Make a Stand


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Make a Stand


Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy them.)

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Make a Stand Discussion

m808080o on Asmira, Holy Avenger

5 days ago

A couple of suggestions:

Strionic Resonator would let you copy the ability that puts counters on the commander, but would also allow you to copy triggered abilities on permanents like Death's Presence or any of the cards that generate tokens when they enter.

Board wipes are really good have. Although they can hurt you, sometimes it's the only option you have to keep yourself in the game. I would suggest adding some more, like Rout, Planar Cleansing, Final Judgement, Kirtar's Wrath, etc.

Finally, protection for your commander, as well as for other important creatures, is a must. Shielded by Faith, Ajani's Presence and Make a Stand are good for making things indestructible. Having creatures like Hundred-Handed One and Guardian of the Gateless are good for blocking against swing wide strategies, and Ghostly Prison or Norn's Annex can stop players from even attacking you.

Be somewhat careful with a janky deck like this that you aren't putting all your eggs in one basket. You should try and have some way to win, or at least live out the game, without being dependent on your commander.

Overall, great start to a successful deck

Izu_Korasu on Flying High

2 weeks ago

in u/w? for the most part pump spells tend to be in green or red, but there are a few

Retreat to Emeria and Collective Effort are probably the strongest, while Tenacity and Make a Stand have their uses. ill also give an honorably mention to Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun, Unconventional Tactics and Tandem Tactics from the standard non-g/r pool.

Prayzqt on

3 weeks ago

Quick ins and outs.

This deck is from MTGGoldfish Budget Mono White Servos Standard.

I tried to find cards that played similar to cards that I replaced. I will try to explain my thought process so maybe someone can either build on that or use that to correct my thinking. I'm ok with either.

Stasis Snare -> Cast Out

Stasis costs where Cast Out costs , both are CMC 3 and since this is a mono white deck this doesn't matter so cost is equal. Cast out also includes cycling which I believe makes it better than stasis as it gives more flexibility.

Blessed Alliance -> Renewed Faith

Blessed costs and Renewed costs , small negative here at first but the escalate cost of causes Blessed to take on a cost for usefulness, minimum. Renewed gets an immediate use cost of for 6 life then optional for 2, overall for 8. The downsite of Renewed is we lose the untap and sacrifce options of Blessed Might have to revist this swap out later.

Immolating Glare -> Sandblast

Losing cost advantage here first of all. Immolating is and Sandblast is . Not ideal. Second it only deals 5 damage and isn't a blanket removal. I don't like this swap out but this is the only thing I could find right now and will need to dig more.

Lantern Scout -> Anointer Priest

Cost advantage here, going from to but the use changes. We lose the lifelink ability and instead we move to an enter the battlefield concept. Since we are making a bunch of servo's the goal would be to capture that mass creation and use that to trickle life in. Plus if we really need it we can embalm the priest.

Make a Stand -> Inspired Charge

Bad gain in cost, Stand costs and Inspired costs . We also lose the indestructible trait as well which isn't ideal. Although the upside is we get a +2/+1 rather than a +1/+0 but this might be too insignificant for the cost and less effect. Might need to revisit.

Some idea's I had as well would be to add Oketra's Monument to handle some of the cost changes. I would go Aethersphere Harvester -> Oketra's Monument, still toying with this.

Schar17 on the servo fuck up deck

1 month ago

Nice deck, and ultra budget. +1!

I would only trade the Built to Smash for Rootborn Defenses or Make a Stand. Marshaling Cry could also be big deal.

Although not servo, Origin Spellbomb could be faster then Cogworker's Puzzleknot.

And the only thing I'm worried about the deck is the number of servos. Isn't it too few? Consider maybe splashing for black, so you can get Weaponcraft Enthusiast, Marionette Master and maybe Underhanded Designs. Syndicate Trafficker also feels better then Salivating Gremlins or at least Scrapyard Mongrel.

Argy on Amonkhet Minotaurs

1 month ago

McSky23 Succumb to Temptation is equally as valid as Painful Lesson.

clayperce well now I feel dense. I never realised that the art on both halves of the split cards is part of one panel.

There is so much Minotaur art this time around. I kind of wish they had made them Red and White, like they have in the past. Then you could protect them better with Make a Stand.

It's an interesting point that ROUROU made. Last week I came first in a local meta that was full of decks being piloted by people who play internationally.

I just knew my deck very well, how to Side, and how to time all my plays.

I waited for my Opponent to tap out before playing cards that I really wanted to stick, etc.

I also had the advantage that they weren't expecting me to play the deck that I did.

HOWEVER, I can't say that I enjoyed the experience. Next week I'm going back to this deck.

Even if it only wins a few games, I have much more fun with it.

Argy on Exert = Win

1 month ago

ArcueidToo like a lot of people you've now suggested more cards than I could ever add.

Make some choices. What do you want me to take out, and what do you want me to put in?

Otherwise, your post is pretty much word salad - throw out a whole lot of different card names and see what sticks.

Didn't you read where I added Make a Stand? It's only two posts above.

I also noted earlier that I HATE Green.

I have draw in the deck. That's the job of Bygone Bishop.

See if you can refine your suggestions a bit.

Argy on Exert = Win

1 month ago

Calispotato you've made a lot of suggestions and there is only so much space in this deck.

I don't want to use many Creatures without Exert as then they don't trigger Battlefield Scavenger

I like the other cards I have better than Trial of Solidarity. The person who made the Sandstone Bridge suggestion rightly realised that I didn't have to take any value cards out to use it.

I would rather have removal or Always Watching than Insult / Injury

Magmatic Chasm is useless if the Opponent has fliers. I'd rather have a card that I'm sure will be effective.

Make a Stand is a good suggestion. I'll try to find some room for it.

Calispotato on Exert = Win

1 month ago

Hi, I play tested with this deck a bit and thought of some cards that might fit, first Renegade Wheelsmith is interesting, because it is like exerting an crop crasher every turn but without haste, although you deck is built around having creatures be able to exert every turn might reduce that upside a little,Second, and I know you have already considered this but hear me out please, Selfless Spirit good sideboard against control and it fits your curve.The reason I am actually bringing this up again is your susceptibility to most board wipes in the format, ex. Dusk / Dawn, Sweltering suns, Yahenni's expertise, however if selfless spirit is to much of a removal magnet to be good against wipes, Make a Stand may be a good include.

Next, Trial of Solidarity might be good, because if you don't draw into always watching it's a one turn version of it like sandstone bridge, but it also lets your team get in a huge attack, however you can justify not running it for just lack of space, so it might not be the best, but maybe a 1 or 2 of.

Finally for a finisher, Insult / Injury is really good and if you curve a glorybringer into it it's great, and if you happen to be playing against a deck that runs fogs, like New perspectives or some rouge brew it's pretty funny. Also Magmatic Chasm basically gives all of your creatures flying until end of turn, but better, as your creatures can't be blocked by reach. Once again this could only be a one or two of because it might not matter sometimes, but in a grindy match this will end the game easily.

I apologize for previous unhelpful suggestions, I hope this gives you some ideas.

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