Black Lotus

Black Lotus


, Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Black Lotus Discussion

JuanDiego_Montoya on Burn Fiercer

1 week ago

I think this would be a good addition to your deck:

Black Lotus

Caran_Lyg on Instant regret Deck

1 month ago

You should change the tag from Standard to Casual, but I think Black Lotus is also banned in Casual, lol.

Erza420 on Strixhaven color "balancing"

2 months ago

ShiltonCDXX: yes the game would get stale without new cards. its not comparable to poker or chess. comparing planeswalkers to modal cards and double faced cards is not apples to oranges in the slightest. both are not original cards. my example is not ridiculous. your statement "no one would be able to play it for the cmc" is simply not true. the cmc would be exactly the same. so yes people would still be able to play it.

saying that "every" effect from "every" planeswalker can be found on other cards simply is not true, and planeswalkers can also be "dealt with in their own way".

the simple fact of the matter is that planeswalkers as they are now, are indisputably weaker than if their exact same effects had been placed on enchantments or artifacts. a 2uu enchantment with Jace, the Mind Sculptor abilities would be stronger than the actual planeswalker, simply for the fact that it couldn't be attacked.

in conclusion, hating a card based on type just is not valid. are some overpowered? yes, but that can be said of any card type. theres also plenty of planeswalkers that are unplayable. there is quite literally absolutely no relevance whatsoever between the typing of a permanent and it's power level. absolutely none. the only instance of a card becoming "more powerful" due to a change in typing, is if a sorcery became an instant. with permanents, it's the effect that matters and not the typing. Black Lotus would still be just as powerful if it were an enchantment.

TheWanderinGPlaneswalker on Osgir, The reconstructor Consturcted+listofcards

2 months ago

unstable_anomaly All that glitters isn't a bad idea at all. It effectively does what osgir's pump ability already does but without the need to sacrifice the board. Combine that with a basic voltron piece and that's easily 7 dmg a turn. So how the copy effects like Illusionist's Bracers work is similar to if you copy an X spell. So if you cast Doublecast on a spell with x in it then the amount that you payed for x will be copied. SO if x=8 then the copy will have x=8. How I understand it is that osgir's ability is a cost. So for example I activated osgir's ability and pay zero mana and exile lotus petal. I believe what happens is that the lotus petal is exiled as cost as it doesn't say target artifact but exile it as a cost. Anyways, costs are paid first. Then the ability that will go on the stack is the creating 2 copies of the exiled artifact. Just like an x spell being copies would create another copy of that same spell with the same mana spent on x, copying osgir's ability copies what is currently trying to resolve, namely that being the creation of 2 lotus petals. So if copied there would then be 2 instances of osgir's ability on the stack creating a total of 4 lotus petals (after the initial illusionist's bracers ability resolves on the stack).

So the Mox Tantalite and Lotus Bloom are really cool. So say I suspended Mox Tantalite on turn 1 and by the time I have osgir in play he is not summoning sick as well. So then what I can do to ramp is tap the mox to produce a mana. Then I use that mana to osgir's first ability to sacrifice the mox as a cost and then give target creature (even opponents) +2/0 until end of turn. After this (or during it being on the stack because sacrificing the artifact was a cost) I can activate osgir's 2nd ability to pay 0 mana to exile the mox from my graveyard. When this resolves I'll now have 2 Mox Tantalite . For Lotus Bloom it's a similar process just a different result. Lotus bloom is on the field and I sac it for that sweet black lotus mana. Then I use osgir's ability to pay zero and exile it from the graveyard. Then when this resolves I am rewarded with two more copies of Black Lotus that I can sacrifice at my pleasure!

Also no problem with the questions. And no the tokens wont have suspend counters put on them. Mox and bloom work similar with suspend in that if you want to play them from your hand the only way to do that is suspend them instead of casting, wait 3 turns, then cast them at the upkeep. However, there are cards like As Foretold and Electrodominance that allow you to play cards with cmc 0 from your hand. With cards like that you CAN cast them from your hand without suspending. However wheen creating copies of a card even with something like Mechanized Production the copies are just created without being able to suspend them even if you wanted to. There is actually a modern deck based off of this concept called as foretold. Also this concept works the same for Living End . Another modern deck where the goal is to cycle big creatures for 1 mana, get to 3 mana, then cast either Violent Outburst or Demonic Dread to cascade into living end (as the only card 2cmc or less in the deck), then cast that living end without needing to suspend as the cascade mechanic allows you to cast the card. Of course that then leads to a board wipe and all of those big creatures coming back and then you try to attack for the win.

Thx for the comment! Mind sharing your list? I think my list is definitely unrefined so I'm happy for any suggestions on things to cut/add to make it a deck that can hold it's own and being able to provide great value in an interactive game of magic.

Drcfan on Aggressive Angels Tribal

2 months ago

I don't see any point in the "Casual" Format. Just ignoring all rules of magic and add 4x Black Lotus + 4x Sol Ring and call it a day seems unreasonable for me. There is a reason cards like Balance , Sol Ring are banned straight down to Vintage. I don't see why anyone would play against and if, the casual format would win on Turn 1 or even Turn 0 with very high chance. I really do like Angels, thats why i build Angels Deck for 6 years now. But i would suggest to stick to at least one format. Maybe Commander or Modern would be something for You?

Apollo_Paladin on A sweet ass B/W deck

2 months ago

I, for one, would update this deck's Format to Legacy. I don't see a single Vintage-only card in this build, and I think it's safe to say it wouldn't stand a chance against a genuinely competitive Vintage build (really, Vintage isn't really played outside of special events/playgroups anymore).

Anytime I click on a Vintage build, I expect to see a lot of the Restricted list Vintage-Legal cards like Black Lotus , Sol Ring , Strip Mine , etc.

That said, I like the theme, it reminds me of a winning Pauper build I did for Friday Night Magics back when they were still a big thing (pre-Covid). It's so strong (using the exact same Nip Gwyllion / Edge of the Divinity combo) that it's actually stood up against some non-Pauper builds even; you can give it a look if you want: Sick Pauper Divinity Rush.

One key thing I'd look at in my build is Nightsky Mimic & Mourning Thrull , who along the same lines as Nip Gwyllion, combo amazingly with Edge of the Divinity.

legendofa on Most Expensive Decks

3 months ago

Like Caerwyn mentioned, Vintage is where the most expensive decks are. Most of them are solidly 40,000 USD, thanks to the ubiquitous Black Lotus , Mox set ( Pearl , Sapphire , Jet , Ruby , and Emerald ), Ancestral Recall , and Time Walk , plus Timetwister to fill out the Power Nine. Even the least expensive major Vintage deck, Dredge, can hit five digits, thanks to Bazaar of Baghdad .

So to find the most expensive decks here, search under the Vintage format and find decks with foils on everything that can be foiled. Playtest it and feel the power.

wroberts316 on The Most Expensive EDH Deck Ever

4 months ago

Where's the Alpha Black Lotus man??

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