Verduran Enchantress

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Verduran Enchantress

Creature — Human Druid

Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, you may draw a card.

AstroAA on Secret Lair: June 2022 Superdrop

2 weeks ago

All in all, I'm actually a big fan of this superdrop. For all of them, especially in regards to the foils, the value is there. I was reading a reddit thread, and it stated that the value for them using the cheapest existing foil printing is:

  • Foil Kelogsloops = $89.38 not including Mystic Remora foil.
  • Foil Rule the Room = $197.57
  • Foil Chris Rahn = $109.16
  • Foil Livia Prima = $97.37
  • Foil Volkan Baga = $273.33

I'm definitely getting the Volkan Baga and Kelogsloops ones. I run a Sythis, Harvest's Hand deck that utilizes both Utopia Sprawl and Verduran Enchantress and I still need them both in foil (~$20 and ~$60 respectively). Considering that them two cards in foil by themselves are equal to the cost of both Secret Lairs discounting shipping is 100% worth it for me imo. Plus the art on the Mystic Remora is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to have it in foil for my Oona, Queen of the Fae deck.

griffstick on OPTIMIZING precon deck "ADAPTIVE ENCHANTMENT"

7 months ago

I switched to Tuvasa the Sunlit as the cmdr and made it mostly control with auras. The deck had tons of payoffs. Cards like Sythis, Harvest's Hand and Verduran Enchantress to cards like Sigil of the Empty Throne and Shark Typhoon. The control element complements tuvasa to go voltron pretty easily. Also multile back up strategies like Approach of the Second Sun, going wide with a token army and mill with Psychic Corrosion and Sphinx's Tutelage

AstroAA on [EDH][Primer] Sythis Enchantress Prison

11 months ago

SynergyBuild Huh, I've never seen that combo before. Interesting. So you abuse the stack to pretty much exile every creature you want to? That should be rather fun. I'll look into it.

As for the Satyr Enchanter , this is gonna sound weird; he was in the deck but I dropped him for Verduran Enchantress because I wanted the 'may' ability rather than the 'must' ability. I know Setessan Champion and Sythis herself are 'must' abilities, but Setessan offers a tad more than the Satyr does in buffing itself and Sythis is, well, the commander. Can't do much about her.

multimedia on Tuvasa- Enchantment Voltron

1 year ago

Hey, good start on a budget version of Tuvasa.

Some budget cards to consider adding:

Some cards to consider cutting:

  • Azorius Signet
  • Lightning Greaves
  • Selesnya Signet
  • Simic Signet
  • Swiftfoot Boots
  • Chromatic Lantern
  • Arcane Signet
  • Reclamation Sage
  • Llanowar Elves
  • Danitha Capashen, Paragon
  • Transcendent Envoy
  • Herald of the Pantheon
  • Starfield Mystic
  • Kestia, the Cultivator
  • Sun Titan
  • Creeping Renaissance

Consider more enchantments, less mana rocks and creatures? Adding more land auras as well as more enchantresses could replace mana rocks, Sol Ring is the exception. With only Sol then Stony Silence could disrupt your opponents artifacts. More advice for cuts is to streamline the creature base. Use the other creature spots to add more enchantments.

Danitha Capashen, Paragon , Herald of the Pantheon , Starfield Mystic and Transcendent Envoy could be cut for more low CMC enchantments since you have more low CMC enchantments then higher CMC ones which makes these cost reducers subpar. To replace Greaves and Boots for protection for Tuvasa instead use some auras. Vanishing can be repeatable protection for Tuvasa and all auras on her from removal even board wipes. When Tuvasa phases out all the auras she has also phase out. When she phases in at your next untap step all the auras also come back still with her.

Seal of Primordium and/or Seal of Cleansing are artifact/enchantment removal that are enchantments which can be saced at instant speed. Either Seal is an upgrade for Reclamation Sage .

Good luck with your deck.

CBaldy on Budget Sisay (Shrines)

1 year ago

Hey, I love the deck! I have a more competitive Sisay build, and I’ve been really interested in changing it to a shrine build. I know that all of the enchantresses aren’t cheap, but there are a few that are affordable that I’d highly recommend.

  1. Eidolon of Blossoms . This is a great card draw for little mana
  2. Satyr Enchanter . This is cheap and it’s on cast. Great card
  3. Mesa Enchantress . Really similar to Satyr Enchanter.
  4. Setessan Champion . Card draw and eventually a threat.
  5. Verduran Enchantress . A little more expensive $-wise, but still affordable
  6. Tuvasa the Sunlit . Not only does she give you card draw, she buffs Sisay by +3/+3 all on her own.

The two enchantresses that have constellation would be the ones I’d put in first, followed be Tuvasa. Since Sisay will be tutoring, it’s more important to have ETB triggers instead of cast triggers.

Because this is an enchantment deck, I’d also recommend some ramp that deals with Enchantments. Wild Growth , Utopia Sprawl , Herald of the Pantheon , Starfield Mystic , and Fertile Ground are all great options.

Destiny Spinner is a great card to protect your enchantments.

Grim Guardian is a nice card to get some incremental damage.

Protean Thaumaturge is a fun card that can become a threat out of nowhere.

Dance of the Manse and Open the Vaults are both great mass recursion.

But anyways, I hope that helps!

EVENcast on Enchant Me!

1 year ago

Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice for exponential ramp. Clever Impersonator to copy your best sagas. And overall I’d throw more sagas in. Also the enchantress cards seem like your most reliable draw spells. Verduran Enchantress , Mesa Enchantress , Satyr Enchanter , and Eidolon of Blossoms all seem good here... and there are a few others with similar text. Looking forward to playing against this!

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