Each other non-Aura enchantment is a creature with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost. It's still an enchantment.

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Opalescence Discussion

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

2 weeks ago

Greater Auramancy has never been reprinted, so it definitely deserves a reprint in this set, and WotC may as well reprint both Enchanted Evening and Opalescence at the same time (I know that Starfield of Nyx is superior to Opalescence in the majority of situations, but a reprint of the older card would still be nice).

carpecanum on Weatherlight Assemble!

1 month ago

Is part of the deal about using Coalition Victory that you don't play with 5 color creatures for a fast win? Or just staying true to theme? Both sound like good reasons imo.

Opalescence with Coalition Victory would be instant 5 colors on creatures (funny once at least)

5 basic lands would be easier to get with Harrow and maybe Blighted Woodland

The original Gerrard (Gerrard Capashen) is good life gain, not sure if you want to bring Volrath or the black Mirri onto your ship.

SynergyBuild on Has This Happened/What Would Happ

2 months ago

Just play 4xDoubling Season, Opalescence, and Rite of Replication kicked onto the Doubling Season. You get a total of 84xDoubling Seasons, if you include the original. Then play Eyeless Watcher.

2^85, which is something like 3x10^25, which is a bit over 1 million ;)

SynergyBuild on What was your favorite play …

2 months ago

There was a time that I was at 13 life. I had 3 cards in hand, and made myself the target of the table previously, and could win on my following turn. A friend, who I will call Sara just got a Craterhoof Behemoth AND Triumph of the Hordes out, on their turn, with 8ish creatures out, easily able to kill the table. This was the turn before mine, and I had basically no political power. A Korvold deck had the turn after mine, and seemed to be gripping his hand with all of the cards held together.

I'll call the Korvold player James. James told Sara to not swing at him this turn, or else he'd have to deal with her. She was initially like idc, I might give you another turn, because they had teamed up a bit before, and were on good terms. Assumedly he was just asking for an extra turn, however I knew Constant Mists was a popular card in those decks. I had to judge whether to play with the idea of pretending I had an answer and bluffing, or to attempt to force his possibility of having mists.

I decided I was gonna get tricky. Now I stated I can't win, Sara had me pinned, and shook hands. Then I told James I can't win, but because he was going to get another turn, I might as well make sure he wins, and I tap some mana to cast Swords to Plowshares on Sara's Phyrexian Revoker, which had named Squandered Resources. Now I had what I wanted. Just a few turns prior James said that Revoker stopped him from winning, and I knew there was a chance of him having a chance at winning, but this was a wheel and a few turns since, so I assumed he at least needed his turn. Additionally he cast a Splendid Resources since then, so I assumed he used it up.

As this was pre-combat, I had to force Sara to attempt to kill James and have James also have a fog, but this was my only chance.

Sara - I think you need to die now James.

James - No we had a deal!

Sara - No we didn't I said I might spare you a turn. Now you gotta go.

James - Trust me if you swing I will stop you.

Me - Wait you can stop over 100 infect? You have like 8 toughness, how much removal do you have?

Sara - Yeah I'm not scared, nice bluff (the table starts giggling which turns into laughter at James)

James - Screw it! Swing out, watch it.

And then, it happens, Constant Mists.

I got there, that swords to plowshares saved me from 100 trampling damage. I won the game next turn, with a fun little combo that involves Opalescence and Parallax Wave. It was a sweet game, and my favorite play to date.

What are your favorite plays? Any you made? Any deals? Any you've heard about or seen?

golgarigirl on What is your favorite combo …

2 months ago

I usually shy away from anything really oppressive or infinite, mostly due to playgroup. HOWEVER, I have been known Enchanted Evening + Opalescence from time to time...

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