Make a Stand


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Make a Stand


Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy them.)

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Make a Stand Discussion

squirlfood on A Boros deck that doesn't attack? (RW Combo)

12 hours ago

I can't help but think you could boost those wincons by having more indestructible. I personally would add , Nahiri's Machinations, Eldrazi Monument, and Odric, Lunarch Marshal other Sutable cards that grant indestructible would be Aegis Angel. Ajani's Presence Archangel Avacyn  Flip Deathless Angel, Make a Stand, Rootborn Defenses, Selfless Spirit, Spirit Bonds, or Survive the Night

zephyr_chang on B/W Tokens is Saved! Thank you, Fatal Push!

1 week ago

I'd not play more than 1 Timely Reinforcements in the main. Isn't this deck meant to have more creatures than the opponent in the long run? It means the only good time to cast Timely Reinforcements is within the first 4-5 turns. Beyond that, it is likely useless.

Selfless Spirit is probably the most likely board wipe protection that sees play in Modern, I have literally not seen Rootborn Defenses or Make a Stand in any competitive B/W Tokens decklists before. Play one more copy each of Bitterblossom and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and you can easily rebuild after a boardwipe.

I'd drop the Raise the Alarms and switch the numbers around on Fatal Push and Path to Exile. Hidden Stockpile is worth a try since it is pretty easy to trigger Revolt with this deck.

Shwang on Mono White Win Control

2 weeks ago

I'm not sure on Seer's Lantern or Hedron Archive. They're both just meh for card draw. I also wouldn't bother with Pacification Array because it slows down your deck too much. You already have Immolating Glare to slow them down.

If you're looking to mainboard some arti/enchant removal, I would add Forsake the Worldly... otherwise Fragmentize can be a wasted card against the wrong deck.

I would consider removing Fumigate, as that destroys all the servos that help you win the game quickly. Maybe replacing it with Make a Stand, which actually protects them from cards like Fumigate and can be a win-con. Good luck!

Zaueski on Grixis Cycling

3 weeks ago

Grasp of Darkness has been a better card for me more times than I can count. Revolt is so hard to trigger in standard so I'm forced to play with Push as if it only hits CMC 2... They both hit a lot of things so I'll look at what they hit that the other can't...

Relevant things Fatal Push hits that Grasp of Darkness can't:

Relevant things Grasp of Darkness hits that Fatal Push can't:

As you can see, despite costing one more , the utility of Grasp of Darkness in what it hits is too big to ignore.

pickelchu on Attack Again and again THEN pass turn

3 weeks ago

Thanks for your suggestion! The spirits are probably a better way to save my creatures than Make a Stand

arleadi on Cats

3 weeks ago

Your deck is almost purrfect, but it needs some improvements before its truly pawesome.

First, I think 26 lands is to much for a aggro deck. i think around 23 should be good. (maybe some Scattered Groves, Fortified Village, Canopy Vista for betting fixing)

I recommend removing Skywhaler's Shot and adding some Collective Effort.(I have one)

I can give you 3 Metallic Mimic, and i recommend getting a forth one. Its basically a cat that buffs cats but isn't really a cat.

If you want some less budgetty upgrades you can add some Ajani Unyielding. The best furry ever. or Oketra the True who is technically a cat, but also a great attacker that creates creatures.

Make a Stand is a great card for protecting the precious kitties.

Nature's Way is great removal against aggro and it has a picture of a angry kitty on it, Cast Out is just good, Declaration in Stone and Immolating Glare.

for sideboard I recommend. 4 Watchers of the Dead ,3 Authority of the Consuls , 2 Gryff's Boon ,2 Fumigate and 4 Manglehorn

KongMing on Angels incoming

1 month ago

DarkStarStorm brings up some really good points. If you want to increase the likelihood of surviving long enough to get your big Angels on the field, you're going to need to ramp up how quickly you can build your boardstate. Currently, this deck gets big creatures on the board by Turn 4-5 using Axebane Guardians and Overgrown Battlements, which need to be summoned no later than Turn 3 to be effective. But that means drawing into two of eight specific cards by Turn 3. This isn't always going to happen.

To be more consistent, you want to add more ways to build up your boardstate on Turns 4 and 5. Descendants' Path can help you do that. There are some low CMC Angels you can add to the deck that will help you get bigger Angels with Descendants' Path, ones you can play as early as Turn 4 with your ramp.

The time it takes to set up your board is your biggest obstacle in this deck, and having your creatures destroyed will set this deck back a lot too. Better ways of giving your field protection/indestructible might end up saving your ass around Turn 4-6 while you ramp to bigger Angels.

Archangel Avacyn  Flip can help with both Descendants' Path and board protection. You can Flash her in as early as your Turn 4 upkeep if you have ramp and play Descendants' Path on Turn 3, which might in turn cheat a Turn 4 Iona onto the field.

Other examples of low CMC Angels that play to this deck's theme are Angel of Finality, Angel of Jubilation, Angelic Page, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Restoration Angel, and Sublime Archangel.

As for spells to protect your board, you want things that give everything protection or indestructible, not just one thing. Options include Make a Stand, Ready, Ajani's Presence, and Heroic Intervention (maybe remove Emerge Unscathed for a playset of these?).

NV_1980 on Half a Clean Slate

1 month ago

Thanks for replying to my reply; you make a lot of sense. My apologies for not having understood ramp properly. I need to make some adjustments to the descriptions of my own decks :)

I found that I could never quite out-ramp green or artifact-heavy decks. So cards like Weathered Wayfarer and Land Tax I most often used to keep pace with those (eventhough I couldn't play the land I tutored right away).

I completely overlooked that Make a Stand and Survive the Night only protect creatures. Too bad ;) I'd probably still use them in a deck like yours. In my playgroup I often face opponents who have managed to give all their creatures hexproof so I need to use untargeted removal quite often. Having instants like these on hand can really help in a pinch.

Anyway, have fun with this deck. I'd appreciate an experienced player like you taking a look at some of my decks as well. Could really use the input.

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