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Landless, A No-Land Commander Deck.

Commander / EDH Affinity Casual Five Color Theme/Gimmick


The story for this deck begins before commander was a recognized format and even EDH wasn't well known in my area. Myself a young deck builder had been playing 60 card casual with my friends and at school for a while when I decided to take on the ultimate challenge of building a deck that works with no lands. I didn't know anything about landless dredge at the time and decided to go with affinity for artifacts.

It took me years to build a deck that pummels people to death with frogmites and Myr Enforcers but I did it. And then the commander format took over, my deck put away to collect dust. Ten years later I've finally decided to challenge myself once again and adapt the deck to commander and it's been tough.

After a week of slaving away, scrounging cards from among my 30 other commander decks and trading where and when I can I ended up with this. It's not the most reliable deck but if you use mulligans properly you can get something going.

What I love most of all about this deck is how it makes other magic players smile and laugh, to see such ridiculous cards and concepts actually durdling about on the battlefield, among other fun interactions that happen when your opponent has no land in their deck.

This list has been written to match the deck I have in real life and plays every zero cost artifact legal in commander. It plays all the bad zero cost artifacts because free artifact spells is what makes the deck work.

Win conditions for the deck include storm with Vedulken Archmage or Jhoira + Retract or Paradoxical outcome. As well as Blightsteel Colossus, Goblin Charbelcher, Disciple of the Vault and good old fashioned beat down.

I would love to hear any and all suggestions and Ideas for cards that can be played for free or ideas that would suit the deck. Due to many other suggestions I should say that no I will not add any land at all to the deck.

Thanks for stopping by.


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