Arclight Phoenix


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Mythic Rare

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Arclight Phoenix

Creature — Phoenix

Flying, haste

At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you've cast three or more instant and sorceries this turn, return Arclight Phoenix from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Arclight Phoenix Discussion

Magnanimous on Going all in with kiora ...

2 weeks ago

@lebrgr I really don't like Mindbreak Trap as a sideboard card unless you're coming up against a lot of genuine storm decks that win with Grapeshot or similar. In decks with lots of cantrips, BW Control for example, they might have a turn that goes cantrip planeswalker removal spell and you can counter the removal spell. Just as likely is a turn that goes something like cantrip to find sorcery speed play pass to you and then play removal spell and cantrip 2, none of which you can do anything about. Even against something like Arclight Phoenix , it only counters the last spell your opponent cast and doesn't deal with the triggers.

Some possible replacements: Search for Azcanta  Flip swapping with fogs against control, Damping Sphere against combo, Grafdigger's Cage against graveyard.

Ice_Water on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

3 weeks ago

After some tinkering, I finally have a brew that looks like it can stand on its own in the meta.

I took my old Izzet Phoenix build and added cards from Eldraine that would make it more competitive.

With the possible looming ban of Oko in standard, now is the best time to look at Arclight Phoenix as a card that could see a lot of play in the meta. Expect it to rise in price a bit if the Oko ban does happen.

Let me know what you guys think.

My deck:

The Phoenix Force

Standard Ice_Water


Argy on Veil of Summer

3 weeks ago

I approve of this latest ban.

That card was everywhere in the meta.

Of course it now makes all the decks I added to the testing gauntlet obsolete.

Arclight Phoenix remains untouched.

Argy on Post your Pioneer deck here!

1 month ago

I have added an Arclight Phoenix deck to the Pioneer Testing Gauntlet

It seems to be the top deck since Devotion and Felidar Guardian were both nerfed.

Hope you enjoy testing against it!

strikeslast on Temur Monsters in Pioneer

1 month ago

Pabs4444: Thank you! I'm testing A-Command as a piece of flexible ramp, there's a decent chance it'll be replaced by a piece of early action like Lovestruck Beast or Gruul Spellbreaker .

I think a lot of your suggestions are spot-on though. Phoenix is probably a better high-end creature. I'm not sure how many burn spells I want in main, but I'll always be packing at least 2 lava coil for Thing in the Ice  Flip and Arclight Phoenix .

My last concern is interacting with planeswalkers, but I figure my best bet is Aether Gust for nissa and broko (short may he reign)

Goloh on Izzet Phoenix Pioneer

1 month ago

Goofydat thanks for the suggestions, I considered playing Dig Through Time , the main purpose of the deck is to dump your Phoenix and DTT could be very good because allows to dig into your deck, but you'll also like to have cards in your hand to make more plays and cast more spells to revive the bird, that's why the "Draw" keyword is better (in my opinion obviously), Skewer the Critics could be a good replacement for Fiery Temper they basically do the same thing, but atm I prefer the second one because you are going to discard a lot of cards in your game and this could be a fodder as good as Arclight Phoenix considering it's madness cost.

chrclgry on Rakdos Discard Control (Pioneer)

1 month ago

Anger of the Gods over Sweltering Suns ? I know suns has that cycling if it's not necessary however, if your opponent is an aggro deck and you don't need to cast Anger of the Gods then you are either winning or you can slow roll things more. The exile clause on ager also means that it shreds "dredge" decks or anything else that wants to use Kolaghan's Command or similar effects to recur creatures from the yard ie. Arclight Phoenix . I just thinks it's worth considering.

muskote100 on Beating death with The Cauldron

1 month ago

Hi Slyce, I have been busy and come up with my own spin, which I will run and tune the next days: Never Dead

You are probably right, my main ideas regarding the reanimator targets are simply to slow. I have only exchanged a End-Raze Forerunners and Cavalier of Night against a Dream Eater and Massacre Girl maindeck. The first does a good job to support our gameplan by surveiling 4 and bouncing a permanent to clear the path for the death strike. Having flash does also help in this regard. I still like Lochmere Serpent but Eating dreams does sure fit the theme. Massacre Girl should help to reset the board in case we get flooded. Scaling down to singles as reanimation targets does offer a bit more flexibility I think.

My main changes to satisfy my combo and control urges are a Fae of Wishes and Murderous Rider . The Fae and Rider themselves can be helpful blocker against aggro to stall until we stabilize. One with high toughness and the other with lifelink. Having a a removal against pesky Planeswalker and dangerous creatures while providing a possible body in the cauldron is perfect. The Fae on the other hand can also provide additional discard, which is quite nice. Therefor I cut Eye Collector and scaled down Tomebound Lich .

But now onto my favorit part: the wishboard. While the Fae does provide several intresting properties to enhance the gameplan and guard against aggro, this is the real fun part.

Against plainswalker there is ElderSpell, Noxious Grasp and Sorcerous Spyglass .

Against aggro there is Cry of the Carnarium (although keep in mind this does exile, which can be counter productive) and Ritual of Soot . Also Legion's End and Witch's Vengeance are possible candidates.

Additional reanimators are also present to have one at hand when needed. Also I have put one cauldron in the wishboard to have it at hand as well as protected against Unmoored Ego for example. Notably I decided to test Bond of Revival and Connive / Concoct in the mainboard as the bond does provide haste, to immediatly get value even above the etb. The latter has juicy properties all around - surveil stapled onto a reanimator is great in itself, otherwise having the opportunity to steal something if the cauldron is already running. However, Blood for Bones is also interesting, as you get two creatures back and its one mana cheeper. Both properties are however somewhat more useful when the engine is already going and I would fetch it with a Fae, therefore I put it in the wishboard.

The remaining spells in the wishboard are just fun stuff. We have powerful ETB effects, why not repeat these on demand using Quasiduplicate and Teferi's Time Twist . You correctly mentioned the risk of accidently milling planeswalker, not anymore! I will definitly maul some poor soul with a 12/12 Karn, the Great Creator animated Cauldron. Ashiok, Dream Render is there in case the graveyard does not fill quick enough, also a security measure against Arclight Phoenix , and other graveyard friends. Flood of Tears can clear the board, opening the door for a hasty Forerunner, stuck in hand. Enter the God-Eternals is also in there, just to get a bit more life against aggro pressure or get rid of a creature, while providing another roadblock to stall until the cauldron gets going. You could also target your own creature to get the life and another cauldron in the body, possibly upgrading a 0/4 wall to a 4/4 Zombie.

To make room for all of these, I had to cut into the artifact theme a bit, running only 3 Vantress Gargoyle and Emrys.

Fabled Passage : Despite mana fixing and minor deck thinning, it does also provide a possibility to shuffle your deck at will. Although this might be minor, being able to get another chance of seeing Murderous Rider and creatures after the cauldron is running again, could be helpful.

I will test this list and see what I like and what I do not like. It should be possible to cut a bit of fun stuff and make room for a little sideboard for Bo3. I think I have been able to keep original spirit alive, while giving my own spin. Especially maximizing all my options just makes games soo interesting. I have essentially two wishboards with the sideboard and an filled Cauldron.

P.S: Do you have a plan what we could do against Grafdigger's Cage ? As real artifact destruction is not in color, I am a bit at a loss. With having the Faes, I could picture splashing a little green and a copy of Return to Nature would do it, alternativly Thrashing Brontodon could be reanimated, but only if the cage is not already in play. Assassin's Trophy and Bedevil are also options, but all requiere to splash off colors. An enemy Ashiok would also suck, but could atleast be targeted with the removals already at hand.

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Arclight Phoenix occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.22%


All decks: 0.08%