Black Lotus

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Format Legality
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Black Lotus


, Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.

legendofa on The Baron's Coterie

4 days ago

Welcome to the club, Barone_di_Morti!

Mono-black Vampires are one of my favorite major tribes. Let's see what's going on here.

First thought is that you should put this either as the Casual format, or add the Casual hub in the deck editor. Vintage is the most powerful format in the game, and leaving it as Vintage with no other details carries certain expectations that you're willing to buy and use the most powerful cards. Legacy + Casual would also work, unless you have Black Lotus and Mox Jet lying around.

What's the intent of Buried Alive? I see the Bloodghasts as returnable creatures, but those are easy enough to play and bring back normally, and there's not mich else pointing to a reanimator or graveyard theme here.

There's a lot of 2x and 3x cards, which means the deck is going to be a little less consistent and reliable. Try to get the full four copies of the cards you most want to play.

Also, 20 lands seems a little low, especially with some key cards being at 4-5 mana and X-cost. The Dark Rituals help, but there's no real reason to be using Polluted Delta and Bloodstained Mire. All your Swamps are basic lands (Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth only affects lands in play, not in your deck), so you might as well just replace those with more basic Swamps, or other utility lands. 22 lands would be my starting point.

I see the core of a sacrifice theme in your creatures, with Bloodghast and a few "whenever a creature dies" effects. If you wanted to, you could lean into that aspect a little harder by adding some sacrifice outlets, like Viscera Seer, Ashnod's Altar, or Yahenni, Undying Partisan.

Above all, have fun!

ThatguyDJ on Power 9 when?

9 months ago

Garth One-Eye + Deadeye Navigator + Thousand-Year Elixir = infinite mana (tap to make Black Lotus, crack black lotus naming blue, use 2 to flicker Garth, he re-enters battlefield with 1 spare blue mana. Repeat infinite times) to deck all of your opponents with the Braingeyser

Mortlocke on Mortlocke

9 months ago

Daveslab2022, apologies for not answering you sooner for some reason I didn’t get a notification that you posted on my deck page. I’m grateful that you’d like to continue the conversation. My only request that you keep things civil and friendly, as I will do my best to extend the same attitude. As you’ve went ahead and posted, I’ll simply respond.

”I can’t reply to that thread as Caerwyn has asked us not too - but you just said a bunch of stuff and didn’t actually provide any evidence for what you said. It’s pure speculation.” As you may have read – there was no asking on Caerwyn’s part. He called me out of my name, accusing me of being a troll when I simply didn’t agree with their world view. I’m not going to discuss them or their actions as I simply couldn’t care less. Moving on… ”but you just said a bunch of stuff and didn’t actually provide any evidence for what you said. It’s pure speculation.” Now I’ll admit fault in providing evidence so I will do my best to be concise and straight to the point – Wizards of the Coast is aiming for a norm of high priced “luxury” and exclusive product. The evidence is simple, plain, obvious:

  • 2009 is the year WOTC started experimenting with including Reserved List cards (called Hidden Treasures) in new sealed product – with the release of Zendikar. They quickly realize that they’re leaving money on the table as the boxes sold out very quickly and still to this day command a high price of around [$1200 USD]( and about half that in 2015. The point is, Wizards took note of the high demand for Reserved List cards.
  • 2015 – 2017 was the era of the Masterpieces -the Expeditions, Inventions, and Invocations respectively. These exclusive treatments drove sales for their respective sets (with the exception of Ahmonket, the general online sentiment I gathered was that the Invocations weren’t well received). The point is here, is that Wizards is taking note that exclusive treatments of cards can help push sales significantly
  • 2019 is the year Pandora’s box was opened – the proto Collector’s Booster box [War of the Spark: Mythic Edition]( was released for $249 USD which is more than double the amount of any other standard set ever sold. This wasn’t a master’s set which generally sold for roughly $200 - $300 at release. Then we saw the release of Throne of Eldrane, which introduced the first offering of Collector’s Booster boxes which sold for $200 USD. Again, double the amount of the standard booster box. Then we got the biggest change - [The removal of Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)]( Without this, then the prices of MTG product can essentially vary widely from store to store. Meaning that when someone sees a $300 or $400 booster box, there is no “Why isn’t this just $100, like it usually was?” Then there was the release of the Secret Lair -a direct to consumer product that usually ranges from at least $30 to $40 for on average 3 – 4 cards. Crazy that they only need to sell a few cards and reap so much profit. At this point Wizards has set the stage for new and expensive product to be the “big tent” offerings of each set.
  • 2020 – Double Masters VIP edition. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a $100 booster pack. An egregious offering whose main draw was the same thing players used to get in standard set boxes – Masterpieces, foil treatments, things that are now effectively paywalled off from the average player. The price of Double Masters in the year 2022 spiked to around [$450 - $500 USD]( in 2021 – these boxes were still being sold direct from Wizards, imagine the insane profits they saw.
  • 2022 is simply more of the same but worse. This I believe was the first time we saw these deluge of derivative products in the form of Draft, Collectors and VIP booster boxes. Each tier having some sort of exclusivity – more and more cool stuff being paywalled off to the average player. But each box still commanding a hefty asking price with the Draft Boosters commanding a [$300 - $400 USD]( asking price at release. The Collector’s box was particularly egregious (in my opinion as it was only 4 packs of randomized cards with an asking price of [$200 - $300 USD]( Again this is only for 4 randomized packs of cards – we will see a trend, I promise.
  • 2023 now we are currently looking at the upcoming Lord of the Rings set – where the Draft Booster Boxes going for $150 - $200 USD – and Collector booster boxes going for as low as [$500 USD]( But that’s not the end of it either – Commander Masters also has some ridiculous price points where the Draft box goes for roughly [$300 USD]( and the Collector’s Booster Box is only 4 packs of randomized cards for [$230 - $250 USD]( That’s 4 packs of randomized boosters (where have we seen this before?) for over $200 USD. That’s at least $50 a pack. Then there’s March of the Machine Aftermath – a so called Microset that has only 5 cards per pack – but it has the exact same asking price of a standard set. Further down Pandora’s Box we go.

I’m so against a Reserved List Reprint Product because we already know exactly what that product will look like - Magic 30th. 4 randomized booster packs of cards for $1000 USD with the potential promise of a pack fresh Reserved List reprint – that is technically a proxy but was officially produced and released by Wizards. This is what they have been working towards for years – and now with an unending hype train and a deluge of products that no one asked for – and few can keep up with.

When someone is asking/voicing their desire for Reserved List reprints I don’t think they stop and ask themselves – “But, will I be able to afford it anyway?” Daveslab2022, do you honestly think that Wizards is going to reprint a Black Lotus, and give it the Sol Ring treatment? Put one in every single Commander deck? Put it in a Draft Booster box? No. The answer is no – no desirable Reserved List Card will be magically made widely available and cheap. Wizards of the Coast and HASBRO are corporations - their goal and aim is to make money. Not be your friend, not be Santa Claus, but to make as much money as possible. To just widely reprint these highly coveted game pieces would be beyond counter productive to the purpose of Wizards and Hasbro. They would literally be giving away money for no reason - frustrating their shareholders and discouraging them or anyone else from investing in the company.

The truth is in front of us – They will treat those hypothetical reprints as though they were Serialized cards to drive up the asking price (remember – no MSRP!) and milk the gullible customer base. And before you even think “Well more product means everything will get cheaper – that’s economics, duh” – let me address that line of reasoning right now: The demand will far outstrip the supply – Wizards will absolutely see to that, as that is more profitable to limit the supply and stretch that newfound reprint equity to the absolute limit. So no, even with reprints the hypothetical Reserved List will still be hyper expensive and exclusive. Things will then be only worse, as these hypothetical new sealed products will have absurd asking prices that will influence the pricing of future offerings from Wizards. We are already seeing this – citing my previous examples from before – it can get much worse with a fully weaponized Reserved List “Masterpiece” option.

So there. That’s the main reason why I don’t want Reserved List Reprints. Your rebuttal is welcome, but please cite your sources.

DrukenReaps on Alternate Ban List

10 months ago

I've never really been a fan of the ban list used for commander. I don't think it addresses potential problem cards the right way. There's always going to be a new problem card printed. I also think there's cards stuck on there that use to be scary and just aren't now. Like when Worldfire came off and no one really cared lol. So I wanted to just go through the mental exercise of designing a new ban list. First thing is I wanted to bring back the old "banned as commander" and therefore have 2 ban lists. The argument I heard most against this is that it's complicated but we play the most complex deck design game in MTG. I think people can handle 2 ban lists. For the banned from the 99 part of the list I was thinking I'd focus on fast tutors and fast mana. Like I said there will always be more problem cards. Many that aren't banned are arguably stronger than banned ones currently. For example Godo, Bandit Warlord + Helm of the Host is arguably easier and more consistent than Cromat + Coalition Victory.

So here are the 2 lists, they do not contain everything. Just wanted to start the idea and see people's thoughts.

Banned as Commander- Braids, Cabal Minion Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Griselbrand Iona, Shield of Emeria Leovold, Emissary of Trest

Banned from the 99- Mox Emerald Mox Jet Mox Pearl Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire Black Lotus Channel Sol Ring Mana Crypt Mana Vault Worldly Tutor Enlightened Tutor Personal Tutor Vampiric Tutor Demonic Tutor Mystical Tutor

I would also simply declare that Companion doesn't work in Commander. So you can play your Lutri, the Spellchaser if you so desire. I think this mechanic as a whole was poorly thought out and poorly tested, hence the changes and bans across multiple formats.

Mortlocke on DemonDragonJ

10 months ago

DemonDragonJ, Interesting I've found that in the online forums I do post this opinion it's always met with fairly the same response. But, stick with me here - maybe i'm crazy but please let me try and share my perspective.

Lets go back to the days of original Zendikar - the first time Wizards has packaged Reserved List product as a "prize" or "treasure" card. Sales go through the roof - and boxes on the secondary market go for hundreds - as of now, it's about $1,200USD. Wizards takes note - there is money left on the table here.

Now, lets fast forward to 2019 the year Throne of Eldrane drops and the year Wizards announced The Elimination of MSRP. This year is huge - the introduction of the $200 Collector's booster box, and when Wizards starts partnering up with big box companies like Wal Mart and Amazon. According to MTG Goldfish Collector's Throne boxes currently go for $357 USD. Wizards is effectively selling directly to consumers and now has justification for selling for higher prices without that pesky MSRP getting in the way.

Now, lets go to 2020 - the year of the infamous Double Masters, and more importantly Double Masters VIP edition. The introduction of the $100 USD booster pack. Currently going for $169 (giggity) USD again, according to MTG Goldfish. Now lets leap to 2022 - Double Masters 2022 currently going for $304. Finally lets go to today, we have Dominaria Remastered Collectors going for $285 USD and the upcoming Lord of the Rings going for $200 USD for non Collector and $500 USD for Collector. Additionally, Commander Masters will be going for $400USD at release.

It is painfully obvious here that Wizards wants the prices of their product to trend upward. We have seen that wizards has used "limited edition" cards as justification for raising prices to obscene heights. I infer that Wizards will absolutely use the promise of Reserved List product to sell us a box that will cost well beyond the price point of the average player. I don't care what RL cards are in that box - I don't want to see the day where I'm literally priced out of my hobby. I think that every person who is advocating for the RL to be dismantled isn't thinking about the consequences and only about blind want - Wizards is NOT your friend. They will release predatory products and at the end of the day those coveted cards will still be out of the reach of an average player. They will be treated like serialized cards. Do you honestly think that they will print a Plateau or a Black Lotus at common or uncommon?

The answer was spelled out for us during Magic: 30th - use Proxies. Wizards did it, why can't we? Removing Wizards from the equation will grant everyone's wants - people get access to the utility of the card at a reasonable price. Additionally, Wizards doesn't get a greedy justification to continue to raise prices for exciting new products. I understand people want to collect and covet - but at some point I think they need to be realistic and understand that Wizards is a business at the end of the day. Our voices and spending habits have consequences - and I absolutely do not want to face the consequences of a group of individuals who can't or absolutely refuse see the big picture.


Mortlocke on The Reserved List is a …

11 months ago

enter image description here

I've lurked on Reddit for years now, and from time to time I see threads and/or opinions such as "The Reserved List is bad - it's an outdated concept." "They need to reprint the ABUR dual lands - the reason why they're so expensive is because of the gatekeepers and evil investors".

The worst opinion, and the one I find absolutely beyond irksome is the "The majority of magic the gathering players support the removal of the Reserved List" this is a prime example of the invisible/silent majority fallacy when someone wants to make their personal opinion (or poorly thought out argument) seem more "valid" they say "well a group of unnamed and invisible people support my opinion, so that makes it true". For the sake of argument lets assume that 5 million of the supposed 7 million magic the gathering players worldwide came together and signed a petition officially declaring this demand - where the hell is it? Where is this official public stance? Did I miss something? Or is this just the commiserating of a few online denizens that live in the illusion of a premium reprint product containing some of the most powerful cards ever made in Magic: The Gathering's history be made some how...affordable? I feel like these individuals have their heads in the sand - or don't know how WotC works or private corporations for that matter.

I think the Reserved List is good, and has ensured Magic's longevity. If it wasn't for the Reserved List magic wouldn't have been able to convince people to invest in card pieces in the secondary market over the years. Not only did this ensure that there was always something to invest in and collect, but it gave developers incentive to design new card pieces that could emulate (to a lesser extent) those powerful and sought after effects (e.g. Black Lotus to Jeweled Lotus). Thus, ensuring a form of reprint equity that set designers can cash in on to make sure a product sells well and gives WotC the funds to continue to invest in new card development.

Wizards of the Coast and HASBRO are not in any way shape or form a friend of the Magic: The Gathering community. They do not care if a product is affordable or not - they simply want to make money - all of the money for all time. If a Reserved List reprint product were produced it would be so egregiously priced that it would make Magic 30th look tame. It would be beyond the reach of the average player and further strain the relationship between Wizards and it's customer base. My personal fear would be if the product did marginally well then Wizards would use these figures to justify an overall price increase on all future products. Sadly, we are seeing more and more expensive premium product (looking at you Commander Masters, Double Masters VIP Edition, Collector's Boxes in general, you get idea). I think the typical (uninformed) argument for an abolished Reserved List inspired the creation of Magic 30th. In my head the product was created by some out of touch CEO who was informed of the demand for reprinted RL cards. Thinking only dollar signs they were motivated to green light the most outlandish and greedy product in Magic's history. The propagation of the nonsense argument of this "majority" of players is only enabling more and more shameless behavior from the CEOs of WotC/HASBRO.

If I missed a petition of roughly 5 million players wishing for the Reserved List to be removed - then i'll at the very least admit that the argument has traction and it is indeed a legitimate demand of the community (But by the Mother of Machines that does not make them right). But I think most players don't give a crap about the Reserved List one way or another. I think it's removal will simply result in another controversy by Wizards pumping out another garbage tier predatory nonsense product that further pisses off it's customer base and doing more harm to the community.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Edit: Thread closed - and a shame. But logic still stands - if there is a majority of anything then numbers must be stated to some degree, not vague mentionings of surveys whose results cannot be found or clearly demonstrated in a discussion. That's how a majority works.

Edit Edit: @Caerwyn, I couldn't care less what names you call me but I absolutely stand by what I say. If you think I'm being disingenous then I invite you (and anyone else interested) to talk this out on the Tappedout Discord in a voice channel - Mortlocke#5493

DemonDragonJ on What is Your Opinion of …

1 year ago

Grends27, I most certainly will not use proxies of Black Lotus or the original moxen, but I think that proxies of the original dual lands should not upset most players in casual games.

SnowyPlaneswalker on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

1 year ago

Black Lotus is listed as being legal in formats like Commander, when it's supposed to only be legal in Vintage

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