here by himself so I'd almost say 2-4 Indulgent Aristocrat synergizes better. And he's basically a lord himself. I actually like Knight of the Ebon Legion here. If you're playing your hand quickly he becomes something to dump excess mana into and 4 damage is easy here, Sorin + artist alone is a buff for him.

2 swamps for 2 urborgs is an easy switch to make, and you don't necessarily need manlands. If colorless mana is a no here then maybe skip them.

Liliana of the Veil if you can afford her might be an option. Though Sorin takes priority as the 3 mana walker.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Monoblack is the way to go for this deck.

PS: Crippling Fear is good side or main.

Desoxyn on Cancel Culture Faeries

4 months ago

Cards that I don't think are that strong and some replacement recommendations:

Disrupt ---> Thoughtseize

Plague Wind ---> Kindred Dominance

Oona's Blackguard ---> Thought Vessel

Murder ---> Crippling Fear

Must include lands: (maybe go up to 38 lands) Reliquary Tower

Command Tower

Path of Ancestry

Sea Gate Restoration  Flip

Other good/fun cards you should consider: Sol Ring (must have for commander)

Feed the Swarm (for the enchantment removal)

Bident of Thassa (good cards draw for small evasive creature decks)

Rhystic Study (annoy opponents/great card draw)

Torment of Hailfire (You should keep this one in, great finisher)

Silundi Vision  Flip (good replacement for one of your tapped lands)

Murderous Cut (cheap removal)

Dismember (cheap removal)

Opposition Agent


Spell Swindle

Mystic Confluence

YamishiTheWickedOne on Darkside

5 months ago

ok, Whitelionq and SefTheReject

Vamps getting some new toys.

Callous Bloodmage is honestly a really good vamp. His third effect turns him into a 3 mana Tormod's Crypt on legs.

Faceless Haven is Mutavault's big brother, turns into a 4/3 vigilance vampire for 3 mana. Vigilance on a manland means it can attack AND tap for mana. Only problem is he needs SNOW mana. Given what makes multicolored decks work is fetches and shock lands, Rakdos/Orzov/Mardu vampires need to be running Blood Crypt and/or Godless Shrine plus the fast or pain lands for their respective colors. So, Haven only works really in monoblack vampires. I'm certain there are other new supports on the way. If nothing else for black, if not vamps. Such as Baleful Mastery , or the black tribal boardwipe Crippling Fear , which is mainboard-worthy.

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