Tolarian Academy

Tolarian Academy

Legendary Land

Tap: Add (Blue) to your mana pool for each artifact you control.

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
MTGO Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Tolarian Academy Discussion

TypicalTimmy on New Format? (Oakland Highlander)

3 weeks ago

In case anyone is wondering, there are currently 55 legendary lands in MTG. Following traditional rules and ban lists, we would have access to 54 as Tolarian Academy is banned.

Additionally, the 11 flip-lands would not be viable options as they start off as enchantments that must flip. This brings our total available number of lands down to 43.

From here, 2 more are unavailable to Commander as a whole. One is an unset and the other is a test card from Mystery Boosters. This brings us down to 41. Those cards are R&D's Secret Lair and Rift.

There are then three lands which produce no mana. One being Dark Depths, another being Eye of Ugin, though this would technically work for Eldrazi decks and the third being Paliano, the High City as you aren't drafting and therefore it yields no mana. However, in terms of Eye of Ugin, because the land can not tap for mana and it is a requirement of the format to use mana produced by your land to cast your Commander, this makes it no longer viable.

So while there are 55 Legendary Lands in the game, in reality only 38 are available for use.

marco-piatti on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

In casual formats Gaea's Cradle can become more of a factor than Tolarian Academy might be.. the fact is that in casual formats you don't usually see cards with such a price. In cEDH the latter is devastating so that's why it is banned.

davidsays1 on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

Turn 1-2 Gaea's Cradle does nothing. Turn 1-2 Tolarian Academy can end the game.

fadelightningmm on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

There are a ton of ways to deal with creatures. If a Gaea's Cradle player is left unchecked it can be insane, but if you control their board state it does literally nothing. Tolarian Academy is much more powerful because blue is arguably the most powerful color in all of magic. Green has been getting pushed lately, but it’s not blue good yet. If you don’t like cradle run board wipes or land destruction.

enpc on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

I think that the price tag for Gaea's Cradle does a prety decent job of ensuring it steers clear of most casual decks (though I do hate using pricing as a justification), which is where it hurts the balance the most. And is more casual games, if you're tapping Gaea's Cradle for huge amounts of mana then the game should have ended already and typically is being unnecessarily drawn out.

The big thing about Tolarian Academy though is that while green can snowball value off a Gaea's Cradle, blue A) has lots of untap effects, abusing the land even more, and B) is better equipped to just outright win the game from a surge of mana through some sort of combo (especially since blue is the counterspell colour).

Caerwyn on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

I think it all comes down to timing. A turn 1 or 2 Gaea's Cradle is almost never going to be an instantaneous threat.

A turn 1 or 2 Tolarian Academy can end the game--not only are there a bunch of easy to dump low-cost artifacts, those artifacts also ramp you or are dangerous stax pieces like Winter Orb.

So, while they might be comparable later on, they're very different in those first few turns.

TypicalTimmy on Why is Tolarian Academy banned, ...

1 month ago

Tolarian Academy is banned in EDH, but Gaea's Cradle isn't. Why?

I understand that artifacts are generally harder to remove than creatures, but at the same time creatures saturate the format far more than artifacts.

While it is also true that there are many 0 - 2 drop artifacts that will enable you to produce a lot of for very cheap, it is equally true that there are an enormous amount of creatures just as cheap - and far more plentiful when you consider tokens on top of spells.

Is it purely based on the fact artifacts are harder to remove? Because the truth of the matter is, they really aren't. Players just don't normally put artifact removal in their decks, similarly to how they don't normally put enchantment removal in.

DemonDragonJ on New Versions of the Urza ...

1 month ago

The trio of Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum, and Tolarian Academy are some of the most powerful lands in this game, and they shall never be reprinted, due to their amazing power.

Therefore, I wish to make new versions of those lands, but none of my new cards are actually lands, the reason for that being that none of those lands counted themselves for their effects, which made them too unreliable, in my mind. Therefore, my new cards will count themselves, to ensure that they are never dead draws.

Esmeralda, Keeper of the Cradle Show

I used Magus of the Coffers as my guideline for this creature, but this one is legendary, as is the land after which she is modeled, and she has a stricter casting cost, because of how amazing her ability is. She is an elf, because elves in this game have always been portrayed as having a connection to land and nature, but is she too powerful as an elf? Should she be a human or elemental, instead?

Naiquila, High Priestess of Nyx Show

For this card, she could not be only an enchantment, because enchantments in this game do not tap, so she is an enchantment creature. Again, Magus of the Coffers was my guideline for this creature, albeit with a stricter casting cost and the legendary supertype.

Kreissler, Keeper of the Academy Show

As with my previous two creatures, this one is modeled after Magus of the Coffers. I originally had planned for this card to be only an artifact, but that would have broken the pattern from the first two and also not allowed it to be used as a general in an EDH deck.

What does everyone else think of these cards? Do you like them?

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