Finally, after years of waiting, we get a proper enchantress commander in the form of Sythis, Harvest's Hand

This deck is based mainly around low-costed enchantments and stax pieces that do not affect us much or at all.

This section is mainly for me to write out my thought process on why certain cards are in the deck and defend questionable card choices.

There are some cards that should be an obvious include in an enchantress deck, but I don't want to run them for various reasons.

  • Argothian Enchantress - Two reasons why she isn't here - the first being her ability is not a 'may' ability; she forces you to draw a card. This wouldn't be a problem if we could target her with our own Beast Within or something, but that leads to the second reason, she has shroud and cannot be targeted by spells, even our own. Big oof.
  • Earthcraft - I run this deck in real life, and I'd rather not spend $200 on a single card just for one deck. I know it's a real good card and fits this deck perfectly, especially with Squirrel Nest but I cannot afford it.
  • Living Plane - I run this deck in real life, and I'd rather not spend $400 on a single card for just one deck. I would love to run it over Nature's Revolt but alas.
  • Rule of Law - This goes for any Rule of Law type effect like Deafening Silence too; I would absolutely love to run these cards in this deck, however, we want to actively try and flood the board to draw as many cards as possible. We seek to try and play three or more enchantments a turn, and these type of effects are just non-bo's with Sythis.
  • Satyr Enchanter - I had this card included in a previous iteration of the deck, but I cut it because it is a MUST ability and I didn't want to have to worry about decking myself, especially when combo'ing off with the Cloudstone Curio and Sanctum Weaver infinite mana combo. I replaced it with Verduran Enchantress due to her MAY ability. I mainly just wanted the extra little utility the MAY ability brings to the table. I know my defense of not including it is inadequate but w/e. It's not in the deck for a very niche reason I can't find myself to fully justify!
  • Savannah - Same with Earthcraft and Living Plane I would love to run this card but I sadly did not buy one when they were $70 and I cannot afford it now. Oh well.
  • Sol Ring - This goes with every other mana rock like Mana Crypt or Chrome Mox - they just don't jive with the deck. I'm running cards like Collector Ouphe and Stony Silence and I don't want to worry about my mana rocks being dead cards. Plus the deck is cheap enough CMC-wise and I run a bunch of dorks and mana accelerants like Utopia Sprawl I don't think the deck needs mana rocks.
  • Starfield of Nyx - I straight up do not like this card. Not because it's not bad or anything, it's just... I don't like it. Plus most of our enchantments are one-drops and two-drops, so we'd have a lot of 1/1's and 2/2's; not very useful.
These are cards that are in the deck that I'm debating about changing, mostly due to lack of performance or impact in my personal games.

  • Archon of Sun's Grace - I like this card, but it just hasn't done anything for me. Whenever I've got it out, it hasn't made an impact or I was already just about to win. Thinking about replacing it with Endurance
  • Dawn of Hope - Honestly I think this card is super niche. It does provide a backup method of card draw, but most of the time we just want to be playing enchantment after enchantment instead of playing an enchantment and then paying two to draw. Thinking about replacing it with Shapers' Sanctuary
  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc  - It should be said, I like this card. It is relatively easy for us to flip, and it acts as a tutor - albeit not a great one. The main reason I have this in the deck is because we have so many ways to abuse land untaps (namely Deserted Temple and then Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth + Arbor Elf ). It whiffs most of the time when played, and often when I've had the opportunity to play it, it would make little to no impact or there would just be straight up better plays.


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